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"I feel like a loser now and I can’t help at all."

I turned around and held Chris’s white face with a smile in my hands and said, "You can stay with me as my greatest encouragement. I’m too busy being a housewife. Can’t you steal now?"
"You are bad ~" Chris smiled and went back to the pet.
I sat alone in a gorgeous metal room and quietly thought,’ Do you want Cain to summon skills? This trick can’t summon too advanced monsters, but it’s terrible in terms of quantity. Think about calling flies. Flies are disgusting? Rats? Mosquito? Ants? Caterpillar?’ The more I think about it, the more outrageous it is. But this trick can temporarily put three guild members out of the city and think about it. Look at yourself immediately. There are not many billions of RO coins. It seems that it is really urgent. I immediately transfer billions of RO coins from the unified menu and change them into RO coins. My RO coins have risen to more than 400 million. A fly has 1RO coins, 400 million divided by 100 million flies, and I feel goose bumps again.
I came to ChengTou disease method and blood repellent wall. When I saw me, I asked with a full face of concern, "What should I do if more and more people gather in Yicheng?" We can’t get in outside the death department and there are about four people left in the city. "
The situation is really grim, but since I am poor and have money left, those are not a problem.
喝茶约茶  title="Brother Bloody, you inform the dark fire to harass each other behind, don’t storm to minimize casualties, and inform Sunny Rain and Ice Fox to count the number of deaths of our public players, and then distribute bonuses immediately after the siege according to the data; And inform Ironman that if you must stall the Wonderland Girls’ League, and inform me to kill one billion RO coins to buy people from him to see how many people he can send to the outskirts of more than four cities to block enemy star troops. If the enemy is resurrected and rushed back to the battlefield, the players will be killed immediately if it is not for the big troops. "
After a pause, he said, "By the way, when the enemy attacks the city, everyone will be surrounded by walls. I want that trick." Both the disease method and the blood repellent shivered and turned to decorate.
An hour later, the remaining siege hours were 45 minutes, and all five guilds were in the city, including the original attack, which suddenly changed when it woke up. At first glance, there were so many people that there was no end in sight. If there was no such move, four people in the city would definitely be trampled to death.
Tens of thousands of people in the city shouted "kill ~ kill ~ kill ~ kill ~"
I feel a little shaky when I hear Chengtou. Many people are not necessarily strong, but many people must be loud. I am very sure at this moment.
"Come on ~" The enemy troops in the city flocked to the city wall like the tide. I counted the distance in my heart, and Cain had climbed my shoulder for a long time. I was not too lazy. How could there be such a lazy bat?
Three, two, one "Cain calls!"
As soon as I got out of Cain, a large group of mice were summoned. Fortunately, I rushed to the battle platform about one meter outside the city wall in advance. As soon as I was summoned, the mice flocked to the city. If they rushed into the city in the opposite direction, they would be scared to death if they were not killed by enemy players.
City players rushed forward and backward, but in front of them, players were startled when they saw countless mice, while girl players even wanted to make butterfly wings alive again. Suddenly, there were sparse holes in the tight formation, while the players behind them kept pushing forward and backward because of the mice, so that the original tight formation immediately collapsed. Although the attack power of the mice was not high, the number of wins spread like a lake of black running water. Cain faithfully carried out my orders, no matter how much money I watched, it became more and more wrong. Because there were too many mice, the siege players had already run 77, but the city ground was full.
Chapter 10 Meet by accident
Looking at the number of mice in the city, I asked, "How many mice did Cain recruit?"
Cain gave me an answer that made me vomit blood. "I don’t know about the speed of 10 thousand per second."
Oh, my God. Let’s look at my own RO coins. There are more than 200 million RO coins left. Calculate one mouse, 15RO coins, even if 1.5 billion is divided by 15.1 billion mice. Oh, my God! There is no other language except "Oh, my God".
The siege crisis has passed, and all five cities in payon are closed. It will take at least an hour for the mice to disappear after being summoned, and there are still many congregations in one city to kill flies. I feel funny when I think of the drama of this siege. The flies and mice can’t help laughing.
Next to the disease and blood, I laughed with me. As we laughed, Wu Bing, dark fire, ice fox and sunny rain all laughed. Because we did things that others could not imagine, 10,000 people attacked five cities and five guilds actually called us for an hour. After this month, the siege war was over, and the rest of the congregation’s division of labor, city guarding, bonus distribution and recruiting new members were left to the disease and law. Moreover, Chris happily took on the role of her housekeeper.
I took a leisurely walk in five cities and forests in Feiyang. It seems that payon and I really have a fate. This siege war is really fierce, as if life has passed a big step.
The singing of birds and the chirping of insects in the forest sounded particularly comfortable. I suddenly heard a groan. It was a human voice walking along the sound direction and the sound disappeared before I came to a hillside. I was surprised to look everywhere for some small clothes in the thorn grass on the hillside. I jumped the leader’s sword in the thorn grass, split the thorn grass and walked all the way along the clothes direction. When I saw a man’s back, I knew that he was seriously injured because he was lying on the ground and did not move. I quickly stepped forward to help the man with a black hair, but the leaves and leaves of the grass stained with hair and straightened him up. When I saw the man’s face
Remembering that the blood repellent told me that the intelligence dance killed hundreds of people in our guild with one move, why are you lying here? Remember that there is only death in the game and the concept of weakness?
Looking at the sky dance armor with a face as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade and covered with mud and dust, the bottom brush has turned gray-black. Looking at the sky dance is very similar to the situation when I was in a coma in the game. I came to a small hotel in payon to rent a room for NPC to help the sky dance change clothes and take a bath. Although I really want to do it myself, I always feel uncomfortable without emotional contact.
When I calculated, it was already 13 hours in the game. In reality, it has passed more than 4 hours. Zhang Xian should have arrived almost. Leave the rent for three days and leave the game. The hotel is still safe and there will be no such people as flower pickers.
※※※※※※※※※※ I lost the thread, that is, I opened my eyes as if I were waking up. Zhang Xian had written her paper on the table next to her. I padded my feet and walked over to Zhang Xian and whispered in her ear, "Are you finished?"
"Ah ~" Zhang Xian was startled and turned to see that it was me and I was filled with joy. The pleasantly surprised expression made me stay a little.
"What a fool! Look at you!"
"It turns out that Xianer is so beautiful that I almost forgot to breathe."
"Ah, when did it become such a flower? By the way, you asked me to spy on things and there was news."
"oh? News so soon? Sure enough, I’m so slim. Then tell me what’s going on? "
"Look at you, you are so anxious that there are no people around that place in Fiona Fang, and you have started construction according to your requirements. I really don’t know where your money comes from. That’s billions. You can earn billions without going out. It’s still not a person!"
"It’s very important to get down to business."
"Well, I know. Besides, you inquired that Wei Hairen was the president of a network company called Huaguang. This was a very small company, but suddenly a list of elegant computer software wheel ratio performance immediately occupied the market, and now it is sold at sky-high prices, but it is even more strange that one person in the world can crack the software and it is really bullish that it is still stolen. I dare not ask anyone to order such a large number of equipment because you want that batch of equipment, so let’s wait for the time being. "
"Xianer is really amazing. You have done so much in a day or two. Are you afraid that your father will know?"
"Women’s universities don’t flow. I like you ~"
"Look at you!"
"You are bad!"
"I’m not bad, how can I fool your heart ~ ~"
※※※※※※※※ "Captain Zhao, we have purchased a large number of accounts in batches, and these account bases have reached LV9 level.’ Tianying’ has begun to enter the game and adapt to the game."
The man called Captain Zhao is a lean and handsome young man. You can tell from his arms that this man is not simple. "Well, I know how prepared Longxiang is?"
"I heard that I participated in a guild siege war last night and now I have occupied five cities outside payon."
"Still such a child? It’s important to ask him to do the right thing. If we can get the guild to dominate, we can directly occupy the guild. If not, we can set up a guild ourselves. How dare a child like him act as our’ Sky Shadow’ scout? Hey! "
※※※※※※※※※※ Lan Fengyun, the branch building of Nishi’ Dream’ Enterprise, is on a video call with a distant guest.
"President Wang wishes us success together."
"President Lan laughed. It’s a mutual benefit. I’m very glad that you can find me to combine equipment. We can limit it, but we have to send someone to monitor it. I believe President Lan won’t mind?"