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Scratching … Tinkling …

Not big place suddenly scream … Bottle head shot … And scold ring became a piece of …
Ji Guoqiu didn’t know what was going on. He wanted to see how Ji Guoqiu was humiliated before, but Odom punched him and he hurriedly hid the blow first.
Odom seems to have found the right combination of Ji Guoqiu and kept calling Ji Guoqiu to hide, so they unconsciously stayed away from health.
The place of sanitation is too small, and the players moved to the bar lobby without displaying their martial arts and playing the battle site. This place is big enough.
Other guests in the bar screamed and ran outside to follow the two teams of reporters. At this time, they were in tears and trembling hands, and kept pressing the shutter of the hidden camera to record this historic moment. This will be the most intense derby in the history of Los Angeles!
Great, we just waited all night until such a wonderful scene appeared? One of the paparazzi gave a sigh of emotion while filming, and his eyes shone with excitement. Later, he simply stopped sneaking around and took out his camera so openly.
You’re right, it’s better to shoot a few people. The paparazzi around me are reconsidering. This scene is so happy for their paparazzi.
All these paparazzi were feeling excited when suddenly a beer bottle flew from nowhere in the middle of the hapless head and heard Hua. A beer bottle broke into several pieces of glass flying all over the sky. The hapless guy immediately fell to the ground and fainted.
This beer bottle finally let these paparazzi know how dangerous the profession of war correspondent is. Maybe no one died there. They will hang one here first.
Bar security is the most helpful group at the moment. The seven of them seem to have a lot of people, but they dare not go deep into the fray easily if they take a look at the guys with big arms and round waist.
Look at that Artest. He’s all muscular. He’s like a boxer punching like the wind. Vujacic is losing ground and being repeatedly recruited. He’s about to die.
Look at the old fish Schell. The guy is scared, his muscles are red and his chest is bare. He is chasing the skinny Brevin Knight and flying all over the field. The chairman of the future players’ union doesn’t seem to save the oil lamp. It’s simply off the charts!
Over there, trevor ariza and james posey are playing a defensive war. These two men are holding a stool head. I don’t know where they got a fruit bowl button. It seems that they are attacking each other, but they are tightly guarded. Grenade flying in other directions are all bounced by two benches and simple helmets.
Look at kwame brown like a calf. Actually, it was a threepoint match with Mobry, the old cat of the Clippers. The two men picked up all the lethal weapons they could find and threw them at each other. This was a longrange professional duel. Although hidden weapons was caught by others every time he sent them out, such as the nickname Butcher, Turiaf didn’t know where he was hit by a flying disc. Mr. Butcher also planned to find Artest and have a good fight. As a result, but before he could conquer, he was dead was directly knocked unconscious by his teammates.
In the corner, Laker ski man Rad Manovic and Clippers brush tim thomas are having an epic contest. They put on various postures that look great at first sight and keep changing various gesturesyou give me a snake hand and I give you a crane claw; You give me a tiger fist; You wing chun and I let go … Anyway, this posture has changed and changed, but these two kings just don’t start work.
However, if we want to say that the most important one is Francisco Garcia, seeing Uncle Jia’s eyes stare, he will use his closet stuntdeath will stare at the whole battlefield for a while, and people will come to provoke him. How domineering is it that Clippers players or Lakers players run away at the moment?
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Chapter one hundred and twenty Real Los Angeles Derby (4)
The picture temporarily turns to the origin of the incident, bar women’s health
The situation expanded and the two teams moved to the hall to show a big fight. When Kobe saw Ji Guo falling to the ground, he came to see how Fox was.
At this time, Rupert Grint finally squeezed in with a bottle. At first glance, he saw a guy lying on Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson’s body. Little Hermione couldn’t help groaning and singing, and a dead nigger was about to bully him in his dream.
In this situation, the eyes of my friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are red!
Rupert Grint took two steps to get a bottle and swung it at Kobe Bryant’s head. Fortunately, Peter Pan heard his teammates shouting and turned around temporarily. This bottle didn’t hit the fatal position in the back of his head.
BangKobe Bryant didn’t take precautions, so that his fighting capacity was not 5. Rupert Grint fainted and fell flat next to Ji Guo’s humiliation.
Jordan farmar didn’t take part in the fight. The first two punches took down Rupert Grint.
Ji Guoqiu was already outside ko at this time. Lamar had to throw his Nokia n95 out and directly knock out Odom’s two front teeth!
The poor Lama is out looking for teeth everywhere now …
Don’t take a look at them first, said Ji Guoqiu to jordan farmar who wanted to start work.
Jordan farmar’d like to compete with Ji Guoqiu, but look at Ji Guoqiu’s side. The number of black Parker Lakers players is two less than that of the Clippers. At this moment, jordan farmar 1v2 immediately showed a disadvantage and did not dare to move.
At this time, little Hermione finally stared at Ji Guo’s shame and kicked the fainted Ji Guo’s shame to the side. Kobe Bryant also fainted. The little fox and the black mamba were stacked together
Applauded …
At this time, a brave paparazzi who had just squeezed in just pressed the shutter at the door to record this great scene.
Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is really scared at the moment. It’s like a world war when I hear the noise outside! Look at the fainting Rupert Grint, and see that she is already lying on the ground, but there is still the same in front of her eyes. It is even more fantastic than her filming of Harry Potter.
Little Hermione hugged her chest with her hands trembling and retreated two steps to the innermost corner. A beautiful face was frightened and pale at the moment, and tears almost came out at the thought of being thrown down.
I just came to the bar and had a glass of juice. How could this happen? Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson thought to himself.
The picture returned to the main battlefield bar, and the security guard was temporarily transferred to the room, so more than a dozen people finally got together. After the security guard captain led them to overcome their timidity, they rushed into the scuffle crowd and desperately pulled the two teams to fight each other.
Artest has already beaten Vujacic at the moment; The old fish Scheer also pushed to Bly Vinnett, and then I didn’t know who knocked me out when I was trying to expand my success. Uncle Jia still no one dared to provoke anyone to stare at him, but he didn’t even lose a hair in the end; Odom finally picked up his two front teeth and made a phone call to his dentist with grief and indignation. Ariza and Posey were stunned by a plate and one was knocked down by a beer bottle. These two day guards and night guards finally failed to prevent their own hidden weapons; Rad Manovic and tim thomas are still at loggerheads and there is no tie in the end; Kwame brown has stunned three teammates and a reporter. Old Cat Mobry’s record is two teammates, two reporters and Harry Potter …
When old Deng Liwei and phil jackson each arrived at the police station with a large number of lawyers, many players had been taken to the hospital.
What the hell is going on? Didn’t you go to the bar to celebrate?
桑拿Old Deng Liwei looked at Ji Guo’s humiliation and a lot of players with bandages on their heads and roared
In the other room, Kobe Bryant has also woken up. Peter Pan’s head is wrapped in a thick bandage and he looks equally embarrassed when he growls at phil jackson.
Los Angeles Times
A butterfly can cause a hurricane far away from Wan Li, and a misunderstanding can cause dozens of people to fight.

Ha, ha, ha, you say yes, but I think too much when it comes to your high consciousness.

Chu Yun was embarrassed to hear this and touched the back of his head. It’s not surprising that Sinar can say such a thing. Chu Yunshi knows that Sinar is such an openminded girl. He and Sinar have similar ideas in many places.
But having said that, I’m really curious about Master Chen’s illness. What do you think of his illness?
Sinar thought for a while or to Chu Yun asked a:
Chapter 459 Attach importance to
Because she is a little helpless about master Chen’s illness, she feels that she can maintain her current condition and will not continue to deteriorate.
Before Chu Yun could speak, Sinar went on to say, Chu Yun, it’s not convenient for you now. If it’s convenient, let’s find a place to have a drink and talk.
Of course, it’s my treat. Thank you.
After hearing sinar talk, Chu Yun also sighed and contacted sinar alone. Although he was embarrassed, people just helped him and couldn’t refuse anything. Anyway, they should express their gratitude.
Besides, he’s still a big man, and it’s not a thing to hide from other girls all day. He should be able to hide, but he can’t help it if he wants to.
Good, but you don’t want to send me away for a meal. Today is just to talk about the patient’s condition. You have to calculate it after you owe me a favor.
Sinar satisfaction after hearing these words nodded some nifty said
Then she thought for a moment and continued to Chu Yun, I think the couple restaurant not far from our hospital is good. Let’s try it there today.
Couples’ restaurant. Okay, okay, wherever you say, today is just to thank you and be happy.
After hearing this, Chu Yun smiled bitterly and then hung up. He didn’t see Sinar at the beginning. He came to hear from the nurse that Sinar was not on duty at all today. Chu Yun still felt that there was nothing going on today, but he didn’t expect to provoke other girls because he wanted to help.
At the moment, Master Chen in Master Chen’s ward looks much better than before. He only looked at Mr. Lei next to him after playing a set of Tai Chi in his ward and asked, What do you think of that Chu Yunru just now, Lei?
Strong is absolutely strong
After listening to Master Chen’s speech, Mr. Lei paused for a moment and then nodded his head for sure. Although he said he was young, I think his heaven is full and his strength is very vigorous. If I guess right, he has reached the master level.
Are you kidding? He has reached the master level at such a young age?
After hearing this, Master Chen looked at Mr. Lei incredulously. Are you sure you can’t make a mistake, Ale? I am so young. I still can’t know shit at this time.
Mr. Chen Lao knows very well what the concept of master level is. He comes as a martial artist, and there are too many martial artists in China. Although it is easy to get started in martial arts, it is necessary to accumulate when necessary to have a high accomplishment.
Generally speaking, the master will not achieve anything until he is 4 years old and reach the master level. There are not many martial arts practitioners at all. Only a few masters at the master level are also 7yearold people.
It can be said that this land of China is definitely not enough to reach the master level with three figures. However, Chu Yun is only over 2 years old and has actually reached the master level. He does have some doubts.
However, he believes that Alei has followed him for so many years. Although it is still a long way to reach the master level, his vision has always been very accurate.
Sir, it’s absolutely right. Just now, when this little brother gave you acupuncture, I felt that his body was vaguely released and his strength was very strong. Just beside him, I felt a little uncomfortable, even if I didn’t reach the master level, I was definitely not far away.
Mr. Lei also nodded his head. He actually felt the strength of Chu Yun at the beginning. He couldn’t believe it at that moment, so he also observed it for a while until he finished acupuncture for Master Chen in Chu Yun. He was sure that Chu Yun’s strength was about the absolute master level.
He didn’t feel surprised at master Chen’s surprise because he didn’t believe it at first.
It’s really the waves behind the Yangtze River that push the waves ahead.
Master Chen got a positive reply and looked out the window and said with some sighs.
Is this little brother a martial arts family?
I don’t know about this. I don’t know much about his identity. I got your order to invite him over to help you see a doctor.
Mr. Lei thought for a while with a frown and continued, But I think the way he treated you just now is that although I am a layman in the field of Chinese medicine, it is absolutely not like he is selftaught because he is so skilled and very complicated. There must be a huge family or a powerful master to teach him.
That’s right, especially since he is still so young. It seems that this little brother’s position is definitely not simple.
Master Chen shook his head with a wry smile, but soon he was relieved. No matter what position Chu Yun came from, they didn’t take a fancy to each other’s life, but the strength they showed because Chu Yun’s strength was absolutely right for them.
Then he looked at his son seriously and said, After Awei, you must contact this little brother more. It is possible that our family may still need to rely on him.
Father, it’s no problem for you to let me contact him for a relationship, but it’s a bit exaggerated for you to say that our huge family needs a young man to rely on.
After hearing his father’s words, Chen Wei took an incredible look. Although Master Chen said that his father’s vision was very accurate, it was still unacceptable for him to say that a young man in his twenties and his own age could rely on a family.
However, Master Chen became more serious than ever. He looked at his son and drank heavily and said, Don’t be young and frivolous and don’t be too arrogant. You know, there are so many masters in this world that you can see the real level. I think he can do it. Just listen to me.
All right, father, I’ll listen to you.
It is also young people who ask a gentleman like Chen Wei to respect another peer. He certainly doesn’t want to, but his father’s orders can’t be violated. He nodded his head.
After all, the father’s order is that the imperial edict cannot be disobeyed for him:
No.46 meet
Of course, it’s also very good for you to do it before, which has made me very satisfied with you \
When Chen Wei was somewhat dissatisfied, Master Chen praised him again, but he was just a little better in his heart. A word from Master Chen made his heart sink to the bottom again.
夜生活This person is definitely a person worthy of communication. You are lucky to know him. You should take this opportunity.
Is it an opportunity to know this person? If it weren’t for saying this, his father Chen Wei would definitely think that there is something wrong with this person’s brain.
Growing up, people said it was a great luck to know themselves. Now my father actually said that knowing Chu Yun was a great opportunity for their Chen family.
Does it mean that Chu Yun is more powerful and precious than everyone in his family? Master Chen didn’t explain much about this fate. If you want to grasp it, you may not be able to grasp it. Everything depends on nature.
As time goes by, it will naturally show up, and everything will come out in time.
Master Chen has lived for most of his life. He thinks he has a good eye for people. He has never seen it, and he thinks that Chu Yun may be a little modest in saying so.
Master Chen’s face smiled when he thought of this. At the same time, he made up his mind that he must firmly grasp this with Chu Yun and never let them miss this onceinalifetime opportunity.
At this moment, Chuyun is a restaurant not far from the hospital. Although the place is not large, it is spacious inside. Every table is far away, and the screen blocks the people who let them eat here, which has some concealment.
Because not many people came to dinner at this time, Chu Yun went in and found a seat next to the window, and then sent his position to Sinar.
Chu Yun and want to know exactly how to speak sinar has arrived here, Chu Yun also didn’t expect each other so fast.
At this time, the impression of Sinar and Chu Yun is completely different. In the impression, Sinar should be wearing a white coat and even her face is covered with a mask. However, today, Sinar is dressed in a very slim suit to reveal her perfect figure.
The shawl hair is also very casual, and she is very sexy when she combs her back. Plus, after dressing up intentionally today, it gives people a sense of model sight.
I have to say that Sinar is also a serious beauty. As soon as she entered the coffee shop, she immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the restaurant. Of course, most of them were men.
Chu Yun was also absent when he saw sinar. For a moment, he was shocked by the gap between the front and back of sinar.
But Chu Yun finally still has some tolerance. He is stunned, so after a while, he will return to absolute being, and he will not be humiliated in front of each other again.
Chu Yun, have you been waiting for a long time? I’m sorry, because I didn’t go out before work today.
Sinar natural and graceful walked beside Chu Yun and finally found a place to sit down.
Not really. I wonder why you are so efficient. I just sent you a text message and you came out.
ChuYun nodded and didn’t say much because he knew sinar came out late today. It must have been a deliberate grooming.
It’s mainly because I’ve changed to a new place these days and I’ve been looking for messy clothes at home for a long time.
Have you moved?

I walked out of the teaching building with the students after class that day and saw him waiting for me at the door.

Some students laughed, "Teacher, you are so popular. You are all handsome when you come to see me."
….. all?
I remembered that Ye Wen seemed to have been here once, and I couldn’t help smiling.
Jishu came over and said, "Let’s talk."
His eyes are blue. Maybe he’s been suffering these days.
spa会所  title=I sighed and refused to say "good"
But just two steps later, I heard a mellow and dumb voice calling me "timely"
I froze all over.
I can guess who it is even if I hear the tone.
The other side came closer and closer, stopped in front of me and leaned slightly to look at me. "Where are you going?"
I mumbled something and didn’t speak.
He looked at Ji Shu again and smiled. "Hello, I’m my fiance. Who are you?"
Chapter 51 It’s not his decision.
Jishu frowned and looked at him for a long time before saying "11 old classmates"
This scene made me feel a little awkward. I asked Ye Xiangyuan, "Why are you here?"
His eyes turned to me "to pick you up"
This semester, his classroom and I are no longer next to each other, and even the teaching building is not the same building. He really came to pick me up.
Actually, I’m looking for him, too
But this timing is a bit wrong.
For one thing, Ji Shu is here, and for another, I don’t want to have a showdown with him so soon.
Actually, I am still embarrassed to see him now, and the memory of that afternoon comes back to my mind.
I can’t even look him in the eye.
"Oh …" I mumbled something and didn’t know how to answer the words.
The second time he acquiesced in me and left me without telling me, he would have given me enough time … Later, I wouldn’t have given him a message if it hadn’t happened on the Internet …
Ye Xiangyuan stared at my face for a moment and said, "Xiaojin misses you."
I don’t quite believe his excuse.
If Xiao Jin misses me, he can come to see me with Xiao Jin instead of taking me to see Xiao Jin.
But I didn’t expose him. "I still have something to do … why don’t I give Xiao Jin a message later?"
Ye Xiangyuan was silent for a few seconds and said, "I’ll take you to see Xiaoyan."
I looked up at him.
He leaned close to my ear. "You can get back at her any way you want."
Warm breath brushed my ears and drilled into my neck.
My cheeks suddenly burned.
It’s really a pleasure to think that Xiaoyan was cruel to me that day and wanted to inject me with poison. If I can take revenge myself.
Can JiShu …
Ye Xiangyuan straightened up and glanced at me. "Don’t go?"
His expression seems to say that if I miss this opportunity, I will never punish Xiaoyan myself again.
I "…"
This man is so dark that just two words put me in a dilemma.
I can repeatedly apologize to Ji Shu and say, "Let’s make an appointment another day."
Ji Shu took my hand. "Did you refuse me because of him?"
Section 47
I didn’t take it as a default.
Ye Xiangyuan light way "go"
I pulled my hand out a little bit and lowered my eyelids. I didn’t dare to look at Jishu’s expression and hurried to follow.
Ye Xiangyuan took the lead in smelling the driver’s seat and greeted me.
I absently should climb the back seat and sit next to Ye Xiangyuan.
Xiaojin is really not in the car.
Ye Wen smiled and asked me, "Who is that man Ding Jie?"
I said, "It’s one of my classmates."
Ye Wen: "He is quite interesting, and now he is still looking at you. Do you owe him money?"
I immediately turned to look out and looked at the lonely face here in JiShu reduction.
Somehow I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly sounded "drive"
I came back to God to see him.
He looked as usual and didn’t seem to pay attention to my conversation with Ye Wen.
The car sped out of the mall and JiShu figure was left behind.

I feel puzzled. Is he here to express his condolences to me?

With such doubts, I also took the bus.
Halfway through, I suddenly remembered one thing. It seems that the Han family also made their fortune in Los Angeles!
That ….. Could it be him?
Chapter 239 Don’t trust you
If Han Jia and Han Qingshan really do it, everything can be strung together.
Maybe the attack in the French town was deliberately made by Han Qingshan.
He really got involved with me when he saved me.
And why Chen Shu is interested in me? I think it may also be because of Han Qingshan …
These speculations made my hair stand on end, and I realized that I had overlooked many problems.
I didn’t calm down at all, so I immediately told Ye Wen the speculation.
Ye Wen paused for several seconds before saying, "I’ll leave immediately."
I, uh, said, "No wonder Chen Shu is so secretive. I think we can start with the Han family and maybe find something."
Ye Wen replied that the horse would go far with Ye.
My heart beat like a drum and I thought I might have spied a shocking secret.
Ye Wen called me back a few minutes later.
He said that Ye Xiangyuan told him to stare at Han Qingshan more without too many instructions.
I couldn’t help saying, "Does he think I’m a stranger?"
约茶Ye Wen said, "At least it means that it needs to be verified, so don’t startle it."
Yeah, it’s just my guess. Han Qingshan is a businessman. How can he talk to the Li family …
Take a step back and say that even if he is really the man behind the scenes, we have no evidence, so we might as well pretend that we don’t know anything.
Thought of here I slowly calm down.
Back to the military compound, grandpa and sister-in-law have got the news and are waiting for me at home.
Xiao Jin also ran to my leg and took my hand. "Aunt, are you okay?"
I touched his head and looked at my grandfather and sister-in-law and said, "I worried you."
Sister-in-law sighed, "I didn’t expect her to be so extreme … but I can understand her …"
She looked at Xiao Jin’s eyes with tenderness.
Maybe it’s empathy. Sister-in-law seldom calls her Aunt Li Qingqing. After all, she used to be an enemy, but it may be that this time Li Qingqing made her.
I am also crying.
It’s really admirable for the child Li Qingqing to do this.
Shi Wenlu and Teng Jun’s death are both horrible, but Li Qingqing is more tragic than them, but this tragedy is based on her love for her children and she thinks it is respectable. At least I won’t mock her.
Although I still don’t understand that she stayed well at Li’s house and her son was sentenced to several years in prison, she wanted to pave the way for her son in this extreme way.
Grandpa said, "Don’t think too much. Ayuan called and said you were scared. Let’s keep an eye on you and have a good rest."
Sister-in-law also said, "I’ll call you at dinner."
Xiaojin took my hand and said, "Uncle, don’t you just have me to accompany my aunt back to my room? I’m a man."
A word made us laugh, and I was in a better mood.
But I still want to talk to grandpa about Chu Feipeng.
As a result, I haven’t opened my mouth yet. Grandpa said, "I got a message from Fei Peng. You did a good job."
As long as grandpa is not angry, I am relieved at once.
Sister-in-law and Xiaojin sent me back to my room.
I casually mentioned that Li Qingqing was sent back to Li Jia’s family. "I don’t know if Li Jia will come to trouble."
Sister-in-law said lightly, "It was she who came to the door automatically and caused you to be so frightened that you almost hurt your child. If only they were in trouble when we didn’t go."
I "…"
Not the kui is the eldest sister-in-law I know, not the kui is a woman who pretends to be crazy and wants revenge from her eldest brother. These two words are extremely domineering
If the Li family dare to find a door to throw these words in the past, they will dare not say another word.
I gave my sister-in-law a admiring look.
Sister-in-law smiled and said, "Don’t be paranoid. What are you afraid of having Ayuan at home?"
I took a deep breath, and sure enough, my psychological quality was so poor that maybe even Xiaojin could not compare with it.
After Xiao Jin obediently sat on the bed, he accompanied me while reading, and I closed my eyes and slept.
Fortunately, with this little guy, I thought of Li Qingqing’s tragic situation as soon as I closed my eyes. My heart was a little scared, but Xiao Jin’s immature voice made me relax.
Then I fell asleep unconsciously.
When I woke up, the light in the bedroom came on.
I was thinking that it might be very late, and my eldest sister-in-law didn’t seem to wake me up, but suddenly I found Ye Xiangyuan sitting on the edge of the bed.
He looked at me tenderly with his eyebrows.
I was so surprised that I almost suspected that I was dreaming.

The wedding is scheduled for the end of the month. After more than ten days of intensive preparations, the Qianlong Palace has changed into a pair of red Huo Jiujian, who is very happy with it, and ordered the palace people to make a final inspection.

Jun’s madness made Zhu Yixian look pale. On the same day, he already greeted Qin Xiao and asked her to wear the most beautiful and precious clothes to attend the wedding.
Qin Xiao, the most beautiful and precious thing here is Junkuang. She refines fairy clothes. She looks up at Junkuang and says nothing.
After the monarch’s madness, he sent a set of jewelry to work. At first glance, it was not from the craftsmen of the mortal world. The jewelry was not as plain as the water pattern in the words, but it made people feel comfortable.
"Seed" Qin Xiao stared at the jewelry in front of her. "Look at this jewelry."
"Very beautiful"
"This is definitely not the bride’s jewelry, right?" Qin Xiao sighed.
"It should not be, but it is the most suitable for you."
"Really?" Qin Xiao raised her hand to greet catalpa. "Come and comb my hair. I’ve never had so many hair pins in my head."
"I’ve seen a lot of clothes in the families of dignitaries, and you should get used to it." Catalpa looked at Qin Xiao through the mirror with some concern. "Have you really decided that’s it?"
Qin Xiao smiled wryly. "Otherwise, what can I do? Let Zhu Yixian take the talk and spread rumors everywhere."
"Not really. I think they seem very polite."
"Knowing people knows their faces but not their hearts. After I get married, you are almost the same," Qin Xiao said. "I can say that finding a good family for you is really happy, and you have to catch your own eyes without knowing people."
"It’s just what I want to come back to the Lord."
"Really" Qin Xiao smiled and didn’t continue the topic.
Qin Xiao, who has changed several hairstyles one after another, feels awkward and wonders if he has no talent for dressing up.
"It’s that the Lord is so beautiful that no matter what hairstyle looks good." Seed inserted the hair pin into the bun with a smile. "But the main reason is that you have been wronged. Don’t hold it back to tell us that we can’t stand up for you, but at least it’s better than holding it back."
"Thank you" Qin Xiao doesn’t know who the seed "we" includes, but
品茶论坛  title=Segmented reading 16
She knows very well that whatever it is, she can’t tell them.
On the day of the wedding, Qin Xiao turned twice in front of her "Ru" dressed in Jun Kuang, a refined fairy costume and a gesture given to her by Jun Kuang.
"Beauty" seed immediately clapped her hands and praised "no matter what, women will be eclipsed in front of you"
"That’s good" Qin Xiaowei squinting corners of the mouth with a smile.
You crazy marry is her choice, she is not the protagonist today, but she must be more eye-catching than the protagonist.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Marry a person
Qin Xiao’s head is ready, and Jun Kuang is also preparing, but it seems that the mad emperor doesn’t cooperate very well.
"Come on, why do you want to tie a big red flower?" What the hell is it like to tie a big red flower outside?
"Custom, custom" Huo Jiujian ran wildly after Jun with flowers.
Junkuang picked up an apple and took a bite. "He loves to tie it or not. What’s wrong with him? You marry him if he doesn’t go out."
"Then I can’t get it." Huo Jiujian stopped to see the red apple in Jun Qian’s hand and immediately pointed at him and cursed "How did you steal the fruit again?"
"You are all emperors, not dead people, and they can’t get what I have eaten for them." Jun Qian would have wrinkled his nose.
"It’s reasonable to steal the fruit." Lian Di’s stereo started, and then Jun Qian got a skull crash, clutching his headache and shrinking his neck and mouth, and he was still biting an apple.
Truman took back his hand and smiled "Don’t remember to eat or play"
"You can always remember when you play a few more times." Yin Di and the Empress Dowager also arrived.
A few people took a smiling look at Jun Qian. Yin Di rubbed Jun Qian’s head with both hands. "You’re good and talented. It’s better to come to my goalkeeper and maybe be better than your brother."
"Don’t want him to say that you are more fierce than a scourge. The apprentice is that your toy will not be responsible if you accidentally play dead." Jun Qian is not afraid of making a face at Yin Di and successfully getting a second skull collapse.
He didn’t forget to chew the apple with two bags on his forehead.
"What can I do to save you from this kind of foodie?" Emperor rewelding glanced at Jun Qian and handed it over to a small basket filled with something.
Jun Qian never gave up after he got it, and he confidently accepted feeding and looked at Emperor rewelding with a face of ingratiation.
"See, it was hopeless." Ling Di grabbed Emperor rewelding and stole a kiss on her face.
"I go to you two dog men and women" Jun Qian, a lever commander, spat crossly "Is it fun to abuse single dog?"
The field is either in pairs or with a marriage partner, and he is the only one who is not loved.
"He hasn’t arrived yet?" Jun crazy poked his head out from the inside, and Huo Jiujian grabbed his hair behind him and dragged people back to sit in front of the dresser according to him.
"Dressing up is quite personal." Yin Di gave you a commanding look. "I heard that I was very mean to you and accidentally killed you as a toy."

Section 277

Cloud thousand snow "…"
Yun Qianxue didn’t sleep well at night and wanted to have a nice nap, but the door was knocked again early in the morning.
Yunqian snow nai sighed, and she pushed aside to sleep. Anchen muttered, "If the bearer is Han Xiaojing, don’t tell me. Take the door for me when you go out."
Anchen looked at her strength and couldn’t help feeling distressed. He said in anger, "No matter what she does, just let her outside."
"You hurry up to open the door, and they will say that you are not enough buddies when you are seen by Muyang." Yunqian Xuenai tunnel
Because Han Xiaojing is Han Muyang’s sister, no matter what Han Xiaojing does, they have to endure it.
When she realized this, Yun Qianxue was very naive, but there was no way. She was a grateful person. She always remembered that Han Muyang helped her cure Yun Hao, and she would never forget this kindness.
Anchen sighed and finally got dressed and opened the door lazily. This time, Han Xiaojing was prevented from rushing to hug him. First, he opened a small door.
When he opened the door, he saw his baby daughter holding a doll at the door. Yan Yan saw the door open and she frowned discontentedly. "Daddy, you are so slow. Why did it take so long to open the door? Yan Yan’s legs are sore."
As she said, she twisted her little body and got in. Anchen wanted to stop her from sleeping, but Yan Yan had already trotted over her and walked towards Yunqian Snow.
"Mommy, Mommy, it’s snowing. Yan Yan is going out to play with the snow. Let my brother make a snowman with me, okay?" Yan Yan went to the bed and lay down on the bed and spoke cheerfully.
Anchen a picked her up and whispered, "Yan Yan baby, your mommy hasn’t slept enough yet. Let her sleep first, okay? Daddy will accompany you out to play. "
Yan Yan looked at the sleepy cloud and snow in the bed and said, "How can Mommy sleep so well? Does she have a little brother in her stomach again? "
An Chen’s face was covered with black lines. "Who told you that sleeping means having a little brother?"
"Didn’t the former mommy sleep well when she had a little brother in her stomach?" Yan Yan cocked her little head and asked Anchen.
Anchen touched her head and said, "Mommy is sleepy because she has to get up late to feed her brother. She didn’t get enough sleep."
"Before that …"
An Chen estimated that his daughter’s problems would be endless. He simply picked her up and whispered, "Come on, baby dad, take you to breakfast and then take you out to make a snowman."
Yan Yan nodded her head. "Well, a good daddy is the best." She said, hugging Anchen’s neck and kissing his face.
Early in the morning, I got a kiss from my baby daughter. Anchen was in a better mood. He strode out of the room with his daughter in his arms and gently took the door.
Anchen accompanied Yan Yan to wear good equipment for her after breakfast, so she went out with her. Han Xiaojing saw Anchen holding Yan Yan and went out with her and walked beside Anchen timidly. "Brother Chen, where are you going? Xiaojing also wants to go. "
☆、第二百三十四章 把人弄丢了
Xiao Yifan nodded. "Don’t worry about Muyang. I’m fine."
Xiao Yifan took Han Xiaojing and wanted to continue walking out, but suddenly she called "Uncle Xiao".
Xiao Yifan stopped when he walked out. He turned to look at Yan Yan and asked doubtfully, "What happened to Yan Yan?"
Yan Yan looked at him and asked seriously, "Uncle Xiao, don’t you care about my aunt?"
Yan Yan’s voice just fell and Xiao Yifan was so surprised that she stumbled and almost didn’t fall. Oh, my God, this is a child over two years old. Can you ask questions?
Xiao Yifan looked at Yan Yan’s face and his heart was touched by Yan Yan’s words at the same time. Yan Yan’s words reminded him of the dribs and drabs with Anyue some time ago. He kept saying that he wanted to manage Anyue. Maybe he said it so many times that even a child over two years old could remember his words. What about Anyue? Does she always remember that he said to take care of her? So how would she feel when she saw him pulling Han Xiaojing out?
Xiao Yifan suddenly felt a little stiff at the thought of this. He wanted to loosen Han Xiaojing’s hand, but he was worried that it was hard to get closer to Han Xiaojing and get farther away again.
Yan Yan’s words touched not only Xiao Yifan, but also An Fengnian, who sat aside and never spoke. He has always been optimistic about Xiao Yifan and An Yue. But now Xiao Yifan’s move is to put his baby granddaughter in a position?
The atmosphere at the scene was once again created by the embarrassing situation caused by Yan Yan’s words. At the moment, the protagonist hugged Anchen’s neck and said, "Daddy, let’s go. If we don’t leave, the snow will melt."
Anchen looked at her baby daughter and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. This child’s world is simple. She can say whatever she wants, and she doesn’t have to worry about adults’ thoughts. It’s even more unnecessary to consider whether adults will be embarrassed because they haven’t embarrassed in their simple world.
He couldn’t help kissing his daughter’s delicate little face and then hugging her to spoil her. "Good daddy, I’ll take you out to play."
Anchen held Yan Yan and left, holding Han Xiaojing’s hand, Xiao Yifan and a group of people with different minds.
Han Xiaojing looked up at Xiao Yifan and asked timidly, "Brother Fan, are you still going with me?"
Xiao Yifan paused and then nodded. "Of course, how could my brother break his word when he said he would take you?"
Xiao Yifan said, pulling Han Xiaojing and continuing to walk to the door. In the courtyard, Anchen has made a snowman with her baby daughter. The whistling north wind can’t cover up Yan Yan’s crisp smile. Children’s laughter is so worried.
品茶论坛Han Xiaojing, dragged by Xiao Yifan, looked at the little figure in the courtyard and flashed a complicated look in his eyes.
The next day, Xiao Yifan often takes Han Xiaojing out to play, and gradually Han Xiaojing no longer pesters Anchen, and Xiao Yifan gradually becomes close to him.
I don’t need Han’s mother to sleep with me at night. Gradually, she began to be willing to talk. Occasionally, when she met happy things, she would laugh, and her timid eyes gradually became clear.
Han’s family were very pleased to see Han Xiaojing’s transformation. Before they knew it, Han Muyang saw that his sister’s personality seemed to be getting better in the past month and thought of taking her home.

Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes sank and I don’t know what he thought. Suddenly he grabbed my hand.

I have a slight pain.
Looking down at me and shaking hands with him, my sadness slowly spread.
But I can’t reveal my vulnerability to him.
I avoid his line of sight light way "you are a gentleman … now that you know the truth … just leave me alone, ok? If you are a man, will you leave me alone if you still feel a little guilty about me? "
This is not anger or retreat.
My purpose is to get him to let me go.
Actually, I’m exhausted from saying these words.
Besides physical fatigue, there is also psychology.
My whole heart seems to have been ripped out, which makes me feel uncomfortable to the extreme.
Chapter 295 Liu Dage Do you believe you or her?
Ye Xiangyuan tightly sipped his mouth and looked obscure.
He looked at me for a while and suddenly reached out and touched my face. "What will you think of me if I don’t let you go?"
I opened my mouth
Before I could speak, he had evoked judo in his mouth. "Even if you think of me as a heinous villain, I won’t let you go …"
His tone is as gentle as dripping water, but his attitude is so tough.
I don’t know why he won’t let me go at this time.
桑拿会所This is not what I expected.
A lot of thoughts flashed through my mind. What’s wrong? What did I tell him about Gu Changyu? Instead of being angry, he didn’t panic at all, but he was as calm as before?
And Gu Changyu, since she sent me the video, she definitely hoped to spread it through my hands.
But why does she keep denying it now that she’s not making trouble?
I can’t believe that she is so simple in slandering me.
Doesn’t she want Ye Xiangyuan to be together?
I can’t help seeing her.
At this time, she is pulling Lu Xun’s sleeve to explain delicately, "Asun, I don’t know what the video is about, but that micro signal is really not me …"
Now she has changed a set of rhetoric and casually sprinkled jiao as a koo.
I really admire her for acting like this.
She frowned together with a touch of sadness. "You know I know I won’t do these things, don’t you?"
This time, she didn’t blame me or accuse me of slandering her, but she kept saying that she was a koo.
Section 271
I suddenly react.
Maybe it’s not that she doesn’t want to be with Ye Xiangyuan because she has a Lu Xun to look after …
I see
Lu Xun is her husband. Of course she has to be coaxed. Otherwise, what if Lu Xun accuses her of cheating?
She Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun have always been comfortable. This time, she estimated that she didn’t want Lu Xun to hate her before she restrained her feelings for Ye Xiangyuan.
I’m afraid Ye Xiangyuan agrees. He may also want to be with Gu Changyu, but because Lu Xun has always denied it …
Now that I have guessed their psychology, I think I already know where to start.
I looked up at Lu Xun and said, "Brother Lu, do you believe Miss Gu?"
Lu Xun smell speech looked at me and looked as calm as ever.
I deliberately said with a cold face, "Look, this is your wife. You believe that she loves her, but she is playing tricks in front of you … She wants to pass the buck after doing such a thing … Can you still bear it?"
Lu Xun’s serious face all the year round still has no expression.
I thought about it before, and he was so calm and calm when he saw the video.
This makes me feel very strange.
I’m beginning to wonder if he really means Gu Changyu.
If he loves her and sees the video, shouldn’t he be crazy with jealousy, angry and sad?
About … He also scruples and Ye Xiangyuan brotherhood?
It is not impossible that they all loved Gu Changyu, but they could calmly let Gu Changyu make his own choice. Later, Gu Changyu married Lu Xun, and they were still the best brothers.
This is not easy to handle.
Both of them are so attached to each other, and I never provoke them.
I gritted my teeth and turned to Gu Changning. "And you. Have you always known your sister’s face?"
Gu Changning is obviously impatient narrow eyes a narrow "hu said" paused and he stared at me again, "what’s wrong with your face? Why don’t you tell me what she looks like? "