No one made a better suggestion,Of course, Chen Erniu’s proposal became the final decision。

That night,Chen Gui has taken Xia Ze into the family yard,I told Wang Youcai all,It turns out that Chen Gui and Chen Erniu are brothers of the same surname,With a little blood,Chen Gui is smart,And Chen Erniu is Ma Daha,While bragging,Sometimes important things are blown out,But he didn’t know,The Xia family can’t contact Xia Jian,When he was bragging,Chen Gui told […]


Chapter One:Poor and white My name is Chu Chen,this year32year old。Yes i am poor,So i have no object。I go to work by bus,With a meager salary every month。I think using the word meager to describe my views on the unit is a bit mean,But I really can’t get rid of poverty。 So I play games after get off work,Trying to […]

“Hahahaha!Mayor Wang,You do have this ability。Don’t forget,You are the parents of Pingdu people,You are responsible for the happy life of the people in Pingdu,Not to meet the boss,Do such things that are not good for the people“Xia Jian wanted to say something better,But still didn’t hold back。

Wang Youdao is on fire,He shouted:“What nonsense are you talking about?What is unfavorable to the people?You give me out right away,Go to relevant departments for investment projects” Wang Youdao got angry,His secretary immediately opened the door and walked in,Pulled Xia Jian out。The group in Xia Jian’s heart never vented,This is the first time he encountered such a thing。 Back to […]

Of course, Li Ming guessed that he would not stay for many years at the domain master level.,When you reach the master level, you will enter various secret realms and cosmic battlefields.。

Remember mobile version URL: ———— Chapter Forty Fought Only three days later。 Li Ming’s figure appeared in the ruins。 This ruin,Not simple,This is the world of dangerous people【Garcia】Wreckage left by the original inhabitants。 【Garcia】,Highly technologically advanced before entering the universe,Even inventedDHierarchical technology—simply put,This planet can make technological weapons that kill the pinnacle masters of the domain master。At the same time, […]

Seeing the three women of Mianshan Jianzong is like seeing some ghosts,These trainees from the Dragon Training Academy turned their heads and left,Never take a step forward!

Jiujun Mountain is in front,People exploring in the office city,Have passed various ways,And the information left in the organ city,The Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army is the final competition place for this power competition.。 And the fifth grade fuchsia brocade box,It can only appear in the Tomb of the Ninth Army! In fact,The Institution City is also undergoing tremendous […]

Half an hour later。

“Not working” The entire sword field turns into a totem pole,Directly crushed with unmatched strength。 In the surprised eyes of Babata,C5There are also a lot of cracks in the metal target。 Three days later。 The dark golden long stick in Li Ming’s hand instantly seemed to be transformed into the sun。A lot of golden light burst away。It’s close enough to […]

Chu Deirers also swept by the flame knife,But after the birth,But just retreat two steps——Tag,Normally can’t be so“quick”Activity,Refund、Is under the knife impact on the flame knife,Passive retreats two steps,It is like the feeling of Chu Deiren.,You can’t move、Other people use hard,Can still be active。

智 智,Can’t help but work、God…… One is that Cozhi is not very normal.,Always do something free.,But when it is still still,Master’s baggage、Al or also is a high-quality bag!,Originally sneak attack,I am not in a hit, I will not force it again.,Especially at this time, many people have stared at him.; Two……It is also true! Although it doesn’t matter not to […]

This mood is very special,It’s not simply high above,Or aloof,But the innate feeling of overlooking sentient beings,Very calm,On the edge of the high ground in the small world,It pauses for a while,The front end is slightly twisted like the head,Revealing a pair of extremely clear and clear eyes,Suddenly looked at the faint blue silk floating in the sky。

That is the tentacles of Li Tianzhu’s divine consciousness,He has been watching everything happening in the small world,He just lost many souls,The world of consciousness appears chaotic,Look quite dull,But after seeing these bright eyes,There was a bang in his ear,Then the whole person fainted completely。 “Even if not called,I will come back eventually。”Void sighed lightly,Actually uttered the language of Fansheng,In […]

Except for Chen Xiu and Wang Zilin,The rest of the people didn’t see how Ou Sheng used Tai Chi’s leveraging force、The technique of moving flowers and trees caused the security chief’s baton to hit his lap,I thought he made a mistake。

Wang Zilin is like saying:“Sister Ou’s Kung Fu talent is very high!” “Of course,She is not a weak woman。” Chen Xiu said with a smile:“She is the boss of the club!” The security guards immediately rushed forward,Then came the screams,One after another,Up to one minute,All fell to the ground。 Look at their different poses,There is also an accented cry,It is […]

“Sister Kong Hee,I heard that you are going to marry the palace,I don’t know who is from the palace,Can talk to my sisters in advance?”

Male superior to female,This is not so popular in Zulong City,Women with a certain status basically have to participate in clan affairs,But the marriage of women is mostly decided by the elders in the clan,In fact, men with no achievements are almost the same。 What I just discussed was military affairs。 Mainly from the harassment from Lingxiao City-state,And those mobs […]