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Lan Jingyi really didn’t know when she had offended He Ling, and suddenly remembered that when she first met Jiang Junyue, she gave He Ling fruit foam. Did He Ling hate that?

"I’ll hold the baby when I’m in trouble."
"LaCrosse, you come out" He Ling reached out and pushed Lan Jingyi and then rushed to Jiang Junyue’s room.
"Bang" holding the child Lan Jingyi, an unstable center of gravity caught the whole person off guard and hit the corridor wall "Wow … Wow …" Little Zhuang Zhuang woke up as if knowing that his mother had been wronged and cried for Lan Jingyi. That voice was absolutely loud and clear, so it was just a moment that Master Jiang Hanyu and Jiang Gu maids all appeared in the corridor.
"What’s the matter?" The master looked at Xiaozhuangzhuang angrily with a crutch. "Why is the child crying like this?"
"I …" Lan Jingyi curled her lips. She really didn’t know what to say. Maybe her future mother-in-law pushed herself?
"Sir, the lacrosse is gone. Come on, the lacrosse is really gone. Is something wrong again?" Just rushed into the room Jiang Junyue He Ling flashed out and shouted in panic.
"What’s the matter?" Master is confused. Look at He Ling and Lan Jingyi.
He Ling bent down and pulled LanJingYi collar "you just came out of his room, he was gone, you knew it? Did you do it? "
Leng Liyin made Lan Jingyi tremble with heartache. She didn’t know that the man had told her nothing. It turned out that she was nothing in his heart.
"Blue girl what’s going on? What, you were in LaCrosse’s room last night? What about LaCrosse and others? " The master spoke, and his grandson disappeared. He felt a little stuffy in his chest, and he was scared by his falling into the sea that day, and he never recovered.
Lan Jingyi frowned. If she knew where Jiang Junyue had gone, she wouldn’t have to wait for Jiang Junyue’s room. She waited for Jiang Junyue to tell him about He Ling and Jiang Han. But now she is facing He Ling and Jiang Han. How can she tell her?
桑拿论坛After thinking about her, she whispered, "I sleep with a strong body, and I’m a little afraid to sleep until midnight and I want to find him, but he doesn’t."
"shameless women just want to hook up and climb the lacrosse bed every night, don’t they?" He Ling growled angrily with her hands akimbo.
"Come on, don’t say a few words about Xiaoxi crying." The master took a deep breath and bent down to hug Xiaoxi. This is the only way for Lanjingyi. "Get up and see if there is any injury. If it is, go to my room and get the medicine cabinet. If it is not, come and have breakfast."
"Sir, why do you believe her so much? The lacrosse is missing. It must have something to do with her. Yesterday, she said that her leg hurts and her back hurts, but you don’t know how well she looked when she came out with the baby in her arms."
"Ling Xiaoxi is crying, you should say a few words less." Jiang Hanyu advised his brow to knit up and turned around and went downstairs.
Lan Jingyi’s head is getting more and more painful. I don’t know if it hurts from being hit or coming.
Get up against the wall and go back to your guest room. The curtains are blown up by the wind, and it really rains.
Jiang Junyue is really accurate.
She picked up the number staring at him and stroked the string of numbers over and over again, as if she could feel him like Jiang Junyue. She promised to give her a message and text her if she didn’t come back late.
But he broke his word.
I went to wash my face, changed my clothes, and dealt with a forehead wound, which broke a little skin, and it didn’t matter. Master Lou waited for her to have breakfast together. Xiaozhuangzhuang stopped crying. The nanny hugged her. It would be happy to drink milk powder and waved her hand at the sight of Lan Jingyi’s little hands. "Daddy … Daddy …" The little thing always called her daddy, but she knew that it was because he couldn’t pronounce "Mommy". All of them called daddy "Come to Mommy".
"Let’s eat" master is a drink to let her just want to pick up the small strong strong hand abruptly fell down.
Jiang Junyue was on pins and needles, but she had to bite the bullet and sit for breakfast. From time to time, she felt really sad like a nightmare.
Finally, I finished the rice porridge in the bowl, and Lan Jingyi got up. "I’m going back, sir. I want to take Xiaoxi back to show my mother." Jiang’s family called Xiaoxi Xiaozhuang, a little thing, because she named her, and people didn’t recognize her.
"Let’s talk about LaCrosse in a few days. No one has answered the words of LaCrosse until others come back. You can’t go late again." The master was tired and leaned back in the chair for a moment, as if he had aged a lot. It seemed that Lan Jingyi didn’t care for him, so he could stay at Jiang’s house.
She is really annoyed with Jiang Junyue.
I called Jiang Junyue regardless of anything, but she answered again and again. She is a mechanical woman. The number you dialed is temporarily answered. Please redial later.
But I’ll call back later, and she still says that.
Little Zhuang Zhuang is in front of her, but she can’t be happy anymore
It turns out that there are conditions for a person to be happy
She is happy to have a son, a daughter and that man.
They are indispensable in her world.
The rain outside the window is still falling like tears, which makes people feel a little sad
Where the hell did he go?
When Jiang Junyue woke up, he was already in bed.
The round big bed was soft and covered, and the room was turned up high and low. A suit was neatly placed at the head of the bed. He was shaken and sat up. He was actually wearing nothing. The memory goes back to last night. It seems that he was in the bathtub and fell asleep.
Who put him in this bed?
Jiang Junyue quickly picked up his clothes and put on a new size, but he just pushed the door and went out to face a maid. "Mr. Jiang, this is your thing."
The tray is a car key and he is "Cheng Qingyang?"
"Mr. Cheng went to the casino last night and has not returned yet."
"He doesn’t? Really? " I don’t believe it. He doesn’t believe it. It must have been Cheng Qingyang, the dead thing, who carried him to bed last night. Jiang Junyue suddenly got goose bumps at the thought of the man touching himself.
"Which casino?"
"Mr. Cheng didn’t say"
Chapter 146 Don’t explain
"Hum, cheat" Jiang Junyue took it. It’s gone. How can it be turned on or off? Damn it, how could it be gone? A few steps went to a fixed telephone and took off and dialed the Lanjingyi number. It was already dawn outside. He got up late.
"Tilt …" Slightly hesitant woman with a hint of hesitation. "Tilt is it you?"
Jiang Junyue’s heart ached slightly. "Well, it was me who went out with friends last night and fell asleep after soaking. Did you call you when I woke up?"
Lan Jingyi blushed. She just really played for a long time. "When will you come back?" All the anger and resentment disappeared quietly when I heard his voice. Now she wants to see him and miss him and her.
"Well, there will be something urgent in the company in a while, and then I will go back to pick you up."
"Then you’re busy. I’m fine here. I’ll tell the master that you’re all right. You don’t know that his old man’s house is worried."