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I walked out of the teaching building with the students after class that day and saw him waiting for me at the door.

Some students laughed, "Teacher, you are so popular. You are all handsome when you come to see me."
….. all?
I remembered that Ye Wen seemed to have been here once, and I couldn’t help smiling.
Jishu came over and said, "Let’s talk."
His eyes are blue. Maybe he’s been suffering these days.
spa会所  title=I sighed and refused to say "good"
But just two steps later, I heard a mellow and dumb voice calling me "timely"
I froze all over.
I can guess who it is even if I hear the tone.
The other side came closer and closer, stopped in front of me and leaned slightly to look at me. "Where are you going?"
I mumbled something and didn’t speak.
He looked at Ji Shu again and smiled. "Hello, I’m my fiance. Who are you?"
Chapter 51 It’s not his decision.
Jishu frowned and looked at him for a long time before saying "11 old classmates"
This scene made me feel a little awkward. I asked Ye Xiangyuan, "Why are you here?"
His eyes turned to me "to pick you up"
This semester, his classroom and I are no longer next to each other, and even the teaching building is not the same building. He really came to pick me up.
Actually, I’m looking for him, too
But this timing is a bit wrong.
For one thing, Ji Shu is here, and for another, I don’t want to have a showdown with him so soon.
Actually, I am still embarrassed to see him now, and the memory of that afternoon comes back to my mind.
I can’t even look him in the eye.
"Oh …" I mumbled something and didn’t know how to answer the words.
The second time he acquiesced in me and left me without telling me, he would have given me enough time … Later, I wouldn’t have given him a message if it hadn’t happened on the Internet …
Ye Xiangyuan stared at my face for a moment and said, "Xiaojin misses you."
I don’t quite believe his excuse.
If Xiao Jin misses me, he can come to see me with Xiao Jin instead of taking me to see Xiao Jin.
But I didn’t expose him. "I still have something to do … why don’t I give Xiao Jin a message later?"
Ye Xiangyuan was silent for a few seconds and said, "I’ll take you to see Xiaoyan."
I looked up at him.
He leaned close to my ear. "You can get back at her any way you want."
Warm breath brushed my ears and drilled into my neck.
My cheeks suddenly burned.
It’s really a pleasure to think that Xiaoyan was cruel to me that day and wanted to inject me with poison. If I can take revenge myself.
Can JiShu …
Ye Xiangyuan straightened up and glanced at me. "Don’t go?"
His expression seems to say that if I miss this opportunity, I will never punish Xiaoyan myself again.
I "…"
This man is so dark that just two words put me in a dilemma.
I can repeatedly apologize to Ji Shu and say, "Let’s make an appointment another day."
Ji Shu took my hand. "Did you refuse me because of him?"
Section 47
I didn’t take it as a default.
Ye Xiangyuan light way "go"
I pulled my hand out a little bit and lowered my eyelids. I didn’t dare to look at Jishu’s expression and hurried to follow.
Ye Xiangyuan took the lead in smelling the driver’s seat and greeted me.
I absently should climb the back seat and sit next to Ye Xiangyuan.
Xiaojin is really not in the car.
Ye Wen smiled and asked me, "Who is that man Ding Jie?"
I said, "It’s one of my classmates."
Ye Wen: "He is quite interesting, and now he is still looking at you. Do you owe him money?"
I immediately turned to look out and looked at the lonely face here in JiShu reduction.
Somehow I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly sounded "drive"
I came back to God to see him.
He looked as usual and didn’t seem to pay attention to my conversation with Ye Wen.
The car sped out of the mall and JiShu figure was left behind.