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"There is nothing wrong with the time and place. How can the carved gods not be in the valley? Is it a trip? " Ling Feiyang’s heart is somewhat disappointed when he suddenly finds a cave hidden in the long grass ahead.

Ling Feiyang’s heart immediately moved through the weeds and went in from the cave entrance. He saw that the cave was more than two feet deep, and there was a stone table and a stone bench in the cave. Besides, Ling Feiyang saw a pile of rocks piled up in the corner of the cave, like a grave, and the walls of the cave seemed to be engraved with words.
Ling Feiyang lit a dead branch and stretched out his hand to erase the moss on the cave wall. Three lines of handwriting immediately came into view.
"In the Jianghu, more than 30 people have killed enemies, traitors, heroes and heroes, and they are more resistant to the hand. They can live in seclusion in the valley, but they can’t be honest and lonely."
"Sword and magic seek defeat alone" is almost exciting for Ling Feiyang!
"According to the story of the condor, I hid three swords in my life in the sword grave behind the cave before I died. If I can get that epee, I may be able to greatly improve my martial arts like Yang Guo in the original."
"Elder Dugu, you were also a Han Chinese before your death, and you will surely support my great cause of resisting Mongolia. It is better to bury your sword here and lend it to me!" Ling Feiyang made three obeisances in front of the lonely tomb, then walked out of the cave and came to a cliff behind the cave, and then the moonlight shone. Ling Feiyang really saw two huge seal characters "Sword Tomb" carved high next to a platform in the middle of the cliff.
Ling Feiyang used the spiral nine-shadow flying skill to jump three times in a row with the aid of the cave in the mountain wall, and then easily boarded the platform. Ling Feiyang ignored the fine print of carved rocks and moved the small stones on the platform to reveal the green slate and tied for three long swords.
Ling Feiyang is not interested in the first sword. Ling Feiyang’s six-pulse Excalibur is a finger, but its power is not necessarily inferior to this sword.
For the third wood blade Ling Feiyang, I didn’t even look at Ling Feiyang. Most of the battles that Ling Feiyang is facing now are life-and-death battles. Although the best player is better than a sword, there is no need for wood blade to prove his martial arts realm to the enemy. This practice is called "pretending". At that time, Li Qingxuan, the head of Kunlun Sect, made wood blade easily killed by the venerable Jawadni.
Ling Feiyang paid attention to the second sword, because this sword is the weapon that Yang Guo became famous in the original book-the black iron epee! to be continued
Chapter 497 Condor epee
Ling Feiyang came to the valley outside Xiangyang city to break through the bottleneck encountered by uniting the first feat. Although he didn’t meet the god carving, he found the sword tomb where the swordsmen were lonely and defeated.
The second sword in the sword burial is about three feet long, and its body is dark. The tips on both sides are blunt and smooth, which seems to be a hemisphere. This sword seems to be unique, but Ling Feiyang knows in his heart that the material used to make this sword is a kind of "black iron", which is several times heavier than ordinary iron.
The heaviest metal material in nature is called osmium, the density of which is about three times that of iron, and when the density of this kind of darkiron reaches five times that of iron, the roots can’t be based on the elements of the earth. It is speculated by later generations that this kind of "darkiron" should come from meteors falling to the earth, and meteorites are a rare material that can be met and not sought.
Ling Feiyang leaned over to grasp the hilt of darksteel epee to transport her full strength, but suddenly she felt that this sword was not as heavy as she thought, so she gently shook her hand with the eleven catties sword.
Ling Feiyang’s heart is strange, so he waved two in this sword, but he felt very excited and didn’t feel a little sluggish.
"Is this sword fake?" Ling Feiyang thought hard for a full lamp of tea when suddenly it dawned!
"Now my martial arts have far surpassed that of Yang Guo in the original book, and I’m sure it’s much stronger than him. Yang Guo thinks this sword is heavy, but I don’t think it is!" Ling Feiyang thought
Want to clear up this link ling Feiyang’s heart is not complacent but worried.
"In the original work, Yang Guo relied on this epee to practice in the tide for 16 years before he became an excellent master; And as early as two years ago, when Fusang was in China, I could make the dragon drop 20 palms’ Luohan Dragon Drop’ a recruit to compete with the tide. Now, although I got this epee, I’m afraid I can adopt Yang Guo method to continue to improve my work, "Ling Feiyang thought.
At this time, the platform suddenly burst into hoarse and shrill carving, and a huge and ugly bald eagle with two claws climbed the cliff recess to the platform!
It turned out that when this god carving went out for food and returned to the cave, it was found that someone was coming, so it immediately searched all the way and saw Ling Feiyang in the middle of the cliff!
"The condor finally appeared!" Ling Feiyang was thinking that the condor had climbed the platform and shouted. The left wing was fanned by the strong wind to Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang will swing the darksteel epee forward without thinking!
This condor once got lonely advice and was a first-class master. In the original work, it also taught Yang Guo martial arts, but now Ling Feiyang’s skill is so strong that the condor failed to withstand the sword of Ling Feiyang and fell to the bottom of the cliff!
"Shit!" Ling Feiyang threw the epee aside and plunged to the bottom of the cliff. The falling speed was even faster than that of the carved stone. The left hand grabbed the right wing of the carved stone just before it landed!
Hung-chien is on the land! Ling Feiyang clapped his right palm to the square ground to slow down the falling trend of one person and one carving, then slammed his feet on the rock wall and changed the direction of movement from straight falling to flat flying. Finally, he showed Lingbo striding forward for more than ten feet and completely unloaded the falling trend.
The god carving is a solitary sword burial guardian. Just now, when he saw Ling Fei holding a darksteel epee in his hand, he regarded him as an enemy. However, at this moment, Ling Feiyang risked his life to save it. He looked at Ling Feiyang with eyes as big as two bronze bells and cried in his mouth, not knowing what kind of emotion he wanted to express.
"Brother Diao took the liberty to break into your treasure …" Ling Feiyang knew that this giant eagle was familiar with spirituality and said to the eagle.
The condor really seemed to understand Ling Feiyang’s words and fanned its two wings, which seemed to show forgiveness to Ling Feiyang.
"This giant eagle is not my opponent, just like this epee, and it is impossible to help me raise my martial arts …" Ling Feiyang was disappointed and returned to the platform in the middle of the cliff to bury the black iron epee back. The giant eagle followed Ling Feiyang to climb the platform again and saw that Ling Feiyang didn’t take away three swords, meaning that he nodded to Ling Feiyang to express his goodwill.
Ling Feiyang, although very fond of this big eagle, knows that he has no time to stay in the valley with it, so he patted the wings of the big eagle and said, "Brother Diao, I have to go and come back to see you again …"
With that, Ling Feiyang walked off the cliff to the outside of the valley, but he didn’t know why he had been followed by Ling Feiyang.
"Brother Diao, is there anything else you want to tell me?" Ling Feiyang turned to the condor and asked
The condor called two times and took a few steps to Ling Feiyang, but then stopped, giving people a feeling of being awkward.
"It is probably reluctant to part with me?" Ling Feiyang thought, but he didn’t want to delay more, so he left the valley.
"It seems that this time, the lonely sword burial line is a failure … since Xiangyang City is nearby, I will stop by to see Marshal Meng Gong and them …" Ling Feiyang thought that this was arrived at Xiangyang City.
Meng Gong Xiangyang City has been holding on for almost two years and repelled several attacks by the Chagatai army. It was learned that Ling Feiyang once again came to Xiangyang City, and Meng Gong was greeted by be in heaven from the Marshal House at a distance.
"Brother Ling, I miss you so much!" An old man with a ruddy hair and a childish face suddenly came running to Ling Feiyang. It was the old urchin Zhou Botong! Ling Feiyang saw Ying Gu behind Zhou Botong with a happy smile on her face.
"They are a pair of tell it to the judge finally got together …" Ling Feiyang was very pleased in his heart and then saw Lu Chengfeng, Wu Gangfeng, Feng Mofeng, Wu Santong, Gu Nanyun, Dian Cang Yu Yin and Lu Guanying. Among the seven people, Gu Nanyun, the former general of a title of generals in ancient times in Dali, was disabled, but he didn’t want to leave the battlefield and stayed in Xiangyang City to help Meng Gong advise.
Ling Feiyang in the Marshal’s Mansion of Xiangyang City, Song Guozheng, as a teacher, arranged a stage for Meng Gong to guard the city and raise rations and military resources to prepare for the counterattack against the Mongolian army.
Ling Feiyang in Xiangyang City ordered hundreds of invitations to be sent to martial arts experts from all walks of life in Tiannanhaibei, asking them to come to Huashan on the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of May to participate in the second Huashan sword discussion.
"Unite against Mongolia!" Ling Feiyang wrote in these invitation letters that the purpose of holding Huashan Lun Jian is to be continued.
Chapter 49 Qiu Qianren is not dead mystery
Twenty-five years ago, in the first Huashan sword competition, there were five experts who participated in the competition, including Dong Xie, Xi Du, Nan Di, Bei Gai and Zhong Shentong. There were also a few people, such as Wang Chuyi, who could say that it was a small-scale competition. However, for the upcoming second Huashan sword competition, as the leader of the Song Dynasty, Wulin people were invited to prepare for a large-scale event.
For the first time, the five unique skills in Huashan sword fight for the Nine Yin True Classics, but this is coming soon. In the second time, Ling Feiyang has prepared hundreds of Nine Yin True Classics by hand. Anyone who is willing to join the anti-Mongolian cause will have a chance to get the famous martial arts cheats of this day. With this, fighting for the Nine Yin True Classics and killing each other will never happen again, and the overall strength of the martial arts in the Great Song Dynasty will be improved.
After a night’s rest, Ling Feiyang left Xiangyang City and prepared to go to Huashan first. When Ling Feiyang passed through the valley where he lost his strength and buried his bones, he decided to go and see the carved stone by the way.
However, Ling Feiyang just walked to Taniguchi and saw the smoke billowing in the valley, which seemed to be a fire!
品茶论坛Ling Feiyang’s heart was shocked and immediately ran to the cave where he buried the lonely and failed. He saw that the mouth of the cave had been surrounded by flames and waves of low-pitched carvings came out of the hole!
"Someone actually wants to burn the condor!" Ling Feiyang wants to rush into the flame here and use the dragon’s 20 palms to constantly shoot out the flames around his body for a moment and then he has rushed to the mouth of the cave!
The condor is flapping its wings desperately, but it is covered with burn marks. Just rush out of this cave. Ling Feiyang inspires the body energy field to form a defensive cover with a height of more than one person, which wraps itself and the condor body, and then picks up the back neck of the condor and rushes out of the cave!
However, when this man was about to rush out of the fire with a carved horse, a black shadow suddenly rushed over and slapped his hands at Ling Feiyang’s chest!
Ling Feiyang didn’t expect someone to sneak up on himself outside the flame, and his right hand was still carved with a statue of God. He rushed to use the dragon’s 20 palms to recruit his arms to bend to the palm of his hand at the same time!
Bang! Ling Feiyang’s elbows and the sneak attacker’s palms hit one place. Ling Feiyang felt a huge impact on himself and the whole body immediately flew backwards! Just before falling into the sea of fire, Ling Fei threw the statue forward and saw the man’s face!
This person turned out to be already "dead" for many years "iron palm Shui Piao" Qiu Qianren!
Qiu Qianren didn’t cling, it was his eldest brother Qiu Qianzhang!
Three years ago, Huang Rong led the beggars’ brothers to panic in the Tiezhang gang. The trio of Qiu Qianren, Qiu Qianchi and Gongsun Zhi was defeated by the trio of Ling Feiyang, Huang Rong and Ying Gu. Qiu Qianren fled to the cave where Wang was buried in previous dynasties. When Ling Feiyang and others had not hunted down and entered the cave, they happened to meet his eldest brother Qiu Qianzhang!
Although Qiu Qianzhang is Qiu Qianren’s eldest brother, he is lazy and not academic. He swindles the real martial arts in the Jianghu all day. Even his younger brother is not even one tenth. This cave in the second knuckle of the Middle Finger Peak is a forbidden area for the Iron Palm Sect. Qiu Qianzhang covets the cave, and the Sect leader collects jewelry and slips in while others are unprepared.
Unfortunately, however, at this moment, the Beggars’ Sect just launched an attack on the mountain. Qiu Qianzhang was too scared to come out of the cave when he heard the shouting and killing, and Qiu Qianren was injured by Ling Feiyang’s six-pulse Excalibur and just escaped into this cave.
This cave is not very big and there is no second exit. Of course, Qiu Qianren knows about it, so when Ling Feiyang entered the cave to search, he would cross the rubicon in the dark environment and launch a sneak attack on Ling Feiyang!
However, at this time, Qiu Qianren has lost ten * * Ling Feiyang when he "acupuncture the silver point * *". Just use a stroke to punch the sword and Qiu Qianren will fly out!
Qiu Qianren hurriedly fled to the hole, but suddenly he saw his eldest brother!
Qiu Qianren’s mind flashed a deadly trap. Suddenly, he rushed at Qiu Qianzhang, flashed his acupuncture points, put his Huang Ge blouse on him, and then dragged Qiu Qianzhang behind a big stone, but deliberately exposed the corner of his clothes!