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Section 277

Cloud thousand snow "…"
Yun Qianxue didn’t sleep well at night and wanted to have a nice nap, but the door was knocked again early in the morning.
Yunqian snow nai sighed, and she pushed aside to sleep. Anchen muttered, "If the bearer is Han Xiaojing, don’t tell me. Take the door for me when you go out."
Anchen looked at her strength and couldn’t help feeling distressed. He said in anger, "No matter what she does, just let her outside."
"You hurry up to open the door, and they will say that you are not enough buddies when you are seen by Muyang." Yunqian Xuenai tunnel
Because Han Xiaojing is Han Muyang’s sister, no matter what Han Xiaojing does, they have to endure it.
When she realized this, Yun Qianxue was very naive, but there was no way. She was a grateful person. She always remembered that Han Muyang helped her cure Yun Hao, and she would never forget this kindness.
Anchen sighed and finally got dressed and opened the door lazily. This time, Han Xiaojing was prevented from rushing to hug him. First, he opened a small door.
When he opened the door, he saw his baby daughter holding a doll at the door. Yan Yan saw the door open and she frowned discontentedly. "Daddy, you are so slow. Why did it take so long to open the door? Yan Yan’s legs are sore."
As she said, she twisted her little body and got in. Anchen wanted to stop her from sleeping, but Yan Yan had already trotted over her and walked towards Yunqian Snow.
"Mommy, Mommy, it’s snowing. Yan Yan is going out to play with the snow. Let my brother make a snowman with me, okay?" Yan Yan went to the bed and lay down on the bed and spoke cheerfully.
Anchen a picked her up and whispered, "Yan Yan baby, your mommy hasn’t slept enough yet. Let her sleep first, okay? Daddy will accompany you out to play. "
Yan Yan looked at the sleepy cloud and snow in the bed and said, "How can Mommy sleep so well? Does she have a little brother in her stomach again? "
An Chen’s face was covered with black lines. "Who told you that sleeping means having a little brother?"
"Didn’t the former mommy sleep well when she had a little brother in her stomach?" Yan Yan cocked her little head and asked Anchen.
Anchen touched her head and said, "Mommy is sleepy because she has to get up late to feed her brother. She didn’t get enough sleep."
"Before that …"
An Chen estimated that his daughter’s problems would be endless. He simply picked her up and whispered, "Come on, baby dad, take you to breakfast and then take you out to make a snowman."
Yan Yan nodded her head. "Well, a good daddy is the best." She said, hugging Anchen’s neck and kissing his face.
Early in the morning, I got a kiss from my baby daughter. Anchen was in a better mood. He strode out of the room with his daughter in his arms and gently took the door.
Anchen accompanied Yan Yan to wear good equipment for her after breakfast, so she went out with her. Han Xiaojing saw Anchen holding Yan Yan and went out with her and walked beside Anchen timidly. "Brother Chen, where are you going? Xiaojing also wants to go. "
☆、第二百三十四章 把人弄丢了
Xiao Yifan nodded. "Don’t worry about Muyang. I’m fine."
Xiao Yifan took Han Xiaojing and wanted to continue walking out, but suddenly she called "Uncle Xiao".
Xiao Yifan stopped when he walked out. He turned to look at Yan Yan and asked doubtfully, "What happened to Yan Yan?"
Yan Yan looked at him and asked seriously, "Uncle Xiao, don’t you care about my aunt?"
Yan Yan’s voice just fell and Xiao Yifan was so surprised that she stumbled and almost didn’t fall. Oh, my God, this is a child over two years old. Can you ask questions?
Xiao Yifan looked at Yan Yan’s face and his heart was touched by Yan Yan’s words at the same time. Yan Yan’s words reminded him of the dribs and drabs with Anyue some time ago. He kept saying that he wanted to manage Anyue. Maybe he said it so many times that even a child over two years old could remember his words. What about Anyue? Does she always remember that he said to take care of her? So how would she feel when she saw him pulling Han Xiaojing out?
Xiao Yifan suddenly felt a little stiff at the thought of this. He wanted to loosen Han Xiaojing’s hand, but he was worried that it was hard to get closer to Han Xiaojing and get farther away again.
Yan Yan’s words touched not only Xiao Yifan, but also An Fengnian, who sat aside and never spoke. He has always been optimistic about Xiao Yifan and An Yue. But now Xiao Yifan’s move is to put his baby granddaughter in a position?
The atmosphere at the scene was once again created by the embarrassing situation caused by Yan Yan’s words. At the moment, the protagonist hugged Anchen’s neck and said, "Daddy, let’s go. If we don’t leave, the snow will melt."
Anchen looked at her baby daughter and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. This child’s world is simple. She can say whatever she wants, and she doesn’t have to worry about adults’ thoughts. It’s even more unnecessary to consider whether adults will be embarrassed because they haven’t embarrassed in their simple world.
He couldn’t help kissing his daughter’s delicate little face and then hugging her to spoil her. "Good daddy, I’ll take you out to play."
Anchen held Yan Yan and left, holding Han Xiaojing’s hand, Xiao Yifan and a group of people with different minds.
Han Xiaojing looked up at Xiao Yifan and asked timidly, "Brother Fan, are you still going with me?"
Xiao Yifan paused and then nodded. "Of course, how could my brother break his word when he said he would take you?"
Xiao Yifan said, pulling Han Xiaojing and continuing to walk to the door. In the courtyard, Anchen has made a snowman with her baby daughter. The whistling north wind can’t cover up Yan Yan’s crisp smile. Children’s laughter is so worried.
品茶论坛Han Xiaojing, dragged by Xiao Yifan, looked at the little figure in the courtyard and flashed a complicated look in his eyes.
The next day, Xiao Yifan often takes Han Xiaojing out to play, and gradually Han Xiaojing no longer pesters Anchen, and Xiao Yifan gradually becomes close to him.
I don’t need Han’s mother to sleep with me at night. Gradually, she began to be willing to talk. Occasionally, when she met happy things, she would laugh, and her timid eyes gradually became clear.
Han’s family were very pleased to see Han Xiaojing’s transformation. Before they knew it, Han Muyang saw that his sister’s personality seemed to be getting better in the past month and thought of taking her home.