The green bull in the field has fallen while Zefa is still observing,The whole cow has been in shock。

But even in shock,The body is still twitching,Seems to be still running? “Perseverance is indeed first-class!”Zefa showed a slight smile。 For this cute thing,Zefa also has a preference,Although it cannot be waterproof because of this slight preference,But you can give more care within the rules。 “Leo should be almost there,After all, it’s a load of two tons,Three times more than […]

Zheng Ye holding a gun,Shut up and stop talking,He can only choose to be silent,He has no right to blame Shi Muluo for his actions,He doesn’t have a virgin heart,After all, I’m doing a lot in this business,It’s common to see someone die in front of you to protect yourself,It’s just that his conscience hasn’t been wiped out yet,I feel a little uncomfortable。

“See Qi Xianwei, do you know what to say??”Shi Muluo said while organizing the scene,Reinforcements are coming soon,She must use this time to clean up the scene。 Zheng Ye nodded without speaking。 “Forget it,I did what I said。”Shi Muluo thought about it,Still decided to put“Confession”Arranged,Otherwise, it will be broken if there is a deviation,“You push me for a walk,Accidental attack,Qi […]

Xia Sanye kneeling on the ground,Shook his head and shouted:“You can’t do this,This will hit the gods”

“It’s already collided,Your old man should go back to the village with Huang Taixian,Pray for our Xia family!”Xia Jian said,Gave Chen Erniu a wink,Chen Erniu helped and pulled Sanye Xia to the edge of the ground。 Everyone started working again,But okay,I dug a long time next,Not even a human bone was dug out。The sun gets worse,How old are Xia Sanye?,Can’t […]

Seven thirty,There was a burst of intensive gunfire in the trading market。

That’s the sudden gunfire,No sign in advance。 “These people deliberately want to kill the poisonous scorpions,Otherwise I won’t shoot directly,”Qin Hao thought of this situation。 The scorpion must be too rampant,So dissatisfied with the local snakes here,That’s why there is this scene。 “Bang bang bang,Bang bang,”Suddenly two loud noises,Almost overturned Qin Hao directly。 “Why did you shoot directly inside??” This […]

“I think it’s a bit more than this,You go fast,I can’t keep up“Zhao Chunling said,Took a breath。

Xia Jian thought for a while and wanted to ask her:“You said they found us missing,Where do you usually chase?“ “Do you still want to ask this??You must take a bus to the train station,They must have gone to the bus station now“Zhao Chunling said without thinking。 Xia Jian thought about it and said loudly:“Everyone hold on for a while,Waited […]

Fortunately, the child’s needle stick was so smooth,The female nurse did it in twos or twos。She said something when she went out:“Don’t yell in the aisle,Pay attention to quality“

Xia Jianyi listen,Just thinking about the theory。Zhao Hong hurriedly pulled Xia Jian’s sleeve,Whisper:“You give me forbearance,Don’t be here,Even for Chenchen“ Zhao Hong said this,Xia Jian can only shut up。he knows,The hospital is not a reasonable place。Xiao Chenchen rolled around on the bed,I can see how many people can feel it in their hearts。 “My goodness!You just let this disease be […]

“Got it!How about this!I drove over with Lin Wei,I’m waiting for Lin Wei downstairs,Wait for her to finish,Let’s go to Qingshan County together“Xi Zhen said,And began to pack the things she brought with her。

Guo Meili nodded and said:“Go!Drive carefully on the road。Report all expenses to finance,Let the company reimburse you“What Guo Meili said,Xia Jian just remembered,You can’t let Lin Wei pay for things.! He quickly took out his wallet,Drew out two hundred yuan bills from it and said:“This is personal behavior,The money must be paid by me。Just buy things for about two hundred […]

Chapter One Fight

quickly,After a brief noise,The role of the six leaders of the four camps has played out。 The gods of the kings cooperated as required。 Facing self-interest,From these six men‘leader’Just barely command。After all, every king has his own demands。 But the guard facing the maze,This is the common interest of everyone,Act naturally。After all, I saw the maze guard appeared,Naturally, I know […]

“Stop it,This is your second master,You go down first。”Shadow God waved his hand,A mana cuts off coercion,Open road,“Go,Next time I have a chance, I’ll pass on your real shadow second sword。”

“Yes,Master!”Youth respectfully,Retreated。 “Wow~”The shadow god is really like a dark shadow,Appear on the top of Shanlan。 The top of the mountain,There are already two figures。 Together,Seem mundane,Its breath is mysterious and unfathomable。 Together,Sit cross-legged,On the surface of the body, a blue sword light appeared as sharp as the sky。 Salute Li Ming respectfully,Ying Tian Shen looked at Xiong Chu Tian […]

For such an idea,Cecilia also agrees。

Decided on the method,Wright also informed his relatives,Just in case,Is divided into three ways,Hair ball、Cecilia and Kuroko escorted all the way,Leaving the Puang Empire,Moving in is called‘Chaos collar’Area。 Wright set off for the Arctic ice field。 What Wright didn’t know was,A servant in the original residence,Secretly went to a dark church,Delivered a letter。 ” ———— Chapter 19 Wanghai City Dark […]