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"Where is Grandma’s little Joe now? Didn’t she go to Greece for her honeymoon with her third brother?" Gao Xiaoxiao could not help but ask

Yang Xinai said, "It was only two days ago that I found out that the pregnancy center had booked a plane ticket and would come back by plane the day after tomorrow."
All "…"
When Mrs. Lu left, Mrs. Yu repeatedly told her not to say anything about it, otherwise she would be the only one asking.
桑拿按摩Yu Gaoxiao took the initiative to ensure that he wouldn’t say anything, even the old Korean lady wouldn’t say anything … The old lady Yu was relieved to let Han Yan take her away.
The next day, Chang Huanyan went home from the hospital and continued to sit on the moon.
Although the ward conditions of the First People’s Hospital are very good and the nurses are very professional, she always feels uncomfortable after staying for a long time, and she makes three old people in her family run back and forth every day. To be honest, she is a little sorry.
After returning home to Yang Xi to teach, she began to breastfeed her two children.
When Yu Yu came home from class, he opened the door and saw such a scene.
She sat by the bed with a baby in her arms and lifted her chest in cotton pajamas.
The child is sucking the milky white doodle with closed eyes, pressing her soft chest in vain, and sucking hard with closed eyes and small mouth.
There is another child lying on the bed who makes "e-e-e-e-e" from time to time.
When I heard the door open, I often looked up and noticed that his sight was falling on my chest and my front face turned red.
Sprinkle dog blood. Can I get a monthly ticket for a catty of dog blood?
Ask for a monthly ticket to keep the ranking!
In addition, I recommend Jiao Jiao at the beginning of the month, "The Military Door Secretly Loves Seven Little Wives"
There is a pair of twin sisters in Jijia, who are quiet and beautiful but stupid. The younger sister is beautiful but smart. The giants have changed dramatically. The younger sister pushed her out of the door with one hand. "Being an elder sister should give way to her younger sister."
Abandoning her daughter and returning, she is the best special action team leader. Facing her sister, she begged her legs to tilt the table and her hands to hold her chest. "Save your fiance?" You can beg me! "
The only young master in Mo’s family in Mo Qi’s capital city is extremely attractive. A car accident in Shuang Yi left him with a wheelchair.
She gave birth to a child behind his back and met again!
Section 555
"Son, your father cheated the body!" Women keep their eyes open.
"Buy one get one free is very cost-effective!" Men laugh inscrutable.
☆ 42 I don’t dislike it.
When I heard the door open, I often looked up and noticed that his sight was falling on my chest and my front face turned red.
She blinked and looked down at her son and said, "I’m back."
Yu met "well" and lifted the door directly, and then she sat next to her.
A faint smell of tobacco mixed with his strong masculine flavor came to his face, accompanied by his deep and serious voice, "Have you eaten your flute?"
Chang Huan-yan said "eaten" without looking up at some red heads.
Otherwise, can you lie there and scream so happily?
Yu Yu reached out and held her daughter up.
Half a month has passed, and the fetal hair on the child’s face has faded clean. At this moment, the skin is white and tender, like a broken shell. A pair of big dark eyes are full of curiosity. Looking at their eyes, they are dark and big, and their eyelids are deep. Plus, they have a pretty nose and a red mouth. At first glance, they are a beautiful child.
His face gradually evoked a gentle smile, bowed his head and kissed his daughter’s tender little face.
"Yiya" Xiao Sheng Xiao immediately shouted a sentence with his mouth open.
"She smiled at me," Yu Yu immediately said.
Chang Huanyan immediately looked up and saw Xiao Sheng staring at his big curious eyes and looking at his father …
Chang Huan Yan Hao said, "She is still too young to laugh."
Yu Yu "…"
At this time, Xiao Mo refused to suck her head and cried "whining" in her mouth.
Chang Huanyan "…"
"Are you full?" Yu Yu leaned over and asked
When they get too close, they often smile, their faces just fade away, and they are back. I always feel that … something is wrong with his eyes.
She pulled her pajamas and put Xiaomo on the bed to lie down. Then she buttoned her pajamas and said, "It’s getting late. Take them upstairs. It’s time for bed."
As soon as I came back today, Yang Xi said that she had been taking care of the children for a while, waking up late and making noise affected Yu Yu’s rest and delayed her doing the month.