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The wedding is scheduled for the end of the month. After more than ten days of intensive preparations, the Qianlong Palace has changed into a pair of red Huo Jiujian, who is very happy with it, and ordered the palace people to make a final inspection.

Jun’s madness made Zhu Yixian look pale. On the same day, he already greeted Qin Xiao and asked her to wear the most beautiful and precious clothes to attend the wedding.
Qin Xiao, the most beautiful and precious thing here is Junkuang. She refines fairy clothes. She looks up at Junkuang and says nothing.
After the monarch’s madness, he sent a set of jewelry to work. At first glance, it was not from the craftsmen of the mortal world. The jewelry was not as plain as the water pattern in the words, but it made people feel comfortable.
"Seed" Qin Xiao stared at the jewelry in front of her. "Look at this jewelry."
"Very beautiful"
"This is definitely not the bride’s jewelry, right?" Qin Xiao sighed.
"It should not be, but it is the most suitable for you."
"Really?" Qin Xiao raised her hand to greet catalpa. "Come and comb my hair. I’ve never had so many hair pins in my head."
"I’ve seen a lot of clothes in the families of dignitaries, and you should get used to it." Catalpa looked at Qin Xiao through the mirror with some concern. "Have you really decided that’s it?"
Qin Xiao smiled wryly. "Otherwise, what can I do? Let Zhu Yixian take the talk and spread rumors everywhere."
"Not really. I think they seem very polite."
"Knowing people knows their faces but not their hearts. After I get married, you are almost the same," Qin Xiao said. "I can say that finding a good family for you is really happy, and you have to catch your own eyes without knowing people."
"It’s just what I want to come back to the Lord."
"Really" Qin Xiao smiled and didn’t continue the topic.
Qin Xiao, who has changed several hairstyles one after another, feels awkward and wonders if he has no talent for dressing up.
"It’s that the Lord is so beautiful that no matter what hairstyle looks good." Seed inserted the hair pin into the bun with a smile. "But the main reason is that you have been wronged. Don’t hold it back to tell us that we can’t stand up for you, but at least it’s better than holding it back."
"Thank you" Qin Xiao doesn’t know who the seed "we" includes, but
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She knows very well that whatever it is, she can’t tell them.
On the day of the wedding, Qin Xiao turned twice in front of her "Ru" dressed in Jun Kuang, a refined fairy costume and a gesture given to her by Jun Kuang.
"Beauty" seed immediately clapped her hands and praised "no matter what, women will be eclipsed in front of you"
"That’s good" Qin Xiaowei squinting corners of the mouth with a smile.
You crazy marry is her choice, she is not the protagonist today, but she must be more eye-catching than the protagonist.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Marry a person
Qin Xiao’s head is ready, and Jun Kuang is also preparing, but it seems that the mad emperor doesn’t cooperate very well.
"Come on, why do you want to tie a big red flower?" What the hell is it like to tie a big red flower outside?
"Custom, custom" Huo Jiujian ran wildly after Jun with flowers.
Junkuang picked up an apple and took a bite. "He loves to tie it or not. What’s wrong with him? You marry him if he doesn’t go out."
"Then I can’t get it." Huo Jiujian stopped to see the red apple in Jun Qian’s hand and immediately pointed at him and cursed "How did you steal the fruit again?"
"You are all emperors, not dead people, and they can’t get what I have eaten for them." Jun Qian would have wrinkled his nose.
"It’s reasonable to steal the fruit." Lian Di’s stereo started, and then Jun Qian got a skull crash, clutching his headache and shrinking his neck and mouth, and he was still biting an apple.
Truman took back his hand and smiled "Don’t remember to eat or play"
"You can always remember when you play a few more times." Yin Di and the Empress Dowager also arrived.
A few people took a smiling look at Jun Qian. Yin Di rubbed Jun Qian’s head with both hands. "You’re good and talented. It’s better to come to my goalkeeper and maybe be better than your brother."
"Don’t want him to say that you are more fierce than a scourge. The apprentice is that your toy will not be responsible if you accidentally play dead." Jun Qian is not afraid of making a face at Yin Di and successfully getting a second skull collapse.
He didn’t forget to chew the apple with two bags on his forehead.
"What can I do to save you from this kind of foodie?" Emperor rewelding glanced at Jun Qian and handed it over to a small basket filled with something.
Jun Qian never gave up after he got it, and he confidently accepted feeding and looked at Emperor rewelding with a face of ingratiation.
"See, it was hopeless." Ling Di grabbed Emperor rewelding and stole a kiss on her face.
"I go to you two dog men and women" Jun Qian, a lever commander, spat crossly "Is it fun to abuse single dog?"
The field is either in pairs or with a marriage partner, and he is the only one who is not loved.
"He hasn’t arrived yet?" Jun crazy poked his head out from the inside, and Huo Jiujian grabbed his hair behind him and dragged people back to sit in front of the dresser according to him.
"Dressing up is quite personal." Yin Di gave you a commanding look. "I heard that I was very mean to you and accidentally killed you as a toy."