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Song Qingcheng bent her mouth and knew that she was in front of him. However, she learned that Yutingchuan went to Shen Zhi’s engagement party, which may be true. She didn’t hesitate to send him a text message "I want to eat candy chocolate."

Yu Tingchuan looked at the child’s angry message at the engagement party, and the corners of his mouth raised a smile. At that time, he was already sitting in the woman’s viewing seat, wearing a steel watch with his left hand crossing his legs and his right hand holding a mobile phone. This cheerful appearance has entered many people’s eyes.
Then a business friend came to say hello.
Sitting on the side of the man’s viewing seat, Shen Che saw Yu Tingchuan get up and shake hands with people and immediately reported the situation to the whole Song Dynasty. "Your husband just laughed and didn’t know who to send a message to."
Song Qingcheng replied "Oh" and then added, "I asked him to bring me a bag of wedding candy."
Shen che
Just after sending the message, he looked up and saw Ji Liangcheng.
Ji Liangcheng’s parents’ positions in the capital, especially Ji Fu’s foreign ministry, belong to the deputy ministerial level cadres. Now Jiang Hongsun’s daughter is engaged, and Ji Jia and Shen Jia have occasional contacts. Ji Fu specially called back to Nancheng to tell his son to come and congratulate him on saving his statecraft.
Ji Liangcheng came alone.
After signing the entrance and exit, he gave the gift to the workers.
Ji Liangcheng stopped in place for a few seconds and looked at Shen Che. He noticed that Shen Che quickly turned his eyes. He hesitated for a moment or walked towards Shen Che.
"The ceremony hasn’t started yet, has it?"
Speak first when approaching Liangcheng in the late season.
Shen Che casually, um, looked away without looking at Jiliangcheng, and didn’t mean to talk.
After a short walk by the bench in Liangcheng, he said, "Although this kind of engagement party is more formal, it is not big to take off the suit after sitting."
Shen Che reacted in hindsight when he heard him say this. He was so hot and sweaty that he was still wearing a suit. Just now, he paid attention to Yutingchuan. On the other hand, when he arrived at the scene, he undressed for fear of being recognized as not reserved enough. At this moment, he felt more and more like a local egg.
He took off his suit and couldn’t help saying, "After all, it’s my cousin’s engagement party. It’s not a bad thing not to embarrass him by dressing formally."
Season Liangcheng looked at Shen Che without saying anything refuting and asked, "I heard Shen Shu say you were in Hengyuan class."
"Well" Shen Che answered frankly "Song Song helped"
Season Liangcheng nodded "almost forgot that she is with Yutingchuan now"
Voice down two people began to silence.
Shen Che didn’t want to make people feel sentimental, and suddenly he lost his restraint. He just wanted to talk like a friend and simply moved to the side. "Sit down first. I don’t know when the ceremony can start. Why didn’t your wife come with you?"
He asked casually without much thought.
Season Liangcheng paused and then said, "She is in poor health and returned to Beijing in the middle of the month. I will go there when the college entrance examination results come out."
"Oh" Shen Che words to say again.
"I apologize to you for what happened in the past."
Liangcheng said something similar in the previous season, but now both sides are calm and understand the situation a little more.
Shen Che said, "Being young is not a reason to mess around. She didn’t do anything too much for me, but Song Song was really a bully there, just like you said that since Song Song didn’t want to care about me, I wouldn’t hold on to your wife since she was pregnant. She should always learn to understand when she became a mother herself-"
Before Shen Che finished speaking, Liangcheng suddenly asked, "Who is pregnant?"
"…" Shen Che
品茶论坛Ji Liangcheng looked at Shen Che’s dazed expression and made sure that he heard right. His whole heart sank and asked for the second time, "Did you just say Xiaoyu was pregnant?"
Seeing Ji Liangcheng’s face full of ignorance, Shen Che felt that he had said something wrong and that it was weird. How could his wife be pregnant without telling her husband that she didn’t want the child to be secretly aborted?
Thinking about Shen Che again, "I also know that it is normal for your wife to be young and not want to have a baby so early. Anyway, it is nothing to realize the birth after the college entrance examination. You should persuade her more and she will miss it."
"When did it happen?" Ji Liangcheng asked Shen Che during the meeting.
"at the beginning of the month"
Shen Che told the truth "the days before the college entrance examination"
Section 33
Ji Liangcheng didn’t stay any longer, didn’t care about the engagement party, and didn’t start to look a little ugly and strode towards the entrance and exit.
Shen Che still confused about what’s going on.
But then he came over for nothing to say that he didn’t intend to have a child in Liangcheng in the child season, and his father might want to keep this little life, so he was so eager.
I watched Liangcheng leave Shen Che and sent a message to Song Qingcheng "I just got into trouble with my big mouth."
Song Qingcheng replied, "What?"
Shen Che sent a voice telling her that she met Ji Liangcheng and chatted for a few words. She talked about Mu Rong’s language body. He knew about Mu Rong’s pregnancy in Ji Liangcheng. "I think he really didn’t know that something was wrong with the whole person after listening to it and then left in a hurry."
"Mu Mu’s language is too young for this child to understand." Song Qingcheng has returned two text messages "Besides, Mu Mu’s language has congenital heart disease."
Shen Che held the phone for a while and said, "No wonder he is so nervous."
Song Qingcheng changed the subject "Has the engagement party started?"
"Not yet" Shen Che looked around and continued to send voice "but soon"
After 11 o’clock in the afternoon, the guests at the scene almost arrived.