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At this moment, Ruqin brought in a piece of rice paper scalded with gold and silk from the outside. When she opened it, she suddenly wanted to laugh. How long did she think about it? I couldn’t see it.

When Huangfuda came in with rice porridge, she saw this picture. The big bed, a second child, had a good time. The two children seemed to like pulling the old report. The old report Hu has been smiling at the big bed. What is the little woman looking at?
Shuiyunjin looked at him and suddenly raised his hand. "Come and help me."
Huangfuda thought about this woman’s sudden change of face and stared at him before going out. Now he gave him a good face, but no matter which one he likes, if he told Shuiyunxi, Shuiyunxi would definitely say that he liked being abused, and he thought so.
Huangfuda looked up at "which one does Ms. Park like" while stirring rice porridge.
Shuiyunjin pointed to it with her white fingers. It was a girl’s name and she liked it at first sight.
"That’s it." Huangfudi naturally agreed with Shuiyunjin.
"There are too many names, so I think everyone is fine." Shuiyunjin frowned slightly with a smile.
Huangfuda didn’t have the heart to let Shuiyunjin choose reality. He had an idea in his heart and whisked Zi Xia to take a pen and paper.
ShuiYunXi smiled and looked down at the word HuangFuJi. It’s not the first time she saw the four Chinese characters of Yunge Waterfront, but she had already seen him. Zhang Chi saw that he wrote a word first, then a word "Jin". ShuiYunXi looked at it for a long time before he quietly took his name and her name apart and gave her a word, but it was good to hold Yu Huai Jin.
"That’s it"
Huangfuda hooked her lips. He knew this woman liked it.
As a result, the little princess and the little princess of Lanwangfu have names, and the little princess Huangfujin HuangfuYongqing.
From this day on, everyone knows that Huang Fujin is a gentle and graceful man, while Huang Yongqing is simply afraid of ghosts and ghosts.
In other words, Huang Fuda, in other words, he should be so crazy.
The next day after Shuiyunjin finished, she changed into a long white dress and put on a white cloak. She only took Zi Xia to the grave of Sister Luo.
Then Moyang will be there, and he will stoop and get old. Many eyes are not like before, and there is no more it in God’s eyes.
Sister Luo’s tomb is clean without any weeds. It seems that someone comes to visit the grave every day. Purple kites are planted on both sides, and the flowers are very bright.
Zi Xia put away the things in front of the tomb. Shuiyun Park knelt down and Zi Xia knelt down.
"Sister, I’ve come to see you. The scenery here is beautiful and far away from the noise. You will like what you said. I will do it forever. In my heart, I will often come to see you. When the children grow up, I will let them worship you." Shuiyunjin fixed her eyebrows to prevent tears from falling. Sister Luo smiled so peacefully that she would not cry again.
Zi Xia is crying, but the Lord has always been uncompromising and never smiled at them, but such a serious and proud person can lie here forever.
When Shuiyun Park left, Mo Yang still sat there without saying a word. She looked at the tomb of Sister Luo and sighed. "My real sister asked me to help him kill two people, one is Mo Xiao and the other is you, but in the end she changed her mind. Do you know what?"
Although Mo Yang sat still, she was frozen. In her eyes, she could lament, "Because in her heart, she can’t forget you. Even though you suffered such injustice and pain, you still haven’t erased your mind."
Ink Yang eyes color changed and quickly closed his eyes so as not to let people spy on his mind. Shuiyun Park turned to leave his eyes and slipped his cheeks.
When Shuiyunjin returned to Lanwangfu, she found Joe waiting outside the mansion for a long time, and her eyes were anxious.
"Joe, why are you here LingXiaoYao him" ShuiYunXi looked at Joe in the heart a tight.
Joe immediately knelt down to the water cloud. "Princess, please go and see the temple. The temple has been asleep for a month and still hasn’t woken up. The body injury has been scarred and the poison has been solved, but people just can’t wake up. The emperor forced all the doctors to say that it is better to ring the bell. Please"
Shuiyunjin lifted him up and nodded to him.
Joe was stuck. He didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to agree so quickly.
When Shuiyunjin returned to the waterside pavilion, Huangfudi and the two children both sat on the bed, four white and tender hands vying for Huangfudi’s waist Yu Pei, and he looked at his mind and drifted away until Shuiyunjin looked up at him.
Shuiyunjin looked at him and didn’t flinch because he looked straight at him. "I want to go to Lingguo."
Huangfuda didn’t say anything, not like opposition, not like approval, but beautiful eyes looking at Shuiyunjin.
It’s true that both of them already know that Ling Xiaoyao is now all because of her. If she doesn’t go, even if she can’t make it through herself, she will do it. Her man naturally doesn’t want his woman to take care of another man, but Shuiyunjin’s heart is whiter. If Huangfudi really doesn’t want her to go there, Qiao Lianchang will never be able to step in and wait for her outside the house. This man has already put on an attitude and doesn’t want her to make it difficult for him to do everything.
"Thank you, Liao"
Huangfuda sipped her mouth without saying a word, and then she became watery. When he won’t speak again, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms. Wenxiang nephrite hit his chest with a watery nose, and it hurt a little. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Huangfuda’s deep bottomless eyes. "You can have me and others in your heart even a little."
约茶Shuiyunjin smiled and nodded heavily.
Huangfuda’s eyes narrowed, and suddenly some people made a determined effort to kiss Shuiyunjin’s figure. In a flash, she was pressed down and touched with punishment, such as a sudden drop in the storm, so that Shuiyunjin’s three souls lost their seven’ o mind and flew in an instant. The two milk babies cried at each other with big eyes.
Two days later, Shuiyunjin took two children, Lin Han, and took a carriage in front of Zi Xia Wangfu. The old prince and Shuiyanhui and his wife were all at the door, but Huangfuda was missing.
At this time, the window of the waterside pavilion was dressed in white as snow, and the figure was tall and straight, and those dark eyes of black jade looked into the distance and I didn’t know what I could see.
A few days later, Shuiyunjin arrived in Lingguo and found that there were many people in Taigong, including Lingguo Huang, a group of emperors and princesses.
This is the first time that Shuiyun Hibiscus can say that it is really extraordinary. Those eyes alone can already see through people.
Ling Guohuang also observed Shuiyunjin. He wanted to see what kind of woman could lead him to lose his heart and refused to wake up today.
Shuiyunjin didn’t seem too nervous and stiff before. She just made a little blessing and didn’t even say a word.
Ling Guohuang also didn’t say anything about looking at the two children behind him, which is particularly good-looking.
Since this day, Shuiyunjin has lived in Taigong for two months.
Ling Xiaoyao is still in a coma, his face is clear, his pulse is normal, and Shuiyunjin doesn’t know when he will wake up. He sits by the bed and talks to him every day, and the two children just play and scream in the bedroom, which fills the whole bedroom.
Shuiyunjin always thought that Ling Xiaoyao could hear, but he was not ready to open his eyes, but she knew that he would wake up soon.
On this day, Shuiyun Park just washed and dressed the two children, and saw that Zi Xia came along and there was something wrong with her look.
"What’s the matter?" Shuiyunjin asked.
Zi Xia took a look at Shuiyunjin’s eyes. "When Miss Wang Ye comes, she says she wants to see the little world and the little princess."
When Shuiyunjin heard that Huangfuda was coming, she was somewhat shocked. Huangfuda didn’t give her a word for two months, but suddenly she came. She suddenly got up with two children in her arms and was called by Zi Xia. "Miss Wang Ye said she wanted to see the little world and the little princess."
Shuiyunjin suddenly realized that Huangfuda must have confessed that she didn’t want to see her. She felt funny. "You and Lin Han go with the children."
Zi Xia once again looked up to confirm that Shuiyunjin was smiling and nodded and left with the child in her arms.
ShuiYunJin looked at the bedroom ear without children’s voice, and suddenly she didn’t know what to do, so she could go to the bedroom next door to see LingXiaoYao.
She wet the silk handkerchief and wiped her face and hands with a gentle smile. "That man is still so overbearing that he doesn’t want to see me, but he really doesn’t want to see me."
There is still no movement in bed.
Shuiyunjin also said indifferently, "Xiaoyao, you have been sleeping for three months. You really don’t want to open your eyes to see it. This picturesque scenery is prosperous. You can see it when you open your eyes."
As she spoke, Shuiyunjin suddenly rubbed her hands tightly. She bowed her head and held her fingers like Lingxiaoyao’s hands. Although she didn’t have much strength, she knew that Lingxiaoyao had heard her words and her heart was pleased. "Don’t worry, you will wake up soon."
Until the evening, Shuiyunjin still didn’t wait for the two children to come back. The child Huangfuda was there. She was in no hurry. Her milk rose badly and she was very uncomfortable. After a long time, she was able to go out of the palace by herself.
I finally came to Huangfu Daling National Institute and found that the courtyard was very elegant. The room was as bright as day, and the two children were laughing happily.
Shuiyunjin felt a little wronged, and she was dying. The three fathers were happy.
She went into the house to keep JiQing Zi Xia and others leave quickly.
Shuiyunjin looked at the two children and teased them. There was some astringency in Huangfudi’s eyes. This face was already familiar to the bone, but it still made her miss it so much.
But Huangfuda doesn’t even look up like an uncle.
You can’t see if you can’t see the pie mouth. "I know you don’t want to see me, but I’m so upset here that you won’t let them send the child back. I can come by myself."
Huangfuda finally looked up, but looked at Shuiyunjin’s soft black eyes in the dark.
Shuiyunjin can’t take care of many things. Anyway, it’s her who feels uncomfortable. She hugged Huangfuyongqing and stripped off her clothes for a moment. That swelling feeling went away. She finally felt better. But she felt that something was wrong. Those burning eyes kept staring at her.
Her face is red and her eyebrows are slightly raised. "Can you not just look at it?"
"I think my daughter is delicious and didn’t look at you," Huangfuda said, but her eyes never left, and gradually filled with air.
Don’t you dare to say that you didn’t look at her, "Can you turn around first?"