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As soon as his voice fell, the atmosphere in the Anfield stands soared and cheers came and went.

Then the slogan in the players’ tunnel is here is Anfield!
It is not only Liverpool’s domineering declaration at home, but also intimidating opponents.
Qin Xiong seemed to resonate after saying this sentence.
But this is Anfield. It’s supposed to be Anfield!
But almost 20 years have passed, and Liverpool has been away from the throne for too long.
There have been great Shankly Paisley, countless great star coaches and the Red Army that made Europe tremble! There are even more fans who let the world admire from the heart!
I am honored to join the Red Army!
I will fight Liverpool for glory and make every effort.
From today on, I am a member of the Red Army. I will fight side by side and will not back down in the face of difficulties.
Tell myself, tell yourselves, just one sentence.
You will never walk alone!
After Qin Xiong said the last sentence, all the Red Army fans in the Anfield stands stood up and applauded.
Qin Xiong successfully mobilized the atmosphere at the scene, and at the same time, the fans were so excited that they couldn’t wait for the new season early!
Qin Xiong handed the microphone to Wilcott, then showed his skills in the stadium. Finally, he kicked the football into the stands and walked to the sidelines, where some fans signed it.
His joining ceremony became the football festival of Liverpool that day, and the Red Army fans proudly told all their friends about this day.
Qin Xiong joined the Red Army! to be continued
[The first volume of sword unsheathed has become an exclusive interview after Feng 11 joined]
品茶论坛After completing the joining ceremony at Anfield, Qin Xiong came to the interview room wearing a Liverpool jersey. There are the red army emblem and flag, and some trophy backgrounds. Here Qin Xiong will be interviewed by two media.
The first person he sat opposite was Times sports reporter Matthew Hughes.
After shaking hands, the two men reached out to each other and motioned for each other to sit in the interview. The atmosphere was relaxed. Matthew Hughes crossed his legs and held his notes on his thigh with a pen in his right hand to record the interview points at any time.
Qin Xiong is a carefree person sitting in a single sand.
Matthew Hughes asked easily, How are you feeling about joining Liverpool?
Qin Xiong laughed. Excitement is like the emperor gave me another window, a new environment and a new goal. It’s like starting all over again, but it’s not like it. After all, I’m not Qin Xiong six or seven years ago. On the whole, I feel that I’ve never been so looking forward to the arrival of the day.
Can you talk about your departure from Real Madrid? Despite Barcelona’s preseason success, Real Madrid News stole the limelight in the transfer market one month later. Are you excited that Ronaldo Kaka didn’t join? Even ordinary fans will think it is a novelty to imagine that the three of you will fight side by side.
Faced with this problem, Qin Xiong shrugged and said, Maybe it’s someone else’s business, just like I appreciate the saying of Liverpool King Dalglish that you are strange in others’ eyes, and that’s all. You think what you are is the key. Most people saw florentino TV and saw Ronaldo Kaka join us, but they ignored Bosco Rosselli.
oh? Are Luo and Sid sure they will leave Real Madrid?
Although the news hasn’t been announced yet, I’m sure they’re already in contact and they’re expected to announce the transfer soon.
So you decided to leave because your favorite teammate coach was kicked out of the club?
After thinking for a moment, Qin Xiong said, It’s complicated. I don’t think Bosco did anything wrong. He shouldn’t bear the main responsibility for Real Madrid’s failure last season. He has been doing well and I must say that Real Madrid has brought three Champions League titles! This is a brilliant achievement that many clubs can’t achieve in half a century. I, Roth, played a very good game record together last season. We have a good tacit cooperation, but the club directly abandoned them after the new management came to power. There are club reasons, players have player feelings and ideas. I can say that I don’t agree. Even if the club introduced Ronaldo and Kaka, I still don’t think it will make Real Madrid better than in 2000.
Matthew Hughes was lost in thought instead.
He has interviewed many stars, and the stars are always more inclined to the general public’s views on such problems.
However, Qin Xiong was able to express his views publicly after choosing silence from Real Madrid.
This made Matthew Hughes further understand that Qin Xiong is a superstar with personality.
You florentino have contradictions? Before your transfer, the Madrid media revealed that you and his two meetings ended in discord.
Qin Xiong shook his head and said, We don’t have personal conflicts, but business is business. It is normal that we have differences in the renewal negotiations.
Isn’t Real Madrid’s offer generous enough?
I can say that I don’t see that Real Madrid is sincere enough. Many times, the money is not big, but the way the club treats players. Players need to be fully respected.
In the face of an interview, Qin Xiong naturally can’t say that the biggest obstacle to renewing the contract with Real Madrid is the portrait distribution to find an excuse to change the topic.
Matthew Hughes then asked, You have many choices to make a decision from Real Madrid. Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Manchester City have all made enough offers. Why did you refuse them?
Qin Xiong patiently said, When I choose a new club, I will consider it comprehensively, not just the situation of the club. I am not interested in the Bundesliga. Maybe I can succeed in Bayern Munich, but the success will be limited. The Italian stadium is full of challenges, but in recent years, the competitiveness of Serie A has also declined. Besides, Inter Milan has been very successful in Italy. I think it is not more challenging than Chelsea to go to Serie A. It is difficult to reject Chelsea, but I still think Chelsea is not suitable for me. Maybe it is Manchester City in terms of technical and tactical style? If I say that I want to join Manchester City, the world will think that I am crazy. Imagine how difficult it would be without Champions League Day.
Ha, ha, ha. A star of your level needs the Champions League stage and the Champions League needs you. So why did you choose Liverpool?
In fact, it is impossible for Qin Xiong to give a compelling reason, but he skillfully answered the question by rhetorical question.
What can’t be Liverpool? Liverpool has the potential to hit the championship and has long been a strong player in England, especially the Red Army, which is a passionate team and can always bring exciting games to the fans. I think that madness is what I want to pursue.
Matthew Hughes can’t fool him with a teasing look. Isn’t it because Liverpool have a China boss?
Qin Xiong laughed and said, If I say it’s not that long, it’s hypocritical. I have to say that three years in Real Madrid have taught me a lot. These experiences tell me that even the most successful club will be devastated if the management makes mistakes. When I am sure that the new management of Liverpool is to revive Liverpool and adhere to the concept of longterm stable exhibition club to run the club, it will give me full confidence in joining Liverpool. That’s why I came to Anfieldare you satisfied?
Matthew Hughes laughed and nodded. It’s not just that I’m satisfied to hear you say that. I’m sure many Liverpool fans will be very satisfied. They’re fed up with deception and chaos.
to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become the meaning of joining Liverpool before it is drawn]
On the day of the debut ceremony, Qin Xiong enjoyed dinner in the restaurant outside Anfield Stadium.
He had dinner with Tony Barrett, the ace reporter of the newspaper
Tony Barrett put the recorder on the dining table, and he interviewed while dinner was going on.
There will be many Liverpool fans here. They will take the initiative to come to Qin Xiong to say hello and politely ask if they can get Qin Xiong’s signature and take a photo with him.
Qin Xiong always politely promised the fans that after signing the photo, the fans would be enthusiastic and excited to cheer him up, hoping that he could achieve good results in Liverpool in the new season.
The owner of the restaurant promptly told other fans not to disturb Qin Xiong’s meal after Qin Xiong met the 20th fan.
If you go to the restaurant endlessly, it doesn’t matter whether it is open or not. After all, this is an advertisement that the boss naturally likes, but it will make Qin Xiong afraid of this restaurant, so I’m afraid he won’t visit it once.
Tony Barrett has been observing Qin Xiong. He saw that Qin Xiong is approachable and exudes a soft superstar atmosphere.
Tony Barrett interviewed halfway through dinner.
Liverpool’s largest local media can be called Liverpool Everton official team newspaper, and Qin Xiong is not interested in leaving Real Madrid and rejecting other giants.
What matters more is Qin Xiong’s exhibition after joining Liverpool.
Tony Barrett didn’t make the interview very formal. It was more like two friends chatting.
Historically speaking, Liverpool is still the most successful club in England, but in the last two decades, they have been struggling to get close to Manchester United.
It is not surprising that Manchester United fans are full of sarcasm and ridicule, while Liverpool fans are trapped in confusion and hatred.
Moreover, in the league, the contradiction between teams always intensifies when the two strong teams meet.

The players of the two teams walked into the stadium with their heads held high.

Welcome to Anfield Stadium. It’s another exciting English derby. Premier League standings leader Liverpool will face the Red Devils Manchester United challenge at home.
Martin Taylor, Andy Gray, you are live to explain the top battle in the Premier League.
Liverpool lead Manchester United by as much as 12 points, which is considered by Ferguson to be a completely reversible gap
Andy, what do you think?
I don’t think it’s important to talk about whether it can be reversed at this time because Liverpool’s advantage is too great and Liverpool’s condition is great. I want to say that Ferguson is shaping and cultivating the spirit of the Red Devils even in the most difficult situation!
He cares more about telling all the players not to give up, even if everyone gives up, Manchester United can’t give up!
It’s not impossible to chase 12 points in ten rounds, but the hope is slim. If you fall behind by 6 points, the variables will be great, but 12 points?
Liverpool made a big mistake. They haven’t been sliding for more than a month so far this season. They have been in bad shape and have been troubled by injuries, but the team has overcome these difficulties well. If they hadn’t experienced setbacks, they might be devastated once they were hit, but they have full consciousness and experience to deal with the difficulties we can think of.
Even if the Champions League is accidentally eliminated, I don’t think it will shake Liverpool’s defending advantage in the Premier League. On the contrary, the Champions League is more variable.
Speaking of the Champions League, Manchester United and Liverpool will both welcome the Champions League quarterfinal in four days. Will the two teams choose to be conservative in the game because of the Champions League?
I think Liverpool may have a huge advantage in their league. Now it is time for two lines to go hand in hand. In the selective situation, we can focus on laying a good front. Liverpool can make a choice. On the contrary, Manchester United don’t look at their opponents in the last 16 of the Champions League, but in the first leg, Manchester United scored in Marseille: a good result but not enough for Manchester United to take it lightly at home with enough advantages.
On the other hand, although Liverpool’s opponent is a famous Milan, the total score of Liverpool is now 2: 0 ahead of A Milan, and the probability of Liverpool’s promotion is very high.
In the league, if Manchester United wants to catch up with Liverpool, of course, they will take the initiative in the game. This is also the disadvantage of Manchester United because Liverpool’s attack is terrible!
Well, on the offensive side, Liverpool scored an average of three goals per game in the season. Among them, Qin Xiong, the main scorer of the team, has won three league goals. There are still ten rounds in the league. Is he expected to defend the European Golden Boot again?
It depends on the later development. In Real Madrid, Ronaldo scored a lot of goals in the season. It is still too early to say who will be the winner of the European Golden Boot, but there should be no suspense in the Premier League Golden Boot. Qin Xiong has almost locked in this honor. He has scored a goal from other strikers.
Let’s combine today’s two teams to predict a game.
Liverpool 433
Goalkeeper Reina
Defender Johnson Skrtel Agbains
Midfielder Mascherano meireles Gerrard
Striker Kuyt Suarez Qin Xiong
Liverpool started meireles in midfield because Alonso has not recovered from injury, which may have an impact on the game. meireles’s strength is still outstanding, but he can’t play in Liverpool. Now it has been reported that he will leave in the summer.
Manchester United 442
Goalkeeper van der Sar
Defender O ‘Shea Smalin Brown Evra
Midfielder Nani Carrick Scholes Giggs
Striker Berbatov Rooney
Vidic Dinande both played due to injury. Evans was placed on the bench. Manchester United’s most stable defense line in the past seems to have come to an end. Now it is scary that veteran Scholes Giggs is still playing the heat in Manchester United. It seems that many problems should be solved through transfer signings.
This is also where the Red Devils fans are dissatisfied with the Glazer family. Selling Ronaldo’s income is not used to replenish the club, but to pay off debts. Manchester United can’t live frugally, but Ferguson has done a good job, but it seems that it is a bit difficult for Manchester United to compete for the championship! to be continued
桑拿会所[The first volume of the sword has become a fragile defense line of the Red Devils before it is drawn]
read; Anfield is full of noise
Red Army fans made a deafening cheer in the stands!
Even though Liverpool have a great advantage over Manchester United, they will be very excited when they meet Manchester United Red Army fans, which is more exciting than in the past, because they have never been so arrogant to face Manchester United for a long time.
Full of pride and selfconfidence is an arrogance that may be seen and interpreted!
Maybe that’s true. Red Army fans want to put on an arrogant attitude in front of Manchester United now!
The throne of England belongs to Liverpool, the Red Army, not the Red Devils Manchester United!
Today, Coman Ferguson was on the sidelines to supervise Liverpool. Because of a league loss and a Champions League quarterfinal, the second leg against A Milan Coman naturally could not accept the result of losing this game.
Losing to a sworn enemy is very demoralizing, plus there has been a defeat before, and once Manchester United shortens the gap to 9 points, the overwhelming news may be unfavorable to Liverpool.
Because the media needs suspense, it is enter the dragon, not a monopoly, that needs the Premier League to win the championship.
If things develop like that, it will naturally be bad for Liverpool’s future. Having already played the league foundation, it will also distract the team and naturally have psychological pressure.
Liverpool can’t lose any game.
A draw is acceptable.
Considering that Manchester United are striving for a turnaround, Liverpool’s battle plan today is to stall Manchester United and compete with their opponents for patience.

Huangfuda’s silence is that BMW has no conflict with his touch, and it is clever to know that this owner is him at first glance.

Huangfuyun looked at this scene very depressed. "I’m still thinking about which horse you took a fancy to, and then I want to occupy myself and follow the trend. Now it seems that I can’t do it."
Huangfuda corners of the mouth slightly moved without saying anything.
It wasn’t long before the steward said that the auspicious time had arrived, but Chu Chengxuan, Huang Fu Li, Huang Fu Yun and a group of aristocratic brothers, Qi Qi Ma, and dozens of BMWs opened a spectacular road, which made people boil all the way.
It’s early to arrive at the General’s House. At this moment, there are some ladies in the General’s House outside, and it’s hard for them to make an announcement.
In the boudoir, Gu Chenxi is ready to cover her head.
"Miss uncle has come early, and silver is scattered outside the house." The little girl beamed at the tunnel.
Gu Chenxi smiled shyly. Xiafei Cheeks’s daughter’s home was full of shyness and Chun Qing showed it.
品茶论坛Finally, Ji arrived at a family, carrying Gu Chenxi out of Chenxi Pavilion, and everyone surrounded him and came to the front yard.
Chu Chengxuan had lost his mind when he saw that figure, and everyone around him was well-advised to spread out. He didn’t wait for the first few steps to meet Gu Chenxi and carried him to the sedan chair, causing a laugh.
"Do you want to see the horse just arrived last night?" Huangfuda walked beside Shuiyunjin Judo.
Shuiyunjin nodded with a smile. It is said that it is a very precious BMW, and it was brought back to Chu Palace by Chu Chengxuan last night. She really hasn’t seen it yet.
Huangfuda walked out of the crowd gate with Shuiyunjin hand. The horse was very eye-catching. It was purplish red and beautiful. Shuiyunjin suddenly opened her eyes. Is this a bloody BMW?
"It’s too ostentatious for you to ride it." Shuiyun Park marveled at the tunnel.
"It’s the most suitable day to ride, but I’ll take you to try." Huangfu Wendi smiled and said, he picked up Shuiyun Hibiscus and let her go to turn her horse.
The wedding procession went around the capital for two times before returning to the general office.
Although some people are surprised that they are not going back to Chu Wangfu, no one has said that the two roots of Chu Wangfu are unwilling to marry, and Chu Chengxuan has to marry Gu Chenxi. All these years, it is reasonable to see what he can do today, and there must be an emperor’s permission behind all this, otherwise there will be trouble.
Back to the general’s office, the emperor has come to his side. There are Huangfuheng and all the emperors, even Ling Xiaoyao, Jiang Yu, Jiang Qiuwu and others have come.
"How did Yunxi go with the wedding procession?" Asked the emperor, smiling at Shuiyunxi.
"I just want to try walking in front of the sedan chair. What’s it like?" Shuiyun Park replied with a smile.
"Then you can try out what it feels like." The emperor was interested at the moment.
Shuiyunjin thought for a moment and replied, "A good view of the scenery is much more practical than sitting in a sedan chair."
Huangfuda corners of her mouth suddenly raised his woman to be really different.
Everyone laughed. I really didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to say this. When a woman gets married, she always sits in a sedan chair with her head covered, let alone looks at people. Before the groom uncovers the veil, she can’t uncover it herself. From beginning to end, Mother Xi helped her, but she couldn’t see anything. She really didn’t walk in front of the sedan chair, and the scenery was good and the line of sight was the best.
Huang Lang laughed happily. "This girl dares to say anything."
They followed echoed with laughter.
At this time, General Gu invited the Emperor and all the people to enter the feasible worship ceremony.
At a time when Chu Wangfu, such as Princess Jin and Prince Chu, are still sitting in the hall, the whole courtyard is sad, which is like a wedding ceremony. There are many people who are less attached to the house. Those aunts who are left and right are all a little anxious, but they are looking at each other more and more cold, and they dare not say anything.
"Princess Wang, something is wrong." Just at this moment, there was a sudden panic outside the door.
For example, Princess Jin’s face sank and others came to the hall. When she came to the hall, she angrily drank "slapping her face on the big day."
"A slave knows his mistakes. A slave knows his mistakes. A slave is scared." People hurriedly kneel and tremble with fear.
"What’s the matter?" asked Prince Chu.
"The world has received the princess wedding procession, turned twice in the capital and went back to the general office. The emperor also went to the general office. At this moment, all the guests should be about to meet the bride." The man was afraid that his body was trembling slightly, and the wedding turned out to be the general office. How can these two stand it?
Sure enough, two people suddenly got up and thought about waiting for Gu Chenxi to come to Mawei, and suddenly forgot to go outside the cloud nine. This is simply to ask them to command Chu Wang Ye to lift their feet and walk out of the hall, such as Princess Jin to leave a group of aunts to hide their lips and smile.
Prince Chu and Princess Rujin were blocked outside the gate of the General’s Office.
"The general has long said that if the two come in for a wedding banquet, then our general office will welcome us. If we come to make trouble, then we will never have any scruples because of the two identities. The emperor will make it too ugly in it, which is not good for anyone." The steward looked at the two slightly lightly
At this time, Prince Chu and Princess Rujin dare not make a fire, otherwise they won’t even see their own wedding today.
When they went in, the etiquette officer was shouting, "Worship the heavens and the earth". On both sides of the table wrapped in red silk, the emperor and General Gu were laughing and talking happily. This scene really blinded their eyes, but they should sit in the corner and watch. If I had known today, they would never let things develop to this point. After that, they would still be like seeing people.
With a ceremony into the bridal chamber, the whole scene is even more jubilant.
And Chu Wang Ye and Ru Jin Princess left in a hurry before they found them.
Then the wedding banquet was even more lively, and one person left until the bridal chamber was noisy.
Chu Chengxuan’s popularity has always been excellent, and it’s Chu Wangfu’s world. Today, it’s marriage and happiness. Naturally, everyone will not let people go easily. This is different. Everyone is clamoring for a bridal chamber.
ChuChengXuan naturally don’t want to be such a group of drunkards into his bridal chamber, which makes Gu Chenxi even more ashamed. He became drunk and let people around him lead them to drink again, while he himself took the opportunity to sneak back to his room.
But he’s still missing two people, and is he really that gullible?
After sitting for a long time, Shuiyunjin and Huangfuda got up and walked around. When they heard the movement of Chenxi Pavilion, they looked at each other and walked past with a smile.
Ling Xiaoyao, Jiang Yu, Qi and Jiang Qiuwu all came to Chenxi Pavilion.
Just look at dozens of well-dressed boys and girls crowded outside the happy room. They want to laugh with smiles on their faces, but they dare not send them out. They are scrambling to look in. It’s more than that. Just look at the roof. Huangfu Yun and Li Chen have uncovered some cracks in the tiles and climbed over the roof. I don’t know what they saw, but they laughed their mouths to their ears.
Shuiyunjin looked at this scene and her mouth was severely smoked. Fortunately, she didn’t meet the two peeping tom Yunge waterside pavilions when she married Huangfudan, and no one wanted to enter. But it seemed that Huangfudan appeared on the night of their marriage and left. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Huangfudan. "Is this really good?"
Huang Fu-da smiled softly when she knew the idea of Shuiyunjin. "There’s nothing wrong with Chu Chengxuan finally getting his wish, which is bound to be unforgettable."
Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth, and it’s unforgettable, and it’s not the scene now, is it
"Let’s also go to join in the fun, such as" Jiang Yu qi also looked very interested.
Shuiyunjin glanced at him and then at Lingxiaoyao and others, although they didn’t say anything, all of them were smiling and seemed very interested. She said, "ChuChengxuan is very bitter."
Jiang Yu qi low smile "so many people are thinking about the traditional Chu Chengxuan can bridal chamber tonight?"

Liu Boyan suddenly stopped posing as a smelly fart, but instead said to me, When someone comes over, she wants to see you.

Liu Baiyan deliberately sold me one and then went in with Xu Mo. It wasn’t long before Nanmu came with Jiang Ke and the children after they left.
As soon as they left, the bearer was not too much difference. I saw an Audi that I had never seen before. I watched the car door open in front of me and Yang Xun followed Yuan You.
Yuan You is wearing a black suit, and her face is scarred with sunshine. Yang Xun’s purple dress and white high heels set off her fairy temperament.
Happy wedding, Brother Lei Haoge
喝茶约茶  title=Happy wedding
The two of them came to me with joy, and I pointed to the door that wasn’t there and said, You didn’t.
Yang Xun smiled and looked behind and said, Someone hasn’t come out yet.
I wonder who is sitting inside. Is it Yan Jiaxin? No, it’s not. When this figure appeared in front of me, my face showed a happy smile.
Aunt Mei hesitated and came to me. Her hair was permed and seemed a little darker than before.
I shouted at her, Aunt Mei, you’re here.
Meiyi nodded at me and said sorry, Please forgive me for coming uninvited.
What can I say, Mei Yi? I’m glad you can come. Will you come? I immediately received Mei Yi and wanted her to walk in freely.
Meiyi seems to have some don’t LeiHao you really don’t blame aunt that attitude to you?
I shook my head and answered, What adults don’t worry about their own seniors? After all, it’s my fault that I failed Mei Yi first. It’s up to me to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry Mei Yi.
What are you talking about? How can you say this bad luck on this big day?
I smiled and looked at Mei Yi. Mei Yi, come in. You’re caught inside. Go in and be a person.
Well, I won’t say anything, and then I’ll catch up. Come to Meiyi here and cook a good meal for you.
Thank you, Mei Yi. You must be right then. Mei Yi Yan Jia Xin, hasn’t she come yet?
Meiyi gave me a look, then looked at Kaori and asked, Xin Er hasn’t come yet? I remember she should have left early.
There may be something delayed. It will definitely come. I spoke to her yesterday. Yang Xun went back and went in with Meiyi.
After they went in, Xiao followed Lin Chengwen. This time, Lin Chengwen came with Lin Xuan and Li Yanlinxuan. Many of them also recognized who I am. Congratulations on saying Happy Wedding to me.
And now, after all these people have arrived, only she hasn’t come yet.
I believe she will come because she won’t lie.
I kept my eyes on the street outside waiting for Yan Jiaxin’s Mercedes-Benz S.
While I was waiting for her for a long time, my mobile phone suddenly rang, and I quickly took it out to see that it was Yan Jiaxin but it was Xiao Li’s words.
I put through to Xiao Li and asked, Why haven’t you come to Xiao Li yet?
Xiao Li, full of anxiety, said to me, Director Lei had an accident, and General Yan took her away.
What’s the situation, Xiao Li? Tell me what’s the situation. I immediately asked with a change of face.
Xiao Li definitely said to me, Manager Yan hurried out after receiving a message this afternoon. Who knows that someone called me later and asked you to find him alone. If you go slowly, Manager Yan will.
Just what? My mood is no longer stable.
Manager Yan will be thrown directly into the moat.
My face changed greatly. At this time, I forced my head to calm down and asked, What do you know about this?
Xiao Li suddenly became silent. I shouted at her, Say it.
Because I am the person around General Manager Yan, I entered Nansheng from the beginning and then went to the director’s side, which was arranged by General Manager Yan.
Xiao Li said so, I suddenly felt as if I were caught in a game, and I was monitored by Yan Jia Xin all along. I didn’t think Xiao Li would be involved with Yan Jiaxin.
Director Lei, do you listen? Director Lei
I hung up and tried not to send out my anger. I looked up and saw Sebrina smiling. In front of me, she wore a pure white wedding dress and diamonds, and the sun shone differently.
She smiled at me. What’s the matter? Why don’t you go in here?
I nodded at her and made a very cruel choice in my mind. I’m not sure whether Xiao Li said it was true or not. If it is true, then Yan Jia Xin is really in that situation. Do I really want to abandon her because of this so-called wedding?
And Sebrina in front of me is like the most beautiful rose. She waited for more than two years and became the woman who accompanied me to the end and accompanied me to see the most beautiful scenery in the world. Do I really have to make a choice because of that uncertain thing?
I instantly feel that God is playing a joke on me, a joke that is not sure whether it is true or not. I really hope this is a lie from Xiao Li, and Yan Jia Xin can come to my wedding wearing the most beautiful clothes in front of me safely.
But I haven’t seen her figure until now.
Sebrina came to me, took my hand and tried to take me in. I felt her joy at the moment, and she seemed to have seen the most beautiful scene in her eyes. I accompanied her through all the wedding ceremonies, and we exchanged rings and kissed in front of everyone to get the blessing.
I dare not imagine again.
This cruel joke
Chapter ninety Rescue
Xiao Li sent me the phone number and the information department he sent just now. I asked this Xiao Li very command.
Xiao Li never hesitated with me again. After a while, he sent me all the news and numbers.
I looked at this message, Yan Jiaxin was kidnapped, and this calling number is the phone number that I noted.
I took out my mobile phone and dialed Yan Jiaxin’s number. As soon as I got through, there was a hoarse voice. This is not Yan Jia Xin Yin.
Director Lei, you finally called me, and I also told you that you are now safely attending your wedding. It seems that you still can’t let go of this former lover, so I will applaud you for this, and I will give up my long-prepared wedding and reply to me.
This man really clapped my hands for me, and I immediately became angry at him. Don’t tell me where the people who do these unnecessary things are.
I can’t tell you who knows if you called the police.
I took a deep breath and answered, What do you want?
What do I want? I don’t want to. I originally wanted to invite Director Lei to treat you to a cup of hot tea. Who knows that it was always down Yan, who was a little grumpy but had a good figure.
Don’t mess around. If you dare to mess around, I will spare you. Do you hear me? I shouted at the words.
I can’t spare you, Director Lei. You can’t do anything now. Can you still do anything to me? I tell you, now I have my hands. You should listen to me. If you dare not listen to me, you will still have a good piece of meat.
I slowly put away my temper and whispered, What do you want?
I want you to do technology in the projects you are planning now.
Draft of New Medical Technology
Yes, that’s the director ray. Don’t you want to give it to him?
I frowned and asked, Why do you want this thing?
I have nothing to do with you. Anyway, I’m going to see something today. If I can’t see anything, I will definitely go to the moat to collect the body as I said.

Shuiyunjin thought of Huangfuda’s last sentence, which meant a strong tide of affection, and immediately shattered her three souls and seven souls.

The room is as cool as spring, and the floating woman sings in a low voice, begging for mercy as fine as mosquitoes and flies.
It’s another bright day outside. Before Shuiyunjin fell asleep, she gritted her teeth and vowed to kill Huangfuda, which made her even more depressed. When she confessed the Duke of Zhou, he even came to a sentence, "Why didn’t you say so earlier, but not even him? Even you can have me in your dream."
Shuiyunjin completely lost her strength when she heard this sentence, and she would rather faint.
Shuiyunjin didn’t give Huangfuda a good look when she woke up after sleeping for two whole days, but Huangfuda was quite happy that she retired him and entered her. He waved his hand to her and handed himself over.
Banquet in the palace of Qiqiao Festival
Huangfuda got up early in the morning and wore Shuiyunjin. Even the heart-shaped sachet was waist-high. Shuiyunjin looked at his eyebrow eye flying in front of the dressing mirror and grumpily turned his eyes. Look at him.
"Come and dress and freshen up for me." For a long time, Shuiyun Park really felt that she couldn’t see it. If he laughed again, her eyes would almost go blind.
Huangfuda raised an eyebrow and looked at Shuiyunjin. She smiled and lifted her feet and slowly walked to the bed.
"Out of this house, give me your smile. Just don’t hook people’s souls." Shui Yunxi thought about how much trouble a man has caused her when he entered the palace today and this face will be coveted.
"Listen to you" Huangfuda is obviously in a very good mood.
Shuiyunjin hummed Huangfuda very well, and waited to wash and dress properly.
When they were having breakfast, they saw Chu Chengxuan rushing in and running, and their faces went straight to Huangfuda’s side with eagerness and joy. "You said that Gu Chenxi would go out of the house today and attend the begging feast."
Shuiyunjin thought ChuChengXuan didn’t have the ambition so quickly. It turned out to be this man and Xu ChuChengxuan.
"I said I’d put your heart back in your stomach," Huangfuda said without looking up, blowing porridge at Shuiyunjin.
"Then I’ll go and prepare now. Today really is a good day." ChuChengXuan suddenly sat up with elegance, face and spring breeze. I don’t know where it has gone.
"Black-hearted" Shuiyunjin spat at Huangfu Li. She looked at ChuChengxuan ecstatic and thought that Huangfu Li really squeezed ChuChengxuan to death. How did this person do it?
"dirty" is also your home. "huangfuda raised an eyebrow and smiled thick.
Shuiyunjin’s heart stagnated, and she wanted to laugh and ridicule, and her dissatisfaction vanished. Her house seemed to sound good.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin’s smiling face and corners of his mouth.
Too early to eat Chu Chengxuan has disappeared. As soon as the couple walked out of the palace, they saw Li Chen coming back from the outside. "I also want to enter the palace." Shuiyun Park looked at Li Chen for several days and didn’t see her eyebrows. She knew his identity. Now she heard him say that she would enter the palace. Her heart quickly crossed something but she didn’t speak.
Leave a message. Leave a message.
There will be more and more messages:
Chapter 76 A pot of stew
A moment later, Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow and looked at Huangfudi. When Huangfudi nodded, she nodded silently.
From Chen smiled and jumped into the carriage, Jiqing sat together and waited for the couple to take the carriage and drive in the direction of the palace.
Today, the palace can be described as a grand occasion. The front door of the palace is bustling with people. At first glance, it is bright and dazzling. The flowers are blooming and the pearls are full of sunshine. The shy and charming faces are like flowers, and they have long-term expectations. The little daughter’s family is beautiful and beautiful.
Looking at this exquisite scene, Shuiyunjin felt a little bit touched in her heart. In ancient times, women in boudoir seldom went out to get married. It was also a matchmaker’s word that their parents’ lives could be dressed up like today. Today, they can beg for a happy marriage, and their hearts can be secretly promised. It is a very important day for these boys and girls to arrange a begging feast in the palace.
"Today will be very lively." Shuiyun rose to the carriage and smiled with a beautiful little face.
"Looking at it is" Huangfuda’s long arm encircles Shuiyunjin and her waist is light.
Shuiyunjin suddenly turned back and smiled, thinking about what else he didn’t know about this man.
The husband and wife crossed the stream of people and waited in front of the imperial palace.
"Such a chance encounter with the princess of the county" suddenly attracted everyone’s attention as soon as it overshadowed the boiling sound system.
After reading the sound, Shuiyun Park saw that Jiang Yu Qi and Jiang Qiuwu had arrived near, and Jiang Yu Qi blinked at himself, meaning that he was a koo.
Look at Jiang Qiuwu’s delicate little face with a charming smile and a smiling eyebrow eye. She is charming, feminine and touching. Her gait is light and graceful. She is wearing a rose powder and mopping the floor. The smoke cage is full of flowers. The friedensreich hundertwasser skirt is covered with a layer of tulle, showing a beautiful neck and clearly visible clavicle skirt. A layer of thin silk gauze is moving around like a clear fog cage. This woman knows where her strengths are. Looking at the front of the palace, everyone’s eyes are condensed. Her face is more dazzling and smiling.
"The fragrant sachet of the king of the county is unique, as if I have never seen the craftsmanship of the princess of the county." Jiang Yuqi broke the silence with a smile and gentle voice.
"One thing in heaven is unique" Huangfuda sounds shallow.
Jiang Qiuwu also noticed that Huangfuda was wearing a strange-looking sachet. She suddenly shook her hand in the sleeve. "I didn’t expect the princess of the county to be so outstanding. It’s really rare. After all, Miss Hou Fu came out and wanted to come to the princess of the county. The talent is not bad. It’s a great honor to have a look at the charm of the princess of the county."
"The princess made a joke. Your dancing was praised by the emperor as a talent. Our whole daughter in Yangcheng next year will be compared with you. Then please show mercy to the princess. Don’t make me cry because I am ashamed of my daughter in the city. Especially today, my talent is not worth mentioning. Anyway, I have married someone and left the limelight to these beautiful people."
Shuiyunjin’s shallow smile is a little louder than Jiangqiuwu’s. You can hear Shuiyunjin’s voice outside the palace gate, and it was a burst of laughter.
It’s very rare to come to this day who doesn’t want to make a name for himself and get praise from the emperor and more people. It happened that Princess Nanliang came to the palace for a banquet. Her dance has been held in Beijing, not to praise it. This point is to steal the limelight in Beijing. Imagine how these ladies can have a good face for her.
Jiang Qiuwu listened to the whispers from all sides and angrily looked at a tight water cloud. She used to point all the heads at herself in this four-two-one-thousand-pound way. She was clean. "The princess of the county was seriously ill, and Qiuwu asked for it, but he just looked at it again."
Shuiyunjin listened to this sentence, and her face suddenly sank. Look at Jiang Qiuwu’s watery eyes and look at Huangfuda. Suddenly, she couldn’t restrain her hand. I really want to type it out. There are very few things that can make her angry, but Jiang Qiuwu did it and it made her sick.
"I don’t know if he will take a second look, but I will definitely take a second look."
It is her good temper that Jiang Qiuwu dares to be so straightforward when she lifts her feet to leave in front of her.
Jiang Yu qi looked at Shuiyun Hibiscus and left him. His eyes turned to Jiang Qiuwu’s Gherardini. You couldn’t see the anger. "It’s not like your usual pie. Do you feel that you have scruples?"
Jiang Qiuwu sipped her mouth without saying a word.
品茶论坛At that time, Shuiyunjin had gone far and put aside the boiling of people behind him completely.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunji’s eyes deeply. He loosened Shuiyunji’s slender waist and changed his hand to hold her soft little hand. Her fingers were clasped and Shuiyunji struggled, but she couldn’t earn it. She made a determined effort to raise the two men to shake hands and bite the white jade back of Huangfuda’s hand.
Shuiyunjin’s heart is uncomfortable, and she can’t grasp the strength naturally. When she spreads out the back of Huangfuda’s hand, she will see that he has two rows of neat teeth marks on the back of jade. It is clear that she didn’t open her mouth when she looked at her eyes slightly.
"Love" Huangfuda smiled shallowly. He didn’t look at the back of his hand. His eyes were shining and he fell into the water more and more gently.
Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow and saw his one eye. There was anger in his eyes and he was unwilling to be wronged. Seeing that Huangfuda’s heart was tight, "Bite two more if you feel uncomfortable."
"It’s not uncomfortable, it’s disgusting." Shuiyunjin frowned.
"Then let’s go." Huangfuda’s slender fingers caressed Shuiyunjin’s forehead hair.
"I’m the kind of person who runs away from cold feet." Shuiyunjin bit her teeth.
Huangfuda smiled. "Then don’t be angry. This is your site unhappy. Just tie her up and throw her to Qingyue Pavilion to think about her. There should be many people."
Shuiyunjin gave him a grumpily white look, but finally smiled. "I want to strip her naked and throw her into Qingyue Pavilion."
"Good JiQing will do very well." Huangfu Da spoiled and rubbed her head with water clouds, but she didn’t know what JiQing almost fell behind her.
"I can help, too." I was a little excited about Chen Yang’s little face.
Shuiyunjin looked back and dug away from Chen. "You are positive not to learn this kind of thing at an early age."
"I don’t want you to export gas." Did he like to strip Jiang Qiuwu when he took a white look at Shuiyun Park?
Shuiyunjin smiled and said nothing.
"Forget me, I’ll play by myself," said Li Chen and ran away.
ShuiYunXi looked at his back face smile receded "JiQing followed him to send him out of the palace when necessary"
JiQing nodded as he left the processing.
"You are good to him" Huangfudi said a sentence.

"Is this all right?" Lan Jingyi ran after him, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. This man gave her so many surprises. He always grabbed her heart and filled her heart with him.

"All right, quasi-play" said Jiang Junyue, dragging his hand into his trouser pocket and watching him move. Lan Jingyi simply reached out to poke his hand and put it into his trouser pocket. It was a sure thing, but when she took it out, she found that it was a female model. "Who is Jiang Junyue?" This one is the same as him, but the color difference is thousands of miles. He is black, and this one is pink. Will it change color?
Lan Jingyi’s mind flashed like flint and then quickly opened the screen. The phone book was full of numbers that she was familiar with. Just a few people proved to be her number. It was the screen that made her special language. I have to say that Jiang Junyue still really looked good. She was not wronged at first. He just dialed Jane’s number and jumped up.
At this time, Lan Jingyi felt that she was as sorry as Jiang Junyue for cheating in this foreign country.
"Jingyi …" A gentle call Jane spoke before her.
"Are you all right without you?" She asked lightly in the past, but glared at Jiang Junyue with her eyes. On that day, he let two handsome men besiege Jane, and she was always worried about it.
"Nothing to drink coffee. Would you like a cup?" The gentle tone makes people feel especially calm.
"No, you have to leave me … I left the city recently."
"Oh, where have you been?"
"I’m with my mom. We’re fine. Don’t worry." After that, she wanted to hang up. It’s good for Jane not to be fine, so she would feel at ease. She can walk with this bad man in front of her. She really won him. She knows that he is sometimes bad to grandma’s house, but she still can’t help but want to be with him.
But before hanging up, it was robbed by one hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Jane. I’ll buy you a drink when I go back another day." Jiang Junyue said that he hung up with a direct hand press. This point is to tell Jane that he is with Lan Jingyi.
"Jiang Junyue, you bastard" stared at him with anger, and his teeth itched with anger, but at this moment, she didn’t make moves to him on the road in a foreign country.
"Let’s go or we won’t be able to come." Jiang Junyue reached out and grabbed her slender waist and led her forward. It was very successful and then diverted her attention. "What can’t come?"
"Bang!" A stone flew in the direction of Lan Jingyi. A little boy was angry and kicked the stone and said, "It’s really disappointing that the light didn’t come on once."
"Be careful" Jiang Junyue suddenly picked up Lan Jingyi and flashed just enough to avoid that stone. Although it is small, it will hurt people if it doesn’t hurt people.
"I’m sorry, sir, miss. I was angry with the child. I almost got into trouble in an unguarded moment." The little boy and mother immediately ran over to apologize and let Lan Jingyi’s anger go away before she darted. She didn’t have to worry about it. She was curious. "Why didn’t the lights light up?"
Chapter 7 Surprise
"I’m sorry, sir, miss. I was angry with the child. I almost got into trouble in an unguarded moment." The little boy and mother immediately ran over to apologize and let Lan Jingyi’s anger go away before she darted. She didn’t have to worry about it. She was curious. "Why didn’t the lights light up?"
"The Eiffel Tower didn’t light up tonight."
"Oh," if you’re traveling, maybe you’ll leave today. It’s a bit disappointing
"Wait, maybe it will light up soon." Jiang Junyue winked and put his arm around Lan Jingyi’s waist, and his fingers became tighter and tighter. He was still wearing the gold tin foil ring.
"Will it really light up?" The little boy’s eyes lit up. "I heard people say that the moment when the Eiffel Tower lights up was particularly beautiful. I want to see it."
"Come on, let’s wait and it will light up soon." Jiang Junyue stopped and pressed his wrist watch so gently.
In the early morning, the night view of Paris is not far from You Mei, and the Eiffel Tower is immersed in the night, which is even more mysterious. Suddenly, the tall tower suddenly lights up and looks beautiful, which makes people feel like walking into a dream. It is a kind of French beauty. The little boy cheered and jumped up. "It’s so beautiful."
Lan Jingyi failed to look at Jiang Junyue as if he wanted to see something in his eyes. He said that he would give her a surprise. Maybe this is it.
She likes it very much.
The heart is full of sweetness. How many surprises will he give her?
After a few minutes’ walk, I reached the bottom of the tower, all the way to the top of the tower overlooking the night view of Paris. Everything was beautiful. She was quiet, and behind her was hugging her. Jiang Junyue just leaned against him. Somehow, the plane flashed in her mind and she saw the shadow. She remembered that the man and the woman gripped Jiang Junyue’s hand as if to stop this moment forever. "Will you leave me?" Her voice is so light that even she can’t hear clearly.
"Huh?" Jiang Junyue frowned slightly and put her hand on her lower abdomen. She seems to have grown some meat tentacles recently, which made him feel so comfortable that he couldn’t put it down.
"Go back, or my mother will worry about me." She didn’t know that she and he had a wonderful night in Paris, and after that, they would never get out of the night.
"Don’t worry" Jiang Junyue still hugged her. At this time, it was already dawn in the city. He just kept ringing and just got off the plane. Although it was quiet at the moment, he always felt that something was wrong.
The wind blows at first, and Lan Jingyi’s hair blows his cheek and neck again. He suddenly turns her thin body and her lips bow down and print her lips. The picture is like a painting with elegant words and beautiful hands clasped around her waist and she doesn’t want to let go.
Someone around me walked past the low footsteps in twos and threes, but it didn’t affect his mood at all. It was a romantic country kissing others’ eyes, except romance, which was affectionate. He was not pointed at at at all, so that he could feel more at ease or clung to her waist and let her cling to his little face. There was something unclear in the night, and the black eyes flashed and held her hand. Only then did he say "Let’s go"
Going back along the original road, Lan Jingyi especially likes the shadow of buttonwood trees in that night, which is particularly beautiful.
All the way to the RV, someone was leaning against the body to take pictures, probably taking the lavender meaning. The large purple lavender on the body was set off with a touch of white, as if there was a romantic atmosphere. It was beautiful.
When he drives, she sits on his side and leans on his shoulder, without asking where he is going to live. Just follow him anyway, and he will arrange everything properly without her worrying.
It’s the best hotel in Paris. This man should be the best wherever he goes.
He took the room card and led her into the ladder. Lan Jingyi looked at the floor and asked, "What floor does my mother live on?"
"Your mother doesn’t live here" but I don’t want him to give her such an answer slowly.
"Then where does my mother live? Why doesn’t my mother live with us? " My heart began to chug and jump, and I felt very uneasy.
"Oh, you knew it early. Come upstairs and have a sleep. When you wake up, it’s still blue clouds, white and blue Jingyi or blue Jingyi." "Ding" His words just fell on the stairs to open the presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel. When he flashed the card, he took the opportunity to open the door for him. "Jiang Junyue, you are rich, aren’t you?" How much does it cost? Maybe she can’t earn his room for one night in a year, and the RV. Even if he has state-owned money, he can be so rich outside the country, as if Paris is his camp.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Section 36
"No, anyway, it’s not that I paid for it and someone invited me to live in. Otherwise, it’s a shame to have a wave. Do you know?"
"Who will treat you? Men and women? " As soon as the words came out, Lan Jingyi wanted to bite off her tongue. She seemed jealous.
"If I say it’s a woman? Do you still want to live with me? "
"Don’t" want to also don’t want to directly respond to a woman to open a room for him. It’s so weird that he comes to invite her again.
"Well, I’ll tell you it’s a man," he said, taking off his coat and handing it to her. "Hang it up for me."
That’s enough. "Jiang Junyue, you bully me."
"Ok, you bully me. Take it off. I’ll hang it for you." He stopped to be serious, and his black eyes seemed to have seen her all through her clothes.
"You sulfur for self-protection" She stretched out her hand and went. He itched and the two men quickly scuffled together.
It turned out that she wanted him to itch, but the last one who kept laughing was replaced by Lan Jingyi. "Ha ha … ha ha ha … you let go."
"Who are you calling a sulfur tyrant?" Jiang Junyue strangled her with one hand and tickled her with the other. Her hands were held by him with one hand, and her resistance was gone.
"No … haha … no one is sulfur self-protection … haha …" She said that she wanted him to let her go or she would faint with laughter.
"Then who do you think started it?" She laughed so hard that she was angry, but he was steady and nothing happened.
This … this is naturally her. "So what?"
"Whoever starts first is sulfur self-protection. Who are you talking about?"
"Whoops … hahaha … hahaha …" She laughed to tears. "Jiang Junyue let go, hahaha …"
"I won’t let go until I tell you who is protecting myself."
Well, she can’t stand it. "I … I can’t be a sulfur man?" Asthma said that a little face is flushed with laughter, just like a blooming peony enchanting beauty.
"That’s more like it." Jiang Junyue slowly let go of her hand and finally twisted her little face. "This is how sulfur self-protection is practiced. Before returning to work, you should call for your own weight. It’s not always good to meet a gentleman like me and let you go."
I’ve seen shame and never seen such shame. Lan Jingyi threw himself at Jiang Junyue, and the strength was unexpected. Fortunately, the carpet quality of the presidential suite was absolutely good, so that Jiang Junyue didn’t let her touch the ground first. She stretched out her hand and hugged him, and the woman’s waist was just right. Her lips were facing his lips, and the four lips were just one finger away. Lan Jingyi felt that Jiang Junyue’s masculine breath was violently attacking her body. She had a dizzy feeling again. "Jiang Junyue, earlier that day, you lost me." She blushed at the thought of taking the initiative.
桑拿会所"Is there?" Don’t give her thought, his lips have been lifted and printed on her …

Yu Enze turned around and smiled gently at Kobayashi. "I know I have to wait before I go." He asked Kobayashi earnestly, "How do you get home?"

Perhaps it’s because I saw Yu Enze’s good-looking phoenix eyes staring at her all the time that Kobayashi’s cheeks were reddish. "I always go back by subway."
"It’s estimated that it will still be crowded by subway at this time. Well, I’ll let Lao Yang drive you home." Yu Enze sympathized with Xiao Lin’s hard work and decided to arrange the driver Yang Shu to send her back.
"I don’t bother Yang Shu. I don’t mind taking the subway." Kobayashi was flattered and hurriedly refused.
"Kobayashi, let Yang Shu send you. This is a leadership order." Yu Enze approached Kobayashi’s mouth and evoked a charming warm smile. His hand gently fell on Kobayashi’s shoulder and he said to Kobayashi earnestly, "Your home is so far away from the company that it will probably be dark when you get home by subway.
You have been in the company for more than five years, and I know that you have been working hard. You are conscientious in treating your work without a word of complaint, which I admire very much.
Maybe you’ll think that I’ve been flying around all day and noticed the state of your work, otherwise I’ll see all the details of your work every time I return to the group.
Next month, I will transfer you to the W branch to be the general manager’s promotion notice, and I will arrange the administrative department to announce it tomorrow. I hope you will make persistent efforts in your new position in the future, give full play to your potential and realize your value.
Besides, you don’t have to squeeze the subway every day. I’ll give you a special car instead of walking. "
Xiao Lin was so excited that there were tears in her eyes that she looked at Yu Enze in disbelief. "Mr. Yu, are you telling the truth?"
Yu Enze looked calm and unsmiling. "Do you think I will joke with you?"
"Thank you, Mr. Yu. Thank you. I will definitely do a good job and never live up to your cultivation for me." Kobayashi could not hide his joy and promised Yu Enze.
As the saying goes, gold shines everywhere, and a swift horse can finally meet Bole Xiaolin. After more than five years of hard work, she insists that there is no white, and now she can finally be proud.
And all this can not be separated from her boss Yu Enze’s eagerness to cherish talents. He is a discerning and talented leader, and Kobayashi is full of gratitude to him.
Yu Enze patted Kobayashi’s shoulder and his handsome face re-emerged with a charming smile. "Frankly speaking, we all do our own work, not our leaders or others alone. He has to be worthy of himself before he can be worthy of others."
"Thank you, Mr. Yu. I will keep your words in mind. I will redouble my efforts to treat everything." Kobayashi is sincere and humbly accepts Yu Enze’s teaching.
"Well, go home early. I’ll let Lao Yang drive you." Yu Enze said nothing more and called Yang Shu.
After seeing Xiao Lin off by Yang Shu, Yu Enze came to the top floor of the regiment building alone.
The quiet evening breeze blew slowly as if his heart were still cold.
Suddenly, there was a deafening roar in the dark blue night, and several gorgeous fireworks opened wantonly, and colorful lights lit up the blurred and sad night.
"long summer, would you like to go somewhere with me?"
"Where to"
"You will know when we arrive."
I remember that night when he brought long summer here for the first time.
In order to make long summer happy, he spent a whole year of fireworks in the Yu’s regiment, and she lit the colorful sky by herself.
桑拿按摩"Do you like it?"
"Enze, thank you. How could I not like it?"
I hope these fireworks will make you feel better.
"You’re the only one who can do this crazy thing except you."
"It’s good if you smile."
As if long summer’s voice and smile were in front of him at this moment.
Long summer told him how she could not like him. She deliberately lit gorgeous fireworks. He finally saw long summer smiling at him even more beautifully than the fireworks.
He said to long summer that it would be good if you laughed.
It’s good to have you laugh.
Now he always makes long summer cry sadly.

After the round, Real Madrid scored 9 points in three victories and continued to rank first. Dortmund scored 4 points and ranked second. Ajax scored 3 points. Manchester City, the third Premier League champion, scored 1 point and ranked last.

In addition to Real Madrid’s outstanding qualification worries, his three teams have one qualification quota left and they still have to kill.
Back to Spain, Real Madrid played Mallorca in the 9th round of La Liga on January 2nd.
Nine minutes later, Real Madrid took away a 6-victory away from home. Lu Wenbin played a crazy goal of five yuan. One person kicked the ball on his head and scored a full five goals.
The game is not over yet, and the fans in Mallorca have left a lot. I really can’t bear to see my whole team slaughtered by my opponent alone.
Three days later, Real Madrid ushered in the first King’s Cup game of the season. In 2122013, the first leg of the Spanish King’s Cup 116 final was away against the Spanish team Iagoano.
Against such an opponent, Mourinho directly sent a semi-main and semi-substitute array to rest many main players.
Not surprisingly, Real Madrid beat their opponents 5-0 away, announcing that the second leg was out of suspense.
Lu Wenbin was replaced at halftime after a hat-trick at half-time, or he could score again.
After playing the King’s Cup, Lu Wenbin’s total goals in 2012 have reached 137 goals, seven goals short of his 144 goals last year.
It’s only the end of January, and there are still two months left.
Lu Wenbin will once again set a new record for the annual goal this year, and the number of goals will even break through the sky.
Of course, Lu Wenbin participated in the Olympic preliminaries, Olympic Games, world preliminaries and so on. These Asian or u23 Olympic games made Lu Wenbin score too many goals.
However, it is always daunting to score goals in official competitions.
Real Madrid vs Zaragoza in the first round of La Liga on November 3rd.
Before the competition, Adidas offered Lu Wenbin the European Golden Boot Award for next season-real gold to build golden boots.
This is the fourth consecutive season that Lu Wenbin has won the European Golden Boot Award.
In 229 season, Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim’s Bundesliga scored 47 goals in two games and won the European Golden Boot Award that season.
In 1921, the Bundesliga defended its title with 52 goals in 31 games. In 21211, Inter Milan continued to defend its title with 5 goals in 31 Serie A games.
After Lu Wenbin moved to Real Madrid last season, he scored 67 goals in 31 La Liga games and defended his title, averaging more than 2 goals per game.
On the one hand, it is said that the difficulty of scoring in La Liga is indeed lower than that in Serie A, on the other hand, it is said that Lu Wenbin’s strength has steadily increased.
Lu Wenbin, who won the European Golden Boot Award for four consecutive times, has become the player who has won the most awards and won the longest winning streak since the establishment of the European Golden Boot Award, and has created a unique record.
After the foundation, the golden boots in Europe may become Lu Wenbin’s one-man show.
Of course, in the face of Lu Wenbin’s creation of various records and data, people are not.
Everyone can pay homage to Lu Wenbin.
After winning the European Golden Boot Award, the competition officially started.
Nine minutes later, the big screen score was 5. Real Madrid slaughtered and sealed the opponent again and expanded its unbeaten game in La Liga to 52 games.
Lu Wenbin continued to score a hat trick in this game, which made his total number of goals in 2012 reach 14. He just won the fourth European Golden Boot Award, adding a touch of color.
After playing this league, Real Madrid ushered in the Champions League.
On November 6th, Real Madrid played at home against Dortmund in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage.
Coming to this game is a life-and-death battle for Dortmund.
However, with Lu Wenbin, Real Madrid is too strong, and the Bundesliga champion Dortmund, even Bernabeu last stand, is also a chance to make a comeback.
Nine minutes later, the big score on the big screen was 51, before the home team and after the visiting team.
Although Dortmund scored a goal, he was scored five times by Real Madrid and lost the game by the last 15 points.
Chapter 613 New record of annual total goal
In Dortmund, Lu Wenbin rarely scored fewer goals than his teammates. He scored two of Real Madrid’s five goals, and the other three goals were scored by Luo.
Luo’s rare appearance at the same time forced Lu Wenbin to play a hat trick.
However, Luo’s three clubs were assisted by Lu Wenbin.
Therefore, in the eyes of professionals, even though the number of goals scored by Lu Wenbin in this game is not much, Lu Wenbin is still more important than Luo.
The situation is not only attacking Lu Wenbin’s defensive end, but also contributing a lot.
Lu Wenbin is still that super pervert.
At the same time, in another game, Manchester City failed to seize the opportunity to win at home and was tied by Ajax 22 away.
After the round, Real Madrid scored 12 points in four victories, ranking first, Ajax and Dortmund scored 4 points, ranking second and third in Premier League champion Manchester City with 2 points at the bottom.
There are two rounds left in the Champions League group stage. Ajax and Dortmund can’t catch up with Real Madrid points even if they win the next two rounds.
Real Madrid not only qualified before, but also locked in the first position of the group. The last two rounds of the group match can be rotated to save the physical fitness of the first team.
Real Madrid went out and locked in the first place in the group. At the same time, Lu Wenbin’s total number of goals in the year reached 142, which was two goals short of his own 144 goals last year.
Lu Wenbin may set a new record in a game.
However, to the disappointment of the media and reporters, Lu Wenbin did not enter the starting list but sat on the bench in the 11th round of Real Madrid’s away game against levante in La Liga on November 11th.
品茶论坛Mourinho takes turns to save the physical strength of the main players.
In the half-time away game, Real Madrid took the lead in scoring a goal and ending the half-time by Ozil.
Levante equalized the score in the 64th minute of halftime.
So in the 73rd minute, Mourinho finally replaced Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin’s situation was really different after the game.
First of all, with Lu Wenbin’s defense, Real Madrid’s defense has stabilized many opportunities for levante to fight back quickly.
However, few real Madrid defenders can succeed in positional warfare.
At the same time, Real Madrid’s counterattack and attack are also much sharper.
In the 7th minute, Lu Wenbin broke the levante defense line with a scalpel. Unfortunately, Higuain’s single-handed ball was tackled by the opposing goalkeeper and touched the bottom line.
In the second minute, Real Madrid broke the ball again and made a quick counterattack.
This time, Lu Wenbin personally took the ball from the midfield and even passed three people. Finally, he shook the goalkeeper to the ground and then spiked and pushed the shot.
Real Madrid once again took a 21-point lead.
After that, both sides didn’t score again. Lu Wenbin’s total annual goals unfortunately stopped at 143 goals, which not only failed to break the record, but also failed to make the media and reporters wait for a game.
However, Real Madrid continued their unbeaten momentum in La Liga, and the unbeaten games in La Liga have reached 53 games. It is getting closer and closer to A Milan’s unbeaten games.
Real Madrid is so desperate.
After playing this league, it is the international football match day, and the international players return to play for their national teams.
That’s why Mourinho wants to rotate because he is afraid that the players will be too tired and the national team and the club will be injured.
Especially Lu Wenbin, without him, Mourinho would never have achieved what he is now, so he protected Lu Wenbin more carefully.