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Huangfuda’s silence is that BMW has no conflict with his touch, and it is clever to know that this owner is him at first glance.

Huangfuyun looked at this scene very depressed. "I’m still thinking about which horse you took a fancy to, and then I want to occupy myself and follow the trend. Now it seems that I can’t do it."
Huangfuda corners of the mouth slightly moved without saying anything.
It wasn’t long before the steward said that the auspicious time had arrived, but Chu Chengxuan, Huang Fu Li, Huang Fu Yun and a group of aristocratic brothers, Qi Qi Ma, and dozens of BMWs opened a spectacular road, which made people boil all the way.
It’s early to arrive at the General’s House. At this moment, there are some ladies in the General’s House outside, and it’s hard for them to make an announcement.
In the boudoir, Gu Chenxi is ready to cover her head.
"Miss uncle has come early, and silver is scattered outside the house." The little girl beamed at the tunnel.
Gu Chenxi smiled shyly. Xiafei Cheeks’s daughter’s home was full of shyness and Chun Qing showed it.
品茶论坛Finally, Ji arrived at a family, carrying Gu Chenxi out of Chenxi Pavilion, and everyone surrounded him and came to the front yard.
Chu Chengxuan had lost his mind when he saw that figure, and everyone around him was well-advised to spread out. He didn’t wait for the first few steps to meet Gu Chenxi and carried him to the sedan chair, causing a laugh.
"Do you want to see the horse just arrived last night?" Huangfuda walked beside Shuiyunjin Judo.
Shuiyunjin nodded with a smile. It is said that it is a very precious BMW, and it was brought back to Chu Palace by Chu Chengxuan last night. She really hasn’t seen it yet.
Huangfuda walked out of the crowd gate with Shuiyunjin hand. The horse was very eye-catching. It was purplish red and beautiful. Shuiyunjin suddenly opened her eyes. Is this a bloody BMW?
"It’s too ostentatious for you to ride it." Shuiyun Park marveled at the tunnel.
"It’s the most suitable day to ride, but I’ll take you to try." Huangfu Wendi smiled and said, he picked up Shuiyun Hibiscus and let her go to turn her horse.
The wedding procession went around the capital for two times before returning to the general office.
Although some people are surprised that they are not going back to Chu Wangfu, no one has said that the two roots of Chu Wangfu are unwilling to marry, and Chu Chengxuan has to marry Gu Chenxi. All these years, it is reasonable to see what he can do today, and there must be an emperor’s permission behind all this, otherwise there will be trouble.
Back to the general’s office, the emperor has come to his side. There are Huangfuheng and all the emperors, even Ling Xiaoyao, Jiang Yu, Jiang Qiuwu and others have come.
"How did Yunxi go with the wedding procession?" Asked the emperor, smiling at Shuiyunxi.
"I just want to try walking in front of the sedan chair. What’s it like?" Shuiyun Park replied with a smile.
"Then you can try out what it feels like." The emperor was interested at the moment.
Shuiyunjin thought for a moment and replied, "A good view of the scenery is much more practical than sitting in a sedan chair."
Huangfuda corners of her mouth suddenly raised his woman to be really different.
Everyone laughed. I really didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to say this. When a woman gets married, she always sits in a sedan chair with her head covered, let alone looks at people. Before the groom uncovers the veil, she can’t uncover it herself. From beginning to end, Mother Xi helped her, but she couldn’t see anything. She really didn’t walk in front of the sedan chair, and the scenery was good and the line of sight was the best.
Huang Lang laughed happily. "This girl dares to say anything."
They followed echoed with laughter.
At this time, General Gu invited the Emperor and all the people to enter the feasible worship ceremony.
At a time when Chu Wangfu, such as Princess Jin and Prince Chu, are still sitting in the hall, the whole courtyard is sad, which is like a wedding ceremony. There are many people who are less attached to the house. Those aunts who are left and right are all a little anxious, but they are looking at each other more and more cold, and they dare not say anything.
"Princess Wang, something is wrong." Just at this moment, there was a sudden panic outside the door.
For example, Princess Jin’s face sank and others came to the hall. When she came to the hall, she angrily drank "slapping her face on the big day."
"A slave knows his mistakes. A slave knows his mistakes. A slave is scared." People hurriedly kneel and tremble with fear.
"What’s the matter?" asked Prince Chu.
"The world has received the princess wedding procession, turned twice in the capital and went back to the general office. The emperor also went to the general office. At this moment, all the guests should be about to meet the bride." The man was afraid that his body was trembling slightly, and the wedding turned out to be the general office. How can these two stand it?
Sure enough, two people suddenly got up and thought about waiting for Gu Chenxi to come to Mawei, and suddenly forgot to go outside the cloud nine. This is simply to ask them to command Chu Wang Ye to lift their feet and walk out of the hall, such as Princess Jin to leave a group of aunts to hide their lips and smile.
Prince Chu and Princess Rujin were blocked outside the gate of the General’s Office.
"The general has long said that if the two come in for a wedding banquet, then our general office will welcome us. If we come to make trouble, then we will never have any scruples because of the two identities. The emperor will make it too ugly in it, which is not good for anyone." The steward looked at the two slightly lightly
At this time, Prince Chu and Princess Rujin dare not make a fire, otherwise they won’t even see their own wedding today.
When they went in, the etiquette officer was shouting, "Worship the heavens and the earth". On both sides of the table wrapped in red silk, the emperor and General Gu were laughing and talking happily. This scene really blinded their eyes, but they should sit in the corner and watch. If I had known today, they would never let things develop to this point. After that, they would still be like seeing people.
With a ceremony into the bridal chamber, the whole scene is even more jubilant.
And Chu Wang Ye and Ru Jin Princess left in a hurry before they found them.
Then the wedding banquet was even more lively, and one person left until the bridal chamber was noisy.
Chu Chengxuan’s popularity has always been excellent, and it’s Chu Wangfu’s world. Today, it’s marriage and happiness. Naturally, everyone will not let people go easily. This is different. Everyone is clamoring for a bridal chamber.
ChuChengXuan naturally don’t want to be such a group of drunkards into his bridal chamber, which makes Gu Chenxi even more ashamed. He became drunk and let people around him lead them to drink again, while he himself took the opportunity to sneak back to his room.
But he’s still missing two people, and is he really that gullible?
After sitting for a long time, Shuiyunjin and Huangfuda got up and walked around. When they heard the movement of Chenxi Pavilion, they looked at each other and walked past with a smile.
Ling Xiaoyao, Jiang Yu, Qi and Jiang Qiuwu all came to Chenxi Pavilion.
Just look at dozens of well-dressed boys and girls crowded outside the happy room. They want to laugh with smiles on their faces, but they dare not send them out. They are scrambling to look in. It’s more than that. Just look at the roof. Huangfu Yun and Li Chen have uncovered some cracks in the tiles and climbed over the roof. I don’t know what they saw, but they laughed their mouths to their ears.
Shuiyunjin looked at this scene and her mouth was severely smoked. Fortunately, she didn’t meet the two peeping tom Yunge waterside pavilions when she married Huangfudan, and no one wanted to enter. But it seemed that Huangfudan appeared on the night of their marriage and left. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Huangfudan. "Is this really good?"
Huang Fu-da smiled softly when she knew the idea of Shuiyunjin. "There’s nothing wrong with Chu Chengxuan finally getting his wish, which is bound to be unforgettable."
Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth, and it’s unforgettable, and it’s not the scene now, is it
"Let’s also go to join in the fun, such as" Jiang Yu qi also looked very interested.
Shuiyunjin glanced at him and then at Lingxiaoyao and others, although they didn’t say anything, all of them were smiling and seemed very interested. She said, "ChuChengxuan is very bitter."
Jiang Yu qi low smile "so many people are thinking about the traditional Chu Chengxuan can bridal chamber tonight?"