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"thud" a Qin Chen rudely pushed open the office door and was about to leave when she suddenly remembered what she had missed. She turned around and solemnly warned long summer, "If you really don’t love Enze, please stay away from him and don’t appear in front of him again, causing him some illusory illusions and making him think that you may have a resurgence.

You may look at Enze’s life to your heart, fantasize about never leaving you in the world, and you think it is a kind of enjoyment, full of excitement and a sense of accomplishment, but it is a great torture for Enze.
If you don’t love him, don’t pester him and break up with him cleanly, set him free completely, and he will vigorously pursue a happier life.
If I ever see you hurt Enze again, I will not let you go. I am not afraid to break with you. "
Long summer could hear Qin Chen’s words, which seemed to be a stern warning to keep her distance from Yu Enze in the future, but it was actually a hint of sincere fear.
Long summer’s resignation from Qin Chen gave long summer a chance. She loved Yu Enze as much as long summer. This time, she didn’t want to miss Yu Enze, so she really asked long summer to beg long summer. She hoped that long summer would not pose a threat to her and Yu Enze from now on and become a stumbling block to her and Yu Enze’s emotional path.
Long summer gasped at the air conditioning surface has returned to normal. She turned around and calmly looked at the faint look of expectation. Qin Chen "Everything with Enze is over. After I got married silently, my workshop and I will move to Beijing Y City, and there will be no trace of me."
With her, she smiled peacefully at Qin Chen. She didn’t miss the past at all. She was indifferent. "Qin Chen, whether you can be with Enze or not, I will wish you happiness and I will wish Enze happiness."
"Enze and I will be happy and certainly happier than you." Then Qin Chen slammed the door and left.
Swing in the office suddenly a dead silence.
Long summer’s body began to tremble, as if she had lost her center of gravity. She couldn’t help but stumble and almost fell. Fortunately, she grabbed the corner of the desk.
What is happiness?
What is happiness?
Once her happiness was grace.
Now that she has left Enze, she is happy and blowing in the wind.
It was she who personally destroyed her happiness.
And then she won’t be happy again. She doesn’t deserve this word anymore.
Tears, like a burst of water, fall in big drops. It is a kind of suffocating pain to vent one’s depressed sadness in long summer’s weeping place.
"Sister long summer, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I really miss you." I still cried with joy when I saw long summer coming to visit her for a long time.
"Sister Xiaowa came to visit you because of some trivial matters in the early stage until now. I hope you don’t blame her." long summer was full of apologies and thoughts. She eagerly reached out and held out her hand.
Although they are separated by glass, they seem to be able to feel the palm temperature of each other.
"Wow, you’ve lost a lot of weight. You must have suffered a lot inside." long summer was distressed to see that Wow’s face was thinner than before.
The face is filled with the joy of seeing the good sisters worried day and night. Xiaowa immediately shook her head at long summer. "I’m fine, long summer, don’t worry about me."
Xiaowa was afraid that long summer wouldn’t believe what she said and suspected that she was lying to her. She quickly pointed to her face. "Sister long summer, you see my face injury is gone." Then she opened her clothes and showed long summer her belly and back. "And I’m not hurt.
When I first came in, it was hard to be black and blue and seriously injured, but I have been doing very well inside, and now they dare not bully me. "
Long summer recalled that when she first came to see Xiaowa, her face was always black and blue, and there were several wounds. Her heart was instantly hurt and her body was arrogant. How can it stand up to those people?
Wow, what a good girl she is, but she is crazy because of love and hate. Unexpectedly, she hates those dark days. How did she bite her teeth and endure those torments with strong perseverance?
"Xiaowa, you can bear it again and continue to behave well. Soon you will be out." long summer wiped his face and tears to encourage Xiaowa.
"Well, I will." Xiaowa answered long summer confidently and asked earnestly with her. "Sister long summer, you and Boss Yu have been in love for so many years. Are you still planning not to get married? You know I really hope that you can marry Boss Yu. He loves you so much that he will treat you like a treasure in his hand."
Long summer bowed his head and fell silent.
Xiaowa saw that long summer suddenly became melancholy, and an ominous premonition flooded her mind. "What’s wrong with long summer? Why don’t you talk? Don’t you and Yu Boss him?"
"Enze and I have broken up." long summer suddenly interrupted Xiaowa.
"Sister long summer, how is this possible?" Xiaowa couldn’t believe that she was stupefied at long summer. "You and Boss Yu have been in love for so many years. How can you break up when you break up? You two know each other well. It’s not the kind of person who breaks up easily. There must be something that hasn’t cleared up the misunderstanding, but you can’t break up."
Long summer sighed calmly and looked at Xiaowa. "Xiaowa, I’m going to marry another person."
In an instant, the little wow was like a bolt from the blue. She widened her eyes in amazement. "Sister long summer, who are you going to marry?"
Chapter ninety-seven The best way
The condensed water vapor in the eyes blurred long summer’s sight, but the memory gradually became clear.
After finishing the course, long summer suddenly felt a pain in her lower abdomen. It was her period and finally came, so she hurried to wash her hands and took off her pants.
At first, long summer always felt that he was nervous, which caused the delay after the month, but when he saw that he had not come for almost two months, something was wrong.
can it be that
An idea emerged more and more horribly. long summer’s heart was pounding, and she dared not continue to think about it.
Quiet, there is long summer alone in the hand washing. She bends over and waves of cold water suddenly splash her face to wake her confused and chaotic mind.
If it is true, what should I do? I feel uneasy. long summer slowly raised his head and looked at himself in the mirror with a pale face and covered with water drops.
When I returned to the hotel in the evening, long summer immediately took out the test paper bought from the pharmacy and followed the instructions.
桑拿论坛In the next minute, long summer waited long and painfully.
Finally the result came out.
Both the control line and the detection line are colored, and the detection line is clearly colored.
At the moment when the results showed positive, long summer couldn’t help but stare big eyes and froze in place.
Absolutely impossible
Holding the test paper hand shaking uncontrollably, long summer couldn’t believe it. It was a real panic. She rushed upstairs and whisked a taxi straight to the hospital.
Long summer had to believe the fact that she was pregnant again when the doctor said the same result.
Is it because she went to Y City to see Yu Enze the night before she decided to fly to Paris for further study?
Yes, it was that night that she and Yu Enze
What’s this?
Tears can’t stop pouring down. long summer wandered around the streets of Paris in a trance. The bleak autumn wind blew off the last piece of dead leaves, as if she had lost her heart.
She has forced herself to break off contact with him, and she has given up all her love with him, and now she wants to have his flesh and blood.
Is all this destiny takes a hand or is it purely accidental?
On what it is, maybe she will never leave his infatuation in her life.
what’s to be done
What the hell should she do?
At night, the city is brightly lit and still lively and noisy, but it can’t cover up a person’s loneliness.
Long summer walked aimlessly and didn’t know he was going. He just walked on and on and on and on.
From the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, there are colorful clothes, perfumes and handbags in the dazzling windows. The symbolic classics ogo Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Givenchy pass by like tiny but precious memories.
A white bugai suddenly stopped beside long summer.