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Shuiyunjin thought of Huangfuda’s last sentence, which meant a strong tide of affection, and immediately shattered her three souls and seven souls.

The room is as cool as spring, and the floating woman sings in a low voice, begging for mercy as fine as mosquitoes and flies.
It’s another bright day outside. Before Shuiyunjin fell asleep, she gritted her teeth and vowed to kill Huangfuda, which made her even more depressed. When she confessed the Duke of Zhou, he even came to a sentence, "Why didn’t you say so earlier, but not even him? Even you can have me in your dream."
Shuiyunjin completely lost her strength when she heard this sentence, and she would rather faint.
Shuiyunjin didn’t give Huangfuda a good look when she woke up after sleeping for two whole days, but Huangfuda was quite happy that she retired him and entered her. He waved his hand to her and handed himself over.
Banquet in the palace of Qiqiao Festival
Huangfuda got up early in the morning and wore Shuiyunjin. Even the heart-shaped sachet was waist-high. Shuiyunjin looked at his eyebrow eye flying in front of the dressing mirror and grumpily turned his eyes. Look at him.
"Come and dress and freshen up for me." For a long time, Shuiyun Park really felt that she couldn’t see it. If he laughed again, her eyes would almost go blind.
Huangfuda raised an eyebrow and looked at Shuiyunjin. She smiled and lifted her feet and slowly walked to the bed.
"Out of this house, give me your smile. Just don’t hook people’s souls." Shui Yunxi thought about how much trouble a man has caused her when he entered the palace today and this face will be coveted.
"Listen to you" Huangfuda is obviously in a very good mood.
Shuiyunjin hummed Huangfuda very well, and waited to wash and dress properly.
When they were having breakfast, they saw Chu Chengxuan rushing in and running, and their faces went straight to Huangfuda’s side with eagerness and joy. "You said that Gu Chenxi would go out of the house today and attend the begging feast."
Shuiyunjin thought ChuChengXuan didn’t have the ambition so quickly. It turned out to be this man and Xu ChuChengxuan.
"I said I’d put your heart back in your stomach," Huangfuda said without looking up, blowing porridge at Shuiyunjin.
"Then I’ll go and prepare now. Today really is a good day." ChuChengXuan suddenly sat up with elegance, face and spring breeze. I don’t know where it has gone.
"Black-hearted" Shuiyunjin spat at Huangfu Li. She looked at ChuChengxuan ecstatic and thought that Huangfu Li really squeezed ChuChengxuan to death. How did this person do it?
"dirty" is also your home. "huangfuda raised an eyebrow and smiled thick.
Shuiyunjin’s heart stagnated, and she wanted to laugh and ridicule, and her dissatisfaction vanished. Her house seemed to sound good.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin’s smiling face and corners of his mouth.
Too early to eat Chu Chengxuan has disappeared. As soon as the couple walked out of the palace, they saw Li Chen coming back from the outside. "I also want to enter the palace." Shuiyun Park looked at Li Chen for several days and didn’t see her eyebrows. She knew his identity. Now she heard him say that she would enter the palace. Her heart quickly crossed something but she didn’t speak.
Leave a message. Leave a message.
There will be more and more messages:
Chapter 76 A pot of stew
A moment later, Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow and looked at Huangfudi. When Huangfudi nodded, she nodded silently.
From Chen smiled and jumped into the carriage, Jiqing sat together and waited for the couple to take the carriage and drive in the direction of the palace.
Today, the palace can be described as a grand occasion. The front door of the palace is bustling with people. At first glance, it is bright and dazzling. The flowers are blooming and the pearls are full of sunshine. The shy and charming faces are like flowers, and they have long-term expectations. The little daughter’s family is beautiful and beautiful.
Looking at this exquisite scene, Shuiyunjin felt a little bit touched in her heart. In ancient times, women in boudoir seldom went out to get married. It was also a matchmaker’s word that their parents’ lives could be dressed up like today. Today, they can beg for a happy marriage, and their hearts can be secretly promised. It is a very important day for these boys and girls to arrange a begging feast in the palace.
"Today will be very lively." Shuiyun rose to the carriage and smiled with a beautiful little face.
"Looking at it is" Huangfuda’s long arm encircles Shuiyunjin and her waist is light.
Shuiyunjin suddenly turned back and smiled, thinking about what else he didn’t know about this man.
The husband and wife crossed the stream of people and waited in front of the imperial palace.
"Such a chance encounter with the princess of the county" suddenly attracted everyone’s attention as soon as it overshadowed the boiling sound system.
After reading the sound, Shuiyun Park saw that Jiang Yu Qi and Jiang Qiuwu had arrived near, and Jiang Yu Qi blinked at himself, meaning that he was a koo.
Look at Jiang Qiuwu’s delicate little face with a charming smile and a smiling eyebrow eye. She is charming, feminine and touching. Her gait is light and graceful. She is wearing a rose powder and mopping the floor. The smoke cage is full of flowers. The friedensreich hundertwasser skirt is covered with a layer of tulle, showing a beautiful neck and clearly visible clavicle skirt. A layer of thin silk gauze is moving around like a clear fog cage. This woman knows where her strengths are. Looking at the front of the palace, everyone’s eyes are condensed. Her face is more dazzling and smiling.
"The fragrant sachet of the king of the county is unique, as if I have never seen the craftsmanship of the princess of the county." Jiang Yuqi broke the silence with a smile and gentle voice.
"One thing in heaven is unique" Huangfuda sounds shallow.
Jiang Qiuwu also noticed that Huangfuda was wearing a strange-looking sachet. She suddenly shook her hand in the sleeve. "I didn’t expect the princess of the county to be so outstanding. It’s really rare. After all, Miss Hou Fu came out and wanted to come to the princess of the county. The talent is not bad. It’s a great honor to have a look at the charm of the princess of the county."
"The princess made a joke. Your dancing was praised by the emperor as a talent. Our whole daughter in Yangcheng next year will be compared with you. Then please show mercy to the princess. Don’t make me cry because I am ashamed of my daughter in the city. Especially today, my talent is not worth mentioning. Anyway, I have married someone and left the limelight to these beautiful people."
Shuiyunjin’s shallow smile is a little louder than Jiangqiuwu’s. You can hear Shuiyunjin’s voice outside the palace gate, and it was a burst of laughter.
It’s very rare to come to this day who doesn’t want to make a name for himself and get praise from the emperor and more people. It happened that Princess Nanliang came to the palace for a banquet. Her dance has been held in Beijing, not to praise it. This point is to steal the limelight in Beijing. Imagine how these ladies can have a good face for her.
Jiang Qiuwu listened to the whispers from all sides and angrily looked at a tight water cloud. She used to point all the heads at herself in this four-two-one-thousand-pound way. She was clean. "The princess of the county was seriously ill, and Qiuwu asked for it, but he just looked at it again."
Shuiyunjin listened to this sentence, and her face suddenly sank. Look at Jiang Qiuwu’s watery eyes and look at Huangfuda. Suddenly, she couldn’t restrain her hand. I really want to type it out. There are very few things that can make her angry, but Jiang Qiuwu did it and it made her sick.
"I don’t know if he will take a second look, but I will definitely take a second look."
It is her good temper that Jiang Qiuwu dares to be so straightforward when she lifts her feet to leave in front of her.
Jiang Yu qi looked at Shuiyun Hibiscus and left him. His eyes turned to Jiang Qiuwu’s Gherardini. You couldn’t see the anger. "It’s not like your usual pie. Do you feel that you have scruples?"
Jiang Qiuwu sipped her mouth without saying a word.
品茶论坛At that time, Shuiyunjin had gone far and put aside the boiling of people behind him completely.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunji’s eyes deeply. He loosened Shuiyunji’s slender waist and changed his hand to hold her soft little hand. Her fingers were clasped and Shuiyunji struggled, but she couldn’t earn it. She made a determined effort to raise the two men to shake hands and bite the white jade back of Huangfuda’s hand.
Shuiyunjin’s heart is uncomfortable, and she can’t grasp the strength naturally. When she spreads out the back of Huangfuda’s hand, she will see that he has two rows of neat teeth marks on the back of jade. It is clear that she didn’t open her mouth when she looked at her eyes slightly.
"Love" Huangfuda smiled shallowly. He didn’t look at the back of his hand. His eyes were shining and he fell into the water more and more gently.
Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow and saw his one eye. There was anger in his eyes and he was unwilling to be wronged. Seeing that Huangfuda’s heart was tight, "Bite two more if you feel uncomfortable."
"It’s not uncomfortable, it’s disgusting." Shuiyunjin frowned.
"Then let’s go." Huangfuda’s slender fingers caressed Shuiyunjin’s forehead hair.
"I’m the kind of person who runs away from cold feet." Shuiyunjin bit her teeth.
Huangfuda smiled. "Then don’t be angry. This is your site unhappy. Just tie her up and throw her to Qingyue Pavilion to think about her. There should be many people."
Shuiyunjin gave him a grumpily white look, but finally smiled. "I want to strip her naked and throw her into Qingyue Pavilion."
"Good JiQing will do very well." Huangfu Da spoiled and rubbed her head with water clouds, but she didn’t know what JiQing almost fell behind her.
"I can help, too." I was a little excited about Chen Yang’s little face.
Shuiyunjin looked back and dug away from Chen. "You are positive not to learn this kind of thing at an early age."
"I don’t want you to export gas." Did he like to strip Jiang Qiuwu when he took a white look at Shuiyun Park?
Shuiyunjin smiled and said nothing.
"Forget me, I’ll play by myself," said Li Chen and ran away.
ShuiYunXi looked at his back face smile receded "JiQing followed him to send him out of the palace when necessary"
JiQing nodded as he left the processing.
"You are good to him" Huangfudi said a sentence.