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At this moment, Ruqin brought in a piece of rice paper scalded with gold and silk from the outside. When she opened it, she suddenly wanted to laugh. How long did she think about it? I couldn’t see it.

When Huangfuda came in with rice porridge, she saw this picture. The big bed, a second child, had a good time. The two children seemed to like pulling the old report. The old report Hu has been smiling at the big bed. What is the little woman looking at?
Shuiyunjin looked at him and suddenly raised his hand. "Come and help me."
Huangfuda thought about this woman’s sudden change of face and stared at him before going out. Now he gave him a good face, but no matter which one he likes, if he told Shuiyunxi, Shuiyunxi would definitely say that he liked being abused, and he thought so.
Huangfuda looked up at "which one does Ms. Park like" while stirring rice porridge.
Shuiyunjin pointed to it with her white fingers. It was a girl’s name and she liked it at first sight.
"That’s it." Huangfudi naturally agreed with Shuiyunjin.
"There are too many names, so I think everyone is fine." Shuiyunjin frowned slightly with a smile.
Huangfuda didn’t have the heart to let Shuiyunjin choose reality. He had an idea in his heart and whisked Zi Xia to take a pen and paper.
ShuiYunXi smiled and looked down at the word HuangFuJi. It’s not the first time she saw the four Chinese characters of Yunge Waterfront, but she had already seen him. Zhang Chi saw that he wrote a word first, then a word "Jin". ShuiYunXi looked at it for a long time before he quietly took his name and her name apart and gave her a word, but it was good to hold Yu Huai Jin.
"That’s it"
Huangfuda hooked her lips. He knew this woman liked it.
As a result, the little princess and the little princess of Lanwangfu have names, and the little princess Huangfujin HuangfuYongqing.
From this day on, everyone knows that Huang Fujin is a gentle and graceful man, while Huang Yongqing is simply afraid of ghosts and ghosts.
In other words, Huang Fuda, in other words, he should be so crazy.
The next day after Shuiyunjin finished, she changed into a long white dress and put on a white cloak. She only took Zi Xia to the grave of Sister Luo.
Then Moyang will be there, and he will stoop and get old. Many eyes are not like before, and there is no more it in God’s eyes.
Sister Luo’s tomb is clean without any weeds. It seems that someone comes to visit the grave every day. Purple kites are planted on both sides, and the flowers are very bright.
Zi Xia put away the things in front of the tomb. Shuiyun Park knelt down and Zi Xia knelt down.
"Sister, I’ve come to see you. The scenery here is beautiful and far away from the noise. You will like what you said. I will do it forever. In my heart, I will often come to see you. When the children grow up, I will let them worship you." Shuiyunjin fixed her eyebrows to prevent tears from falling. Sister Luo smiled so peacefully that she would not cry again.
Zi Xia is crying, but the Lord has always been uncompromising and never smiled at them, but such a serious and proud person can lie here forever.
When Shuiyun Park left, Mo Yang still sat there without saying a word. She looked at the tomb of Sister Luo and sighed. "My real sister asked me to help him kill two people, one is Mo Xiao and the other is you, but in the end she changed her mind. Do you know what?"
Although Mo Yang sat still, she was frozen. In her eyes, she could lament, "Because in her heart, she can’t forget you. Even though you suffered such injustice and pain, you still haven’t erased your mind."
Ink Yang eyes color changed and quickly closed his eyes so as not to let people spy on his mind. Shuiyun Park turned to leave his eyes and slipped his cheeks.
When Shuiyunjin returned to Lanwangfu, she found Joe waiting outside the mansion for a long time, and her eyes were anxious.
"Joe, why are you here LingXiaoYao him" ShuiYunXi looked at Joe in the heart a tight.
Joe immediately knelt down to the water cloud. "Princess, please go and see the temple. The temple has been asleep for a month and still hasn’t woken up. The body injury has been scarred and the poison has been solved, but people just can’t wake up. The emperor forced all the doctors to say that it is better to ring the bell. Please"
Shuiyunjin lifted him up and nodded to him.
Joe was stuck. He didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to agree so quickly.
When Shuiyunjin returned to the waterside pavilion, Huangfudi and the two children both sat on the bed, four white and tender hands vying for Huangfudi’s waist Yu Pei, and he looked at his mind and drifted away until Shuiyunjin looked up at him.
Shuiyunjin looked at him and didn’t flinch because he looked straight at him. "I want to go to Lingguo."
Huangfuda didn’t say anything, not like opposition, not like approval, but beautiful eyes looking at Shuiyunjin.
It’s true that both of them already know that Ling Xiaoyao is now all because of her. If she doesn’t go, even if she can’t make it through herself, she will do it. Her man naturally doesn’t want his woman to take care of another man, but Shuiyunjin’s heart is whiter. If Huangfudi really doesn’t want her to go there, Qiao Lianchang will never be able to step in and wait for her outside the house. This man has already put on an attitude and doesn’t want her to make it difficult for him to do everything.
"Thank you, Liao"
Huangfuda sipped her mouth without saying a word, and then she became watery. When he won’t speak again, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms. Wenxiang nephrite hit his chest with a watery nose, and it hurt a little. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Huangfuda’s deep bottomless eyes. "You can have me and others in your heart even a little."
约茶Shuiyunjin smiled and nodded heavily.
Huangfuda’s eyes narrowed, and suddenly some people made a determined effort to kiss Shuiyunjin’s figure. In a flash, she was pressed down and touched with punishment, such as a sudden drop in the storm, so that Shuiyunjin’s three souls lost their seven’ o mind and flew in an instant. The two milk babies cried at each other with big eyes.
Two days later, Shuiyunjin took two children, Lin Han, and took a carriage in front of Zi Xia Wangfu. The old prince and Shuiyanhui and his wife were all at the door, but Huangfuda was missing.
At this time, the window of the waterside pavilion was dressed in white as snow, and the figure was tall and straight, and those dark eyes of black jade looked into the distance and I didn’t know what I could see.
A few days later, Shuiyunjin arrived in Lingguo and found that there were many people in Taigong, including Lingguo Huang, a group of emperors and princesses.
This is the first time that Shuiyun Hibiscus can say that it is really extraordinary. Those eyes alone can already see through people.
Ling Guohuang also observed Shuiyunjin. He wanted to see what kind of woman could lead him to lose his heart and refused to wake up today.
Shuiyunjin didn’t seem too nervous and stiff before. She just made a little blessing and didn’t even say a word.
Ling Guohuang also didn’t say anything about looking at the two children behind him, which is particularly good-looking.
Since this day, Shuiyunjin has lived in Taigong for two months.
Ling Xiaoyao is still in a coma, his face is clear, his pulse is normal, and Shuiyunjin doesn’t know when he will wake up. He sits by the bed and talks to him every day, and the two children just play and scream in the bedroom, which fills the whole bedroom.
Shuiyunjin always thought that Ling Xiaoyao could hear, but he was not ready to open his eyes, but she knew that he would wake up soon.
On this day, Shuiyun Park just washed and dressed the two children, and saw that Zi Xia came along and there was something wrong with her look.
"What’s the matter?" Shuiyunjin asked.
Zi Xia took a look at Shuiyunjin’s eyes. "When Miss Wang Ye comes, she says she wants to see the little world and the little princess."
When Shuiyunjin heard that Huangfuda was coming, she was somewhat shocked. Huangfuda didn’t give her a word for two months, but suddenly she came. She suddenly got up with two children in her arms and was called by Zi Xia. "Miss Wang Ye said she wanted to see the little world and the little princess."
Shuiyunjin suddenly realized that Huangfuda must have confessed that she didn’t want to see her. She felt funny. "You and Lin Han go with the children."
Zi Xia once again looked up to confirm that Shuiyunjin was smiling and nodded and left with the child in her arms.
ShuiYunJin looked at the bedroom ear without children’s voice, and suddenly she didn’t know what to do, so she could go to the bedroom next door to see LingXiaoYao.
She wet the silk handkerchief and wiped her face and hands with a gentle smile. "That man is still so overbearing that he doesn’t want to see me, but he really doesn’t want to see me."
There is still no movement in bed.
Shuiyunjin also said indifferently, "Xiaoyao, you have been sleeping for three months. You really don’t want to open your eyes to see it. This picturesque scenery is prosperous. You can see it when you open your eyes."
As she spoke, Shuiyunjin suddenly rubbed her hands tightly. She bowed her head and held her fingers like Lingxiaoyao’s hands. Although she didn’t have much strength, she knew that Lingxiaoyao had heard her words and her heart was pleased. "Don’t worry, you will wake up soon."
Until the evening, Shuiyunjin still didn’t wait for the two children to come back. The child Huangfuda was there. She was in no hurry. Her milk rose badly and she was very uncomfortable. After a long time, she was able to go out of the palace by herself.
I finally came to Huangfu Daling National Institute and found that the courtyard was very elegant. The room was as bright as day, and the two children were laughing happily.
Shuiyunjin felt a little wronged, and she was dying. The three fathers were happy.
She went into the house to keep JiQing Zi Xia and others leave quickly.
Shuiyunjin looked at the two children and teased them. There was some astringency in Huangfudi’s eyes. This face was already familiar to the bone, but it still made her miss it so much.
But Huangfuda doesn’t even look up like an uncle.
You can’t see if you can’t see the pie mouth. "I know you don’t want to see me, but I’m so upset here that you won’t let them send the child back. I can come by myself."
Huangfuda finally looked up, but looked at Shuiyunjin’s soft black eyes in the dark.
Shuiyunjin can’t take care of many things. Anyway, it’s her who feels uncomfortable. She hugged Huangfuyongqing and stripped off her clothes for a moment. That swelling feeling went away. She finally felt better. But she felt that something was wrong. Those burning eyes kept staring at her.
Her face is red and her eyebrows are slightly raised. "Can you not just look at it?"
"I think my daughter is delicious and didn’t look at you," Huangfuda said, but her eyes never left, and gradually filled with air.
Don’t you dare to say that you didn’t look at her, "Can you turn around first?"

"thud" a Qin Chen rudely pushed open the office door and was about to leave when she suddenly remembered what she had missed. She turned around and solemnly warned long summer, "If you really don’t love Enze, please stay away from him and don’t appear in front of him again, causing him some illusory illusions and making him think that you may have a resurgence.

You may look at Enze’s life to your heart, fantasize about never leaving you in the world, and you think it is a kind of enjoyment, full of excitement and a sense of accomplishment, but it is a great torture for Enze.
If you don’t love him, don’t pester him and break up with him cleanly, set him free completely, and he will vigorously pursue a happier life.
If I ever see you hurt Enze again, I will not let you go. I am not afraid to break with you. "
Long summer could hear Qin Chen’s words, which seemed to be a stern warning to keep her distance from Yu Enze in the future, but it was actually a hint of sincere fear.
Long summer’s resignation from Qin Chen gave long summer a chance. She loved Yu Enze as much as long summer. This time, she didn’t want to miss Yu Enze, so she really asked long summer to beg long summer. She hoped that long summer would not pose a threat to her and Yu Enze from now on and become a stumbling block to her and Yu Enze’s emotional path.
Long summer gasped at the air conditioning surface has returned to normal. She turned around and calmly looked at the faint look of expectation. Qin Chen "Everything with Enze is over. After I got married silently, my workshop and I will move to Beijing Y City, and there will be no trace of me."
With her, she smiled peacefully at Qin Chen. She didn’t miss the past at all. She was indifferent. "Qin Chen, whether you can be with Enze or not, I will wish you happiness and I will wish Enze happiness."
"Enze and I will be happy and certainly happier than you." Then Qin Chen slammed the door and left.
Swing in the office suddenly a dead silence.
Long summer’s body began to tremble, as if she had lost her center of gravity. She couldn’t help but stumble and almost fell. Fortunately, she grabbed the corner of the desk.
What is happiness?
What is happiness?
Once her happiness was grace.
Now that she has left Enze, she is happy and blowing in the wind.
It was she who personally destroyed her happiness.
And then she won’t be happy again. She doesn’t deserve this word anymore.
Tears, like a burst of water, fall in big drops. It is a kind of suffocating pain to vent one’s depressed sadness in long summer’s weeping place.
"Sister long summer, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I really miss you." I still cried with joy when I saw long summer coming to visit her for a long time.
"Sister Xiaowa came to visit you because of some trivial matters in the early stage until now. I hope you don’t blame her." long summer was full of apologies and thoughts. She eagerly reached out and held out her hand.
Although they are separated by glass, they seem to be able to feel the palm temperature of each other.
"Wow, you’ve lost a lot of weight. You must have suffered a lot inside." long summer was distressed to see that Wow’s face was thinner than before.
The face is filled with the joy of seeing the good sisters worried day and night. Xiaowa immediately shook her head at long summer. "I’m fine, long summer, don’t worry about me."
Xiaowa was afraid that long summer wouldn’t believe what she said and suspected that she was lying to her. She quickly pointed to her face. "Sister long summer, you see my face injury is gone." Then she opened her clothes and showed long summer her belly and back. "And I’m not hurt.
When I first came in, it was hard to be black and blue and seriously injured, but I have been doing very well inside, and now they dare not bully me. "
Long summer recalled that when she first came to see Xiaowa, her face was always black and blue, and there were several wounds. Her heart was instantly hurt and her body was arrogant. How can it stand up to those people?
Wow, what a good girl she is, but she is crazy because of love and hate. Unexpectedly, she hates those dark days. How did she bite her teeth and endure those torments with strong perseverance?
"Xiaowa, you can bear it again and continue to behave well. Soon you will be out." long summer wiped his face and tears to encourage Xiaowa.
"Well, I will." Xiaowa answered long summer confidently and asked earnestly with her. "Sister long summer, you and Boss Yu have been in love for so many years. Are you still planning not to get married? You know I really hope that you can marry Boss Yu. He loves you so much that he will treat you like a treasure in his hand."
Long summer bowed his head and fell silent.
Xiaowa saw that long summer suddenly became melancholy, and an ominous premonition flooded her mind. "What’s wrong with long summer? Why don’t you talk? Don’t you and Yu Boss him?"
"Enze and I have broken up." long summer suddenly interrupted Xiaowa.
"Sister long summer, how is this possible?" Xiaowa couldn’t believe that she was stupefied at long summer. "You and Boss Yu have been in love for so many years. How can you break up when you break up? You two know each other well. It’s not the kind of person who breaks up easily. There must be something that hasn’t cleared up the misunderstanding, but you can’t break up."
Long summer sighed calmly and looked at Xiaowa. "Xiaowa, I’m going to marry another person."
In an instant, the little wow was like a bolt from the blue. She widened her eyes in amazement. "Sister long summer, who are you going to marry?"
Chapter ninety-seven The best way
The condensed water vapor in the eyes blurred long summer’s sight, but the memory gradually became clear.
After finishing the course, long summer suddenly felt a pain in her lower abdomen. It was her period and finally came, so she hurried to wash her hands and took off her pants.
At first, long summer always felt that he was nervous, which caused the delay after the month, but when he saw that he had not come for almost two months, something was wrong.
can it be that
An idea emerged more and more horribly. long summer’s heart was pounding, and she dared not continue to think about it.
Quiet, there is long summer alone in the hand washing. She bends over and waves of cold water suddenly splash her face to wake her confused and chaotic mind.
If it is true, what should I do? I feel uneasy. long summer slowly raised his head and looked at himself in the mirror with a pale face and covered with water drops.
When I returned to the hotel in the evening, long summer immediately took out the test paper bought from the pharmacy and followed the instructions.
桑拿论坛In the next minute, long summer waited long and painfully.
Finally the result came out.
Both the control line and the detection line are colored, and the detection line is clearly colored.
At the moment when the results showed positive, long summer couldn’t help but stare big eyes and froze in place.
Absolutely impossible
Holding the test paper hand shaking uncontrollably, long summer couldn’t believe it. It was a real panic. She rushed upstairs and whisked a taxi straight to the hospital.
Long summer had to believe the fact that she was pregnant again when the doctor said the same result.
Is it because she went to Y City to see Yu Enze the night before she decided to fly to Paris for further study?
Yes, it was that night that she and Yu Enze
What’s this?
Tears can’t stop pouring down. long summer wandered around the streets of Paris in a trance. The bleak autumn wind blew off the last piece of dead leaves, as if she had lost her heart.
She has forced herself to break off contact with him, and she has given up all her love with him, and now she wants to have his flesh and blood.
Is all this destiny takes a hand or is it purely accidental?
On what it is, maybe she will never leave his infatuation in her life.
what’s to be done
What the hell should she do?
At night, the city is brightly lit and still lively and noisy, but it can’t cover up a person’s loneliness.
Long summer walked aimlessly and didn’t know he was going. He just walked on and on and on and on.
From the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, there are colorful clothes, perfumes and handbags in the dazzling windows. The symbolic classics ogo Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Givenchy pass by like tiny but precious memories.
A white bugai suddenly stopped beside long summer.

Of course, the 260,000 people in Yanmen are not comparable to us. Jia Xu has mastered the situation of each county along the way and recited it at this time with great error.

Once again, I was in tears. Everyone is from Frontier County. Why … you are thirteen times as big as me? !
I don’t care, I’ll take a walk along the river in a few days. I’m determined to grab some labor back, otherwise I’m afraid that butch riding will have to evolve into a farmer with these 20 thousand people farming.
It’s up to you, but since you want to increase your mouth, why don’t you just let Tuoba Ye and others do something? Jia Xu quickly made appropriate suggestions.
Xuanhui Huimin policy? I immediately smiled, Mr. Wang is really more considerate than me.
He bowed his head and smiled humbly.
I immediately ordered Sun Wen to lead 250 people from the second brigade of the first battalion to cooperate with the Tuoba Ye people to send a call to the remnant Xiongnu people scattered nearby. Presumably, thousands of people will submit to us when they show up.

按摩At the beginning of February, I led the army south.
Led by including the first battalion, the third battalion of Qin array, the fourth battalion of Xu Huang, accompanied by Tuoba Ye and his 500 young volunteers.
Altogether, more than 4,000 people will be rationed on the 10th, just along the main road of the Yellow River south.
Ma Dai tied himself up. Who asked him to be a county magistrate? I forbid him to leave his post without leave. He must honestly stay in Guangmu and urge the people in the county to work hard to grow food and develop wasteland.
Brother … are we running too fast? Jia Mu muttered on horseback, We all see the village ahead …
I said quickly, Maybe … Zulie went to the village to ask if we were looking for the conference semifinals?
Zulie immediately led a brigade, and I watched the loess behind them to alert all the soldiers.
When we waited for a wick of incense at the village entrance, Zulie brought a few people back.
My Lord, this man is a village miser. He pointed to an uncle in his fifties.
Ah, your majesty … The old man knelt down and kowtowed. A few guys behind him stood upright with their heads held high stubbornly.
Why do I think this is Zulie? He took hostages by force.
ZuLie you a king egg I let you ask the way? ! This is obviously a big man! I yelled, If you don’t work hard, I’ll let Sun Wen change you!
As soon as I heard Sun Wenzu’s fierce spirit, I even begged for mercy. Little mistake is wrong! After that, you must change and change!
This … uncle, don’t be afraid that I am a Han Chinese. I motioned Zulie to help him up.
Han Chinese? !” The old man was frightened to disgrace and became more and more afraid. We are a backcountry and don’t have what you want!
Emotional Han bandits are more deterrent than conference semifinals?
I took off my lion helmet to show my head. I’m the new prefect of Shuofang County in the north. I’m here to recover the Hu people. Now I’m just asking for directions. Are you … Beidi County?
Shuofang county satrap? The old man doesn’t believe that Shuofang County hasn’t been a satrap for more than ten years, so don’t lie to me.
Smelly old man asks you something and you answer it! Qin array impatiently roared a.
The old man suddenly collapsed to the ground. Yes, yes, yes, it’s a villain. It’s the husband of Shitou Township, Lian County, Beidi County. Spare us!
The northern satrap is Yang Feng, right? I asked and looked at a Xu Huang in the corner.
Xu Huang has no special expression.
It’s Yang Taishou. The old man nodded repeatedly and said with courage, Our satrap and general Zhou Mu are stationed in Lian County now. I advise you not to die in the past …
Dad! How can you tell these gangsters! The young man behind him is ashen.
The old man is so kind …
Oh, so Marten is here! I clapped my hands and laughed. How far is it from here to the county seat?
You, you, you … When the old man saw that I was moving out of the old Malay, I was afraid of my tongue.
His son said sternly, Don’t be a gangster. The county town is 260 miles away. Mazhoumu and Yang Taishou Chen Bing are 200,000. If you dare to go, you will definitely not come back!
Two hundred thousand? !” I laughed even more.
Young man, are you crazy? Bullying me won’t count?
There are 50,000 military forces in Liangzhou, which is the limit. Here, military forces refer to regular troops with complete equipment, and those who go to besiege the government barefoot with sickles and axes are definitely not included.
Please always send a message to Ma Teng, I said to Sifu. Just say that Ma Chao is going to meet him in Lian County!
Ma Chao? The old man muttered, So familiar?
His son reacted quickly. Are you Ma Chao, the head of Massachusetts?
I nodded with a smile and finally someone knew me.
At present, several villagers immediately fell to their knees. Little people have seen General Shenweitian!
7 old horse catching up
Turned out to be a long male in the fall Yang Feng ha ha to meet up with a smile.
Uncle Yang will pay more attention, and my father is here? Let’s get to the point
He nodded. It’s a precaution. The general of the enemy in the border county is training in the north these days.
It seems that the old horse is really diligent, and it is even decent. Why didn’t he come to meet me?
Welcome a fart! Ma Tengyin has come over. Did you greet us in advance when you led the army into Liangzhou?
The old horse is still so refreshed, and he is in his early forties and heading straight for fifty …
So this is Liangzhou. I laughed. I don’t know the way.
He rolled his eyes. You moved quickly. Has Shuofang County been settled?
I shrugged. It’s hard for me to manage six counties with a total of 10 thousand people. Why don’t you give me half of the 30 thousand refugees who moved to Liangzhou years ago? My wishful thinking rattled.
How can the old horse promise? You are dreaming! If you have something to do, ask the court for tens of thousands of guilty people!
I was furious. Where are the sinners on Amnesty Day at the beginning of this year? !”
Ahem, there are only a few people in Liangzhou who can give it to you. The speaker is elusive.
Hello Xingba When I saw him, I suddenly remembered Seibel and quickly said to Dad, You transfer Seibel to me. I really need him in the north.

Huangfuda’s silence is that BMW has no conflict with his touch, and it is clever to know that this owner is him at first glance.

Huangfuyun looked at this scene very depressed. "I’m still thinking about which horse you took a fancy to, and then I want to occupy myself and follow the trend. Now it seems that I can’t do it."
Huangfuda corners of the mouth slightly moved without saying anything.
It wasn’t long before the steward said that the auspicious time had arrived, but Chu Chengxuan, Huang Fu Li, Huang Fu Yun and a group of aristocratic brothers, Qi Qi Ma, and dozens of BMWs opened a spectacular road, which made people boil all the way.
It’s early to arrive at the General’s House. At this moment, there are some ladies in the General’s House outside, and it’s hard for them to make an announcement.
In the boudoir, Gu Chenxi is ready to cover her head.
"Miss uncle has come early, and silver is scattered outside the house." The little girl beamed at the tunnel.
Gu Chenxi smiled shyly. Xiafei Cheeks’s daughter’s home was full of shyness and Chun Qing showed it.
品茶论坛Finally, Ji arrived at a family, carrying Gu Chenxi out of Chenxi Pavilion, and everyone surrounded him and came to the front yard.
Chu Chengxuan had lost his mind when he saw that figure, and everyone around him was well-advised to spread out. He didn’t wait for the first few steps to meet Gu Chenxi and carried him to the sedan chair, causing a laugh.
"Do you want to see the horse just arrived last night?" Huangfuda walked beside Shuiyunjin Judo.
Shuiyunjin nodded with a smile. It is said that it is a very precious BMW, and it was brought back to Chu Palace by Chu Chengxuan last night. She really hasn’t seen it yet.
Huangfuda walked out of the crowd gate with Shuiyunjin hand. The horse was very eye-catching. It was purplish red and beautiful. Shuiyunjin suddenly opened her eyes. Is this a bloody BMW?
"It’s too ostentatious for you to ride it." Shuiyun Park marveled at the tunnel.
"It’s the most suitable day to ride, but I’ll take you to try." Huangfu Wendi smiled and said, he picked up Shuiyun Hibiscus and let her go to turn her horse.
The wedding procession went around the capital for two times before returning to the general office.
Although some people are surprised that they are not going back to Chu Wangfu, no one has said that the two roots of Chu Wangfu are unwilling to marry, and Chu Chengxuan has to marry Gu Chenxi. All these years, it is reasonable to see what he can do today, and there must be an emperor’s permission behind all this, otherwise there will be trouble.
Back to the general’s office, the emperor has come to his side. There are Huangfuheng and all the emperors, even Ling Xiaoyao, Jiang Yu, Jiang Qiuwu and others have come.
"How did Yunxi go with the wedding procession?" Asked the emperor, smiling at Shuiyunxi.
"I just want to try walking in front of the sedan chair. What’s it like?" Shuiyun Park replied with a smile.
"Then you can try out what it feels like." The emperor was interested at the moment.
Shuiyunjin thought for a moment and replied, "A good view of the scenery is much more practical than sitting in a sedan chair."
Huangfuda corners of her mouth suddenly raised his woman to be really different.
Everyone laughed. I really didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to say this. When a woman gets married, she always sits in a sedan chair with her head covered, let alone looks at people. Before the groom uncovers the veil, she can’t uncover it herself. From beginning to end, Mother Xi helped her, but she couldn’t see anything. She really didn’t walk in front of the sedan chair, and the scenery was good and the line of sight was the best.
Huang Lang laughed happily. "This girl dares to say anything."
They followed echoed with laughter.
At this time, General Gu invited the Emperor and all the people to enter the feasible worship ceremony.
At a time when Chu Wangfu, such as Princess Jin and Prince Chu, are still sitting in the hall, the whole courtyard is sad, which is like a wedding ceremony. There are many people who are less attached to the house. Those aunts who are left and right are all a little anxious, but they are looking at each other more and more cold, and they dare not say anything.
"Princess Wang, something is wrong." Just at this moment, there was a sudden panic outside the door.
For example, Princess Jin’s face sank and others came to the hall. When she came to the hall, she angrily drank "slapping her face on the big day."
"A slave knows his mistakes. A slave knows his mistakes. A slave is scared." People hurriedly kneel and tremble with fear.
"What’s the matter?" asked Prince Chu.
"The world has received the princess wedding procession, turned twice in the capital and went back to the general office. The emperor also went to the general office. At this moment, all the guests should be about to meet the bride." The man was afraid that his body was trembling slightly, and the wedding turned out to be the general office. How can these two stand it?
Sure enough, two people suddenly got up and thought about waiting for Gu Chenxi to come to Mawei, and suddenly forgot to go outside the cloud nine. This is simply to ask them to command Chu Wang Ye to lift their feet and walk out of the hall, such as Princess Jin to leave a group of aunts to hide their lips and smile.
Prince Chu and Princess Rujin were blocked outside the gate of the General’s Office.
"The general has long said that if the two come in for a wedding banquet, then our general office will welcome us. If we come to make trouble, then we will never have any scruples because of the two identities. The emperor will make it too ugly in it, which is not good for anyone." The steward looked at the two slightly lightly
At this time, Prince Chu and Princess Rujin dare not make a fire, otherwise they won’t even see their own wedding today.
When they went in, the etiquette officer was shouting, "Worship the heavens and the earth". On both sides of the table wrapped in red silk, the emperor and General Gu were laughing and talking happily. This scene really blinded their eyes, but they should sit in the corner and watch. If I had known today, they would never let things develop to this point. After that, they would still be like seeing people.
With a ceremony into the bridal chamber, the whole scene is even more jubilant.
And Chu Wang Ye and Ru Jin Princess left in a hurry before they found them.
Then the wedding banquet was even more lively, and one person left until the bridal chamber was noisy.
Chu Chengxuan’s popularity has always been excellent, and it’s Chu Wangfu’s world. Today, it’s marriage and happiness. Naturally, everyone will not let people go easily. This is different. Everyone is clamoring for a bridal chamber.
ChuChengXuan naturally don’t want to be such a group of drunkards into his bridal chamber, which makes Gu Chenxi even more ashamed. He became drunk and let people around him lead them to drink again, while he himself took the opportunity to sneak back to his room.
But he’s still missing two people, and is he really that gullible?
After sitting for a long time, Shuiyunjin and Huangfuda got up and walked around. When they heard the movement of Chenxi Pavilion, they looked at each other and walked past with a smile.
Ling Xiaoyao, Jiang Yu, Qi and Jiang Qiuwu all came to Chenxi Pavilion.
Just look at dozens of well-dressed boys and girls crowded outside the happy room. They want to laugh with smiles on their faces, but they dare not send them out. They are scrambling to look in. It’s more than that. Just look at the roof. Huangfu Yun and Li Chen have uncovered some cracks in the tiles and climbed over the roof. I don’t know what they saw, but they laughed their mouths to their ears.
Shuiyunjin looked at this scene and her mouth was severely smoked. Fortunately, she didn’t meet the two peeping tom Yunge waterside pavilions when she married Huangfudan, and no one wanted to enter. But it seemed that Huangfudan appeared on the night of their marriage and left. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Huangfudan. "Is this really good?"
Huang Fu-da smiled softly when she knew the idea of Shuiyunjin. "There’s nothing wrong with Chu Chengxuan finally getting his wish, which is bound to be unforgettable."
Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth, and it’s unforgettable, and it’s not the scene now, is it
"Let’s also go to join in the fun, such as" Jiang Yu qi also looked very interested.
Shuiyunjin glanced at him and then at Lingxiaoyao and others, although they didn’t say anything, all of them were smiling and seemed very interested. She said, "ChuChengxuan is very bitter."
Jiang Yu qi low smile "so many people are thinking about the traditional Chu Chengxuan can bridal chamber tonight?"

Soon, a so-called insider broke the news that Xiao Yan’s boyfriend was a descendant of Ye’s family in the Imperial Capital.

What’s the Ye family like? It’s the most powerful family in China, mysterious and awesome.
Everyone laments Xiaoyan’s good eye and hates me more and more as a mistress. Almost all of them are curses and abuses.
I asked Weibo to think about it quickly.
There is no doubt that this must be Xiao Yan’s plan.
She’s throwing caution to the wind. She’s going to put me to death and drag Ye Xiangyuan.
But how could she have the guts to frame Ye Xiangyuan?
Besides, Ye Wen said she was locked up.
Was it rescued again?
So who saved her? Who was behind her move?
My first thought is Ye Sanye.
Xiao’s family is not afraid of Xiao Yan. It can be him.
He is Ye Xiangyuan’s distant relative and uncle. Ye Xiangyuan will naturally be afraid to act.
I quickly joined Ye Wen.
Ye Wenyin sounded quite anxious. "She was rescued and disappeared. We are investigating."
This is similar to my guess. I can’t help complaining, "Aren’t you amazing? How can you let her get away?"
Ye Wen wry smile "this is my fault I was careless … sorry Ding Jie she may go to you, you pay more attention …"
It’s no use blaming it now. I can pay attention carefully.
But I have to go to school.
Going to school the next day turned out to be unexpected.
Xiaoyan didn’t come to the teaching building, but somehow a group of people appeared. They framed me by Ning Qi. Those indecent photos were printed and enlarged, crossed with red, and called me a third party and threw rotten eggs at me.
"Professional derailment professional mistress shameless!"
桑拿网"Being fucked by several men in one night is very powerful, slut!"
"Smelly shameless woman dares to grab Xiao Yan’s goddess boyfriend without looking at her ugliness!"
"Drug addicts kill!"
I don’t know if Xiao Yan’s fans are young. First, a young girl with glasses took the lead in shouting slogans with a trumpet.
I was relieved when the school sent security guards.
When I got up the next day, I found that my car was sprayed with paint and the words’ die’ were shocking.
I hesitated and decided to go to school.
As a result, as soon as I arrived at the gate of the community, someone blocked my car and threw eggs and leaves at the window glass.
And yelling for the property to kick me out
I don’t know where they got my home address and license plate number.
I’m stuck in traffic, and I’m worried about how to get to class.
Nannan happened to give me a message, "Those fans are coming again and they can’t get rid of them. You’d better take a few days off first."
I can do the same when I think about it.
w w w
Nannan said, "This must be Xiao Yan’s first time. I feel strange why I want to send you a group photo. It was originally planned."
Section 53
I’m also very naive. Now Xiaoyan has escaped, and I don’t know what she wants to do next.
I was just about to tell Nannan about the situation here when the window was suddenly smashed open and the glass slag hit me.
I hurriedly put my arm to stop my mobile phone and accidentally dropped the car seat.
Someone tried to climb the car, and I was so shocked that I didn’t dare to pick up my cell phone. I quickly pushed people out.
As a result, when I touched something sharp, my palm was immediately pricked and bleeding.

The first thing I saw when I pushed the backyard door was that I had just come out of the room. After seeing me, Xiao E hurried over to Gong?
Well, little moths, I led three big men in. Let Yan and Xiao Yue come out and meet their own.
In … Hall? Small moths looked at this five big three thick three big fellow.
夜生活  title=Yes, I gently pushed Advanced Hall on her shoulder.
The socalled hall is just the hall in this courtyard, which is much smaller than the natural specifications of the front yard hall. Of course, only people who are really close can come in.
Cai Yan came in from the side door with her daughter in her arms. First, she nodded to the three people in the hall. It’s polite to have a visitor. She bent symbolically because her hands could not be vacated.
Deng Shan, Huang Dong and Pound all got up in a hurry to formally salute Cai Yan for seeing the long lady.
Dad! Xiao Yue came at me as soon as he saw me, so that I could take her from her mother’s arms and then introduce Cai Yan. Yan Er, these two are my father’s confidants, Uncle Deng Shan and Uncle Huang Donghuang.
CAI wenji this just gathered a bow seen uncle deng, uncle huang.
Madam needs it. Deng Shan and Huang Dong both evaded sideways. I’m just a master and servant, and I dare not be given a big gift from my husband and wife.
This … is Pang’s second brother, Pound Pang Ling. I will pull Pound out and introduce him separately.
It turned out to be Pang’s second brother. Cai Yan bowed his head and paid a polite tribute. My husband often tried to match up with Pang’s second brother at home.
Mrs. Chang Gong is polite, Pound said. I’m married, so I dare not worry about it.
Just call her a sisterinlaw, I muttered.
Pound’s tone of voice has always been so cold. Although etiquette is not lacking, it always makes people feel distant and inaccessible.
Dege, this is my parents’ daughter Ma Yue, who is almost eleven months old. I will show him my first child, Yue Er is called an uncle.
Well, Xiao Yue saw Pound reach out and touched his face. Uncle, uncle!
Pound’s face muscles trembled for a while and suddenly revealed a smile. He held out a finger and hooked his palm and smiled. Is it called Xiaoyue Yue? Hey!
I quickly corrected his mispronunciation, It’s not the moon, it’s Yuyue!
He took Xiao He’s hands and disdained, It’s all the same when you read it! Isn’t it, Xiaoyue Yue?
Don’t call my daughter Xiaoyue Yue! My anger once again stopped him from doing the wrong thing: It’s better to call Yue Er than Xiaoyue Yue!
Pound’s eyes are weird. What’s the difference?
I shrugged my shoulders naively. Anyway, our family doesn’t like the three words of abortion. I really can’t explain it to you. Even if I explain it to you in detail, I’m afraid you can understand it.
He still looked puzzled, but he changed his mouth to all right, Yue?
Xiao He giggled and waved his little hand at him with a smile. He was less than three inches bearded. Pound suddenly twisted his head and covered Pakistan with one hand, but he still clung to the culprit and dared not let go.
Hey! Cai Yan screamed to pick up her daughter.
What’s the panic? I waved my hand and told her not to make a fuss. Pound came to sit on the ground. Now, after bending down, Xiao Yue was less than half a foot from the ground and fell on the wool blanket. I’m afraid his ass won’t turn red.
Uncle! Dad doesn’t have this! Xiao Yue finally released Poundhu but still looked excitedshe had probably seen Cai Yong’s gray and fragile Hu before.
Er … your father will have it when he is young. Pound explained to her while wiping tears from the corner of his eyes.
Xiao Yue looked back at me. Really, Dad?
I rub the rub and nod should be true
How many …? She tilted her head and imagined.
Er … maybe less than your Pang Bobo. I feel that my whole body hair is not particularly strong, so I have no confidence to grow a threefoot beard. Mr. Pang is a higher and lower master.
Pound touched his short beard and smiled.
Hey, at least let me hug? Left out in the cold, Huang Dong snatched Yue’s son from his hand. But what should you call me?
I call you uncle … of course my daughter calls you grandpa! I patted Yue’s ass and laughed. Call him Grandpa Huang, my dear daughter! People in their early thirties are called grandpa, which is a refreshing feeling!
Grandpa Huang … Yue son didn’t recognize strangers in his arms and grandma cried angrily. Why isn’t Grandpa Huang’s face there?
What? Huang Dong legs tight become angry from embarrassment call my grandpa also calculate also slander my face? Do you want grandpa to take off his pants for you to see?
Stop! Cai Yan quickly stopped his hooliganism. This is a girl!
You just didn’t! My son was so wronged that he pointed to his baldness and explained, Look at nothing!
Grandma, you are talking nonsense! Huang Dong sniffed awkwardly. There’s nothing I can do about it!
Pound and Deng Shan laughed.
Sisterinlaw, is your daughter really eleven months old? Pound tilted his head and asked Cai Yan, this time he accepted my advice and changed his name to younger sister.
Cai Yan pursed her lips and replied, It will be eleven months in ten days.
Deng Shan couldn’t conceal his surprise that eleven months is so brilliant and rare when he grows up …
I interrupted him, No matter how smart a girl’s home is … can she still calm the sky?
Can’t you? He angrily make signal with the lips at me.
Of course not! I patted my chest. If you need to wait until you grow up, you and Pang Bobo will be calm!! Is it Dege?
Pound smiled slightly. Yes!
13 overseas warships
I woke up early in the morning on the 11th, and my mind was clear and sleepy.
I moved my left arm from my waist and sat up gently.

But then the sudden applause and cheers proved the fans’ love and support for Lu Wenbin.

Whether the players accept Lu Wenbin as captain will be seen from the game later.
Although he was a little nervous when he was captain for the first time, Lu Wenbin successfully completed the pre-match ceremony that the captain should do.
Then on March 3rd, at 2:3229, the German Cup 14th final Hoffenheim vs Schalke 4 officially started.
In order to ensure the attack power, Hoffenheim returned to the 4-3-3 formation, with Gustavo taking the single back Eduardo, Copado taking the double front Lu Wenbin, Parjic and Dembaba as the three strikers.
When you come to the defense, you will be unstable and withdraw a midfielder. Schalke 4 will naturally not give up the offensive opportunity.
So the two sides fought against each other on the Rheinka Arena.
It’s as if to prove to everyone that it’s okay to be captain, and it’s also to prove to the head coach that there’s no problem with his physical fitness. Lu Wenbin’s game is quite hard
In the 14th minute, Lu Wenbin got a kick shot by constantly running and suddenly changing to the forbidden area, and shot the ball from Copado to the goal.
Hoffenheim would have scored in the 14th minute if Neuer hadn’t saved the ball from the baseline with quick reaction.
However, Neuer’s outstanding performance alone can’t stop him from being ambitious to win the triple crown even if the main players are injured one after another.
Soon Hoffenheim scored their first goal of the game.
On April 22, guaranteed first more commutation ticket, recommended votes.
Chapter 24 Minor injuries, no fire line, monthly pass
Hofenheim vs Schalke 4 in Rheinka Arena is going on.
In the 29th minute, Eduardo scored two goals in the frontcourt, and then he was given a penalty. Parjic, the center in the area.
Parjic’s half-turn shot attracted the attention of a defender and goalkeeper Neuer, and then suddenly the ball was hit into a dead corner by Lu Wenbin, who temporarily got rid of the opponent’s marking.
In this goal, Eduardo, Parjic, and Lu Wenbin passed the ball to their opponents continuously, and even the interference was not very smooth.
Parjic, Lu Wenbin and Eduardo finally played a rare small-scale excellent cooperation in the forbidden area and assisted Lu Wenbin to score goals.
桑拿会所  title=Parjic’s cooperation with the attack line gradually became tacit.
After scoring the goal, Lu Wenbin jumped on Parjic and gave him a big hug.
His teammates were also excited to celebrate and praised Parjic’s false shot and true assist.
Parjic is getting better and better, gradually replacing Ibisevic.
In the 29th minute, Hoffenheim led Schalke 4 with Lu Wenbin’s goal 1.
After the game resumed, Hoffenheim continued to attack wildly.
433 is their familiar formation. Although Parjic and Copado are not as good as Ibisevic and Salihovic, everyone still feels smoother than 442 when they play, and there are more opportunities to attack.
Only a few minutes after the first goal, Hoffenheim scored again.
But this time Lu Wenbin paid the price of injury and bleeding.
In the 34th minute, Parjic, a Copado winger, and Bolton, a Schalke 4 centre-back, jumped for the top at the same time, but neither of them reached the top of the ball.
After seeing him, Lu Wenbin rushed to the ball, followed Lu Wenbin’s side and watched him closely. Krstajic also rushed to the ball.
When the ball was about to hit the spot, Lu Wenbin jumped to the top with a diving jump.
Even if his heading attribute is 79, he can head the ball if the height of the ball can’t be reached.
Lu Wenbin jumped at the same time, trying to clear Krstajic, and both of them slammed into the ball at the same time.
At that second, there was a football in his eyes. Lu Wenbin took the lead in hitting the ball, but in one second, he felt a bump on the side of his forehead, and he felt dizzy. When he landed, he failed to protect himself and fell to the ground.
Dickenson, the commentator of the commentary, exclaimed continuously, "In Copa’s many feet, Parjic and Bolton both took the top of Lu Yuyue and rushed to the top of OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR."
"The goal is not good at heading. Lu scored his first header from Hoffenheim and scored twice in 5 minutes to help Hoffenheim 2 lead Schalke 4."
"Wait, Lou and Krstajic fell to the ground and didn’t get up."
"Let’s watch the playback."
"When Aolu and Krstajic competed for the top, their foreheads slammed together."
Whether it was the coaching staff on the sidelines or the fans in the stands, everyone did not celebrate, but nervously watched in front of Schalke 4 and prayed for Lu Wenbin not to get hurt.
Lu Wenbin fainted for a few seconds in front of Schalke’s goal 4 before regaining consciousness and trying to get up.
Eduardo stopped Lu Wenbin from yelling at him, "Lou, don’t move. Your forehead is bleeding."
Dizzy Lu Wenbin didn’t feel the pain, so-called tunnel "nothing.
Reading in sections 113
Did you score? "
Eduardo nodded. "You really scored your first header."
Lu Wenbin smiled and touched his forehead. Sure enough, there was some blood in his hand, but it was not serious.
Then he tried to force it, but Eduardo and Parjic held him down.
"Don’t move, wait for the team doctor to treat you." Eduardo continued to hold Lu Wenbin down.
Lu Wenbin can sit still and wait for the arrival of the team doctor.

"Is this all right?" Lan Jingyi ran after him, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. This man gave her so many surprises. He always grabbed her heart and filled her heart with him.

"All right, quasi-play" said Jiang Junyue, dragging his hand into his trouser pocket and watching him move. Lan Jingyi simply reached out to poke his hand and put it into his trouser pocket. It was a sure thing, but when she took it out, she found that it was a female model. "Who is Jiang Junyue?" This one is the same as him, but the color difference is thousands of miles. He is black, and this one is pink. Will it change color?
Lan Jingyi’s mind flashed like flint and then quickly opened the screen. The phone book was full of numbers that she was familiar with. Just a few people proved to be her number. It was the screen that made her special language. I have to say that Jiang Junyue still really looked good. She was not wronged at first. He just dialed Jane’s number and jumped up.
At this time, Lan Jingyi felt that she was as sorry as Jiang Junyue for cheating in this foreign country.
"Jingyi …" A gentle call Jane spoke before her.
"Are you all right without you?" She asked lightly in the past, but glared at Jiang Junyue with her eyes. On that day, he let two handsome men besiege Jane, and she was always worried about it.
"Nothing to drink coffee. Would you like a cup?" The gentle tone makes people feel especially calm.
"No, you have to leave me … I left the city recently."
"Oh, where have you been?"
"I’m with my mom. We’re fine. Don’t worry." After that, she wanted to hang up. It’s good for Jane not to be fine, so she would feel at ease. She can walk with this bad man in front of her. She really won him. She knows that he is sometimes bad to grandma’s house, but she still can’t help but want to be with him.
But before hanging up, it was robbed by one hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Jane. I’ll buy you a drink when I go back another day." Jiang Junyue said that he hung up with a direct hand press. This point is to tell Jane that he is with Lan Jingyi.
"Jiang Junyue, you bastard" stared at him with anger, and his teeth itched with anger, but at this moment, she didn’t make moves to him on the road in a foreign country.
"Let’s go or we won’t be able to come." Jiang Junyue reached out and grabbed her slender waist and led her forward. It was very successful and then diverted her attention. "What can’t come?"
"Bang!" A stone flew in the direction of Lan Jingyi. A little boy was angry and kicked the stone and said, "It’s really disappointing that the light didn’t come on once."
"Be careful" Jiang Junyue suddenly picked up Lan Jingyi and flashed just enough to avoid that stone. Although it is small, it will hurt people if it doesn’t hurt people.
"I’m sorry, sir, miss. I was angry with the child. I almost got into trouble in an unguarded moment." The little boy and mother immediately ran over to apologize and let Lan Jingyi’s anger go away before she darted. She didn’t have to worry about it. She was curious. "Why didn’t the lights light up?"
Chapter 7 Surprise
"I’m sorry, sir, miss. I was angry with the child. I almost got into trouble in an unguarded moment." The little boy and mother immediately ran over to apologize and let Lan Jingyi’s anger go away before she darted. She didn’t have to worry about it. She was curious. "Why didn’t the lights light up?"
"The Eiffel Tower didn’t light up tonight."
"Oh," if you’re traveling, maybe you’ll leave today. It’s a bit disappointing
"Wait, maybe it will light up soon." Jiang Junyue winked and put his arm around Lan Jingyi’s waist, and his fingers became tighter and tighter. He was still wearing the gold tin foil ring.
"Will it really light up?" The little boy’s eyes lit up. "I heard people say that the moment when the Eiffel Tower lights up was particularly beautiful. I want to see it."
"Come on, let’s wait and it will light up soon." Jiang Junyue stopped and pressed his wrist watch so gently.
In the early morning, the night view of Paris is not far from You Mei, and the Eiffel Tower is immersed in the night, which is even more mysterious. Suddenly, the tall tower suddenly lights up and looks beautiful, which makes people feel like walking into a dream. It is a kind of French beauty. The little boy cheered and jumped up. "It’s so beautiful."
Lan Jingyi failed to look at Jiang Junyue as if he wanted to see something in his eyes. He said that he would give her a surprise. Maybe this is it.
She likes it very much.
The heart is full of sweetness. How many surprises will he give her?
After a few minutes’ walk, I reached the bottom of the tower, all the way to the top of the tower overlooking the night view of Paris. Everything was beautiful. She was quiet, and behind her was hugging her. Jiang Junyue just leaned against him. Somehow, the plane flashed in her mind and she saw the shadow. She remembered that the man and the woman gripped Jiang Junyue’s hand as if to stop this moment forever. "Will you leave me?" Her voice is so light that even she can’t hear clearly.
"Huh?" Jiang Junyue frowned slightly and put her hand on her lower abdomen. She seems to have grown some meat tentacles recently, which made him feel so comfortable that he couldn’t put it down.
"Go back, or my mother will worry about me." She didn’t know that she and he had a wonderful night in Paris, and after that, they would never get out of the night.
"Don’t worry" Jiang Junyue still hugged her. At this time, it was already dawn in the city. He just kept ringing and just got off the plane. Although it was quiet at the moment, he always felt that something was wrong.
The wind blows at first, and Lan Jingyi’s hair blows his cheek and neck again. He suddenly turns her thin body and her lips bow down and print her lips. The picture is like a painting with elegant words and beautiful hands clasped around her waist and she doesn’t want to let go.
Someone around me walked past the low footsteps in twos and threes, but it didn’t affect his mood at all. It was a romantic country kissing others’ eyes, except romance, which was affectionate. He was not pointed at at at all, so that he could feel more at ease or clung to her waist and let her cling to his little face. There was something unclear in the night, and the black eyes flashed and held her hand. Only then did he say "Let’s go"
Going back along the original road, Lan Jingyi especially likes the shadow of buttonwood trees in that night, which is particularly beautiful.
All the way to the RV, someone was leaning against the body to take pictures, probably taking the lavender meaning. The large purple lavender on the body was set off with a touch of white, as if there was a romantic atmosphere. It was beautiful.
When he drives, she sits on his side and leans on his shoulder, without asking where he is going to live. Just follow him anyway, and he will arrange everything properly without her worrying.
It’s the best hotel in Paris. This man should be the best wherever he goes.
He took the room card and led her into the ladder. Lan Jingyi looked at the floor and asked, "What floor does my mother live on?"
"Your mother doesn’t live here" but I don’t want him to give her such an answer slowly.
"Then where does my mother live? Why doesn’t my mother live with us? " My heart began to chug and jump, and I felt very uneasy.
"Oh, you knew it early. Come upstairs and have a sleep. When you wake up, it’s still blue clouds, white and blue Jingyi or blue Jingyi." "Ding" His words just fell on the stairs to open the presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel. When he flashed the card, he took the opportunity to open the door for him. "Jiang Junyue, you are rich, aren’t you?" How much does it cost? Maybe she can’t earn his room for one night in a year, and the RV. Even if he has state-owned money, he can be so rich outside the country, as if Paris is his camp.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Section 36
"No, anyway, it’s not that I paid for it and someone invited me to live in. Otherwise, it’s a shame to have a wave. Do you know?"
"Who will treat you? Men and women? " As soon as the words came out, Lan Jingyi wanted to bite off her tongue. She seemed jealous.
"If I say it’s a woman? Do you still want to live with me? "
"Don’t" want to also don’t want to directly respond to a woman to open a room for him. It’s so weird that he comes to invite her again.
"Well, I’ll tell you it’s a man," he said, taking off his coat and handing it to her. "Hang it up for me."
That’s enough. "Jiang Junyue, you bully me."
"Ok, you bully me. Take it off. I’ll hang it for you." He stopped to be serious, and his black eyes seemed to have seen her all through her clothes.
"You sulfur for self-protection" She stretched out her hand and went. He itched and the two men quickly scuffled together.
It turned out that she wanted him to itch, but the last one who kept laughing was replaced by Lan Jingyi. "Ha ha … ha ha ha … you let go."
"Who are you calling a sulfur tyrant?" Jiang Junyue strangled her with one hand and tickled her with the other. Her hands were held by him with one hand, and her resistance was gone.
"No … haha … no one is sulfur self-protection … haha …" She said that she wanted him to let her go or she would faint with laughter.
"Then who do you think started it?" She laughed so hard that she was angry, but he was steady and nothing happened.
This … this is naturally her. "So what?"
"Whoever starts first is sulfur self-protection. Who are you talking about?"
"Whoops … hahaha … hahaha …" She laughed to tears. "Jiang Junyue let go, hahaha …"
"I won’t let go until I tell you who is protecting myself."
Well, she can’t stand it. "I … I can’t be a sulfur man?" Asthma said that a little face is flushed with laughter, just like a blooming peony enchanting beauty.
"That’s more like it." Jiang Junyue slowly let go of her hand and finally twisted her little face. "This is how sulfur self-protection is practiced. Before returning to work, you should call for your own weight. It’s not always good to meet a gentleman like me and let you go."
I’ve seen shame and never seen such shame. Lan Jingyi threw himself at Jiang Junyue, and the strength was unexpected. Fortunately, the carpet quality of the presidential suite was absolutely good, so that Jiang Junyue didn’t let her touch the ground first. She stretched out her hand and hugged him, and the woman’s waist was just right. Her lips were facing his lips, and the four lips were just one finger away. Lan Jingyi felt that Jiang Junyue’s masculine breath was violently attacking her body. She had a dizzy feeling again. "Jiang Junyue, earlier that day, you lost me." She blushed at the thought of taking the initiative.
桑拿会所"Is there?" Don’t give her thought, his lips have been lifted and printed on her …

As soon as Bai Jinlan left, Xiao Ran immediately whined, "What should I do? The editor-in-chief said I was not practical."

All "…"
Chang Huanyan sat down and asked Yu Yu, "Husband, what do you think of my performance just now?"
"Taiwan performance or Taiwan performance" Yu Yu asked seriously.
"…" Chang Huanyan pursed her lips. "Tell me about my performance?"
Yu Yu nodded his head and threw out two words, "not satisfactory", which are concise but ambiguous.
Chang Huanyan was dissatisfied. "Can’t you praise me?"
Yu Yu stretched out his arm directly to help her pour a full glass of orange juice to "drink some water"
Chang Huanyan "…"
The award ceremony ended soon, and most of the winners were from Group B. Even the best team award was from Group B. Group A was always happy and won the most insignificant newcomer award.
Rao, the editors of group A are already very happy. When we open the meeting, we celebrate with a toast. The atmosphere is excellent.
Only two men at the same table also got up and toasted one after another. They often laughed and dared not let Yu meet and drink too much. When everyone was not paying attention, they poured more than half of Coke into his red glass.
Yu Yu gave her a look and said nothing.
When all the people in Group B raised their glasses to the main table to toast the leaders, Qiao Jinyu rubbed his arm. "Huanyan, shall we also toast later?"
Chang Huanyan glanced at it and immediately said, "Of course!"
Qiao Jinyu nodded. "Then you can take us later."
Chang Huanyan "…"
"Oh, at least you have just won the prize. Manager Wei and others also know you. We others … are not as good as you." Qiao Jinyu said.
Chang Huanyan nodded, "OK."
Having said that, the people in Group B have always occupied there. A man has worshipped several leaders at the table, but he has to talk for a long time before each leader, especially the group leader Shi Yang, who is blushing and has a thick neck and keeps yelling …
Chang Huan Yan unconsciously looked at the men around him again, and compared with those guys, Yu Yu was particularly mature and steady.
He hasn’t said much since he entered the door, but he doesn’t seem to be shy to his deskmate. When talking to him, he can make a few remarks no matter what the field is, and his speech speed is as slow and elegant as his dinner.
After about twenty minutes, everyone in Group B finally went back with glasses. Qiao Jinyu urged, "Huanyan Group B has already left. Let’s go there."
"Good" often smiles and nods "Husband, I’ll propose a toast to them and the horse will be back"
Yu Yu nodded and looked at her, got up and held a glass of red wine with a bunch of Niangnian mighty walking towards the main table.
"Mr. Yu", a family member at the same table suddenly called him "Where is Mr. Yu now?"
Yu Yu withdrew his eyes and said, "Police Force"
"Police force?" Another person also quickly looked over and asked, "Mr. Yu, are you a policeman?"
Section 65
"former is"
"No wonder you look healthy," the man immediately said with a smile.
"By the way, Mr. Wang, what do you do?"
"Oh, I am a web engineer in Kingsoft. What about you?"
"I …"
Chang Huanyan took a group of people to the main table and simply took turns to propose a toast.
Wei Yang said a few words, "Work hard" and drank all the wine in the glass.
桑拿会所In Bai Jinlan’s words, it’s more than just something to make them work hard to catch up with Group B and study more … impressive-sounding Barabara.
It wasn’t so difficult for a few of them until that chubby manager Liu looked at Chang Huanyan and said, "You just always smile?" Recently, the new topic of A magazine is what you want to come up with? "
Chang Huanyan nodded "It’s me"
General manager Liu immediately smiled and said, "It’s not bad, it’s really’ newborn calves are not afraid of tigers’. It’s really good to be able to interview the heirs of a big family!"
Chang Huanyan smiled back. "Thank you for your praise. It is mainly because of the efforts of all of us in the whole group that the magazine sales will be promoted."
"Ha ha ha ha" Liu couldn’t help laughing. Looking at Bai Jinlan, he said, "Miss Bai, how can you be as beautiful and competent as you? Your magazine Du Man has a promising future."
Bai Jinlan took one look at Chang Huanyan and said, "Manager Liu really praises people."
"Well, everyone who knows me well knows that I don’t praise people very much. I really want to praise people for being right …" Liu looked at Chang Huanyan again. "Does Miss Chang have a business card?"
Chang Huan Yan is one leng. "I’m a newcomer and I don’t have a business card yet."
Liu immediately "tut" a "this is wrong, even a newcomer can’t live without a business card, so it’s inconvenient for you to go out for an interview."
Chang Huanyan "…"
Bai Jinlan "ha ha"-"Liu Xiaochang is a member of our general here. You want your business card so face to face … It won’t be …"
She deliberately stretched the sound for a long time before laughing and saying the last few words, "Want to dig someone?"
Chang Huanyan’s face and smile are almost stiff. This Bai Gujing is not afraid of bifurcation for so long.
Liu immediately broke into another hearty laugh. "If I say that I really want to dig people, will you not let go?"
Bai Jinlan immediately face a stiff "liu you … you should not really …"
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, okay, I’m kidding. I just want a Miss Chang connection, so maybe there will be work communication or communication." Liu said seriously.
Bai Jinlan immediately smiled, "No problem, no problem. Then I’ll ask someone to customize a new business card for Xiao Chang later and deliver it to you personally immediately."
"That’s good, that’s good."
Everyone is happy.

That’s true. There are so many bodyguards and I don’t need to be brave.

Sometimes it may cause trouble for bodyguards.
I’m not too embarrassed to well one.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and gently stroked my face.
After a silence, he suddenly said, "I’m sorry, baby."
I didn’t understand what he meant by this sudden apology.
He was quiet for a moment before saying, "You have been wronged today …"
I just understand that he is referring to Gu Changning.
It’s not a grievance, but my heart is always a little uncomfortable and more humbled.
After all, I used to regard Gu Changning as a friend, but he forced my husband to marry his sister.
I didn’t speak in silence.
Ye Xiangyuan held me tightly and said, "You are so clever that you can definitely see that Changning means no harm."
I didn’t
He kissed my mouth. "You see, I later forced him, and he didn’t say anything … He just did it on impulse … Don’t worry about him."
I sighed, "I can understand him. He was worried that Miss Gu wanted to find someone to vent, but I was still hurt … You know, at that time, I couldn’t wait to disappear from where I was … He treated me like a fool and I tried to face him."
Ye Xiangyuan grabbed my hand under the covers and held it tightly.
I continued, "And I’m afraid … that you will promise him …"
Ye Xiang, a distant relative, suddenly sighed at my forehead. "Baby, you still don’t believe me?"
I bit my lip and didn’t know how to answer.
I don’t believe him as much as I don’t have confidence.
If Gu Changyu hadn’t become a vegetable by saving him, I might still be able to defend my love.
Section 341
At this moment, it’s not that I don’t believe his heart for me.
He is not a liar and he takes his feelings very seriously.
But there is more than love in this world.
If Gu Changning insists that Gu Changyu will never wake up, will he feel guilty?
Will he meet fall in love again Gu Changyu?
Everything is unknown, but I am full of fear in this unknown future-
Chapter 392 Wen Lao
Ye Xiangyuan hug me low way "baby talk"
I came to my senses and looked down at him.
He looked at me, too
My eyes are faint and heavy like a deep pool, trying to suck me in.
I sipped my mouth and didn’t answer him, but changed the subject. "Miss Xu and Changning broke up for almost ten years, but I think they still have feelings … Maybe they could get together if there was no misunderstanding …"
桑拿按摩Ye Xiangyuan looked at me deeply and seemed to wait for me to continue.
I found that I was also talking nonsense.
After a pause, I continued, "I mean, even if they have feelings, for some objective reasons, the two of them still can’t get together … Do you know what I mean?"
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly buckled my head and pressed me to his chest.
His voice was low and gloomy. "Baby, why do you think I will be separated from you?"
I lie prone on his chest tightness tunnel "have you ever wanted to let me go …"
At the beginning, he deliberately snubbed me, left me in the hospital and deliberately went to Gu Changyu to send me to France and stay away from him from now on.
He was silent for a few seconds and smiled bitterly. "But I went to see you later … Baby, I can’t bear to part with you."
I don’t doubt his word.
But … Things are different now …
At that time, he took the initiative to send me away. After that, he regretted giving Xiao Jin to me. It all depended on his heart.
But this resistance is Gu Changning’s brother and sister.
One is his brother, and the other is the woman he once loved, and now he has saved him from becoming a vegetable.
If Gu Changning sticks to it, even though I have feelings for him, I’m not sure he will choose me in the end.
I paused and whispered, "Do you know why Miss Xu broke up with Changning before? And Miss Gu, what do you think of her? "
Ye Xiangyuan is obviously white. I didn’t hesitate for too long when I asked. "I didn’t know the real reason why they broke up before, and I didn’t know that it was the little fish that got in the way."
I looked up at him. "How does it feel now that you know?"
Ye Xiangyuan scraped the tone of my nose, which sounded a little disappointed. "She and Lu Xun have always been very clever and occasionally spoiled, and we are all used to it … Maybe we spoil her too much … Her personality has become like this, not only Changning and Asun are also responsible …"
I lowered my eyelids and said, "So you are full of guilt for her."
Ye Xiangyuan showed a nai expression and kissed my mouth. "Well, I am also very grateful to her for saving me."
I "…"
Maybe it made him happy to see me beaten. He smiled and pinched my face in a low voice and said, "I know what you are worried about … but you should believe me."
I don’t know how to answer the phone at the moment.
After all, this is really my own problem.
He really gave me a promise, but I still have to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.
I also don’t know how to ease this mood.
Maybe I can judge whether Gu Changyu can be trusted by looking at Ye Xiangyuan’s reaction when he is taken back to get along for a while.

Song Qingcheng bent her mouth and knew that she was in front of him. However, she learned that Yutingchuan went to Shen Zhi’s engagement party, which may be true. She didn’t hesitate to send him a text message "I want to eat candy chocolate."

Yu Tingchuan looked at the child’s angry message at the engagement party, and the corners of his mouth raised a smile. At that time, he was already sitting in the woman’s viewing seat, wearing a steel watch with his left hand crossing his legs and his right hand holding a mobile phone. This cheerful appearance has entered many people’s eyes.
Then a business friend came to say hello.
Sitting on the side of the man’s viewing seat, Shen Che saw Yu Tingchuan get up and shake hands with people and immediately reported the situation to the whole Song Dynasty. "Your husband just laughed and didn’t know who to send a message to."
Song Qingcheng replied "Oh" and then added, "I asked him to bring me a bag of wedding candy."
Shen che
Just after sending the message, he looked up and saw Ji Liangcheng.
Ji Liangcheng’s parents’ positions in the capital, especially Ji Fu’s foreign ministry, belong to the deputy ministerial level cadres. Now Jiang Hongsun’s daughter is engaged, and Ji Jia and Shen Jia have occasional contacts. Ji Fu specially called back to Nancheng to tell his son to come and congratulate him on saving his statecraft.
Ji Liangcheng came alone.
After signing the entrance and exit, he gave the gift to the workers.
Ji Liangcheng stopped in place for a few seconds and looked at Shen Che. He noticed that Shen Che quickly turned his eyes. He hesitated for a moment or walked towards Shen Che.
"The ceremony hasn’t started yet, has it?"
Speak first when approaching Liangcheng in the late season.
Shen Che casually, um, looked away without looking at Jiliangcheng, and didn’t mean to talk.
After a short walk by the bench in Liangcheng, he said, "Although this kind of engagement party is more formal, it is not big to take off the suit after sitting."
Shen Che reacted in hindsight when he heard him say this. He was so hot and sweaty that he was still wearing a suit. Just now, he paid attention to Yutingchuan. On the other hand, when he arrived at the scene, he undressed for fear of being recognized as not reserved enough. At this moment, he felt more and more like a local egg.
He took off his suit and couldn’t help saying, "After all, it’s my cousin’s engagement party. It’s not a bad thing not to embarrass him by dressing formally."
Season Liangcheng looked at Shen Che without saying anything refuting and asked, "I heard Shen Shu say you were in Hengyuan class."
"Well" Shen Che answered frankly "Song Song helped"
Season Liangcheng nodded "almost forgot that she is with Yutingchuan now"
Voice down two people began to silence.
Shen Che didn’t want to make people feel sentimental, and suddenly he lost his restraint. He just wanted to talk like a friend and simply moved to the side. "Sit down first. I don’t know when the ceremony can start. Why didn’t your wife come with you?"
He asked casually without much thought.
Season Liangcheng paused and then said, "She is in poor health and returned to Beijing in the middle of the month. I will go there when the college entrance examination results come out."
"Oh" Shen Che words to say again.
"I apologize to you for what happened in the past."
Liangcheng said something similar in the previous season, but now both sides are calm and understand the situation a little more.
Shen Che said, "Being young is not a reason to mess around. She didn’t do anything too much for me, but Song Song was really a bully there, just like you said that since Song Song didn’t want to care about me, I wouldn’t hold on to your wife since she was pregnant. She should always learn to understand when she became a mother herself-"
Before Shen Che finished speaking, Liangcheng suddenly asked, "Who is pregnant?"
"…" Shen Che
品茶论坛Ji Liangcheng looked at Shen Che’s dazed expression and made sure that he heard right. His whole heart sank and asked for the second time, "Did you just say Xiaoyu was pregnant?"
Seeing Ji Liangcheng’s face full of ignorance, Shen Che felt that he had said something wrong and that it was weird. How could his wife be pregnant without telling her husband that she didn’t want the child to be secretly aborted?
Thinking about Shen Che again, "I also know that it is normal for your wife to be young and not want to have a baby so early. Anyway, it is nothing to realize the birth after the college entrance examination. You should persuade her more and she will miss it."
"When did it happen?" Ji Liangcheng asked Shen Che during the meeting.
"at the beginning of the month"
Shen Che told the truth "the days before the college entrance examination"
Section 33
Ji Liangcheng didn’t stay any longer, didn’t care about the engagement party, and didn’t start to look a little ugly and strode towards the entrance and exit.
Shen Che still confused about what’s going on.
But then he came over for nothing to say that he didn’t intend to have a child in Liangcheng in the child season, and his father might want to keep this little life, so he was so eager.
I watched Liangcheng leave Shen Che and sent a message to Song Qingcheng "I just got into trouble with my big mouth."
Song Qingcheng replied, "What?"
Shen Che sent a voice telling her that she met Ji Liangcheng and chatted for a few words. She talked about Mu Rong’s language body. He knew about Mu Rong’s pregnancy in Ji Liangcheng. "I think he really didn’t know that something was wrong with the whole person after listening to it and then left in a hurry."
"Mu Mu’s language is too young for this child to understand." Song Qingcheng has returned two text messages "Besides, Mu Mu’s language has congenital heart disease."
Shen Che held the phone for a while and said, "No wonder he is so nervous."
Song Qingcheng changed the subject "Has the engagement party started?"
"Not yet" Shen Che looked around and continued to send voice "but soon"
After 11 o’clock in the afternoon, the guests at the scene almost arrived.

"I lost, I drank." Meng Junfeng also drank a cup. The two men enthusiastically played the kind of boxing game that was never childish but never made men enjoy it.

Seeing two men flirting with each other, Luo Qijiang finally couldn’t help it. "Change it. How can two men play this? I don’t know if you two are gay?"
"What does gay mean?" Lanjingyi curious asked at random.
Jiang Junyue suddenly twitched her mouth and glanced at Lan Jingyi. Thanks to her good English and French, she doesn’t even know the meaning of this word. Maybe she did it on purpose?
"coax children to talk to men and women to stop interrupting."
Er, typical male chauvinism, Lan Jingyi is not happy. She is strong and strong with one hand on her waist. "If you don’t want to see me, I’ll just go, mom. Let’s go back."
Bring Xiaozhuangzhuang to her, and she will be angry?
She won’t stop with him about the red mark on his chest unless he gives her a reasonable explanation.
"Live" watched Lan Jingyi really go. Jiang Junyue was angry. At least he didn’t give his face to Lan Jingyi since he was a child. Can he not be angry?
The older he is, the more she doesn’t want to live. "Did Ma Qinqin bother you these two nights?"
"There’s nothing to be good." Lanqing took a look at Lanjingyi and looked at Jiang Junyue. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t go, she didn’t stay, and her daughter didn’t want to go. But seeing her son-in-law was really angry with the couple. She couldn’t interject "Yi Yi …"
Lan Jingyi thinks that Lan Qing has listened to Jiang Junyue more recently than she has listened to her. I really don’t know who her child is. "Mom, if you don’t leave, you will leave me with Qin Qin." She grabbed Qin Qin’s arms, one left and one right. She was struggling to hold two at the same time, but she just didn’t want to let go. Anyway, she was going to sleep with two children tonight. Jiang Junyue didn’t want to reunite, so she wouldn’t reunite without their three mothers. He really didn’t have Jiang Junyue. She didn’t care where she was best
桑拿会所Seeing Lan Jing Egan ignoring him, Jiang Junyue’s eyelids jumped. She and Jane were separated, and he didn’t even get even with her. He gave the nanny a wink, "Why don’t you bring the child back?"
"Yes, master," the nanny panicked. Her salary was Jiang Junyue. Why did Jiang Junyue ask her to do it? Why did she rush to the front of Lan Jingyi and go to grab the little strong and strong to coax her? It has always been like this.
Nanny is fast and strong, plus Lan Jingyi holds two small oozes in her arms, and Huanshi is also wriggling with Huan. The nanny robbed her as soon as she sent the little master back to Jiang Gu. Jiang Junyue ordered without returning to the cold.
She’s holding her son, and she’s still angry with him. It seems that women are really spoiled. When they should be fierce, they should be fierce. When they should be cold-treated, they should be cold-treated. If she wants to go or not, he just keeps drinking a little wine.
"Jiang Junyue, you bastard" Lan Jingyi was still happy with the arrival of Xiaozhuang, but now Jiang Junyue has been robbed by the nanny and sent back to Jiang’s house. Isn’t that killing her? Holding Xiao Qinqin, I went after her, but the nanny dumped her after several steps. By the time she caught up with the commotion gate, the nanny had got out of the car and went straight to Jiang’s house.
Lan Jing Inari wanted to cry, and she was scared.
"Yi went back and put in a good word with LaCrosse and came back. What’s the real enemy between the couple? Go talk about obedience …"
don’t go to
Never go to death.
Lan Jingyi is angry.
Chapter 154 Content with Changle
"Yi went back and put in a good word with LaCrosse and came back. What’s the real enemy between the couple? Go talk about obedience …"
don’t go to
Never go to death.
Lan Jingyi is angry.
Lan Qing is also a gang of Jiang Junyue. She always intercedes for Jiang Junyue. If her mother is equal, just consider her mother Jiang Yue. She has no mother.
Angry? When she is angry, she has a mind to kill.
When I stopped a taxi and jumped, I remembered that she was penniless. Only 32 yuan in her backpack had been spent in exchange for an umbrella. I don’t know where it was blown in the rain and bought that red shirt. The man is still wearing it.
"Excuse me, madam, where are you going?"
She is flustered and can’t go anywhere. She doesn’t have the money to pay the fare, but she is a little embarrassed to ask for a car at the moment. After thinking about it, she reported the address of the small supermarket. At least the manager of the small supermarket won’t leave her alone. Then let Li Xuefeng pad the fare for her first, and just hang out with Li Xuefeng tonight.
Lan Jingyi was silent in the car, and Xiao Qinqin seemed to be infected with her unhappiness, and she was as soft as a kitten in her arms.
The neon lights outside the window can’t stop falling over Lan Jingyi at night, and her thoughts are getting more and more confused. She doesn’t know what happened to her and Jiang Junyue. Anyway, they had a cold war.
Very annoying
It’s almost there. She took out her phone and called Li Xuefeng. "Snow Phoenix, please bring the money out to pick me up and help me pay for a car. I’m coming."

Lan Jingyi really didn’t know when she had offended He Ling, and suddenly remembered that when she first met Jiang Junyue, she gave He Ling fruit foam. Did He Ling hate that?

"I’ll hold the baby when I’m in trouble."
"LaCrosse, you come out" He Ling reached out and pushed Lan Jingyi and then rushed to Jiang Junyue’s room.
"Bang" holding the child Lan Jingyi, an unstable center of gravity caught the whole person off guard and hit the corridor wall "Wow … Wow …" Little Zhuang Zhuang woke up as if knowing that his mother had been wronged and cried for Lan Jingyi. That voice was absolutely loud and clear, so it was just a moment that Master Jiang Hanyu and Jiang Gu maids all appeared in the corridor.
"What’s the matter?" The master looked at Xiaozhuangzhuang angrily with a crutch. "Why is the child crying like this?"
"I …" Lan Jingyi curled her lips. She really didn’t know what to say. Maybe her future mother-in-law pushed herself?
"Sir, the lacrosse is gone. Come on, the lacrosse is really gone. Is something wrong again?" Just rushed into the room Jiang Junyue He Ling flashed out and shouted in panic.
"What’s the matter?" Master is confused. Look at He Ling and Lan Jingyi.
He Ling bent down and pulled LanJingYi collar "you just came out of his room, he was gone, you knew it? Did you do it? "
Leng Liyin made Lan Jingyi tremble with heartache. She didn’t know that the man had told her nothing. It turned out that she was nothing in his heart.
"Blue girl what’s going on? What, you were in LaCrosse’s room last night? What about LaCrosse and others? " The master spoke, and his grandson disappeared. He felt a little stuffy in his chest, and he was scared by his falling into the sea that day, and he never recovered.
Lan Jingyi frowned. If she knew where Jiang Junyue had gone, she wouldn’t have to wait for Jiang Junyue’s room. She waited for Jiang Junyue to tell him about He Ling and Jiang Han. But now she is facing He Ling and Jiang Han. How can she tell her?
桑拿论坛After thinking about her, she whispered, "I sleep with a strong body, and I’m a little afraid to sleep until midnight and I want to find him, but he doesn’t."
"shameless women just want to hook up and climb the lacrosse bed every night, don’t they?" He Ling growled angrily with her hands akimbo.
"Come on, don’t say a few words about Xiaoxi crying." The master took a deep breath and bent down to hug Xiaoxi. This is the only way for Lanjingyi. "Get up and see if there is any injury. If it is, go to my room and get the medicine cabinet. If it is not, come and have breakfast."
"Sir, why do you believe her so much? The lacrosse is missing. It must have something to do with her. Yesterday, she said that her leg hurts and her back hurts, but you don’t know how well she looked when she came out with the baby in her arms."
"Ling Xiaoxi is crying, you should say a few words less." Jiang Hanyu advised his brow to knit up and turned around and went downstairs.
Lan Jingyi’s head is getting more and more painful. I don’t know if it hurts from being hit or coming.
Get up against the wall and go back to your guest room. The curtains are blown up by the wind, and it really rains.
Jiang Junyue is really accurate.
She picked up the number staring at him and stroked the string of numbers over and over again, as if she could feel him like Jiang Junyue. She promised to give her a message and text her if she didn’t come back late.
But he broke his word.
I went to wash my face, changed my clothes, and dealt with a forehead wound, which broke a little skin, and it didn’t matter. Master Lou waited for her to have breakfast together. Xiaozhuangzhuang stopped crying. The nanny hugged her. It would be happy to drink milk powder and waved her hand at the sight of Lan Jingyi’s little hands. "Daddy … Daddy …" The little thing always called her daddy, but she knew that it was because he couldn’t pronounce "Mommy". All of them called daddy "Come to Mommy".
"Let’s eat" master is a drink to let her just want to pick up the small strong strong hand abruptly fell down.
Jiang Junyue was on pins and needles, but she had to bite the bullet and sit for breakfast. From time to time, she felt really sad like a nightmare.
Finally, I finished the rice porridge in the bowl, and Lan Jingyi got up. "I’m going back, sir. I want to take Xiaoxi back to show my mother." Jiang’s family called Xiaoxi Xiaozhuang, a little thing, because she named her, and people didn’t recognize her.
"Let’s talk about LaCrosse in a few days. No one has answered the words of LaCrosse until others come back. You can’t go late again." The master was tired and leaned back in the chair for a moment, as if he had aged a lot. It seemed that Lan Jingyi didn’t care for him, so he could stay at Jiang’s house.
She is really annoyed with Jiang Junyue.
I called Jiang Junyue regardless of anything, but she answered again and again. She is a mechanical woman. The number you dialed is temporarily answered. Please redial later.
But I’ll call back later, and she still says that.
Little Zhuang Zhuang is in front of her, but she can’t be happy anymore
It turns out that there are conditions for a person to be happy
She is happy to have a son, a daughter and that man.
They are indispensable in her world.
The rain outside the window is still falling like tears, which makes people feel a little sad
Where the hell did he go?
When Jiang Junyue woke up, he was already in bed.
The round big bed was soft and covered, and the room was turned up high and low. A suit was neatly placed at the head of the bed. He was shaken and sat up. He was actually wearing nothing. The memory goes back to last night. It seems that he was in the bathtub and fell asleep.
Who put him in this bed?
Jiang Junyue quickly picked up his clothes and put on a new size, but he just pushed the door and went out to face a maid. "Mr. Jiang, this is your thing."
The tray is a car key and he is "Cheng Qingyang?"
"Mr. Cheng went to the casino last night and has not returned yet."
"He doesn’t? Really? " I don’t believe it. He doesn’t believe it. It must have been Cheng Qingyang, the dead thing, who carried him to bed last night. Jiang Junyue suddenly got goose bumps at the thought of the man touching himself.
"Which casino?"
"Mr. Cheng didn’t say"
Chapter 146 Don’t explain
"Hum, cheat" Jiang Junyue took it. It’s gone. How can it be turned on or off? Damn it, how could it be gone? A few steps went to a fixed telephone and took off and dialed the Lanjingyi number. It was already dawn outside. He got up late.
"Tilt …" Slightly hesitant woman with a hint of hesitation. "Tilt is it you?"
Jiang Junyue’s heart ached slightly. "Well, it was me who went out with friends last night and fell asleep after soaking. Did you call you when I woke up?"
Lan Jingyi blushed. She just really played for a long time. "When will you come back?" All the anger and resentment disappeared quietly when I heard his voice. Now she wants to see him and miss him and her.
"Well, there will be something urgent in the company in a while, and then I will go back to pick you up."
"Then you’re busy. I’m fine here. I’ll tell the master that you’re all right. You don’t know that his old man’s house is worried."

After the round, Real Madrid scored 9 points in three victories and continued to rank first. Dortmund scored 4 points and ranked second. Ajax scored 3 points. Manchester City, the third Premier League champion, scored 1 point and ranked last.

In addition to Real Madrid’s outstanding qualification worries, his three teams have one qualification quota left and they still have to kill.
Back to Spain, Real Madrid played Mallorca in the 9th round of La Liga on January 2nd.
Nine minutes later, Real Madrid took away a 6-victory away from home. Lu Wenbin played a crazy goal of five yuan. One person kicked the ball on his head and scored a full five goals.
The game is not over yet, and the fans in Mallorca have left a lot. I really can’t bear to see my whole team slaughtered by my opponent alone.
Three days later, Real Madrid ushered in the first King’s Cup game of the season. In 2122013, the first leg of the Spanish King’s Cup 116 final was away against the Spanish team Iagoano.
Against such an opponent, Mourinho directly sent a semi-main and semi-substitute array to rest many main players.
Not surprisingly, Real Madrid beat their opponents 5-0 away, announcing that the second leg was out of suspense.
Lu Wenbin was replaced at halftime after a hat-trick at half-time, or he could score again.
After playing the King’s Cup, Lu Wenbin’s total goals in 2012 have reached 137 goals, seven goals short of his 144 goals last year.
It’s only the end of January, and there are still two months left.
Lu Wenbin will once again set a new record for the annual goal this year, and the number of goals will even break through the sky.
Of course, Lu Wenbin participated in the Olympic preliminaries, Olympic Games, world preliminaries and so on. These Asian or u23 Olympic games made Lu Wenbin score too many goals.
However, it is always daunting to score goals in official competitions.
Real Madrid vs Zaragoza in the first round of La Liga on November 3rd.
Before the competition, Adidas offered Lu Wenbin the European Golden Boot Award for next season-real gold to build golden boots.
This is the fourth consecutive season that Lu Wenbin has won the European Golden Boot Award.
In 229 season, Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim’s Bundesliga scored 47 goals in two games and won the European Golden Boot Award that season.
In 1921, the Bundesliga defended its title with 52 goals in 31 games. In 21211, Inter Milan continued to defend its title with 5 goals in 31 Serie A games.
After Lu Wenbin moved to Real Madrid last season, he scored 67 goals in 31 La Liga games and defended his title, averaging more than 2 goals per game.
On the one hand, it is said that the difficulty of scoring in La Liga is indeed lower than that in Serie A, on the other hand, it is said that Lu Wenbin’s strength has steadily increased.
Lu Wenbin, who won the European Golden Boot Award for four consecutive times, has become the player who has won the most awards and won the longest winning streak since the establishment of the European Golden Boot Award, and has created a unique record.
After the foundation, the golden boots in Europe may become Lu Wenbin’s one-man show.
Of course, in the face of Lu Wenbin’s creation of various records and data, people are not.
Everyone can pay homage to Lu Wenbin.
After winning the European Golden Boot Award, the competition officially started.
Nine minutes later, the big screen score was 5. Real Madrid slaughtered and sealed the opponent again and expanded its unbeaten game in La Liga to 52 games.
Lu Wenbin continued to score a hat trick in this game, which made his total number of goals in 2012 reach 14. He just won the fourth European Golden Boot Award, adding a touch of color.
After playing this league, Real Madrid ushered in the Champions League.
On November 6th, Real Madrid played at home against Dortmund in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage.
Coming to this game is a life-and-death battle for Dortmund.
However, with Lu Wenbin, Real Madrid is too strong, and the Bundesliga champion Dortmund, even Bernabeu last stand, is also a chance to make a comeback.
Nine minutes later, the big score on the big screen was 51, before the home team and after the visiting team.
Although Dortmund scored a goal, he was scored five times by Real Madrid and lost the game by the last 15 points.
Chapter 613 New record of annual total goal
In Dortmund, Lu Wenbin rarely scored fewer goals than his teammates. He scored two of Real Madrid’s five goals, and the other three goals were scored by Luo.
Luo’s rare appearance at the same time forced Lu Wenbin to play a hat trick.
However, Luo’s three clubs were assisted by Lu Wenbin.
Therefore, in the eyes of professionals, even though the number of goals scored by Lu Wenbin in this game is not much, Lu Wenbin is still more important than Luo.
The situation is not only attacking Lu Wenbin’s defensive end, but also contributing a lot.
Lu Wenbin is still that super pervert.
At the same time, in another game, Manchester City failed to seize the opportunity to win at home and was tied by Ajax 22 away.
After the round, Real Madrid scored 12 points in four victories, ranking first, Ajax and Dortmund scored 4 points, ranking second and third in Premier League champion Manchester City with 2 points at the bottom.
There are two rounds left in the Champions League group stage. Ajax and Dortmund can’t catch up with Real Madrid points even if they win the next two rounds.
Real Madrid not only qualified before, but also locked in the first position of the group. The last two rounds of the group match can be rotated to save the physical fitness of the first team.
Real Madrid went out and locked in the first place in the group. At the same time, Lu Wenbin’s total number of goals in the year reached 142, which was two goals short of his own 144 goals last year.
Lu Wenbin may set a new record in a game.
However, to the disappointment of the media and reporters, Lu Wenbin did not enter the starting list but sat on the bench in the 11th round of Real Madrid’s away game against levante in La Liga on November 11th.
品茶论坛Mourinho takes turns to save the physical strength of the main players.
In the half-time away game, Real Madrid took the lead in scoring a goal and ending the half-time by Ozil.
Levante equalized the score in the 64th minute of halftime.
So in the 73rd minute, Mourinho finally replaced Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin’s situation was really different after the game.
First of all, with Lu Wenbin’s defense, Real Madrid’s defense has stabilized many opportunities for levante to fight back quickly.
However, few real Madrid defenders can succeed in positional warfare.
At the same time, Real Madrid’s counterattack and attack are also much sharper.
In the 7th minute, Lu Wenbin broke the levante defense line with a scalpel. Unfortunately, Higuain’s single-handed ball was tackled by the opposing goalkeeper and touched the bottom line.
In the second minute, Real Madrid broke the ball again and made a quick counterattack.
This time, Lu Wenbin personally took the ball from the midfield and even passed three people. Finally, he shook the goalkeeper to the ground and then spiked and pushed the shot.
Real Madrid once again took a 21-point lead.
After that, both sides didn’t score again. Lu Wenbin’s total annual goals unfortunately stopped at 143 goals, which not only failed to break the record, but also failed to make the media and reporters wait for a game.
However, Real Madrid continued their unbeaten momentum in La Liga, and the unbeaten games in La Liga have reached 53 games. It is getting closer and closer to A Milan’s unbeaten games.
Real Madrid is so desperate.
After playing this league, it is the international football match day, and the international players return to play for their national teams.
That’s why Mourinho wants to rotate because he is afraid that the players will be too tired and the national team and the club will be injured.
Especially Lu Wenbin, without him, Mourinho would never have achieved what he is now, so he protected Lu Wenbin more carefully.

"There is nothing wrong with the time and place. How can the carved gods not be in the valley? Is it a trip? " Ling Feiyang’s heart is somewhat disappointed when he suddenly finds a cave hidden in the long grass ahead.

Ling Feiyang’s heart immediately moved through the weeds and went in from the cave entrance. He saw that the cave was more than two feet deep, and there was a stone table and a stone bench in the cave. Besides, Ling Feiyang saw a pile of rocks piled up in the corner of the cave, like a grave, and the walls of the cave seemed to be engraved with words.
Ling Feiyang lit a dead branch and stretched out his hand to erase the moss on the cave wall. Three lines of handwriting immediately came into view.
"In the Jianghu, more than 30 people have killed enemies, traitors, heroes and heroes, and they are more resistant to the hand. They can live in seclusion in the valley, but they can’t be honest and lonely."
"Sword and magic seek defeat alone" is almost exciting for Ling Feiyang!
"According to the story of the condor, I hid three swords in my life in the sword grave behind the cave before I died. If I can get that epee, I may be able to greatly improve my martial arts like Yang Guo in the original."
"Elder Dugu, you were also a Han Chinese before your death, and you will surely support my great cause of resisting Mongolia. It is better to bury your sword here and lend it to me!" Ling Feiyang made three obeisances in front of the lonely tomb, then walked out of the cave and came to a cliff behind the cave, and then the moonlight shone. Ling Feiyang really saw two huge seal characters "Sword Tomb" carved high next to a platform in the middle of the cliff.
Ling Feiyang used the spiral nine-shadow flying skill to jump three times in a row with the aid of the cave in the mountain wall, and then easily boarded the platform. Ling Feiyang ignored the fine print of carved rocks and moved the small stones on the platform to reveal the green slate and tied for three long swords.
Ling Feiyang is not interested in the first sword. Ling Feiyang’s six-pulse Excalibur is a finger, but its power is not necessarily inferior to this sword.
For the third wood blade Ling Feiyang, I didn’t even look at Ling Feiyang. Most of the battles that Ling Feiyang is facing now are life-and-death battles. Although the best player is better than a sword, there is no need for wood blade to prove his martial arts realm to the enemy. This practice is called "pretending". At that time, Li Qingxuan, the head of Kunlun Sect, made wood blade easily killed by the venerable Jawadni.
Ling Feiyang paid attention to the second sword, because this sword is the weapon that Yang Guo became famous in the original book-the black iron epee! to be continued
Chapter 497 Condor epee
Ling Feiyang came to the valley outside Xiangyang city to break through the bottleneck encountered by uniting the first feat. Although he didn’t meet the god carving, he found the sword tomb where the swordsmen were lonely and defeated.
The second sword in the sword burial is about three feet long, and its body is dark. The tips on both sides are blunt and smooth, which seems to be a hemisphere. This sword seems to be unique, but Ling Feiyang knows in his heart that the material used to make this sword is a kind of "black iron", which is several times heavier than ordinary iron.
The heaviest metal material in nature is called osmium, the density of which is about three times that of iron, and when the density of this kind of darkiron reaches five times that of iron, the roots can’t be based on the elements of the earth. It is speculated by later generations that this kind of "darkiron" should come from meteors falling to the earth, and meteorites are a rare material that can be met and not sought.
Ling Feiyang leaned over to grasp the hilt of darksteel epee to transport her full strength, but suddenly she felt that this sword was not as heavy as she thought, so she gently shook her hand with the eleven catties sword.
Ling Feiyang’s heart is strange, so he waved two in this sword, but he felt very excited and didn’t feel a little sluggish.
"Is this sword fake?" Ling Feiyang thought hard for a full lamp of tea when suddenly it dawned!
"Now my martial arts have far surpassed that of Yang Guo in the original book, and I’m sure it’s much stronger than him. Yang Guo thinks this sword is heavy, but I don’t think it is!" Ling Feiyang thought
Want to clear up this link ling Feiyang’s heart is not complacent but worried.
"In the original work, Yang Guo relied on this epee to practice in the tide for 16 years before he became an excellent master; And as early as two years ago, when Fusang was in China, I could make the dragon drop 20 palms’ Luohan Dragon Drop’ a recruit to compete with the tide. Now, although I got this epee, I’m afraid I can adopt Yang Guo method to continue to improve my work, "Ling Feiyang thought.
At this time, the platform suddenly burst into hoarse and shrill carving, and a huge and ugly bald eagle with two claws climbed the cliff recess to the platform!
It turned out that when this god carving went out for food and returned to the cave, it was found that someone was coming, so it immediately searched all the way and saw Ling Feiyang in the middle of the cliff!
"The condor finally appeared!" Ling Feiyang was thinking that the condor had climbed the platform and shouted. The left wing was fanned by the strong wind to Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang will swing the darksteel epee forward without thinking!
This condor once got lonely advice and was a first-class master. In the original work, it also taught Yang Guo martial arts, but now Ling Feiyang’s skill is so strong that the condor failed to withstand the sword of Ling Feiyang and fell to the bottom of the cliff!
"Shit!" Ling Feiyang threw the epee aside and plunged to the bottom of the cliff. The falling speed was even faster than that of the carved stone. The left hand grabbed the right wing of the carved stone just before it landed!
Hung-chien is on the land! Ling Feiyang clapped his right palm to the square ground to slow down the falling trend of one person and one carving, then slammed his feet on the rock wall and changed the direction of movement from straight falling to flat flying. Finally, he showed Lingbo striding forward for more than ten feet and completely unloaded the falling trend.
The god carving is a solitary sword burial guardian. Just now, when he saw Ling Fei holding a darksteel epee in his hand, he regarded him as an enemy. However, at this moment, Ling Feiyang risked his life to save it. He looked at Ling Feiyang with eyes as big as two bronze bells and cried in his mouth, not knowing what kind of emotion he wanted to express.
"Brother Diao took the liberty to break into your treasure …" Ling Feiyang knew that this giant eagle was familiar with spirituality and said to the eagle.
The condor really seemed to understand Ling Feiyang’s words and fanned its two wings, which seemed to show forgiveness to Ling Feiyang.
"This giant eagle is not my opponent, just like this epee, and it is impossible to help me raise my martial arts …" Ling Feiyang was disappointed and returned to the platform in the middle of the cliff to bury the black iron epee back. The giant eagle followed Ling Feiyang to climb the platform again and saw that Ling Feiyang didn’t take away three swords, meaning that he nodded to Ling Feiyang to express his goodwill.
Ling Feiyang, although very fond of this big eagle, knows that he has no time to stay in the valley with it, so he patted the wings of the big eagle and said, "Brother Diao, I have to go and come back to see you again …"
With that, Ling Feiyang walked off the cliff to the outside of the valley, but he didn’t know why he had been followed by Ling Feiyang.
"Brother Diao, is there anything else you want to tell me?" Ling Feiyang turned to the condor and asked
The condor called two times and took a few steps to Ling Feiyang, but then stopped, giving people a feeling of being awkward.
"It is probably reluctant to part with me?" Ling Feiyang thought, but he didn’t want to delay more, so he left the valley.
"It seems that this time, the lonely sword burial line is a failure … since Xiangyang City is nearby, I will stop by to see Marshal Meng Gong and them …" Ling Feiyang thought that this was arrived at Xiangyang City.
Meng Gong Xiangyang City has been holding on for almost two years and repelled several attacks by the Chagatai army. It was learned that Ling Feiyang once again came to Xiangyang City, and Meng Gong was greeted by be in heaven from the Marshal House at a distance.
"Brother Ling, I miss you so much!" An old man with a ruddy hair and a childish face suddenly came running to Ling Feiyang. It was the old urchin Zhou Botong! Ling Feiyang saw Ying Gu behind Zhou Botong with a happy smile on her face.
"They are a pair of tell it to the judge finally got together …" Ling Feiyang was very pleased in his heart and then saw Lu Chengfeng, Wu Gangfeng, Feng Mofeng, Wu Santong, Gu Nanyun, Dian Cang Yu Yin and Lu Guanying. Among the seven people, Gu Nanyun, the former general of a title of generals in ancient times in Dali, was disabled, but he didn’t want to leave the battlefield and stayed in Xiangyang City to help Meng Gong advise.
Ling Feiyang in the Marshal’s Mansion of Xiangyang City, Song Guozheng, as a teacher, arranged a stage for Meng Gong to guard the city and raise rations and military resources to prepare for the counterattack against the Mongolian army.
Ling Feiyang in Xiangyang City ordered hundreds of invitations to be sent to martial arts experts from all walks of life in Tiannanhaibei, asking them to come to Huashan on the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of May to participate in the second Huashan sword discussion.
"Unite against Mongolia!" Ling Feiyang wrote in these invitation letters that the purpose of holding Huashan Lun Jian is to be continued.
Chapter 49 Qiu Qianren is not dead mystery
Twenty-five years ago, in the first Huashan sword competition, there were five experts who participated in the competition, including Dong Xie, Xi Du, Nan Di, Bei Gai and Zhong Shentong. There were also a few people, such as Wang Chuyi, who could say that it was a small-scale competition. However, for the upcoming second Huashan sword competition, as the leader of the Song Dynasty, Wulin people were invited to prepare for a large-scale event.
For the first time, the five unique skills in Huashan sword fight for the Nine Yin True Classics, but this is coming soon. In the second time, Ling Feiyang has prepared hundreds of Nine Yin True Classics by hand. Anyone who is willing to join the anti-Mongolian cause will have a chance to get the famous martial arts cheats of this day. With this, fighting for the Nine Yin True Classics and killing each other will never happen again, and the overall strength of the martial arts in the Great Song Dynasty will be improved.
After a night’s rest, Ling Feiyang left Xiangyang City and prepared to go to Huashan first. When Ling Feiyang passed through the valley where he lost his strength and buried his bones, he decided to go and see the carved stone by the way.
However, Ling Feiyang just walked to Taniguchi and saw the smoke billowing in the valley, which seemed to be a fire!
品茶论坛Ling Feiyang’s heart was shocked and immediately ran to the cave where he buried the lonely and failed. He saw that the mouth of the cave had been surrounded by flames and waves of low-pitched carvings came out of the hole!
"Someone actually wants to burn the condor!" Ling Feiyang wants to rush into the flame here and use the dragon’s 20 palms to constantly shoot out the flames around his body for a moment and then he has rushed to the mouth of the cave!
The condor is flapping its wings desperately, but it is covered with burn marks. Just rush out of this cave. Ling Feiyang inspires the body energy field to form a defensive cover with a height of more than one person, which wraps itself and the condor body, and then picks up the back neck of the condor and rushes out of the cave!
However, when this man was about to rush out of the fire with a carved horse, a black shadow suddenly rushed over and slapped his hands at Ling Feiyang’s chest!
Ling Feiyang didn’t expect someone to sneak up on himself outside the flame, and his right hand was still carved with a statue of God. He rushed to use the dragon’s 20 palms to recruit his arms to bend to the palm of his hand at the same time!
Bang! Ling Feiyang’s elbows and the sneak attacker’s palms hit one place. Ling Feiyang felt a huge impact on himself and the whole body immediately flew backwards! Just before falling into the sea of fire, Ling Fei threw the statue forward and saw the man’s face!
This person turned out to be already "dead" for many years "iron palm Shui Piao" Qiu Qianren!
Qiu Qianren didn’t cling, it was his eldest brother Qiu Qianzhang!
Three years ago, Huang Rong led the beggars’ brothers to panic in the Tiezhang gang. The trio of Qiu Qianren, Qiu Qianchi and Gongsun Zhi was defeated by the trio of Ling Feiyang, Huang Rong and Ying Gu. Qiu Qianren fled to the cave where Wang was buried in previous dynasties. When Ling Feiyang and others had not hunted down and entered the cave, they happened to meet his eldest brother Qiu Qianzhang!
Although Qiu Qianzhang is Qiu Qianren’s eldest brother, he is lazy and not academic. He swindles the real martial arts in the Jianghu all day. Even his younger brother is not even one tenth. This cave in the second knuckle of the Middle Finger Peak is a forbidden area for the Iron Palm Sect. Qiu Qianzhang covets the cave, and the Sect leader collects jewelry and slips in while others are unprepared.
Unfortunately, however, at this moment, the Beggars’ Sect just launched an attack on the mountain. Qiu Qianzhang was too scared to come out of the cave when he heard the shouting and killing, and Qiu Qianren was injured by Ling Feiyang’s six-pulse Excalibur and just escaped into this cave.
This cave is not very big and there is no second exit. Of course, Qiu Qianren knows about it, so when Ling Feiyang entered the cave to search, he would cross the rubicon in the dark environment and launch a sneak attack on Ling Feiyang!
However, at this time, Qiu Qianren has lost ten * * Ling Feiyang when he "acupuncture the silver point * *". Just use a stroke to punch the sword and Qiu Qianren will fly out!
Qiu Qianren hurriedly fled to the hole, but suddenly he saw his eldest brother!
Qiu Qianren’s mind flashed a deadly trap. Suddenly, he rushed at Qiu Qianzhang, flashed his acupuncture points, put his Huang Ge blouse on him, and then dragged Qiu Qianzhang behind a big stone, but deliberately exposed the corner of his clothes!