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"Oh which come players? It’s so hot in front of the gate. How did they get there? " Mu Haoer asked strangely

"It seems that some of them can make ice magic and it will take a long time to get by, but now we second-class virus knights can get by, miss. What should we do next?"
"First, send a team of three-level virus knights to explore the road, and then wait for the land to get cooler. We will set off immediately. By the way, leave two million virus knights behind and stop the players from letting him in. I’m not worried about the people in front. I’m worried about the dragon. If he appears again, it will be in trouble."
Two million virus knights unconsciously inserted into the players’ direction, while players were resting, but they didn’t know it, but they should have noticed the disease, and others were worried about another thing, that is, the arrival of soldiers! Can rain or shine now make the skills even worse? I don’t know how to move freely until now, but it will happen later than him. Rain or shine can do it now.
"Come on, rain or shine."
Rain or shine, supported by Wu Bing, reluctantly smiled, "I will try my best."
Stretch your hands, pray in the rain, gather all your strength silently, and inject all your energy into your skills [God bless all beings]. This is for a large range of skills, but now it is difficult to predict whether the personal effect is good or bad.
The soldier’s body keeps flashing golden light, just like a fluorescent lamp that flashes once every second. People around him can’t see clearly what happened to the soldier and the rain body. Wu Bing can close his eyes now, but the strong sense of light and darkness still makes Wu Bing feel dizzy.
After about a few minutes, the golden light stopped, and the sunny rain turned pale. Seeing that the light was gone, he quickly asked the sunny rain, "What happened?"
Wu Bing looked at his arms and shook his head at the disease method, saying that it was too tired now. The disease method leaf support came to the soldier and looked at the position of the soldier’s heart. The blood stopped flowing now, but his face was not good at all. Now he couldn’t see the situation. It is impossible to test people’s situation in fairyland, and there is no medical equipment. The only thing that can be sure is that the soldier’s heart is still beating. It is strange to say that the heart can still beat after being stabbed, but now everyone thinks about it.
"Miss, after our reconnaissance team entered the gate, the news even worked for our communication system."
"What’s behind the door? Has the temperature dropped now? Can we pass? "
"Miss reluctantly let me go first. You stay here."
"What are you talking about? Since I am the leader of this operation, there is no reason behind it. If we go in together, we can’t get away with it."
Mu Haoer just passed through the gate, and the sight before her made her step back two steps involuntarily. This is too familiar to her. This is the place where she lived fourteen years ago. This is the place she never wanted to remember all her life. This is where her adoptive father took her in. This is also where she lost her own parents. What kind of place will appear after the gate?
"Young lady, are you okay? It seems strange to return to the earth here. "
Mu Haoer’s mood became stable when her father knew that even the housekeeper didn’t know it. Mu Haoer began to look around here. Although this is the place where he lived as a child, he didn’t see anyone here with buildings. Soon Mu Haoer became white. It was just as solid as the place where he lived as a child, but it wasn’t that place. Mu Haoer’s mood finally calmed down and began to distribute. According to a small team of ten virus knights, he began to fan search and sent out three reconnaissance teams in a row. But I don’t know why he didn’t pull it back. Mu Haoer began to get a little nervous because now he
The fidgety mood makes Mu Haoer unable to think hard. It’s too quiet here. The virus knight can’t talk. The only thing to talk about is the housekeeper, who usually doesn’t say much besides reporting and the two of them don’t have much contact except this time. What should I do? Mu Haoer is anxious to connect with the most advanced instruments in the real world, which proves that this is a very special place.
"Butler, you wait for me to take half to the left, you take half to the right, and we will act separately. The only way for you to make your own decisions is to play it by ear."
"Miss Master told me not to leave you."
"All right, now my leader orders you that the most important thing now is to have one more chance. If we go together, it is very likely that our father’s wish will be wiped out. Do you have to fulfill your wish?"
"Miss, I obey orders."
Mu Haoer chose the left housekeeper and walked on the right, each with 1.5 million viruses. The knight split his troops and walked on. Let’s not say that Mu Haoer walked not far here, but he encountered a situation.
"Who are you?"
Chris is wary of the person who appears in front of him. The reason is not the person in front of him, but the virus knight behind him. These things that look like magic things at first glance can’t help but make Chris wary.
"I asked you to take so many magic things behind you. Are you also a magic thing? But I’ve never seen you so cute. What do you think? "
Another voice came out of Chris’s mouth. "Hehe, whatever magic things are, 100 thousand magic things are not my opponents, but it seems that there are what they do here. You decide. Anyway, we won’t suffer."
"That’s right," Chris turned to Mu Haoer and said, "Hello, my name is Chris, and you are?"
"My hand is in the back of the eager player."
Chris looked at the so-called hand behind Mu Haoer, but it didn’t look like anything at all. After all, there was no occupation or clothes with virus knight, which was so special that people couldn’t forget the appearance at first sight, and it didn’t look like an animal horse or a mechanical horse at all.
"Mu Haoer? I haven’t heard of it. By the way, have you seen it? "
Mu Haoer replied, "No, it’s strange here. It’s easy to get lost when you come in. By the way, your name is Chris? Do you know elegant? "
Chris a listen to elegant took longed for HaoEr hand and asked, "have you ever seen escape? Where is he? "
Mu Haoer suddenly turned his eyes when he heard it. The predecessors were the most powerful beauties in fairyland. Of course, Mu Haoer was reluctant to admit that he could not compare with Chris, but in fact, Mu Haoer’s theory of appearance was average compared with Chris.
————-reading recommendation: to worship the romantic empire.
Chapter VII Reversal (3)
"Chris, why don’t we act together?" Mu Hao er yi Dao
Chris and Pupil discussed it and decided to act together. After all, it’s good to have someone to chat with. It’s too quiet here and everything is an illusion.
After exchanging information with each other, Mu Haoer realized that this place turned out to be an illusion. Try to touch the roadside tree and it was as Chris said.
Chris turned to the distance and observed Carrie. "Come here, this is also a player."
Jia Sili came over and looked at the novel in the ear of Mu Haoer Chris. "Sister, this person is so suspicious. What do you think of it behind her? It’s like a monster. It’s rigid without any emotion, but should we not go with her?"
"Don’t worry, she knows Elegant."
桑拿论坛"Don’t worry, what are you afraid of with my eyes?"
Two sounds at the same time say that Jasmine is not afraid of anything with a pupil. The pupil is strong, but Jasmine personally realized that when Chris just got back, Jasmine heard that someone else had taken up her sister’s body and had a’ friendly match’ with her pupil. As a result, it is conceivable that Jasmine was knocked unconscious by two moves and didn’t even have any resistance.
"Good son, this is my sister, sister Scarlett, and this is Mu Haoer."
Mu Haoer nodded symbolically and said to Chris, "Now I’m going to go straight in this direction. What about you?"
"Let’s go together. I don’t know what’s going on inside."
The three men walked forward with a lot of dark virus knights, and all they saw were beautiful scenery, but all three knew it was false.
On the other hand, the disease method left the rain and the soldiers to take care of the soldiers themselves and the iron man with the remaining players to the gate. Although the current disease method is still weak, it can already move around, and Ye has been with him for a long time.
When I first came to the original Tiantai place, a dark knight stood in front of me, and all the people didn’t know what was going on. The assassination first ran to the front to ask, but before I could ask, the dark knight began to attack him. They immediately realized that they had encountered a magic weapon and didn’t say much about killing the virus knight.
I didn’t realize that this virus knight was very strong until I hit it. The simultaneous assassination made many players have several holes in their bodies before they could react. As a result, when they first got up, their enthusiasm didn’t play, but they fell again. When something went wrong, they immediately ordered the players to temporarily retreat and count. Just now, a burst of charge lost tens of thousands of players. Now they are really weak and sick, and most of them are hunters, priests, wizards, etc., while the main knight lords and templars have less than 10 thousand left. How can we fight against the virus knight who is almost knight-like? It gives me a headache to think about it, but there is nothing I can do.
This is the first time I’ve seen anyone in this illusion world. It seems to be a laboratory where people come and go, and everyone treats me like a real person. I know that people in front of me are also hallucinations, but it’s better than looking at animals in a mess.
I looked at this group of busy people curiously, because they were studying a stone, which was very big. To the naked eye, there were twenty or thirty people less in size. Many test instruments were connected to the stone, and the conductor of all this was a blue-haired man with blue hair and black eyes. He looked less than thirty years old, but I was surprised when his hand called his name.
"Chief engineer Lan is all ready. Can we start?"
Blue nodded and said, "Let’s start. Now that everything has developed to this point, don’t blame me."
At this moment, a figure appeared in the stone. When I saw it, my mouth was so wide that I could fit into a big apple. Because I was too familiar with the figure appearing from the stone, this person was not the Snow Queen, The Hunger or Jade Emperor. It turned out that Chris was not going to say that he was exactly like Chris.
"Are you willing to show up at last?"
"Lan, you can’t do this to the East. He is just an ordinary scientific researcher."
Blue great anger way "you and I want to do this to his brother? If you didn’t like him, how could I do it? Now it’s too late. The East has already done part of the experiment. Thank you for waking up. "