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I feel puzzled. Is he here to express his condolences to me?

With such doubts, I also took the bus.
Halfway through, I suddenly remembered one thing. It seems that the Han family also made their fortune in Los Angeles!
That ….. Could it be him?
Chapter 239 Don’t trust you
If Han Jia and Han Qingshan really do it, everything can be strung together.
Maybe the attack in the French town was deliberately made by Han Qingshan.
He really got involved with me when he saved me.
And why Chen Shu is interested in me? I think it may also be because of Han Qingshan …
These speculations made my hair stand on end, and I realized that I had overlooked many problems.
I didn’t calm down at all, so I immediately told Ye Wen the speculation.
Ye Wen paused for several seconds before saying, "I’ll leave immediately."
I, uh, said, "No wonder Chen Shu is so secretive. I think we can start with the Han family and maybe find something."
Ye Wen replied that the horse would go far with Ye.
My heart beat like a drum and I thought I might have spied a shocking secret.
Ye Wen called me back a few minutes later.
He said that Ye Xiangyuan told him to stare at Han Qingshan more without too many instructions.
I couldn’t help saying, "Does he think I’m a stranger?"
约茶Ye Wen said, "At least it means that it needs to be verified, so don’t startle it."
Yeah, it’s just my guess. Han Qingshan is a businessman. How can he talk to the Li family …
Take a step back and say that even if he is really the man behind the scenes, we have no evidence, so we might as well pretend that we don’t know anything.
Thought of here I slowly calm down.
Back to the military compound, grandpa and sister-in-law have got the news and are waiting for me at home.
Xiao Jin also ran to my leg and took my hand. "Aunt, are you okay?"
I touched his head and looked at my grandfather and sister-in-law and said, "I worried you."
Sister-in-law sighed, "I didn’t expect her to be so extreme … but I can understand her …"
She looked at Xiao Jin’s eyes with tenderness.
Maybe it’s empathy. Sister-in-law seldom calls her Aunt Li Qingqing. After all, she used to be an enemy, but it may be that this time Li Qingqing made her.
I am also crying.
It’s really admirable for the child Li Qingqing to do this.
Shi Wenlu and Teng Jun’s death are both horrible, but Li Qingqing is more tragic than them, but this tragedy is based on her love for her children and she thinks it is respectable. At least I won’t mock her.
Although I still don’t understand that she stayed well at Li’s house and her son was sentenced to several years in prison, she wanted to pave the way for her son in this extreme way.
Grandpa said, "Don’t think too much. Ayuan called and said you were scared. Let’s keep an eye on you and have a good rest."
Sister-in-law also said, "I’ll call you at dinner."
Xiaojin took my hand and said, "Uncle, don’t you just have me to accompany my aunt back to my room? I’m a man."
A word made us laugh, and I was in a better mood.
But I still want to talk to grandpa about Chu Feipeng.
As a result, I haven’t opened my mouth yet. Grandpa said, "I got a message from Fei Peng. You did a good job."
As long as grandpa is not angry, I am relieved at once.
Sister-in-law and Xiaojin sent me back to my room.
I casually mentioned that Li Qingqing was sent back to Li Jia’s family. "I don’t know if Li Jia will come to trouble."
Sister-in-law said lightly, "It was she who came to the door automatically and caused you to be so frightened that you almost hurt your child. If only they were in trouble when we didn’t go."
I "…"
Not the kui is the eldest sister-in-law I know, not the kui is a woman who pretends to be crazy and wants revenge from her eldest brother. These two words are extremely domineering
If the Li family dare to find a door to throw these words in the past, they will dare not say another word.
I gave my sister-in-law a admiring look.
Sister-in-law smiled and said, "Don’t be paranoid. What are you afraid of having Ayuan at home?"
I took a deep breath, and sure enough, my psychological quality was so poor that maybe even Xiaojin could not compare with it.
After Xiao Jin obediently sat on the bed, he accompanied me while reading, and I closed my eyes and slept.
Fortunately, with this little guy, I thought of Li Qingqing’s tragic situation as soon as I closed my eyes. My heart was a little scared, but Xiao Jin’s immature voice made me relax.
Then I fell asleep unconsciously.
When I woke up, the light in the bedroom came on.
I was thinking that it might be very late, and my eldest sister-in-law didn’t seem to wake me up, but suddenly I found Ye Xiangyuan sitting on the edge of the bed.
He looked at me tenderly with his eyebrows.
I was so surprised that I almost suspected that I was dreaming.