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After the round, Real Madrid scored 9 points in three victories and continued to rank first. Dortmund scored 4 points and ranked second. Ajax scored 3 points. Manchester City, the third Premier League champion, scored 1 point and ranked last.

In addition to Real Madrid’s outstanding qualification worries, his three teams have one qualification quota left and they still have to kill.
Back to Spain, Real Madrid played Mallorca in the 9th round of La Liga on January 2nd.
Nine minutes later, Real Madrid took away a 6-victory away from home. Lu Wenbin played a crazy goal of five yuan. One person kicked the ball on his head and scored a full five goals.
The game is not over yet, and the fans in Mallorca have left a lot. I really can’t bear to see my whole team slaughtered by my opponent alone.
Three days later, Real Madrid ushered in the first King’s Cup game of the season. In 2122013, the first leg of the Spanish King’s Cup 116 final was away against the Spanish team Iagoano.
Against such an opponent, Mourinho directly sent a semi-main and semi-substitute array to rest many main players.
Not surprisingly, Real Madrid beat their opponents 5-0 away, announcing that the second leg was out of suspense.
Lu Wenbin was replaced at halftime after a hat-trick at half-time, or he could score again.
After playing the King’s Cup, Lu Wenbin’s total goals in 2012 have reached 137 goals, seven goals short of his 144 goals last year.
It’s only the end of January, and there are still two months left.
Lu Wenbin will once again set a new record for the annual goal this year, and the number of goals will even break through the sky.
Of course, Lu Wenbin participated in the Olympic preliminaries, Olympic Games, world preliminaries and so on. These Asian or u23 Olympic games made Lu Wenbin score too many goals.
However, it is always daunting to score goals in official competitions.
Real Madrid vs Zaragoza in the first round of La Liga on November 3rd.
Before the competition, Adidas offered Lu Wenbin the European Golden Boot Award for next season-real gold to build golden boots.
This is the fourth consecutive season that Lu Wenbin has won the European Golden Boot Award.
In 229 season, Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim’s Bundesliga scored 47 goals in two games and won the European Golden Boot Award that season.
In 1921, the Bundesliga defended its title with 52 goals in 31 games. In 21211, Inter Milan continued to defend its title with 5 goals in 31 Serie A games.
After Lu Wenbin moved to Real Madrid last season, he scored 67 goals in 31 La Liga games and defended his title, averaging more than 2 goals per game.
On the one hand, it is said that the difficulty of scoring in La Liga is indeed lower than that in Serie A, on the other hand, it is said that Lu Wenbin’s strength has steadily increased.
Lu Wenbin, who won the European Golden Boot Award for four consecutive times, has become the player who has won the most awards and won the longest winning streak since the establishment of the European Golden Boot Award, and has created a unique record.
After the foundation, the golden boots in Europe may become Lu Wenbin’s one-man show.
Of course, in the face of Lu Wenbin’s creation of various records and data, people are not.
Everyone can pay homage to Lu Wenbin.
After winning the European Golden Boot Award, the competition officially started.
Nine minutes later, the big screen score was 5. Real Madrid slaughtered and sealed the opponent again and expanded its unbeaten game in La Liga to 52 games.
Lu Wenbin continued to score a hat trick in this game, which made his total number of goals in 2012 reach 14. He just won the fourth European Golden Boot Award, adding a touch of color.
After playing this league, Real Madrid ushered in the Champions League.
On November 6th, Real Madrid played at home against Dortmund in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage.
Coming to this game is a life-and-death battle for Dortmund.
However, with Lu Wenbin, Real Madrid is too strong, and the Bundesliga champion Dortmund, even Bernabeu last stand, is also a chance to make a comeback.
Nine minutes later, the big score on the big screen was 51, before the home team and after the visiting team.
Although Dortmund scored a goal, he was scored five times by Real Madrid and lost the game by the last 15 points.
Chapter 613 New record of annual total goal
In Dortmund, Lu Wenbin rarely scored fewer goals than his teammates. He scored two of Real Madrid’s five goals, and the other three goals were scored by Luo.
Luo’s rare appearance at the same time forced Lu Wenbin to play a hat trick.
However, Luo’s three clubs were assisted by Lu Wenbin.
Therefore, in the eyes of professionals, even though the number of goals scored by Lu Wenbin in this game is not much, Lu Wenbin is still more important than Luo.
The situation is not only attacking Lu Wenbin’s defensive end, but also contributing a lot.
Lu Wenbin is still that super pervert.
At the same time, in another game, Manchester City failed to seize the opportunity to win at home and was tied by Ajax 22 away.
After the round, Real Madrid scored 12 points in four victories, ranking first, Ajax and Dortmund scored 4 points, ranking second and third in Premier League champion Manchester City with 2 points at the bottom.
There are two rounds left in the Champions League group stage. Ajax and Dortmund can’t catch up with Real Madrid points even if they win the next two rounds.
Real Madrid not only qualified before, but also locked in the first position of the group. The last two rounds of the group match can be rotated to save the physical fitness of the first team.
Real Madrid went out and locked in the first place in the group. At the same time, Lu Wenbin’s total number of goals in the year reached 142, which was two goals short of his own 144 goals last year.
Lu Wenbin may set a new record in a game.
However, to the disappointment of the media and reporters, Lu Wenbin did not enter the starting list but sat on the bench in the 11th round of Real Madrid’s away game against levante in La Liga on November 11th.
品茶论坛Mourinho takes turns to save the physical strength of the main players.
In the half-time away game, Real Madrid took the lead in scoring a goal and ending the half-time by Ozil.
Levante equalized the score in the 64th minute of halftime.
So in the 73rd minute, Mourinho finally replaced Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin’s situation was really different after the game.
First of all, with Lu Wenbin’s defense, Real Madrid’s defense has stabilized many opportunities for levante to fight back quickly.
However, few real Madrid defenders can succeed in positional warfare.
At the same time, Real Madrid’s counterattack and attack are also much sharper.
In the 7th minute, Lu Wenbin broke the levante defense line with a scalpel. Unfortunately, Higuain’s single-handed ball was tackled by the opposing goalkeeper and touched the bottom line.
In the second minute, Real Madrid broke the ball again and made a quick counterattack.
This time, Lu Wenbin personally took the ball from the midfield and even passed three people. Finally, he shook the goalkeeper to the ground and then spiked and pushed the shot.
Real Madrid once again took a 21-point lead.
After that, both sides didn’t score again. Lu Wenbin’s total annual goals unfortunately stopped at 143 goals, which not only failed to break the record, but also failed to make the media and reporters wait for a game.
However, Real Madrid continued their unbeaten momentum in La Liga, and the unbeaten games in La Liga have reached 53 games. It is getting closer and closer to A Milan’s unbeaten games.
Real Madrid is so desperate.
After playing this league, it is the international football match day, and the international players return to play for their national teams.
That’s why Mourinho wants to rotate because he is afraid that the players will be too tired and the national team and the club will be injured.
Especially Lu Wenbin, without him, Mourinho would never have achieved what he is now, so he protected Lu Wenbin more carefully.