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Yu Enze turned around and smiled gently at Kobayashi. "I know I have to wait before I go." He asked Kobayashi earnestly, "How do you get home?"

Perhaps it’s because I saw Yu Enze’s good-looking phoenix eyes staring at her all the time that Kobayashi’s cheeks were reddish. "I always go back by subway."
"It’s estimated that it will still be crowded by subway at this time. Well, I’ll let Lao Yang drive you home." Yu Enze sympathized with Xiao Lin’s hard work and decided to arrange the driver Yang Shu to send her back.
"I don’t bother Yang Shu. I don’t mind taking the subway." Kobayashi was flattered and hurriedly refused.
"Kobayashi, let Yang Shu send you. This is a leadership order." Yu Enze approached Kobayashi’s mouth and evoked a charming warm smile. His hand gently fell on Kobayashi’s shoulder and he said to Kobayashi earnestly, "Your home is so far away from the company that it will probably be dark when you get home by subway.
You have been in the company for more than five years, and I know that you have been working hard. You are conscientious in treating your work without a word of complaint, which I admire very much.
Maybe you’ll think that I’ve been flying around all day and noticed the state of your work, otherwise I’ll see all the details of your work every time I return to the group.
Next month, I will transfer you to the W branch to be the general manager’s promotion notice, and I will arrange the administrative department to announce it tomorrow. I hope you will make persistent efforts in your new position in the future, give full play to your potential and realize your value.
Besides, you don’t have to squeeze the subway every day. I’ll give you a special car instead of walking. "
Xiao Lin was so excited that there were tears in her eyes that she looked at Yu Enze in disbelief. "Mr. Yu, are you telling the truth?"
Yu Enze looked calm and unsmiling. "Do you think I will joke with you?"
"Thank you, Mr. Yu. Thank you. I will definitely do a good job and never live up to your cultivation for me." Kobayashi could not hide his joy and promised Yu Enze.
As the saying goes, gold shines everywhere, and a swift horse can finally meet Bole Xiaolin. After more than five years of hard work, she insists that there is no white, and now she can finally be proud.
And all this can not be separated from her boss Yu Enze’s eagerness to cherish talents. He is a discerning and talented leader, and Kobayashi is full of gratitude to him.
Yu Enze patted Kobayashi’s shoulder and his handsome face re-emerged with a charming smile. "Frankly speaking, we all do our own work, not our leaders or others alone. He has to be worthy of himself before he can be worthy of others."
"Thank you, Mr. Yu. I will keep your words in mind. I will redouble my efforts to treat everything." Kobayashi is sincere and humbly accepts Yu Enze’s teaching.
"Well, go home early. I’ll let Lao Yang drive you." Yu Enze said nothing more and called Yang Shu.
After seeing Xiao Lin off by Yang Shu, Yu Enze came to the top floor of the regiment building alone.
The quiet evening breeze blew slowly as if his heart were still cold.
Suddenly, there was a deafening roar in the dark blue night, and several gorgeous fireworks opened wantonly, and colorful lights lit up the blurred and sad night.
"long summer, would you like to go somewhere with me?"
"Where to"
"You will know when we arrive."
I remember that night when he brought long summer here for the first time.
In order to make long summer happy, he spent a whole year of fireworks in the Yu’s regiment, and she lit the colorful sky by herself.
桑拿按摩"Do you like it?"
"Enze, thank you. How could I not like it?"
I hope these fireworks will make you feel better.
"You’re the only one who can do this crazy thing except you."
"It’s good if you smile."
As if long summer’s voice and smile were in front of him at this moment.
Long summer told him how she could not like him. She deliberately lit gorgeous fireworks. He finally saw long summer smiling at him even more beautifully than the fireworks.
He said to long summer that it would be good if you laughed.
It’s good to have you laugh.
Now he always makes long summer cry sadly.