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"This ~" No one has ever said that I look like me since I was a child, and I don’t know what level I look like, but it feels good to praise others.

"It seems that you are all right to eat breakfast? I’ll make breakfast! "
Looking at wearing a crimson plaid dress and a pure white shirt, she left the room and remembered that she didn’t know her name yet! Knocking on my head because I was washed away by this thing when I just woke up, I almost forgot the important things in my dream. My mouth turned slightly up, but the horse returned to its original state. The game is coming occasionally! Ha ha!
Chapter 10 Second-round Career Start
Chapter 10 Second-round Career Start
I didn’t know that the girl’s name was Zhang Xian until I had breakfast. The daughter of a manager of Sister Qi Enterprise was in charge of my nightlife. Specifically, I meant that the housekeeper was responsible for any special circumstances in the evening.
It’s delicious to make breakfast after eating Zhang Xian. A fried ostrich egg, a cup of hot milk in the hot spring of Tianqiong Mountain, the world’s highest mountain, and a piece of the world’s top material’ golden wet wheat’ are made into bread. I left for school after playing Zhang Xian, and I started my game!
When I entered the game or the line, there was no one in Krishna’s torture room room. I directly got a’ butterfly wing’ (back to the record point). When I arrived in the capital, I carefully looked at my attributes and status.
Base level LV1
Occupation level LV1
Health 35 (Strength Ring+3)
Magic power 6
Professional super beginner
Base attribute
Physical strength-6
(The previous plus points disappeared due to demotion)
The clumsy dagger of the beginner’ (although there is only one turn left after the direct job change, the beginner can still make this thing)
Hole cotton clothes’+2 prevention
Hole light shoes’+1 prevention
Low-level iron shield’+2 defense
Hole hooded shawl’+1 defense
Look at your own professional skills and see a lot of skills (you can skip the introduction of professional skills for super beginners)
Swordsman skill
One-handed sword increases familiarity and makes one-handed sword attack power
Fast recovery (passive) speeds up the recovery of health.
[Crazy Strike] has a 2% chance to stun the enemy and increase the attack power by 2%.
[Rage] The position where your sword is inserted is 3 meters, and the sharp stab makes all enemies in the range take 15% attack damage.
[provocation] arrogance reduces the defense of the other side
[Overlord] Even if you are attacked in battle, it will not affect your mobility.
Attendance skill
[light hunting] looking for hidden characters
[Cure] Replenish health
[therapy] can cure dizziness, darkness, petrochemical and other abnormal state poisoning except.
Mage skill
[Rocket] Spell a spell to attract fire from the sky to attack the enemy. The higher the skill level, the more rockets there are. The highest level of single attack magic is 1.
[fire hunting] looking for hidden characters
[Lightning Strike] The higher the level of attacking the enemy, the longer the lightning strike.
[Ice Arrow] Spell a spell to attract biting ice to attack the enemy. The higher the skill level, the more the number of ice arrows. The highest level of single attack magic is 1.
[Mind Blasting] The highest level of mental attack on the enemy can attack the enemy for 7 times in a row. When the enemy is hit by this skill, it will pause and need to be sung.
[Petrifaction] The higher the petrochemical level of the enemy, the higher the success rate. The highest level of success rate is 4%
Thief skill
There is a maximum 5% chance to produce a double-edged combo effect and double the damage in a double-edged combo ordinary attack.
品茶论坛[Poison] Poison the monomer.