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A sensational lawsuit in the city. Now almost the whole city of A knows that Lu Jiasan loves his wife like a life, and his wife Qin Yue Xin openly does the right thing with Lu Jiaren.

At that time, at the age of ten, everyone lost sight of Lu Jiasangong Lu Chenan’s limelight. Unmarried women in the city all had Lu Chenan’s standard husbandchoosing blind date, and there were all kinds of problems such as If your sister hit me, would you help me or help your sister?
If I don’t like your family, would you like to come out with me? Of course, I will go back to see your parents with you on weekends.
Ben, can you try to pick me up?
Such problems as Liu Chen’ an and Qin Yue Xin have been stripped out directly.
Some witty advertising companies also learn to take advantage of the situation to do copywriting. I don’t have the long legs of South Korea’s Ouba, but I have a pair of arms to protect you foreverXXX insurance company.
Qin Zhiru’s family was furious when they saw this advertisement, and she threw away the remote control directly.
Fang Sujiao came out of the kitchen with a fruit bowl and picked up the remote control. Why are you so angry recently?
Qin Zhiru sat on the sofa and took over the remote control. She rewound the report she just saw and showed it to her. Mom, what do you think Lu Chenan’s limp can protect her so much!
Fang Sujiao frowned for a moment and then sneered, What are you angry about being a cripple?
I am angry! I, Qin Yuexin, married that bitch, and the Lujia family would make things difficult for her, but mom, do you know? Lu Chen’ an simply regarded her as a treasure. This time, it was also openly revealed that she filed a lawsuit with Ting Yi. Qin Yuexin, that bitch, also entered Lihua!
Fang Sujiao’s face finally changed, and she gave an apple hand a slight bite, but she soon recovered her composure. She can’t play any tricks. Don’t you still have her photos and videos in your hand?
As soon as Qin Zhiru heard Fang Sujiao, she felt guilty.
Fang Sujiao put a fruit knife and laughed coldly. Then it’s time for you to add a fire to her.
Qin Zhiru hurriedly delay mom wait now is not the best time! I’m going to let her go to the highest place and then fall hard.
Fang Sujiao looked at her and smiled with satisfaction after half ring good good! I see how long she can laugh!
Qin Yuexin was badly burned. When the gauze was removed, the wound healed and left a big scar as expected.
Lu Chen’ an doesn’t know where to get some ointment, but she has to put it on every day. It tastes strange, saying it stinks or not, but it’s not fragrant and it’s still very rich.
She was forced to wear it for a week and found that some scars had faded, and the new skin grew more and more in harmony with the original skin.
Qin Yuexin invited her for about half a month, and her scald almost healed, but there were some serious scars left, which were still obvious although they were light.
When she went back to work, Liu Chenan sent her out of Lujia. They didn’t seem to bring anything, not even a car or a driver.
But there are still drivers and cars in class. She is a little curious and can’t help but twist her head to ask Liu Chenan, Morning, this car …
He looked at her sideways and borrowed it from a friend with a smile.
Er … where’s the driver?
It’s also a friend’s house.
Qin Yuexin has to say that Lu Chenan’s friends are unusual.
Before her hand was injured, Liu Chenan didn’t even dare to hold her. Well, before she opened the car door, he put his hands on his knees. A kiss?
He looked at her with an eyebrow eye and a smile. Qin Yue Xin looked at Liu Chenan’s first discovery of a man who looks so delicate. She remembered that he had moved himself to protect himself these days and couldn’t help but put his hand around his neck and kissed him.
It turned out to be a simple kiss. Qin Yue Xin was so active for the first time, but she still leaned over and kissed.
Two people finally almost couldn’t control it. Although the driver couldn’t see anything in front of the baffle, Qin Yue Xin still felt ashamed to see people.
She simply squeezed her head against his shoulder and gasped for air. His ear was breathing carefully. Qin Yue Xin felt that there was nothing more exciting than this in a generation.
Liu Chenan’s hand caressed Qin Yue Xin one by one on her back, and for the first time she had the idea of caring for her.
I feel that my breath is almost stable. Qin Yue Xin hurriedly released his hand, pushed open the door with one hand and grabbed his chair bag with the other, and quickly jumped out of the car. I went to class.
Brush ran away like a rabbit.
Qin Yue xin, really happy. I thought she was so goodlooking. Marrying Lujia depends on Lujia’s money, right? I didn’t expect Liu Chenan to be so good to her.
Yeah, yeah, I’m black, too, okay? I don’t know why my goddess Xin Xin is so charming.
Alas, there are few men like Liu Chenan in this world.
Qin Yuexin just arrived at the company ladder and there were a bunch of people discussing her.
She arrived early and squeezed into the innermost part of the ladder. Outside, several female colleagues should have had breakfast together in the dining hall before entering the ladder.
None of them saw Qin Yue Xin Yin, although it was said that it had been lowered, but how could such a small ladder not be heard?
Qin Yue’s embarrassed face was burning. The ladder stopped and she didn’t dare to move.
Fortunately, those girls are not on the same floor as her, which also avoids unnecessary embarrassment for both sides.
Han Zhen arrived early today. She passed by his office and saw her coat lying inside.
As soon as I got to my seat, I saw Han Zhen coming with coffee. Is the injury all right?
She nodded her head and replied, All right, thank you, brother.
Han Zhen smiled because the emotion in her eyes made her slightly stunned and asked, What’s the matter, brother?
桑拿会所He shook his head. Nothing. Now that you’re back, I’m relieved.
When Qin Yuexin didn’t come to be his assistant, Han Zhen didn’t even know that her job could be so much easier. She made a good overall arrangement for her time, and she could finish some other jobs.
Han Zhen worked overtime and stayed up late before, but Qin Yue Xin came, but the number of shifts on time was more than the number of overtime.
As soon as Qin Yuexin opened his mind, he saw that Han Zhen sent an email to himself. There was a piece of information and some new signing companies needed to do some routine entry and sorting.
Because Qin Yuexin took a parttime job in her former school, it was almost the same. She listened skillfully and did it quickly and quickly.
Han Zhen directly bid for some pp and let her try this job, which is a bit of gold. It needs a lot of information and technical support
Bidding for pp should reflect the characteristics of the enterprise, and the model should not be rigid; To sum up, it is obvious that the effective solution should be novel, and there are some data estimates in various aspects
Qin Yuexin spent a lot of time just collecting information. Sometimes when she did things seriously, she easily forgot.
By that time she react, it was already dark.
Han Zhenwu went out to see the guest house and no one woke up in her class.
She looked at her mobile phone. It’s already half past seven, and Liu Chenan didn’t call to wake her up.
When she hurriedly packed her things and ran to the stairwell, she found Liu Chenan asleep in a wheelchair, and the driver sat on the sofa.
Qin Yue Xin hurriedly ran past Liu Chenan woke up at this time and squinted to see that she smiled.
She ran so fast that she didn’t pay attention to her feet and didn’t know what was stuck. She slipped and rushed straight to the front.
She’s still three or four meters away from landing Chen ‘an. Qin Yue Xin can wait for her death with her eyes closed.
But I didn’t expect myself to pounce on Liu Chen’s head, and she couldn’t help but take a sigh of relief.
Liu Chenan just pushed the wheelchair forward. Qin Yue Xin just bumped over. He held her wheelchair in his hand and retreated a little distance before stopping.
The driver was relieved and quickly asked, Is Lu Shao not injured?

At this moment, Ruqin brought in a piece of rice paper scalded with gold and silk from the outside. When she opened it, she suddenly wanted to laugh. How long did she think about it? I couldn’t see it.

When Huangfuda came in with rice porridge, she saw this picture. The big bed, a second child, had a good time. The two children seemed to like pulling the old report. The old report Hu has been smiling at the big bed. What is the little woman looking at?
Shuiyunjin looked at him and suddenly raised his hand. "Come and help me."
Huangfuda thought about this woman’s sudden change of face and stared at him before going out. Now he gave him a good face, but no matter which one he likes, if he told Shuiyunxi, Shuiyunxi would definitely say that he liked being abused, and he thought so.
Huangfuda looked up at "which one does Ms. Park like" while stirring rice porridge.
Shuiyunjin pointed to it with her white fingers. It was a girl’s name and she liked it at first sight.
"That’s it." Huangfudi naturally agreed with Shuiyunjin.
"There are too many names, so I think everyone is fine." Shuiyunjin frowned slightly with a smile.
Huangfuda didn’t have the heart to let Shuiyunjin choose reality. He had an idea in his heart and whisked Zi Xia to take a pen and paper.
ShuiYunXi smiled and looked down at the word HuangFuJi. It’s not the first time she saw the four Chinese characters of Yunge Waterfront, but she had already seen him. Zhang Chi saw that he wrote a word first, then a word "Jin". ShuiYunXi looked at it for a long time before he quietly took his name and her name apart and gave her a word, but it was good to hold Yu Huai Jin.
"That’s it"
Huangfuda hooked her lips. He knew this woman liked it.
As a result, the little princess and the little princess of Lanwangfu have names, and the little princess Huangfujin HuangfuYongqing.
From this day on, everyone knows that Huang Fujin is a gentle and graceful man, while Huang Yongqing is simply afraid of ghosts and ghosts.
In other words, Huang Fuda, in other words, he should be so crazy.
The next day after Shuiyunjin finished, she changed into a long white dress and put on a white cloak. She only took Zi Xia to the grave of Sister Luo.
Then Moyang will be there, and he will stoop and get old. Many eyes are not like before, and there is no more it in God’s eyes.
Sister Luo’s tomb is clean without any weeds. It seems that someone comes to visit the grave every day. Purple kites are planted on both sides, and the flowers are very bright.
Zi Xia put away the things in front of the tomb. Shuiyun Park knelt down and Zi Xia knelt down.
"Sister, I’ve come to see you. The scenery here is beautiful and far away from the noise. You will like what you said. I will do it forever. In my heart, I will often come to see you. When the children grow up, I will let them worship you." Shuiyunjin fixed her eyebrows to prevent tears from falling. Sister Luo smiled so peacefully that she would not cry again.
Zi Xia is crying, but the Lord has always been uncompromising and never smiled at them, but such a serious and proud person can lie here forever.
When Shuiyun Park left, Mo Yang still sat there without saying a word. She looked at the tomb of Sister Luo and sighed. "My real sister asked me to help him kill two people, one is Mo Xiao and the other is you, but in the end she changed her mind. Do you know what?"
Although Mo Yang sat still, she was frozen. In her eyes, she could lament, "Because in her heart, she can’t forget you. Even though you suffered such injustice and pain, you still haven’t erased your mind."
Ink Yang eyes color changed and quickly closed his eyes so as not to let people spy on his mind. Shuiyun Park turned to leave his eyes and slipped his cheeks.
When Shuiyunjin returned to Lanwangfu, she found Joe waiting outside the mansion for a long time, and her eyes were anxious.
"Joe, why are you here LingXiaoYao him" ShuiYunXi looked at Joe in the heart a tight.
Joe immediately knelt down to the water cloud. "Princess, please go and see the temple. The temple has been asleep for a month and still hasn’t woken up. The body injury has been scarred and the poison has been solved, but people just can’t wake up. The emperor forced all the doctors to say that it is better to ring the bell. Please"
Shuiyunjin lifted him up and nodded to him.
Joe was stuck. He didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to agree so quickly.
When Shuiyunjin returned to the waterside pavilion, Huangfudi and the two children both sat on the bed, four white and tender hands vying for Huangfudi’s waist Yu Pei, and he looked at his mind and drifted away until Shuiyunjin looked up at him.
Shuiyunjin looked at him and didn’t flinch because he looked straight at him. "I want to go to Lingguo."
Huangfuda didn’t say anything, not like opposition, not like approval, but beautiful eyes looking at Shuiyunjin.
It’s true that both of them already know that Ling Xiaoyao is now all because of her. If she doesn’t go, even if she can’t make it through herself, she will do it. Her man naturally doesn’t want his woman to take care of another man, but Shuiyunjin’s heart is whiter. If Huangfudi really doesn’t want her to go there, Qiao Lianchang will never be able to step in and wait for her outside the house. This man has already put on an attitude and doesn’t want her to make it difficult for him to do everything.
"Thank you, Liao"
Huangfuda sipped her mouth without saying a word, and then she became watery. When he won’t speak again, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms. Wenxiang nephrite hit his chest with a watery nose, and it hurt a little. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Huangfuda’s deep bottomless eyes. "You can have me and others in your heart even a little."
约茶Shuiyunjin smiled and nodded heavily.
Huangfuda’s eyes narrowed, and suddenly some people made a determined effort to kiss Shuiyunjin’s figure. In a flash, she was pressed down and touched with punishment, such as a sudden drop in the storm, so that Shuiyunjin’s three souls lost their seven’ o mind and flew in an instant. The two milk babies cried at each other with big eyes.
Two days later, Shuiyunjin took two children, Lin Han, and took a carriage in front of Zi Xia Wangfu. The old prince and Shuiyanhui and his wife were all at the door, but Huangfuda was missing.
At this time, the window of the waterside pavilion was dressed in white as snow, and the figure was tall and straight, and those dark eyes of black jade looked into the distance and I didn’t know what I could see.
A few days later, Shuiyunjin arrived in Lingguo and found that there were many people in Taigong, including Lingguo Huang, a group of emperors and princesses.
This is the first time that Shuiyun Hibiscus can say that it is really extraordinary. Those eyes alone can already see through people.
Ling Guohuang also observed Shuiyunjin. He wanted to see what kind of woman could lead him to lose his heart and refused to wake up today.
Shuiyunjin didn’t seem too nervous and stiff before. She just made a little blessing and didn’t even say a word.
Ling Guohuang also didn’t say anything about looking at the two children behind him, which is particularly good-looking.
Since this day, Shuiyunjin has lived in Taigong for two months.
Ling Xiaoyao is still in a coma, his face is clear, his pulse is normal, and Shuiyunjin doesn’t know when he will wake up. He sits by the bed and talks to him every day, and the two children just play and scream in the bedroom, which fills the whole bedroom.
Shuiyunjin always thought that Ling Xiaoyao could hear, but he was not ready to open his eyes, but she knew that he would wake up soon.
On this day, Shuiyun Park just washed and dressed the two children, and saw that Zi Xia came along and there was something wrong with her look.
"What’s the matter?" Shuiyunjin asked.
Zi Xia took a look at Shuiyunjin’s eyes. "When Miss Wang Ye comes, she says she wants to see the little world and the little princess."
When Shuiyunjin heard that Huangfuda was coming, she was somewhat shocked. Huangfuda didn’t give her a word for two months, but suddenly she came. She suddenly got up with two children in her arms and was called by Zi Xia. "Miss Wang Ye said she wanted to see the little world and the little princess."
Shuiyunjin suddenly realized that Huangfuda must have confessed that she didn’t want to see her. She felt funny. "You and Lin Han go with the children."
Zi Xia once again looked up to confirm that Shuiyunjin was smiling and nodded and left with the child in her arms.
ShuiYunJin looked at the bedroom ear without children’s voice, and suddenly she didn’t know what to do, so she could go to the bedroom next door to see LingXiaoYao.
She wet the silk handkerchief and wiped her face and hands with a gentle smile. "That man is still so overbearing that he doesn’t want to see me, but he really doesn’t want to see me."
There is still no movement in bed.
Shuiyunjin also said indifferently, "Xiaoyao, you have been sleeping for three months. You really don’t want to open your eyes to see it. This picturesque scenery is prosperous. You can see it when you open your eyes."
As she spoke, Shuiyunjin suddenly rubbed her hands tightly. She bowed her head and held her fingers like Lingxiaoyao’s hands. Although she didn’t have much strength, she knew that Lingxiaoyao had heard her words and her heart was pleased. "Don’t worry, you will wake up soon."
Until the evening, Shuiyunjin still didn’t wait for the two children to come back. The child Huangfuda was there. She was in no hurry. Her milk rose badly and she was very uncomfortable. After a long time, she was able to go out of the palace by herself.
I finally came to Huangfu Daling National Institute and found that the courtyard was very elegant. The room was as bright as day, and the two children were laughing happily.
Shuiyunjin felt a little wronged, and she was dying. The three fathers were happy.
She went into the house to keep JiQing Zi Xia and others leave quickly.
Shuiyunjin looked at the two children and teased them. There was some astringency in Huangfudi’s eyes. This face was already familiar to the bone, but it still made her miss it so much.
But Huangfuda doesn’t even look up like an uncle.
You can’t see if you can’t see the pie mouth. "I know you don’t want to see me, but I’m so upset here that you won’t let them send the child back. I can come by myself."
Huangfuda finally looked up, but looked at Shuiyunjin’s soft black eyes in the dark.
Shuiyunjin can’t take care of many things. Anyway, it’s her who feels uncomfortable. She hugged Huangfuyongqing and stripped off her clothes for a moment. That swelling feeling went away. She finally felt better. But she felt that something was wrong. Those burning eyes kept staring at her.
Her face is red and her eyebrows are slightly raised. "Can you not just look at it?"
"I think my daughter is delicious and didn’t look at you," Huangfuda said, but her eyes never left, and gradually filled with air.
Don’t you dare to say that you didn’t look at her, "Can you turn around first?"

I pulled pillar box out the letter paper.

Lyu3 bu4 this fellow angered me and kidnapped his daughter anyway, but he didn’t agree with me to be his reinforcements and refused to provide food. My battalion is now stationed in Wucheng, west of Yecheng, and it is only half a month before the master decides Tuoba Ye.
Let Tuoba Ye stay in Wucheng and pay close attention to Lu Bu’s movements. If you need support, send troops as usual! I casually stuffed the letter paper into the saddle to urge me to March north.
The messenger left with a clip of dust on his horse’s belly.
Behind him, more than 12,000 cavalry walked around.

At the beginning of June, the four major armies arrived in Huai County, Hejun County.
按摩I came to meet Jun Cheng but told me that Li Dian was not in the county.
It’s been several days since Li Binggong was the prefect of the warlord in the northeast. The tall and handsome Jun Cheng respectfully saluted me.
What’s the name of Jun Cheng? As he is very young, I don’t care much about etiquette.
Official compound surname Sima Minglang County Cheng bowed their heads and replied.
Sima … I immediately Zheng Sima Yi brothers … Sima Boda?
It is Sima Lang slightly looked up in the eyes of a flash of surprise.
I didn’t expect Mancheng to find a great sage to help himself. No wonder he will rest assured that he will go out to war. I smiledin fact, I didn’t know what happened to Sima Yi, the eldest brother.
Lang Cai’s lack of knowledge is not worthy of this fallacy. Sima Lang hurriedly leaned down.
Don’t be modest. It’s also quite well known that Sima Jia learned from me. I spun a few words and encouraged him. I’m so lucky to hear that your brothers can learn from each other! I remember that there was a saying of Xunshilong and Sima Da in the story.
eh? He slightly zheng officer brothers, a total of six several younger brother years not crowned dare not jump to learn.
This will be my turn to be stunned. I thought for a long time and asked, How is your father and mother?
The family is strict, the family is kind, and the husband is concerned. His parents respectfully gave him a gift.
Oh! I nodded. It seems that the old Sima has to regenerate two … to get together …
Cool male whether stop in huai county today? Officer good early preparation SiMaLangGong asked.
All right, I looked at the sunset. If you had told me something about the situation in the north.
I am really happy to have an honor! Sima Lang bent down to answer.
I think this tall and young Jun Cheng is really picky in etiquette. Compared with himself, he suddenly feels ashamed.
Everyone’s family education … is really good.
32 River County Chief Jun Cheng
Alberta … I watched carefully, and Sima Lang couldn’t help but say, You should put some without being so cautious …
Sima Lang put a leaf into his mouth and chewed it carefully before he replied, It’s important for Liang Gong to form a habit at home since childhood. If it makes Liang Gong unhappy, Lang invites himself into the side hall.
I’m not afraid of your restraint. I laughed. Since it’s a habit, let’s continue eating.
He nodded and continued to eat and eat in this big family.
I watched him with great interest as I tore at the lamb chops in my hand.
After reading it for a while, I’m sure … he’s really a longterm habit, not nervous or cautious.
And … I found that … Uncle Xun You moves almost exactly like Sima Lang …
It’s really nice to say that … everyone is a family tutor.
After dinner, I burped and asked, Can we talk about the situation in Hebei?
Sima Lang rinsed his mouth and wiped his mouth. This time, he nodded, The most important thing for Liang Gong is that Lu Bu and Yuan Shao have recently fought?
Yes is natural. Isn’t the purpose of my coming to Hebei to collect Lu Bu and beat Yuan Shao?
According to information from the river, Lu Bu’s body injury has worsened after two fierce battles in Zhang He. He has been living in the mansion recently and should be recovering. Sima Lang said.
That should be the second time the master left him a wound? Qin Zhen rubbed his jaw green and stubble. I didn’t expect your master’s two shots to be so powerful that they haven’t recovered for more than two months?
No, Yang Feng shook his head. It’s not just because the master’s marksmanship is fierce, but because Lu Bu’s old injury has not healed, and it has caused the injury to increase.
I agree with him that Cheng Ye is an old hand after all and that Zhang He is also a famous soldier in Hebei at any rate. It must be a desperate struggle to repel Lu Bu twice.
Sima Lang went on to say that although Lu Bu occupied Wei Jun and Zhao Guozhi, he could barely control several counties around Handan and Yecheng, and other counties were still inclined to join Yuan Shao, who was more powerful.
In this situation, people will really be optimistic about Lu Bu! This well with a sigh.
I have some understanding of his mood. Gan Ning, Lu Bu, who was born in a poor family, can make a fortune on his own, so they will never like Yuan Shao, the second generation of super officials who were born with a lot of resources and contacts.
Sima Lang added, Lyu3 bu4 is a brave general who lacks the ability to rule the people’s literati and does not recruit local gentry, and … Lyu3 bu4 killed several businessmen in Handan city in order to get the salary. This terrible means also led to his more unstable rule in the two counties, which is likely to force the businessmen in the two counties to fall to Yuan Shao.
I nodded. If the city of Handan is full of Yuan Shao, Lu Bu will be beheaded in his sleep one day … I don’t feel strange at all.
And Yuan Shao’s return to Gaoyi because of his young illness from the frontline troops is also somewhat disappointing to many people, but he has once again led the army south and arrived in Handan city safely from Lyu3 bu4 interception. I’m afraid he will attack soon. Sima Lang told me that he didn’t recognize Lyu3 bu4 to hold Handan.
Can Lu Bu hold Handan?
To be honest, I don’t think he can either.
Lyu3 bu4′ s power can only be brought into full play in the field battle, and he has not made outstanding achievements in siege warfare and guarding city warfare.
Lyu3 bu4 situation is not optimistic.
But I don’t need to reconsider that going straight to Handan is my first choice.

Two days later, I passed by the northeastern county town of Hejun, and Li Dian was carrying the grain and hay from Luoyang.
He told me that Yuan Shaojun launched a tentative attack on Handan just this morning.
And Lombardi is constantly increasing the input of siege forces.
The distance from Dangyin to Handan is less than 200 miles. It takes a whole day to March at a speed, but it takes half a day for battlefield news to return from Handan.
So I simply rested in Dangyin City.
Li Dian is very consciously reporting to me about his recent work.
You chose Sima Lang, a county official, which should be said to be a good choice. He is a political talent. I now commend others’ eyes
Sima family is a prominent family in the river. If we can get their support, the master’s rule in the river will be more stable and the people will be more inclined to us, but … Li Dian hesitated.

Four players immediately surrounded me, only a foot or two away from each other.

Four people? It’s not enough. I crouched in their encirclement and got out from the gap between their arms.
Ball! I stretched out my arm for the ball
The current ballbearer immediately kicks.
Near the halfcourt, Xu Huang leaps and volleys halfway.
He seems to have known for a long time that I can get rid of the defense and that the ball will be handed to me, so he chose not to advance or retreat? He really has some connections …
The second goal was successfully countered by them. The score was 2.
But it’s just now.
I immediately pulled back two goals in a row with my personal breakthrough ability, and there was a burst of applause outside the stadium.
Xu Huang made a key defensive instruction, and four more people immediately came around me.
This is similar to the scene in Du Ji’s game, but they didn’t follow me too closely, but they succeeded in limiting my activities to a certain extent. They trapped me in this range. When I moved a little, they immediately blocked all my exits. For a while, I was able to get out of this man’s seemingly loose defense.
In addition, they also defended several other members of our team conveniently, which is far less than being extra concerned about me
They scored two more goals and lacked absolute main attack power. We seem to have something to do.
Master, you didn’t eat? !” Qin array on the sidelines waving fists roared
I punched him hard, too
Uh, I think I hit someone …
A defender fell to the ground in pain.
The referee announced to me apologetically, According to the rules made by your adult, you have been sent off …
I took a tiger across the stream and jumped out of the stadium, and then Dapeng spread his wings and hit a dragon to blow the Qin array out of the sky!
22 poor satrap
Without the core strength, we were quickly destroyed by the team led by Xu Huang.
Xu Huang changed themselves at halftime.
Although we tried to cheer up, we lacked a strong striker and the goal was penetrated by the other side again and again.
The final score was 9:3.
喝茶约茶I didn’t expect that I lost the game in such a way.
So I vent my anger in my hands, Qin array head
Qin array will face up. I punched him in the forehead.
Young master, you disappoint me so much. Zhao Cheng shook his head and sighed, then his tone was firm. People who can’t control their emotions can always be losers!
I was in tears when I was shocked. Who are you talking about? ! Don’t, you are already a successful person!
The onlookers also said that the halftime play was not bad, except for onesided halftime. Especially, the person with box office characteristics was sent off by the shady in less than a moment, which made many viewers very dissatisfied.
Xu Huang got on the podium, and he gave me a friendly hug and shook hands.
So the first regular league drew a curtain.
The competition lasting for more than 20 days thoroughly promoted football as a novel sport in the county and became the first choice for young and middleaged men in their spare time.
Anyway, in this era, business is rarely done late. After dinner, you can play football for half an hour, then go home and take a bath with your wife and continue to exercise. By the way, it is also a good thing for the quality of men in Gao County.
Few Confucian scholars can be seen in the whole Shuofang County, and Jia Xu and Cheng Yu are busy supervising the construction of houses and schools. Things can be put on hold for a while. After all, the people are still struggling with hunger and cold, but you tell them that you must pay for high cultural accomplishment … This is not too inhuman.
As many old houses collapsed, hundreds of temporary tents were erected outside the city. As far as I know, most of them were prepared by the masses themselves. Jia Xu and Cheng Yu sent people to distribute a small amount of relief food to the victims, which could last for at least ten and a half days.
However, this rainstorm is really amazing. The weather in the north is extremely dry, and rain is a rare thing. This time, the houses are directly washed down, which shows that the rainfall is heavy.
Of course, I didn’t miss this opportunity. Jia Xu once again wrote a letter for me. The trotters reported the disaster to Liu Xie and said that Shuofang County suffered heavy losses. If the court distributed relief materials from time to time, I’m afraid …
The court immediately ordered Huangfusong to allocate materials and Huangfusong sent messengers to send six big characters: You can do it if you have no money!
But it’s already been half a month. At this time, most of the house renovation project has been completed. I also want to take the opportunity to make some money. Huangfusong has helped me a lot before. Even if I have thick skin, I’m embarrassed to go to see him. He is still in charge of public security work for me next door.
In April, the weather is slightly warm.
No, no, no, this is not summer. At this point, the temperature is spring at best.
The masses of people finally took off their heavy warm clothes and lost a circleoh, of course, this means that people who have the conditions to wear cottonpadded clothes or fur jackets can’t afford the government to do it for you, don’t you think?
Spring seeds have been sown before, and the ground has been sprouted one after another. The growth of plants here is also half a beat slower than that of the Central Plains, but the whole grassland is already green and lush, and cattle and sheep are everywhere, and tigers and leopards ride around and simply graze their horses outside the city.
It’s finally like a place where people live. I look at the smoke curling up outside the city and sigh to myself.
It’s a pity that the population is too small to collect much tax at the end of the year, and it’s necessary to give a big discount to the new residents who haven’t learned to farmin fact, it’s ridiculous for us to make ends meet in the first three years according to Cheng Yu’s algorithm …
At present, the money in the warehouse is only a million copper coins, and the grain can barely last until the end of the year. This is an optimistic budget made in the absence of major disasters. Although there is no construction manpower for repairing the house, the wood purchased from the cloud and the county has gone to 300,000 to 400,000, which is also the asset that the nextdoor neighbors pity us for discounting.
Money is really worthless. When I saw these purchase accounts, my heart was cold and dull.
It looks like 12 million, but it’s not enough to plug your teeth when you really want to do something!
I thought that when I was nine years old, my salary was 9 thousand a month. Now, although it has dropped by half a level, there are also thousands of urban construction. In recent months, I have received a raw ration to barely maintain my family, and I have not moved a penny.
I really don’t know if I’m not in charge. When Jia Xu reported the expenses to me at the beginning of each month, I felt that I had lost a piece of meat.
In the spring, there were seedlings and farm tools, and now there are cattle plowing, ditches maintenance and repair, and the sum is bigger than the sum. We are the people’s government … When did we become a charity? !
Although Jia Xu always says that these are loans to the people to tide over the difficulties, I have to wonder when they can give me back a few thousand dollars of a cow with that acre of land.
Due to the financial shortage, not every family can be allocated uniformly by each county, so that when I suggested that thousands of strong horses could be cultivated, not only Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye disagreed with Xu Huang and Li Dian, but even Cheng Yu and Jia Xu looked at me with idiot eyes and were silent for a long time.
War horse delicate roots can’t cultivate land … Freeze shook his head.
Yes, the war horse is not the same as the old cow, so it is bleeding all over. Tuoba Ye card
Then forget it … I hung my head sullenly. I don’t know anything about politics and agriculturealthough my ancestors were farmers in the past two generations, the gap of forty years has been enough to make me confused about what grass is and what leeks are.
I don’t know what I’m learning from ancient times to modern times, but how can this group of people who are either not academic or have a brute force or a weak body crush me in the agricultural common sense department instead?
No, I have to earn some gas!
Or should I study a biology or chemistry? Genetic variation or making gunpowder?
But when I turn around and look at the vast grassland, I can give a deep sigh.
Even if Newton Watt Edison Einstein Franklin’s department is brought here, they can still play with mud in the mound!
Even a toothbrush has been studied from the age of five to the age of six. I’m not talented enough … Let’s not use this brain. Fa Chuang created this road … It’s not easy to go!
There is no patent at present.

But what makes me most curious is that Dark Fire and a player named Mu Sons and Daughters started quarreling as soon as they met. It’s not clear what they were quarreling about. The disease and the soldiers stayed behind Chris. This time, I followed closely with my sister, blood repellent, ice fox and family members.

I may still be a strong guy in singles, but when it comes to 30,000 people fighting, that’s another matter. Although my sister can command, the rules in the game are not too white until now. Who told me that my sister is a super business genius? I can say that I am very strange to this kind of thing at first glance, except that I showed the game helmet to me. I said that my roots never touched the game, but I finally decided to implement it in the game until I knew the boundary. So all the combat commanders were thrown to Tianwu by me. Who told me that she was a genius with both IQ and EQ all day?
The largest team in the game has been formed. Through this period of training, the team members have reached a tacit understanding. According to the principle of complementary professional advantages, they have formed a combat team of 2 people, 2 people, 1 team, 1 team and 1 team, and marched to the underground cave according to the formation situation.
On the first floor, we broke through without any effort, leaving 5,000 people behind to sweep the floor, killing all the monsters that appeared for death. When the players came back, they were harassed by sudden monsters. So on the second floor, 10,000 people were left to guard until the third floor, and we met with resistance. The 10,000-person brigade was stopped by a BOSS leading the number of monsters.
The second chapter sniper the necromancer (a)
On the first floor, we broke through without any effort, leaving 5,000 people behind to sweep the floor, killing all the monsters that appeared for death. When the players came back, they were harassed by sudden monsters. So on the second floor, 10,000 people were left to guard until the third floor, and we met with resistance. The 10,000-person brigade was stopped by a BOSS leading the number of monsters.
Chris said beside me, "that’s the vampire count’s specialty, which is speed and physical attack power, as well as summoning The Hunger that he has smoked."
I took a look at the vampire count’s pale face and couldn’t see a trace of blood. The whole body was wrapped in a red cloak with a black background. It was probably made according to the image in the real world. Although he was not very good, his strength was not that he blocked the first 10,000-person brigade. He blocked a bridge with a width of 20 meters, and the other end of the bridge was covered with half a meter of silver fingers, so he pitied me. The knight troops were beaten by him with one punch, and the magic was actually a martial monk before the BOSS [Asura Ba Huang Boxing]. And behind that group of slow-moving monsters, it happened that they blocked the bridge head. Although the attack power is average, they are also invincible.
It depends on the situation. We have to send 50 temple crusaders and repel blood. The ice fox started to stop the vampire count together. The method is even simpler. Fifty Temple Crusaders make [sacrifice] the blood repellent at the same time. That is to say, the loss of life will be borne by 50 Temple Crusaders and blood repellent at the same time. I don’t believe that the vampire count can kill 50 Temple Crusaders with one blow. Behind the ice fox, it is mainly to help the blood repellent [sacrifice and pray] and speed up the singing of blood repellent [Asura Ba Huang Boxing]. Of course, it is impossible to kill the vampire count by attacking blood repellent alone. To repel blood and attract the attention of the Vampire Count, the remaining monks have already prepared for it. Wizards and priests have used [bog land], [slow speed] and [angel anger] to the Vampire Count (doubling the life lost by enemy injuries at one time).
The blood-repelling team made a way for the vampire count to pass by like a blade, and sang [Asura Ba Huang Boxing] in front of the vampire count. This made the vampire count angry that there should be a player who could be so presumptuous in front of himself. In his mind, there should be no player who could resist his super physical attack, so he was not willing to come out of his strength to desperately repel the blood. The blood-repelling clothes were all cut into pieces, while the 50 holy crusaders in the back desperately risked their blood to see that I was waiting for a few heartbeats in the distance. On the pause heart, this guy’s physical attack power is really not covered with an ice fox. She led a priest team of more than 400 people to heal 50 holy crusaders. In front of him, there was no sound except the sound of cutting skin with a knife, but behind me, it kept making a unique drumming of [healing] and it was also a few hundred duets.
Finally, the vampire count’s chest was hit with a solid fist, and the huge fist shadow flew out from behind the vampire count’s body, sweeping out a straight path for the monster on the other side of the bridge. The vampire count hit him with seven punches [Asura Ba Huang Boxing]. Even if it was made of iron, he could not stand such a storm. He was still a second-class BOSS. Compared with the real top BOSS, the life value was too far away. Nai’s squeal and screaming disappeared into white light, which exploded the equipment money all over the place, but we would immediately put it away and hand it over.
Soon something came in front of us, and something caught my attention. It was nothing if it was alone, but when I took out the The Hunger ring and compared it, I immediately saw that it turned out to be a The Hunger ring fitting. With this fitting, the The Hunger ring will have a change, and the two rings will be combined to form a three-meter-diameter ring-shaped’ reincarnation knife’!
夜生活  title=I turned around a few times and found that this thing is really personal and convenient to transport, like running water, without any obstacles and detention. Besides, I don’t need to catch the reincarnation knife directly. I just need to put my hand close to the side of the reincarnation knife to command it. Fortunately, Chris woke up next to me and we have work to do before I put away my interest.
As soon as Count Vampire wiped out the magic across the bridge, he immediately poured a piece of it and disappeared in a short time, leaving some magic things that could not stop the impact of the first team and quickly occupied the fourth floor passage.
First, there were more than 7,000 people left in the first brigade of the Ice Fox Pastor Team, and then more than a dozen assassins and hooligans were sent to explore the fourth floor. As soon as they shouted, they disappeared within ten seconds, and then their information came from the resurrection point of payon City. According to them, the first and fourth floors were besieged by some angels and demons, and these angels made some unknown magic to stop them, while the demons released a black blow to destroy them. The more important message is that more than a dozen of them are still in hiding. It can be seen that hiding is effective for false angels and false demons, and they were destroyed by a false angel and a false demon
A group of us discussed how to deal with these angels and demons before the entrance on the fourth floor, because I don’t want to fight with the sea tactics, so the sacrifice would be great. Although the new resurrection system lost 1% experience after its death, the equipment would be in trouble, but the equipment would be lost after its death, and the drop rate was still very high. However, the equipment on the fourth floor could disappear automatically after waiting for a while, but there are no good weapons in the fairyland now, but it is not a problem to do everything in one set, two sets or even one thousand sets. It’s a big problem to get to 10,000 or 100,000 pieces of equipment. I don’t have so much money to buy so many pieces of equipment, and it’s impossible to suddenly find out 100,000 sets of excellent equipment in fairyland. These rare weapons don’t mean that there are them when needed and money.
"What do the small troops think of these pseudo-angel demons who are not very big, but the big troops are casualties?"
See day dance smile way "this easy to …"
The third chapter sniper the necromancer (2)
Hearing Tianwu’s sweet smile and knowing her well, Ye and Muer knew that Tianwu wanted to fight again and didn’t know her well. All of us heard her smile sweetly and couldn’t hear what she said clearly for a while.
"Dance, what did you just say?"
Tianwu gave me a white look and said, "Actually, there is still a way to solve these monsters." Tianwu stopped when he said this. He glanced at everyone and hung our appetite before saying, "Want us …"
I can’t help shouting "Good plan!"
Draw a large number of sages from all the troops and select hunters, poets and dancers at the front and periphery of the high-level ranks. The middle layer is composed of knights, crusaders and monks, mixed with the least number of priests, and arranged in a conical formation. First, a team of 1,000 assassins rushed to the fourth floor to open the way, and the false angels and false demons almost died. At the cost, we had a position on the fourth floor, and the conical formation just entered all directions after one knot. Each conical formation had about 400 people.
At the sight of a large number of players invading, false angels and false demons immediately called on their companions in the depths to fly thousands of false angels and false demons in the sky. At this time, the cone array played a super role, and the hunter’s super power [dyadic] greeted the false angels and false demons, while the poets and dancers made the combination skills [lullabies]. Every formation sounded a song that made people fall asleep.
Magic things are not as clever as human beings, so the false angels almost constantly cast a white magic on the players in the cone array. When people are fixed by magic things, they are almost unable to move, while the sages make the two skills of [mental regret] and [magic effect cancellation] completely remove the magic of the false angels, while [mental regret] makes the false angels appear constantly, which often makes the wrong object become one of their own, and when [mental regret] occurs, one false angel is added and several more false angels are recruited because of this false angel.
While the pseudo-demon held the demon fork and wanted to find a job in the cone array, but before he got close to it, he was put to sleep by [lullaby]. The pseudo-demon really came to chen qian less than one-third of the original, and those pseudo-demons were not as abnormal as the vampire earl. The middle-level knight crusaders and monks resisted the draw, but those who had fallen asleep were not so lucky. The hunters sent their arrows to them very kindly, but they didn’t know it, and the pseudo-demon kept falling asleep in the battle. Of course, as soon as this happened, the poor pseudo-demon was
Although there are some casualties in our army, it has gradually eroded the four floors. The situation is good, and I am leading more than 4,000 advanced players to wait and wait for the necromancer to appear. From Chris’s message that there is a necromancer, it is very important that the necromancer is not afraid of anything except the sun, that is to say, physical attacks and magical attacks have not attacked him. The only thing is to stop his footsteps, and then I arranged it for a long time.
As the battle surface unfolds, the fourth floor has been occupied by our troops, leaving a small attic in the northernmost corner.
I said to Tianwu around me, "Dance ready to act!"
Glancing at me, Tianwu’s mouth gently moved without saying anything, leading hands to approach the attic from the side, while blood repellent and dark fire led 1000 advanced players to approach from the right side, while I led the main force to attack from the front.
Before the action, I also sent a message asking how the queen was decorated. The answer was of course that the queen giggled before telling me that everything was ready long ago.
Watching the first 10,000-man team in front keep approaching me, I really admire the necromancer, but I have patience. It takes at least ten minutes for the magic to be repainted, and it is impossible to brush out all the four-story dead magic at once. If there is a magic in such a large army, I can destroy it immediately.
Step by step, the big army has surrounded the attic, and the pseudo-angels and pseudo-demons seem to be desperately blocking the players’ progress, but the attic fence has been crushed, and the grass in front of the attic has been turned over. When the first advanced player is ready to push the door, the necromancer finally appears.
There is no earth-shattering roar, no counting of monsters, no shaking of the earth due to the top BOSS. Everything is too normal. When the first player opens the door, the door opens and steps out. It is a young man with a beautiful face, short orange hair and a suit of armor and tights. When he sees such a’ person’ coming out of the attic, the player is stunned. What kind of battle is this? How to get a player out of the house?
The young man suddenly cracked his lips and showed two sharp fangs. Before the player responded, he took out a huge sword from somewhere and cut off the player’s body. The death of the player brought the follow-up troops to wake up and did their best to greet the necromancer [snowstorm], [coercion by God], [mental exhaustion], [darkness instant], [cross exorcism attack], [Asura Ba Huang boxing] and [falcon assault].
I was shocked to see people in the distance. Although I heard Chris talk about the characteristics of the necromancer, I didn’t expect to be so abnormal. If it wasn’t for the help of the queen ant, I really couldn’t deal with him
My message is to dance in the sky and repel blood and dark fire. Although many attack skills are effective on the necromancer, it doesn’t mean that one of all skills is very effective, but we have to specify a place to prepare it.
After I gave the order, the front team retreated slowly, but the vanguard troops had a hard time. All the way through the road, players were killed by a sword. Whether you are a knight with high life value, a crusader in the Temple or a lucky one [golden steel is not bad], monks can’t hold back the necromancer’s giant sword. It is ice chips that swing a dozen meters away, but players don’t touch the blade at all. It is enough to kill non-physical players.

"I feel like a loser now and I can’t help at all."

I turned around and held Chris’s white face with a smile in my hands and said, "You can stay with me as my greatest encouragement. I’m too busy being a housewife. Can’t you steal now?"
"You are bad ~" Chris smiled and went back to the pet.
I sat alone in a gorgeous metal room and quietly thought,’ Do you want Cain to summon skills? This trick can’t summon too advanced monsters, but it’s terrible in terms of quantity. Think about calling flies. Flies are disgusting? Rats? Mosquito? Ants? Caterpillar?’ The more I think about it, the more outrageous it is. But this trick can temporarily put three guild members out of the city and think about it. Look at yourself immediately. There are not many billions of RO coins. It seems that it is really urgent. I immediately transfer billions of RO coins from the unified menu and change them into RO coins. My RO coins have risen to more than 400 million. A fly has 1RO coins, 400 million divided by 100 million flies, and I feel goose bumps again.
I came to ChengTou disease method and blood repellent wall. When I saw me, I asked with a full face of concern, "What should I do if more and more people gather in Yicheng?" We can’t get in outside the death department and there are about four people left in the city. "
The situation is really grim, but since I am poor and have money left, those are not a problem.
喝茶约茶  title="Brother Bloody, you inform the dark fire to harass each other behind, don’t storm to minimize casualties, and inform Sunny Rain and Ice Fox to count the number of deaths of our public players, and then distribute bonuses immediately after the siege according to the data; And inform Ironman that if you must stall the Wonderland Girls’ League, and inform me to kill one billion RO coins to buy people from him to see how many people he can send to the outskirts of more than four cities to block enemy star troops. If the enemy is resurrected and rushed back to the battlefield, the players will be killed immediately if it is not for the big troops. "
After a pause, he said, "By the way, when the enemy attacks the city, everyone will be surrounded by walls. I want that trick." Both the disease method and the blood repellent shivered and turned to decorate.
An hour later, the remaining siege hours were 45 minutes, and all five guilds were in the city, including the original attack, which suddenly changed when it woke up. At first glance, there were so many people that there was no end in sight. If there was no such move, four people in the city would definitely be trampled to death.
Tens of thousands of people in the city shouted "kill ~ kill ~ kill ~ kill ~"
I feel a little shaky when I hear Chengtou. Many people are not necessarily strong, but many people must be loud. I am very sure at this moment.
"Come on ~" The enemy troops in the city flocked to the city wall like the tide. I counted the distance in my heart, and Cain had climbed my shoulder for a long time. I was not too lazy. How could there be such a lazy bat?
Three, two, one "Cain calls!"
As soon as I got out of Cain, a large group of mice were summoned. Fortunately, I rushed to the battle platform about one meter outside the city wall in advance. As soon as I was summoned, the mice flocked to the city. If they rushed into the city in the opposite direction, they would be scared to death if they were not killed by enemy players.
City players rushed forward and backward, but in front of them, players were startled when they saw countless mice, while girl players even wanted to make butterfly wings alive again. Suddenly, there were sparse holes in the tight formation, while the players behind them kept pushing forward and backward because of the mice, so that the original tight formation immediately collapsed. Although the attack power of the mice was not high, the number of wins spread like a lake of black running water. Cain faithfully carried out my orders, no matter how much money I watched, it became more and more wrong. Because there were too many mice, the siege players had already run 77, but the city ground was full.
Chapter 10 Meet by accident
Looking at the number of mice in the city, I asked, "How many mice did Cain recruit?"
Cain gave me an answer that made me vomit blood. "I don’t know about the speed of 10 thousand per second."
Oh, my God. Let’s look at my own RO coins. There are more than 200 million RO coins left. Calculate one mouse, 15RO coins, even if 1.5 billion is divided by 15.1 billion mice. Oh, my God! There is no other language except "Oh, my God".
The siege crisis has passed, and all five cities in payon are closed. It will take at least an hour for the mice to disappear after being summoned, and there are still many congregations in one city to kill flies. I feel funny when I think of the drama of this siege. The flies and mice can’t help laughing.
Next to the disease and blood, I laughed with me. As we laughed, Wu Bing, dark fire, ice fox and sunny rain all laughed. Because we did things that others could not imagine, 10,000 people attacked five cities and five guilds actually called us for an hour. After this month, the siege war was over, and the rest of the congregation’s division of labor, city guarding, bonus distribution and recruiting new members were left to the disease and law. Moreover, Chris happily took on the role of her housekeeper.
I took a leisurely walk in five cities and forests in Feiyang. It seems that payon and I really have a fate. This siege war is really fierce, as if life has passed a big step.
The singing of birds and the chirping of insects in the forest sounded particularly comfortable. I suddenly heard a groan. It was a human voice walking along the sound direction and the sound disappeared before I came to a hillside. I was surprised to look everywhere for some small clothes in the thorn grass on the hillside. I jumped the leader’s sword in the thorn grass, split the thorn grass and walked all the way along the clothes direction. When I saw a man’s back, I knew that he was seriously injured because he was lying on the ground and did not move. I quickly stepped forward to help the man with a black hair, but the leaves and leaves of the grass stained with hair and straightened him up. When I saw the man’s face
Remembering that the blood repellent told me that the intelligence dance killed hundreds of people in our guild with one move, why are you lying here? Remember that there is only death in the game and the concept of weakness?
Looking at the sky dance armor with a face as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade and covered with mud and dust, the bottom brush has turned gray-black. Looking at the sky dance is very similar to the situation when I was in a coma in the game. I came to a small hotel in payon to rent a room for NPC to help the sky dance change clothes and take a bath. Although I really want to do it myself, I always feel uncomfortable without emotional contact.
When I calculated, it was already 13 hours in the game. In reality, it has passed more than 4 hours. Zhang Xian should have arrived almost. Leave the rent for three days and leave the game. The hotel is still safe and there will be no such people as flower pickers.
※※※※※※※※※※ I lost the thread, that is, I opened my eyes as if I were waking up. Zhang Xian had written her paper on the table next to her. I padded my feet and walked over to Zhang Xian and whispered in her ear, "Are you finished?"
"Ah ~" Zhang Xian was startled and turned to see that it was me and I was filled with joy. The pleasantly surprised expression made me stay a little.
"What a fool! Look at you!"
"It turns out that Xianer is so beautiful that I almost forgot to breathe."
"Ah, when did it become such a flower? By the way, you asked me to spy on things and there was news."
"oh? News so soon? Sure enough, I’m so slim. Then tell me what’s going on? "
"Look at you, you are so anxious that there are no people around that place in Fiona Fang, and you have started construction according to your requirements. I really don’t know where your money comes from. That’s billions. You can earn billions without going out. It’s still not a person!"
"It’s very important to get down to business."
"Well, I know. Besides, you inquired that Wei Hairen was the president of a network company called Huaguang. This was a very small company, but suddenly a list of elegant computer software wheel ratio performance immediately occupied the market, and now it is sold at sky-high prices, but it is even more strange that one person in the world can crack the software and it is really bullish that it is still stolen. I dare not ask anyone to order such a large number of equipment because you want that batch of equipment, so let’s wait for the time being. "
"Xianer is really amazing. You have done so much in a day or two. Are you afraid that your father will know?"
"Women’s universities don’t flow. I like you ~"
"Look at you!"
"You are bad!"
"I’m not bad, how can I fool your heart ~ ~"
※※※※※※※※ "Captain Zhao, we have purchased a large number of accounts in batches, and these account bases have reached LV9 level.’ Tianying’ has begun to enter the game and adapt to the game."
The man called Captain Zhao is a lean and handsome young man. You can tell from his arms that this man is not simple. "Well, I know how prepared Longxiang is?"
"I heard that I participated in a guild siege war last night and now I have occupied five cities outside payon."
"Still such a child? It’s important to ask him to do the right thing. If we can get the guild to dominate, we can directly occupy the guild. If not, we can set up a guild ourselves. How dare a child like him act as our’ Sky Shadow’ scout? Hey! "
※※※※※※※※※※ Lan Fengyun, the branch building of Nishi’ Dream’ Enterprise, is on a video call with a distant guest.
"President Wang wishes us success together."
"President Lan laughed. It’s a mutual benefit. I’m very glad that you can find me to combine equipment. We can limit it, but we have to send someone to monitor it. I believe President Lan won’t mind?"

Section 132

I realized that I should be "huh?"
He chuckled, "Aren’t you sleepy?"
I blink.
Only then did I see that he was actually in bed.
Okay, this is the VIP ward. The bed is too big to be crowded.
He was very close to me, holding my hand and lying on his side, looking at me silently.
I remembered his leg injury and cleared my throat. I asked him, "Are you hurt …"
He whispered "nothing"
Of course I don’t believe it.
But he didn’t say much more about holding me in his arms and kissing me on the forehead.
I suddenly feel a little timid when I think of former Gu Changyu’s words, afraid to get too close to him, and even afraid to respond to him. I’m afraid he thinks I’m worthless like Gu Changyu …
In the silence, I heard him say slowly, "Do you think we are both injured and can be served in bed … is it a match made in heaven?"
I leng leng.
He tightened his arms and hugged me more tightly, kissing me and spinning. "Are you worried about me today?"
I couldn’t help feeling sour, and I didn’t care about his opinion. I hugged his waist and nodded in his arms.
He pointed my face slowly across the earlobe and squeezed judo "I’m fine"
I am crying.
He never came back, but he never let me go.
At this time, his chest is warm, and the cold after getting wet during the day is not the same.
But somehow I still feel a little cold.
He must have known what Gu Changyu said to me before, but he didn’t do anything. Is he going to give up and join me?
But what he just said is a perfect match, which seems to comfort me …
I can’t help thinking.
What should I do if he terminates the contract?
I have long been tempted.
He is such a character that so many girls like him, and both the big star and the top aristocratic ladies have many feelings for him.
I’m just an ordinary woman. How can I escape his charm?
But if he really doesn’t need me anymore, I won’t pester him
My pride and my self-esteem are not allowed.
When Ning Qi betrayed me, I was able to forgive him because I knew that all men in the world were almost the same and I didn’t like him very much. If he wanted to turn around, I could turn a blind eye and then pass by with him flatly.
But Ye Xiangyuan is different.
I really moved my heart, and before I knew it, he had taken root in my heart.
He is so dazzling, even if his eyes are full of revenge, even if he is as shrewd as the sea, even if he is good at playing with people, I am still trapped.
Just because I can’t get rid of him, I will pester him again.
What’s more, even if I can endure it, it is impossible for him to have a quiet day with me.
Being with him is thrilling most of the time.
Perhaps he sensed that I was uneasy. He squeezed my finger and whispered, "Have a good sleep."
I put away all my messy thoughts.
桑拿会所Since he doesn’t, I don’t want to make much ado about nothing.

"Oh which come players? It’s so hot in front of the gate. How did they get there? " Mu Haoer asked strangely

"It seems that some of them can make ice magic and it will take a long time to get by, but now we second-class virus knights can get by, miss. What should we do next?"
"First, send a team of three-level virus knights to explore the road, and then wait for the land to get cooler. We will set off immediately. By the way, leave two million virus knights behind and stop the players from letting him in. I’m not worried about the people in front. I’m worried about the dragon. If he appears again, it will be in trouble."
Two million virus knights unconsciously inserted into the players’ direction, while players were resting, but they didn’t know it, but they should have noticed the disease, and others were worried about another thing, that is, the arrival of soldiers! Can rain or shine now make the skills even worse? I don’t know how to move freely until now, but it will happen later than him. Rain or shine can do it now.
"Come on, rain or shine."
Rain or shine, supported by Wu Bing, reluctantly smiled, "I will try my best."
Stretch your hands, pray in the rain, gather all your strength silently, and inject all your energy into your skills [God bless all beings]. This is for a large range of skills, but now it is difficult to predict whether the personal effect is good or bad.
The soldier’s body keeps flashing golden light, just like a fluorescent lamp that flashes once every second. People around him can’t see clearly what happened to the soldier and the rain body. Wu Bing can close his eyes now, but the strong sense of light and darkness still makes Wu Bing feel dizzy.
After about a few minutes, the golden light stopped, and the sunny rain turned pale. Seeing that the light was gone, he quickly asked the sunny rain, "What happened?"
Wu Bing looked at his arms and shook his head at the disease method, saying that it was too tired now. The disease method leaf support came to the soldier and looked at the position of the soldier’s heart. The blood stopped flowing now, but his face was not good at all. Now he couldn’t see the situation. It is impossible to test people’s situation in fairyland, and there is no medical equipment. The only thing that can be sure is that the soldier’s heart is still beating. It is strange to say that the heart can still beat after being stabbed, but now everyone thinks about it.
"Miss, after our reconnaissance team entered the gate, the news even worked for our communication system."
"What’s behind the door? Has the temperature dropped now? Can we pass? "
"Miss reluctantly let me go first. You stay here."
"What are you talking about? Since I am the leader of this operation, there is no reason behind it. If we go in together, we can’t get away with it."
Mu Haoer just passed through the gate, and the sight before her made her step back two steps involuntarily. This is too familiar to her. This is the place where she lived fourteen years ago. This is the place she never wanted to remember all her life. This is where her adoptive father took her in. This is also where she lost her own parents. What kind of place will appear after the gate?
"Young lady, are you okay? It seems strange to return to the earth here. "
Mu Haoer’s mood became stable when her father knew that even the housekeeper didn’t know it. Mu Haoer began to look around here. Although this is the place where he lived as a child, he didn’t see anyone here with buildings. Soon Mu Haoer became white. It was just as solid as the place where he lived as a child, but it wasn’t that place. Mu Haoer’s mood finally calmed down and began to distribute. According to a small team of ten virus knights, he began to fan search and sent out three reconnaissance teams in a row. But I don’t know why he didn’t pull it back. Mu Haoer began to get a little nervous because now he
The fidgety mood makes Mu Haoer unable to think hard. It’s too quiet here. The virus knight can’t talk. The only thing to talk about is the housekeeper, who usually doesn’t say much besides reporting and the two of them don’t have much contact except this time. What should I do? Mu Haoer is anxious to connect with the most advanced instruments in the real world, which proves that this is a very special place.
"Butler, you wait for me to take half to the left, you take half to the right, and we will act separately. The only way for you to make your own decisions is to play it by ear."
"Miss Master told me not to leave you."
"All right, now my leader orders you that the most important thing now is to have one more chance. If we go together, it is very likely that our father’s wish will be wiped out. Do you have to fulfill your wish?"
"Miss, I obey orders."
Mu Haoer chose the left housekeeper and walked on the right, each with 1.5 million viruses. The knight split his troops and walked on. Let’s not say that Mu Haoer walked not far here, but he encountered a situation.
"Who are you?"
Chris is wary of the person who appears in front of him. The reason is not the person in front of him, but the virus knight behind him. These things that look like magic things at first glance can’t help but make Chris wary.
"I asked you to take so many magic things behind you. Are you also a magic thing? But I’ve never seen you so cute. What do you think? "
Another voice came out of Chris’s mouth. "Hehe, whatever magic things are, 100 thousand magic things are not my opponents, but it seems that there are what they do here. You decide. Anyway, we won’t suffer."
"That’s right," Chris turned to Mu Haoer and said, "Hello, my name is Chris, and you are?"
"My hand is in the back of the eager player."
Chris looked at the so-called hand behind Mu Haoer, but it didn’t look like anything at all. After all, there was no occupation or clothes with virus knight, which was so special that people couldn’t forget the appearance at first sight, and it didn’t look like an animal horse or a mechanical horse at all.
"Mu Haoer? I haven’t heard of it. By the way, have you seen it? "
Mu Haoer replied, "No, it’s strange here. It’s easy to get lost when you come in. By the way, your name is Chris? Do you know elegant? "
Chris a listen to elegant took longed for HaoEr hand and asked, "have you ever seen escape? Where is he? "
Mu Haoer suddenly turned his eyes when he heard it. The predecessors were the most powerful beauties in fairyland. Of course, Mu Haoer was reluctant to admit that he could not compare with Chris, but in fact, Mu Haoer’s theory of appearance was average compared with Chris.
————-reading recommendation: to worship the romantic empire.
Chapter VII Reversal (3)
"Chris, why don’t we act together?" Mu Hao er yi Dao
Chris and Pupil discussed it and decided to act together. After all, it’s good to have someone to chat with. It’s too quiet here and everything is an illusion.
After exchanging information with each other, Mu Haoer realized that this place turned out to be an illusion. Try to touch the roadside tree and it was as Chris said.
Chris turned to the distance and observed Carrie. "Come here, this is also a player."
Jia Sili came over and looked at the novel in the ear of Mu Haoer Chris. "Sister, this person is so suspicious. What do you think of it behind her? It’s like a monster. It’s rigid without any emotion, but should we not go with her?"
"Don’t worry, she knows Elegant."
桑拿论坛"Don’t worry, what are you afraid of with my eyes?"
Two sounds at the same time say that Jasmine is not afraid of anything with a pupil. The pupil is strong, but Jasmine personally realized that when Chris just got back, Jasmine heard that someone else had taken up her sister’s body and had a’ friendly match’ with her pupil. As a result, it is conceivable that Jasmine was knocked unconscious by two moves and didn’t even have any resistance.
"Good son, this is my sister, sister Scarlett, and this is Mu Haoer."
Mu Haoer nodded symbolically and said to Chris, "Now I’m going to go straight in this direction. What about you?"
"Let’s go together. I don’t know what’s going on inside."
The three men walked forward with a lot of dark virus knights, and all they saw were beautiful scenery, but all three knew it was false.
On the other hand, the disease method left the rain and the soldiers to take care of the soldiers themselves and the iron man with the remaining players to the gate. Although the current disease method is still weak, it can already move around, and Ye has been with him for a long time.
When I first came to the original Tiantai place, a dark knight stood in front of me, and all the people didn’t know what was going on. The assassination first ran to the front to ask, but before I could ask, the dark knight began to attack him. They immediately realized that they had encountered a magic weapon and didn’t say much about killing the virus knight.
I didn’t realize that this virus knight was very strong until I hit it. The simultaneous assassination made many players have several holes in their bodies before they could react. As a result, when they first got up, their enthusiasm didn’t play, but they fell again. When something went wrong, they immediately ordered the players to temporarily retreat and count. Just now, a burst of charge lost tens of thousands of players. Now they are really weak and sick, and most of them are hunters, priests, wizards, etc., while the main knight lords and templars have less than 10 thousand left. How can we fight against the virus knight who is almost knight-like? It gives me a headache to think about it, but there is nothing I can do.
This is the first time I’ve seen anyone in this illusion world. It seems to be a laboratory where people come and go, and everyone treats me like a real person. I know that people in front of me are also hallucinations, but it’s better than looking at animals in a mess.
I looked at this group of busy people curiously, because they were studying a stone, which was very big. To the naked eye, there were twenty or thirty people less in size. Many test instruments were connected to the stone, and the conductor of all this was a blue-haired man with blue hair and black eyes. He looked less than thirty years old, but I was surprised when his hand called his name.
"Chief engineer Lan is all ready. Can we start?"
Blue nodded and said, "Let’s start. Now that everything has developed to this point, don’t blame me."
At this moment, a figure appeared in the stone. When I saw it, my mouth was so wide that I could fit into a big apple. Because I was too familiar with the figure appearing from the stone, this person was not the Snow Queen, The Hunger or Jade Emperor. It turned out that Chris was not going to say that he was exactly like Chris.
"Are you willing to show up at last?"
"Lan, you can’t do this to the East. He is just an ordinary scientific researcher."
Blue great anger way "you and I want to do this to his brother? If you didn’t like him, how could I do it? Now it’s too late. The East has already done part of the experiment. Thank you for waking up. "

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang Lin, deng xiaoping ding hou and town frenzy mind active again. After a pause, Yang Qian coldly shouted, Mrs. Huayang, look at your good son. When we get back, it’s hard to let mother go to court and accuse you of poor discipline!
Yes, when I get back, I will let my mother enter the palace and join you in front of the empress! Li ping also echoed, and suddenly recovered his air. Both of them were born in Houfu, and they are most familiar with the things of observing the color and catching people’s feet. This moment of kung fu, two people will see that Mrs Huayang is Fang Lin, Fang Yun two brothers’ pain and weakness.
Little beast, you two are looking for death! Fang Lin listen to mother, had some let go. Smell speech at the moment, can’t help flying into a rage. Although he seems a little reckless and acts on impulse, his mother is extremely filial. At this time, I heard that the two men insulted their mother, Mrs. Huayang, for three transgressions of four times, and simply put their hearts on the line. If they don’t stop, they will kill the two men in Houfu.
Fang Lin oscillated all over, and raising my hand was a punch. This punch swung out, and immediately there was a landslide and tsunami in the wing, and the air in the whole wing rolled up, forming a black vortex, full of shrill voices. At the same time, Fang Lin’s body, a circle of glittering and translucent get rid of brilliance bursting out, condensed into a head of about a foot on his fist, like a front arrow blue uh guano.
Vigorous environment! See a circle of glittering and translucent light, Yang Qian, li ping with pale.
The two were born in a family of marquis Wu, with a long history and a deep knowledge of martial arts. Martial arts is divided into six realms, which are called six realms.
The first level of vitality. That is, the invisible vitality between heaven and earth will be absorbed into the body and merged with the flesh to enhance the strength of the body. In the army, those who have this level of cultivation can be captains.
The second layer of true qi. Extract the vitality from all parts of the body and condense it, so that it can flow and circulate in the body, thus actively absorbing the weather between heaven and earth and growing. A strong man at this level can be a centurion in the army.
The third layer of vigorous atmosphere. The true qi is further refined, diffused out of the body, coagulated but not dispersed, and it is a vigorous atmosphere. Fighters in the vigorous atmosphere have further increased their power. Fighters in this realm can be captains of thousands, with one thousand Zhou soldiers at their command. The commander is an important non-commissioned officer in the Zhou army.
The fourth level of gas field. This level of the strong, Gang gas further condensation, into the aura, can distort each other’s attacks. To reach this level, every fighter is a valuable asset of the Zhou Dynasty, called an elite soldier. After these soldiers were selected, they became an independent army, which was directly commanded by the princes of the Zhou Dynasty.
The fifth level of array law. To reach this level, we need to understand some special methods and rules. The strong at the law level have a remarkable ability, which is refining. For example, refining a mountain and extracting its aura.
In the Zhou Dynasty, in the army, the strong men at the rank of law were often transferred to the capital to form an imperial army to help defend the capital. This is an honor, but also a great opportunity. Because all the strong at this level can get a chance to get a lost secret copy of the achievement method from the secret library of the royal family in Zhou Dynasty. Some of these secret books were lost in ancient times, and some were lost in ancient times, but they were preserved in the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty.
Fang Yun and Fang Lin’s father got an ancient secret book from the royal family at the beginning when he was doing imperial work, which gradually stood out from the army.
The sixth floor lives in the fetal environment. To reach this state, I actually began to understand the secrets of the human body and possessed some powers that ordinary people simply could not imagine.
Living above the six realms of the fetus, it is said that there is also a realm of birth. That realm is even more mysterious. Yang Qian and Li Ping also heard it mentioned by their elders, but most of them were only half-paws, and they didn’t quite understand it after listening to it several times. Just remember the words born out of the world.
The path of martial arts is extremely difficult to cultivate. Children in Beijing, it is good to be able to cultivate the true qi. But Fang Lin has actually become a gang gas, and it depends. It is also the peak of gang gas, and it is fast to break through to the fourth level of aura. With his training, he will be a commander in the army as usual in the future.
In order to achieve the vigorous atmosphere, between raising the palm and splitting the fist, the whole body naturally swells with vigorous atmosphere. Gang gas condenses like crystals, and when it is injected into the sword, it will immediately generate a sword gang, and when it is injected into the knife, it will form a knife gang, and it will be easy to cut gold and iron.
Fang Lin this one punch out, gave birth to a fist Gang, flatly, just the avalanche of power, can put in front of li ping, Yang Qian into dust.

Chapter 3 Gambling Fight
Deng Xiaoping Ding Hou, a small town, suddenly turned pale with horror. They didn’t expect Fang Lin to be so bold and so lawless. When they broke into Xuegong, so many people watched, and everyone knew that they were brought into Houfu by the eldest son of Hou from all directions. And he, the Fang Lin, incredibly dare to kill them in Hou Fu.