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"Is this all right?" Lan Jingyi ran after him, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. This man gave her so many surprises. He always grabbed her heart and filled her heart with him.

"All right, quasi-play" said Jiang Junyue, dragging his hand into his trouser pocket and watching him move. Lan Jingyi simply reached out to poke his hand and put it into his trouser pocket. It was a sure thing, but when she took it out, she found that it was a female model. "Who is Jiang Junyue?" This one is the same as him, but the color difference is thousands of miles. He is black, and this one is pink. Will it change color?
Lan Jingyi’s mind flashed like flint and then quickly opened the screen. The phone book was full of numbers that she was familiar with. Just a few people proved to be her number. It was the screen that made her special language. I have to say that Jiang Junyue still really looked good. She was not wronged at first. He just dialed Jane’s number and jumped up.
At this time, Lan Jingyi felt that she was as sorry as Jiang Junyue for cheating in this foreign country.
"Jingyi …" A gentle call Jane spoke before her.
"Are you all right without you?" She asked lightly in the past, but glared at Jiang Junyue with her eyes. On that day, he let two handsome men besiege Jane, and she was always worried about it.
"Nothing to drink coffee. Would you like a cup?" The gentle tone makes people feel especially calm.
"No, you have to leave me … I left the city recently."
"Oh, where have you been?"
"I’m with my mom. We’re fine. Don’t worry." After that, she wanted to hang up. It’s good for Jane not to be fine, so she would feel at ease. She can walk with this bad man in front of her. She really won him. She knows that he is sometimes bad to grandma’s house, but she still can’t help but want to be with him.
But before hanging up, it was robbed by one hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Jane. I’ll buy you a drink when I go back another day." Jiang Junyue said that he hung up with a direct hand press. This point is to tell Jane that he is with Lan Jingyi.
"Jiang Junyue, you bastard" stared at him with anger, and his teeth itched with anger, but at this moment, she didn’t make moves to him on the road in a foreign country.
"Let’s go or we won’t be able to come." Jiang Junyue reached out and grabbed her slender waist and led her forward. It was very successful and then diverted her attention. "What can’t come?"
"Bang!" A stone flew in the direction of Lan Jingyi. A little boy was angry and kicked the stone and said, "It’s really disappointing that the light didn’t come on once."
"Be careful" Jiang Junyue suddenly picked up Lan Jingyi and flashed just enough to avoid that stone. Although it is small, it will hurt people if it doesn’t hurt people.
"I’m sorry, sir, miss. I was angry with the child. I almost got into trouble in an unguarded moment." The little boy and mother immediately ran over to apologize and let Lan Jingyi’s anger go away before she darted. She didn’t have to worry about it. She was curious. "Why didn’t the lights light up?"
Chapter 7 Surprise
"I’m sorry, sir, miss. I was angry with the child. I almost got into trouble in an unguarded moment." The little boy and mother immediately ran over to apologize and let Lan Jingyi’s anger go away before she darted. She didn’t have to worry about it. She was curious. "Why didn’t the lights light up?"
"The Eiffel Tower didn’t light up tonight."
"Oh," if you’re traveling, maybe you’ll leave today. It’s a bit disappointing
"Wait, maybe it will light up soon." Jiang Junyue winked and put his arm around Lan Jingyi’s waist, and his fingers became tighter and tighter. He was still wearing the gold tin foil ring.
"Will it really light up?" The little boy’s eyes lit up. "I heard people say that the moment when the Eiffel Tower lights up was particularly beautiful. I want to see it."
"Come on, let’s wait and it will light up soon." Jiang Junyue stopped and pressed his wrist watch so gently.
In the early morning, the night view of Paris is not far from You Mei, and the Eiffel Tower is immersed in the night, which is even more mysterious. Suddenly, the tall tower suddenly lights up and looks beautiful, which makes people feel like walking into a dream. It is a kind of French beauty. The little boy cheered and jumped up. "It’s so beautiful."
Lan Jingyi failed to look at Jiang Junyue as if he wanted to see something in his eyes. He said that he would give her a surprise. Maybe this is it.
She likes it very much.
The heart is full of sweetness. How many surprises will he give her?
After a few minutes’ walk, I reached the bottom of the tower, all the way to the top of the tower overlooking the night view of Paris. Everything was beautiful. She was quiet, and behind her was hugging her. Jiang Junyue just leaned against him. Somehow, the plane flashed in her mind and she saw the shadow. She remembered that the man and the woman gripped Jiang Junyue’s hand as if to stop this moment forever. "Will you leave me?" Her voice is so light that even she can’t hear clearly.
"Huh?" Jiang Junyue frowned slightly and put her hand on her lower abdomen. She seems to have grown some meat tentacles recently, which made him feel so comfortable that he couldn’t put it down.
"Go back, or my mother will worry about me." She didn’t know that she and he had a wonderful night in Paris, and after that, they would never get out of the night.
"Don’t worry" Jiang Junyue still hugged her. At this time, it was already dawn in the city. He just kept ringing and just got off the plane. Although it was quiet at the moment, he always felt that something was wrong.
The wind blows at first, and Lan Jingyi’s hair blows his cheek and neck again. He suddenly turns her thin body and her lips bow down and print her lips. The picture is like a painting with elegant words and beautiful hands clasped around her waist and she doesn’t want to let go.
Someone around me walked past the low footsteps in twos and threes, but it didn’t affect his mood at all. It was a romantic country kissing others’ eyes, except romance, which was affectionate. He was not pointed at at at all, so that he could feel more at ease or clung to her waist and let her cling to his little face. There was something unclear in the night, and the black eyes flashed and held her hand. Only then did he say "Let’s go"
Going back along the original road, Lan Jingyi especially likes the shadow of buttonwood trees in that night, which is particularly beautiful.
All the way to the RV, someone was leaning against the body to take pictures, probably taking the lavender meaning. The large purple lavender on the body was set off with a touch of white, as if there was a romantic atmosphere. It was beautiful.
When he drives, she sits on his side and leans on his shoulder, without asking where he is going to live. Just follow him anyway, and he will arrange everything properly without her worrying.
It’s the best hotel in Paris. This man should be the best wherever he goes.
He took the room card and led her into the ladder. Lan Jingyi looked at the floor and asked, "What floor does my mother live on?"
"Your mother doesn’t live here" but I don’t want him to give her such an answer slowly.
"Then where does my mother live? Why doesn’t my mother live with us? " My heart began to chug and jump, and I felt very uneasy.
"Oh, you knew it early. Come upstairs and have a sleep. When you wake up, it’s still blue clouds, white and blue Jingyi or blue Jingyi." "Ding" His words just fell on the stairs to open the presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel. When he flashed the card, he took the opportunity to open the door for him. "Jiang Junyue, you are rich, aren’t you?" How much does it cost? Maybe she can’t earn his room for one night in a year, and the RV. Even if he has state-owned money, he can be so rich outside the country, as if Paris is his camp.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Section 36
"No, anyway, it’s not that I paid for it and someone invited me to live in. Otherwise, it’s a shame to have a wave. Do you know?"
"Who will treat you? Men and women? " As soon as the words came out, Lan Jingyi wanted to bite off her tongue. She seemed jealous.
"If I say it’s a woman? Do you still want to live with me? "
"Don’t" want to also don’t want to directly respond to a woman to open a room for him. It’s so weird that he comes to invite her again.
"Well, I’ll tell you it’s a man," he said, taking off his coat and handing it to her. "Hang it up for me."
That’s enough. "Jiang Junyue, you bully me."
"Ok, you bully me. Take it off. I’ll hang it for you." He stopped to be serious, and his black eyes seemed to have seen her all through her clothes.
"You sulfur for self-protection" She stretched out her hand and went. He itched and the two men quickly scuffled together.
It turned out that she wanted him to itch, but the last one who kept laughing was replaced by Lan Jingyi. "Ha ha … ha ha ha … you let go."
"Who are you calling a sulfur tyrant?" Jiang Junyue strangled her with one hand and tickled her with the other. Her hands were held by him with one hand, and her resistance was gone.
"No … haha … no one is sulfur self-protection … haha …" She said that she wanted him to let her go or she would faint with laughter.
"Then who do you think started it?" She laughed so hard that she was angry, but he was steady and nothing happened.
This … this is naturally her. "So what?"
"Whoever starts first is sulfur self-protection. Who are you talking about?"
"Whoops … hahaha … hahaha …" She laughed to tears. "Jiang Junyue let go, hahaha …"
"I won’t let go until I tell you who is protecting myself."
Well, she can’t stand it. "I … I can’t be a sulfur man?" Asthma said that a little face is flushed with laughter, just like a blooming peony enchanting beauty.
"That’s more like it." Jiang Junyue slowly let go of her hand and finally twisted her little face. "This is how sulfur self-protection is practiced. Before returning to work, you should call for your own weight. It’s not always good to meet a gentleman like me and let you go."
I’ve seen shame and never seen such shame. Lan Jingyi threw himself at Jiang Junyue, and the strength was unexpected. Fortunately, the carpet quality of the presidential suite was absolutely good, so that Jiang Junyue didn’t let her touch the ground first. She stretched out her hand and hugged him, and the woman’s waist was just right. Her lips were facing his lips, and the four lips were just one finger away. Lan Jingyi felt that Jiang Junyue’s masculine breath was violently attacking her body. She had a dizzy feeling again. "Jiang Junyue, earlier that day, you lost me." She blushed at the thought of taking the initiative.
桑拿会所"Is there?" Don’t give her thought, his lips have been lifted and printed on her …