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But what makes me most curious is that Dark Fire and a player named Mu Sons and Daughters started quarreling as soon as they met. It’s not clear what they were quarreling about. The disease and the soldiers stayed behind Chris. This time, I followed closely with my sister, blood repellent, ice fox and family members.

I may still be a strong guy in singles, but when it comes to 30,000 people fighting, that’s another matter. Although my sister can command, the rules in the game are not too white until now. Who told me that my sister is a super business genius? I can say that I am very strange to this kind of thing at first glance, except that I showed the game helmet to me. I said that my roots never touched the game, but I finally decided to implement it in the game until I knew the boundary. So all the combat commanders were thrown to Tianwu by me. Who told me that she was a genius with both IQ and EQ all day?
The largest team in the game has been formed. Through this period of training, the team members have reached a tacit understanding. According to the principle of complementary professional advantages, they have formed a combat team of 2 people, 2 people, 1 team, 1 team and 1 team, and marched to the underground cave according to the formation situation.
On the first floor, we broke through without any effort, leaving 5,000 people behind to sweep the floor, killing all the monsters that appeared for death. When the players came back, they were harassed by sudden monsters. So on the second floor, 10,000 people were left to guard until the third floor, and we met with resistance. The 10,000-person brigade was stopped by a BOSS leading the number of monsters.
The second chapter sniper the necromancer (a)
On the first floor, we broke through without any effort, leaving 5,000 people behind to sweep the floor, killing all the monsters that appeared for death. When the players came back, they were harassed by sudden monsters. So on the second floor, 10,000 people were left to guard until the third floor, and we met with resistance. The 10,000-person brigade was stopped by a BOSS leading the number of monsters.
Chris said beside me, "that’s the vampire count’s specialty, which is speed and physical attack power, as well as summoning The Hunger that he has smoked."
I took a look at the vampire count’s pale face and couldn’t see a trace of blood. The whole body was wrapped in a red cloak with a black background. It was probably made according to the image in the real world. Although he was not very good, his strength was not that he blocked the first 10,000-person brigade. He blocked a bridge with a width of 20 meters, and the other end of the bridge was covered with half a meter of silver fingers, so he pitied me. The knight troops were beaten by him with one punch, and the magic was actually a martial monk before the BOSS [Asura Ba Huang Boxing]. And behind that group of slow-moving monsters, it happened that they blocked the bridge head. Although the attack power is average, they are also invincible.
It depends on the situation. We have to send 50 temple crusaders and repel blood. The ice fox started to stop the vampire count together. The method is even simpler. Fifty Temple Crusaders make [sacrifice] the blood repellent at the same time. That is to say, the loss of life will be borne by 50 Temple Crusaders and blood repellent at the same time. I don’t believe that the vampire count can kill 50 Temple Crusaders with one blow. Behind the ice fox, it is mainly to help the blood repellent [sacrifice and pray] and speed up the singing of blood repellent [Asura Ba Huang Boxing]. Of course, it is impossible to kill the vampire count by attacking blood repellent alone. To repel blood and attract the attention of the Vampire Count, the remaining monks have already prepared for it. Wizards and priests have used [bog land], [slow speed] and [angel anger] to the Vampire Count (doubling the life lost by enemy injuries at one time).
The blood-repelling team made a way for the vampire count to pass by like a blade, and sang [Asura Ba Huang Boxing] in front of the vampire count. This made the vampire count angry that there should be a player who could be so presumptuous in front of himself. In his mind, there should be no player who could resist his super physical attack, so he was not willing to come out of his strength to desperately repel the blood. The blood-repelling clothes were all cut into pieces, while the 50 holy crusaders in the back desperately risked their blood to see that I was waiting for a few heartbeats in the distance. On the pause heart, this guy’s physical attack power is really not covered with an ice fox. She led a priest team of more than 400 people to heal 50 holy crusaders. In front of him, there was no sound except the sound of cutting skin with a knife, but behind me, it kept making a unique drumming of [healing] and it was also a few hundred duets.
Finally, the vampire count’s chest was hit with a solid fist, and the huge fist shadow flew out from behind the vampire count’s body, sweeping out a straight path for the monster on the other side of the bridge. The vampire count hit him with seven punches [Asura Ba Huang Boxing]. Even if it was made of iron, he could not stand such a storm. He was still a second-class BOSS. Compared with the real top BOSS, the life value was too far away. Nai’s squeal and screaming disappeared into white light, which exploded the equipment money all over the place, but we would immediately put it away and hand it over.
Soon something came in front of us, and something caught my attention. It was nothing if it was alone, but when I took out the The Hunger ring and compared it, I immediately saw that it turned out to be a The Hunger ring fitting. With this fitting, the The Hunger ring will have a change, and the two rings will be combined to form a three-meter-diameter ring-shaped’ reincarnation knife’!
夜生活  title=I turned around a few times and found that this thing is really personal and convenient to transport, like running water, without any obstacles and detention. Besides, I don’t need to catch the reincarnation knife directly. I just need to put my hand close to the side of the reincarnation knife to command it. Fortunately, Chris woke up next to me and we have work to do before I put away my interest.
As soon as Count Vampire wiped out the magic across the bridge, he immediately poured a piece of it and disappeared in a short time, leaving some magic things that could not stop the impact of the first team and quickly occupied the fourth floor passage.
First, there were more than 7,000 people left in the first brigade of the Ice Fox Pastor Team, and then more than a dozen assassins and hooligans were sent to explore the fourth floor. As soon as they shouted, they disappeared within ten seconds, and then their information came from the resurrection point of payon City. According to them, the first and fourth floors were besieged by some angels and demons, and these angels made some unknown magic to stop them, while the demons released a black blow to destroy them. The more important message is that more than a dozen of them are still in hiding. It can be seen that hiding is effective for false angels and false demons, and they were destroyed by a false angel and a false demon
A group of us discussed how to deal with these angels and demons before the entrance on the fourth floor, because I don’t want to fight with the sea tactics, so the sacrifice would be great. Although the new resurrection system lost 1% experience after its death, the equipment would be in trouble, but the equipment would be lost after its death, and the drop rate was still very high. However, the equipment on the fourth floor could disappear automatically after waiting for a while, but there are no good weapons in the fairyland now, but it is not a problem to do everything in one set, two sets or even one thousand sets. It’s a big problem to get to 10,000 or 100,000 pieces of equipment. I don’t have so much money to buy so many pieces of equipment, and it’s impossible to suddenly find out 100,000 sets of excellent equipment in fairyland. These rare weapons don’t mean that there are them when needed and money.
"What do the small troops think of these pseudo-angel demons who are not very big, but the big troops are casualties?"
See day dance smile way "this easy to …"
The third chapter sniper the necromancer (2)
Hearing Tianwu’s sweet smile and knowing her well, Ye and Muer knew that Tianwu wanted to fight again and didn’t know her well. All of us heard her smile sweetly and couldn’t hear what she said clearly for a while.
"Dance, what did you just say?"
Tianwu gave me a white look and said, "Actually, there is still a way to solve these monsters." Tianwu stopped when he said this. He glanced at everyone and hung our appetite before saying, "Want us …"
I can’t help shouting "Good plan!"
Draw a large number of sages from all the troops and select hunters, poets and dancers at the front and periphery of the high-level ranks. The middle layer is composed of knights, crusaders and monks, mixed with the least number of priests, and arranged in a conical formation. First, a team of 1,000 assassins rushed to the fourth floor to open the way, and the false angels and false demons almost died. At the cost, we had a position on the fourth floor, and the conical formation just entered all directions after one knot. Each conical formation had about 400 people.
At the sight of a large number of players invading, false angels and false demons immediately called on their companions in the depths to fly thousands of false angels and false demons in the sky. At this time, the cone array played a super role, and the hunter’s super power [dyadic] greeted the false angels and false demons, while the poets and dancers made the combination skills [lullabies]. Every formation sounded a song that made people fall asleep.
Magic things are not as clever as human beings, so the false angels almost constantly cast a white magic on the players in the cone array. When people are fixed by magic things, they are almost unable to move, while the sages make the two skills of [mental regret] and [magic effect cancellation] completely remove the magic of the false angels, while [mental regret] makes the false angels appear constantly, which often makes the wrong object become one of their own, and when [mental regret] occurs, one false angel is added and several more false angels are recruited because of this false angel.
While the pseudo-demon held the demon fork and wanted to find a job in the cone array, but before he got close to it, he was put to sleep by [lullaby]. The pseudo-demon really came to chen qian less than one-third of the original, and those pseudo-demons were not as abnormal as the vampire earl. The middle-level knight crusaders and monks resisted the draw, but those who had fallen asleep were not so lucky. The hunters sent their arrows to them very kindly, but they didn’t know it, and the pseudo-demon kept falling asleep in the battle. Of course, as soon as this happened, the poor pseudo-demon was
Although there are some casualties in our army, it has gradually eroded the four floors. The situation is good, and I am leading more than 4,000 advanced players to wait and wait for the necromancer to appear. From Chris’s message that there is a necromancer, it is very important that the necromancer is not afraid of anything except the sun, that is to say, physical attacks and magical attacks have not attacked him. The only thing is to stop his footsteps, and then I arranged it for a long time.
As the battle surface unfolds, the fourth floor has been occupied by our troops, leaving a small attic in the northernmost corner.
I said to Tianwu around me, "Dance ready to act!"
Glancing at me, Tianwu’s mouth gently moved without saying anything, leading hands to approach the attic from the side, while blood repellent and dark fire led 1000 advanced players to approach from the right side, while I led the main force to attack from the front.
Before the action, I also sent a message asking how the queen was decorated. The answer was of course that the queen giggled before telling me that everything was ready long ago.
Watching the first 10,000-man team in front keep approaching me, I really admire the necromancer, but I have patience. It takes at least ten minutes for the magic to be repainted, and it is impossible to brush out all the four-story dead magic at once. If there is a magic in such a large army, I can destroy it immediately.
Step by step, the big army has surrounded the attic, and the pseudo-angels and pseudo-demons seem to be desperately blocking the players’ progress, but the attic fence has been crushed, and the grass in front of the attic has been turned over. When the first advanced player is ready to push the door, the necromancer finally appears.
There is no earth-shattering roar, no counting of monsters, no shaking of the earth due to the top BOSS. Everything is too normal. When the first player opens the door, the door opens and steps out. It is a young man with a beautiful face, short orange hair and a suit of armor and tights. When he sees such a’ person’ coming out of the attic, the player is stunned. What kind of battle is this? How to get a player out of the house?
The young man suddenly cracked his lips and showed two sharp fangs. Before the player responded, he took out a huge sword from somewhere and cut off the player’s body. The death of the player brought the follow-up troops to wake up and did their best to greet the necromancer [snowstorm], [coercion by God], [mental exhaustion], [darkness instant], [cross exorcism attack], [Asura Ba Huang boxing] and [falcon assault].
I was shocked to see people in the distance. Although I heard Chris talk about the characteristics of the necromancer, I didn’t expect to be so abnormal. If it wasn’t for the help of the queen ant, I really couldn’t deal with him
My message is to dance in the sky and repel blood and dark fire. Although many attack skills are effective on the necromancer, it doesn’t mean that one of all skills is very effective, but we have to specify a place to prepare it.
After I gave the order, the front team retreated slowly, but the vanguard troops had a hard time. All the way through the road, players were killed by a sword. Whether you are a knight with high life value, a crusader in the Temple or a lucky one [golden steel is not bad], monks can’t hold back the necromancer’s giant sword. It is ice chips that swing a dozen meters away, but players don’t touch the blade at all. It is enough to kill non-physical players.