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"Yi Yi ….." It was another swallowing movement, and then Jane didn’t leave the bar to pick up another cup before she mixed the good wine and poured it into her mouth like water again, and she just looked at him without blinking, so that it would be true and make Jiang Junyue believe it more.

He knew Jane had left her.
Jane’s head was lightly buckled by a big hand, and Jane really fell off her lips with a mellow wine smell, which was the beautiful dream that Lan Jingyi had expected for several midnight dreams.
Section 31
His lips have been described many times in her heart, but she has never been so real and close at this moment.
The smell of wine is stronger, and the once dreamy face is getting bigger and bigger. Lan Jingyi closed her eyes and kissed her, so she gave her the alcohol. From then on, everything was settled, everything was killed in the bud, and the damage was minimized.
That’s good. She doesn’t ask for anything.
Lan Jingyi waited quietly with her eyes closed, but it seemed as if a century had passed, and the two thin lips that made her dream several times had not yet fallen.
"Bang!" A muffled sound rang through my ears, and Lan Jingyi suddenly opened her eyes. "Jiang Junyue, what are you doing?" When she opened her eyes, she didn’t see that she had waved a fist and was gaining momentum. Jiang Junyue’s just muffled sound turned out to be that he had punched Jane without leaving his body.
"He wants to kiss you, don’t you see? Don’t hide. "The quiet man was angry, and then Jiang Junyue found out that Lan Jingyi was hiding behind him." I forbid him to kiss you. "
"Are you all right without you?" It’s just a punch, but Lan Jingyi actually saw a drop of blood from Jane’s lip corner. A drop of red shows how heavy Jiang Junyue’s hand was just that punch.
Jane gave Jiang Junyue a squint. "Who are you?"
"I’m her fiance." Jiang Junyue grabbed Lan Jingyi with a ring and handed it to Jane. "Well, this is my engagement ring with her."
"Oh, does this engagement ring mean that you are not really married to her?" Jane is not light smile light rhetorical question.
"…" Jiang Junyue took a sip of his lip. It is true that he and Lan Jingyi are not married. He chose not to respond is the best response.
"Hehe, Jingyi hasn’t got a license with you yet, so if you’re not married, all men will pursue her. This gentleman please let her go. Everything is her own choice, not your thoughts and decisions imposed on her by you and me." Jane looked at Lan Jingyi’s eyes clearly and calmly, smiling, as if to appease her increasingly disordered mood.
As if he knew everything about her.
A LanJingYi choked up "non-separation …" She walked away from Jane, but was mercilessly buckled by Jiang Junyue’s wolf hand.
"This gentleman Jing Yi has made a choice, please respect her and please let go." Jane is still smiling, and that smile suddenly makes Jiang Junyue feel a little overwhelmed. Can’t what happened last night and this morning prove that she has herself in her heart?
But when faced with such elegance, such gentleness and simplicity, we should think of Lan Jingyi’s information. The first love is Jane, and when she leaves his confidence, she starts to drop sharply and then drops sharply. That’s what Lan Jingyi cares for. At this moment, he can only be safe if he controls her in his own hands. "I don’t care, I know she is my woman."
This is bullying, which declares that she is all he has. For a moment, Lan Jingyi really doesn’t want to hurt him again. But for a second, when she thinks of Yin Qingrou’s story and He Ling’s hostility to herself, her heart trembles, and then she bows her head and bites the back of Jiang Junyue’s hand. Let go, let go, let go, and she won’t bite him.
But the man’s hand doesn’t seem to feel that she is biting him, and he usually doesn’t feel pain. He just holds her hand tightly and refuses to let go.
As soon as the scene became chaotic, the security guards surrounded it in the commotion and watched the excitement, all of which were radical and generally coaxed.
"Oh, so two men are robbing girls."
"That woman really deserves to let two bloody men be jealous."
"Come and see how handsome they are. Which one do you like? I like that man in white is elegant and gentle. "
"Well, I think the one in black is cooler, more handsome, colder and more flavorful."
Jiang Junyue’s lips moved slightly-when did he become a jealous man?
Does he need it?
He once did this for a woman. "Lan Jingyi, please shut up or I … I’ll … I’ll make sure you can’t get up again tonight."
Jiang Junyue sounded very softly, as if to let her hear it alone, as if to warn her to let go quickly.
However, Lan Jingyi’s face was blushing instantly. She just felt that many people had heard him declare in front of so many people that the root was to tell others how far Jane had left them. At this moment, she didn’t let go, nor did she wish to cut this man to pieces from the bottom of her heart. Finally, she let go, but letting go didn’t mean compromise, so she saved face. She blurted out the sentence "I really don’t love you if you let go."
Chapter 63 Her sneak attack
"Hey, I told you, if I choose that gentle man, I will definitely not be rude, and I will support him …" The girl behind her who has a crush on Jane suddenly cheered Lanjingyi.
Jiang Junyue’s face is getting more and more gloomy. Does love really come first?
If you really want to divide it like that, then he will begin to love, and it is doomed that there will be a result, that is, a fiasco.
"Too gentle is not a man. I still like to wear black, which is manly. There are as many men as there are men …"
Lan Jingyi spoke, but the girl’s words seemed to say that in Jiang Junyue’s heart, he let him hold Lan Jingyi’s wrist tightly, and his hand was slightly loosened. It was that moment that Lan Jingyi seized the opportunity to lift his knee and go straight to his leg. If he was scared …
The speed and strength of this Lanjingyi is absolutely strong. I feel a sense of wind. Jiang Junyue’s tall figure moves smartly and neatly to avoid a blow from Lanjingyi, but she is forced to let go of her wrist because of this. Lan Jingyi is free. At the same time, Jane is moving away from her. At the same time, Jane is pulling Lanjingyi, so it’s just a moment. At this time, three people have changed clearly. At this time, Lanjingyi Yi Zheng is left by Jane, while Jiang Junyue is slightly embarrassed and lonely. There is Lanjingyi alone.
夜生活The scene was chaotic, or rather, it was the onlookers. Instead, the three of them remained motionless, just like the three statues of Jiang Junyue, whose eyes fell on Lan Jingyi’s face as if to eat her alive, while Lan Jingyi slightly lowered his eyelids to face Jiang Junyue’s deep eyes, which was like two vortexes to net her and never get rid of it. Among the three people, there was a calm and gentle smile, and he always hung up his face. "Hehe, everyone is scattered. It’s just a joke." At random, he wanted to roll with the punches and roll with the punches.
The security guards are also afraid of an accident. Besides, they have recognized Jiang Junyue for a long time. To be exact, if something happens to him, if his face looks ugly, it’s hard to say that they will follow the bad luck. The backstage boss of this commotion, but almost everyone who has a commotion with Jiang Junyue knows that "it’s nothing to see."
So soon the crowd dispersed.
Jane moved slightly away from her hand and gently held Lan Jingyi’s "Yi Yi introduces me."
"Jiang Junyue" Jiang Junyue said coldly to himself.
"It turned out to be General Manager Jiang" and he turned to Lan Jingyi. "Yiyi, why don’t we invite Mr. Jiang to dinner?"
"No, what’s the matter? Let’s make it clear here." Lan Jingyi gritted his teeth and shook a figure in his mind. Yin Qingrou, the girl who once loved Jiang Junyue deeply, didn’t want to make the same mistake as that girl. She wanted to live with her mother.
I’m back. I’m holding her hand. She should still be in love with me, right?
Gently press the engagement ring with your fingers and put it in your hand. It’s beautiful. There is still her temperature on the side of the ring, but she has been with her for a few days. Now it’s time to return it to its owner. "I’ll give it back to you and I’ll never see you again, you know."
A man has a ring in each hand. At this time, Jiang Junyue has the ring in his eyes. The ring can’t stop flashing with dazzling light, but it hurts his eyes.
He stared at the little hand quietly, and the ring in his mind flashed past her like a lantern. Last night, she was charming and tiny, and she sang a song, which was definitely a heartfelt reaction
How dare a woman lie to him?
no way
"Ok, you don’t want me to take it back." Slowly, two long legs moved forward involuntarily, but it was just a blink of an eye. He was so close to Lan Jingyi that she could clearly see that he was slightly blue. She just stared at him and waited for him to take the ring and then got involved …
Jiang Junyue’s face is getting bigger and bigger, her eyes are getting bigger and bigger, and her heart is getting bigger and bigger. She wants to deeply imprint his initiation at this moment …
Jiang Junyue stopped and swept Lan Jingyi and the ring in her hand again. The lip angle gradually raised a bit of unruly smile, and then he reached out and went to get the ring.
As soon as Lan Jingyi’s heart reached her throat, she seemed to want him to take it, but she didn’t want him to take it at all.
Thin cool fingers fell off her hand, but did not take the ring directly, but meandered from her fingertips to her hand. At the same time, his eyes were fixed on the ring until there was absolutely no her in his eyes.
There’s that ring
There is her little hand that has begun to sweat.
"Brush …" Just as Lan Jingyi’s heart was beating wildly, Jiang LaCrosse quickly picked up the ring over his shoulder and picked up his hand. At the same time, Lan Jingyi’s body was caught off guard and dumped his shoulder. "Don’t play home" and turned around and left it to Jane.
"Let go" is what I didn’t expect Jiang Junyue to play this skill. When Jane was not able to react, Lan Jingyi had been carried out of two steps by Jiang Junyue.
It seems gentle, Jane and Jane broke out suddenly, and all his strength suddenly shot at Jiang Junyue, and Lan Jingyi himself would be rescued by Jane and Jane, so Jiang Junyue raised his hand fiercely, so there were two tall and large men in her eyes, and Jane and Jane were behind herself and in front of Jiang Junyue. I don’t know if there was such a man Lan Jingyi, but the whole body was hung upside down by Jiang Junyue, and she could see that she was still cocked her head behind him, and she had a great effort to see "Be careful …".
Seems to feel the strong breeze behind Jane Fei slowed down and attacked Jiang Junyue forward, and turned around to deal with two oncoming men and three figures. Lan Jingyi never knew Jane Fei was so good at kung fu that he didn’t fall into the wind, but it was obviously impossible for him to get rid of the entanglement of the two men at the moment. It was such a moment that Jiang Junyue had strided out of the commotion gate with her on both sides, and there were security guards and no one near her and him.
When the outdoor air freshened up, Lan Jingyi suddenly woke up. She didn’t react until she punched and kicked the man carrying her, but did she?
The answer is obvious. She is full of anger, like a cotton ball going back and forth. There seems to be a muffled sound lingering around her. Jiang Junyue doesn’t fight back, scolds her back, and walks to her car with a deep cold face. Jiang Han has opened the car door for him and threw Lan Jingyi at the co-pilot. Then she buckled the safety belt. After hearing the "click", Lan Jingyi was honest and didn’t struggle or shout. She learned how this safety belt can make her struggle. It’s better to wait for the opportunity to escape from him.
The door is still open, but it’s open, and she can’t get out of the car.