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"I lost, I drank." Meng Junfeng also drank a cup. The two men enthusiastically played the kind of boxing game that was never childish but never made men enjoy it.

Seeing two men flirting with each other, Luo Qijiang finally couldn’t help it. "Change it. How can two men play this? I don’t know if you two are gay?"
"What does gay mean?" Lanjingyi curious asked at random.
Jiang Junyue suddenly twitched her mouth and glanced at Lan Jingyi. Thanks to her good English and French, she doesn’t even know the meaning of this word. Maybe she did it on purpose?
"coax children to talk to men and women to stop interrupting."
Er, typical male chauvinism, Lan Jingyi is not happy. She is strong and strong with one hand on her waist. "If you don’t want to see me, I’ll just go, mom. Let’s go back."
Bring Xiaozhuangzhuang to her, and she will be angry?
She won’t stop with him about the red mark on his chest unless he gives her a reasonable explanation.
"Live" watched Lan Jingyi really go. Jiang Junyue was angry. At least he didn’t give his face to Lan Jingyi since he was a child. Can he not be angry?
The older he is, the more she doesn’t want to live. "Did Ma Qinqin bother you these two nights?"
"There’s nothing to be good." Lanqing took a look at Lanjingyi and looked at Jiang Junyue. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t go, she didn’t stay, and her daughter didn’t want to go. But seeing her son-in-law was really angry with the couple. She couldn’t interject "Yi Yi …"
Lan Jingyi thinks that Lan Qing has listened to Jiang Junyue more recently than she has listened to her. I really don’t know who her child is. "Mom, if you don’t leave, you will leave me with Qin Qin." She grabbed Qin Qin’s arms, one left and one right. She was struggling to hold two at the same time, but she just didn’t want to let go. Anyway, she was going to sleep with two children tonight. Jiang Junyue didn’t want to reunite, so she wouldn’t reunite without their three mothers. He really didn’t have Jiang Junyue. She didn’t care where she was best
桑拿会所Seeing Lan Jing Egan ignoring him, Jiang Junyue’s eyelids jumped. She and Jane were separated, and he didn’t even get even with her. He gave the nanny a wink, "Why don’t you bring the child back?"
"Yes, master," the nanny panicked. Her salary was Jiang Junyue. Why did Jiang Junyue ask her to do it? Why did she rush to the front of Lan Jingyi and go to grab the little strong and strong to coax her? It has always been like this.
Nanny is fast and strong, plus Lan Jingyi holds two small oozes in her arms, and Huanshi is also wriggling with Huan. The nanny robbed her as soon as she sent the little master back to Jiang Gu. Jiang Junyue ordered without returning to the cold.
She’s holding her son, and she’s still angry with him. It seems that women are really spoiled. When they should be fierce, they should be fierce. When they should be cold-treated, they should be cold-treated. If she wants to go or not, he just keeps drinking a little wine.
"Jiang Junyue, you bastard" Lan Jingyi was still happy with the arrival of Xiaozhuang, but now Jiang Junyue has been robbed by the nanny and sent back to Jiang’s house. Isn’t that killing her? Holding Xiao Qinqin, I went after her, but the nanny dumped her after several steps. By the time she caught up with the commotion gate, the nanny had got out of the car and went straight to Jiang’s house.
Lan Jing Inari wanted to cry, and she was scared.
"Yi went back and put in a good word with LaCrosse and came back. What’s the real enemy between the couple? Go talk about obedience …"
don’t go to
Never go to death.
Lan Jingyi is angry.
Chapter 154 Content with Changle
"Yi went back and put in a good word with LaCrosse and came back. What’s the real enemy between the couple? Go talk about obedience …"
don’t go to
Never go to death.
Lan Jingyi is angry.
Lan Qing is also a gang of Jiang Junyue. She always intercedes for Jiang Junyue. If her mother is equal, just consider her mother Jiang Yue. She has no mother.
Angry? When she is angry, she has a mind to kill.
When I stopped a taxi and jumped, I remembered that she was penniless. Only 32 yuan in her backpack had been spent in exchange for an umbrella. I don’t know where it was blown in the rain and bought that red shirt. The man is still wearing it.
"Excuse me, madam, where are you going?"
She is flustered and can’t go anywhere. She doesn’t have the money to pay the fare, but she is a little embarrassed to ask for a car at the moment. After thinking about it, she reported the address of the small supermarket. At least the manager of the small supermarket won’t leave her alone. Then let Li Xuefeng pad the fare for her first, and just hang out with Li Xuefeng tonight.
Lan Jingyi was silent in the car, and Xiao Qinqin seemed to be infected with her unhappiness, and she was as soft as a kitten in her arms.
The neon lights outside the window can’t stop falling over Lan Jingyi at night, and her thoughts are getting more and more confused. She doesn’t know what happened to her and Jiang Junyue. Anyway, they had a cold war.
Very annoying
It’s almost there. She took out her phone and called Li Xuefeng. "Snow Phoenix, please bring the money out to pick me up and help me pay for a car. I’m coming."