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Section 132

I realized that I should be "huh?"
He chuckled, "Aren’t you sleepy?"
I blink.
Only then did I see that he was actually in bed.
Okay, this is the VIP ward. The bed is too big to be crowded.
He was very close to me, holding my hand and lying on his side, looking at me silently.
I remembered his leg injury and cleared my throat. I asked him, "Are you hurt …"
He whispered "nothing"
Of course I don’t believe it.
But he didn’t say much more about holding me in his arms and kissing me on the forehead.
I suddenly feel a little timid when I think of former Gu Changyu’s words, afraid to get too close to him, and even afraid to respond to him. I’m afraid he thinks I’m worthless like Gu Changyu …
In the silence, I heard him say slowly, "Do you think we are both injured and can be served in bed … is it a match made in heaven?"
I leng leng.
He tightened his arms and hugged me more tightly, kissing me and spinning. "Are you worried about me today?"
I couldn’t help feeling sour, and I didn’t care about his opinion. I hugged his waist and nodded in his arms.
He pointed my face slowly across the earlobe and squeezed judo "I’m fine"
I am crying.
He never came back, but he never let me go.
At this time, his chest is warm, and the cold after getting wet during the day is not the same.
But somehow I still feel a little cold.
He must have known what Gu Changyu said to me before, but he didn’t do anything. Is he going to give up and join me?
But what he just said is a perfect match, which seems to comfort me …
I can’t help thinking.
What should I do if he terminates the contract?
I have long been tempted.
He is such a character that so many girls like him, and both the big star and the top aristocratic ladies have many feelings for him.
I’m just an ordinary woman. How can I escape his charm?
But if he really doesn’t need me anymore, I won’t pester him
My pride and my self-esteem are not allowed.
When Ning Qi betrayed me, I was able to forgive him because I knew that all men in the world were almost the same and I didn’t like him very much. If he wanted to turn around, I could turn a blind eye and then pass by with him flatly.
But Ye Xiangyuan is different.
I really moved my heart, and before I knew it, he had taken root in my heart.
He is so dazzling, even if his eyes are full of revenge, even if he is as shrewd as the sea, even if he is good at playing with people, I am still trapped.
Just because I can’t get rid of him, I will pester him again.
What’s more, even if I can endure it, it is impossible for him to have a quiet day with me.
Being with him is thrilling most of the time.
Perhaps he sensed that I was uneasy. He squeezed my finger and whispered, "Have a good sleep."
I put away all my messy thoughts.
桑拿会所Since he doesn’t, I don’t want to make much ado about nothing.