I can’t help rubbing my eyes. You can’t do anything? Then why should I raise you? ! Cooking? Laundry Sweep the floor? Riding a horse? Spear throwing? Archery?

I can’t help rubbing my eyes. You can’t do anything? Then why should I raise you? ! Cooking? Laundry Sweep the floor? Riding a horse? Spear throwing? Archery?
He shook his head like a rattle and attacked like a storm.
I can’t resist going backwards again and again.
His hair finally dried. I was counting on you to teach me, young master!
I sat down on the floor.
So I led the life that nothing would follow.

Childhood always seems very short.
In retrospect, there won’t be many memories
Xiliang is desolate and barren. Even if a county in Liangzhou, Wuwei is located outside the town of Guzang, the total population is less than 1,000, and the total number of soldiers in Wuwei County is barely 60,000. You know, although there are some villages and counties in Xiliang, 70% of the population are gathered in the town. After all, human social animals all like to live in groups.
This mere 60,000 people can’t even be compared with a thirdclass town in modern times. Take my old hometown, a small county in Hedong, where poverty is extreme. The population has been a statelevel povertystricken county for more than ten years, and there are nearly 35,000 people in Shandong, Henan, Sichuan and Guangdong, not to mention that the population of four provinces has been greatly saved, and 700,000 people in one county will be able to exceed one million if they are not careful. This is still after the implementation of the family planning policy for more than 30 years.
However, Liangzhou is vast and sparsely populated, and the environmental protection in this era is excellent. It is said that there are thousands of miles away from the desert, but there are large grasslands and dense forests, which are the perfect places to ride horses and walk dogs. It has become a compulsory course for me, a native of Xiliang, to ride horses every day.
Although I can’t say that I was weak in my previous life, I also said that I can’t shoulder my shoulders and pick my base. I belong to a group of people who have no fighting experience and are weak when they see fire and fight. This generation is running in the strong wind every day and jumping in the jungle all the time. The physical courage is naturally incomparable with the past.
In terms of cultural accomplishment, everyone should know about Xiliang. What the hell is this place? It was the westernmost and northernmost corner of the Great Han Dynasty, except for the Changshifu of the Western Regions, and the border ethnic minority Xiqiang was critical. People were happy from time to time and rushed in to fight for it. It was fortunate that ordinary people could stay and live. Where would ordinary people expect to continuously improve their cultural level and cultivate their moral sentiments through literacy?
Of course, at this time, Torre, although the official is still very small, at least it is considered as an official in the city. It is certainly not difficult to ask a gentleman to educate his children. So he and his mother invited a wellknown Jia Fu in the city to teach Ma’s family a few ponies and Pang Yi’s two children.
Who is Pang Yi? I didn’t know that I had never heard of a character before. Now he is the secondincommand of Dad, but Dad can’t call his family a good one. It can’t really realize the communism between Ma and Pang. Except that my wife can’t share it, you are me. I am you. I feel grateful and confused when I see it.
Pang’s eldest brother called Pang Rou. He didn’t remember that his bones were very weak and developed in the reading direction. People were relatively calm and gave people the feeling that they were not easy to approach. Compared with the silent name of the eldest brother and the second brother, it is famous and famousPound!
When his grandmother first heard his name, his calves trembled with excitement for a long time and almost wanted to hold him and cry for hours. Brother, you are the first cow general I have seen since I came to this hellhole!
Of course, my cheap dad can’t be a star. Although he can barely be called a vassal, it’s not easy to attract attention in this hellhole. Later, he was killed by Cao Cao, a fellow. There is nothing for me to remember that things have long been ignored by me.
Besides, this brother Pound is bound to be my strong hand and less help. For a long time in the early stage, he should be regarded as our first expert. How can I not be excited?
But … How is this little brother Pang quieter than his brother? Although he is only three years older than me, his words are usually not the same. I often let him approach with goodwill, and I feel uninterested.
Well, in fact, the first class with me was also the elder sister Ma Wen and her entourage Zhao Cheng, not to mention the fact that we are too close to the Qiang people in Xiliang, and the folk customs are extremely fierce and even more fierce. It is hard not to be influenced by them. Many Central Plains people may take it for granted, and many habits are often sneered at by everyone. It is so strange that women’s studies are coming, and no one cares about you. Most people can’t live. Who cares about your general daughter’s studies?
Later, some people said that Ma Chao’s grandmother was a Qiang woman, so Ma Chao had a quarter of Qiang descent. There are even people who talk nonsense and don’t know where to quote the classics. After a long time of investigation, they finally found that Ma Chao, a famous star of the Three Kingdoms, is famous. That’s because his elite soldiers and horses are descendants of the defeated soldiers in ancient Rome! His grandmother doesn’t despise China people so much, does she? Isn’t it because there are some differences between the water and soil and the Central Plains that the wind and sand are bigger and the life is simpler, which leads to people’s longer bodies, bigger eyes, higher noses and rougher skin? This just demonizes us without saying anything? ! There is no justice!
Later, my own brothers, Ma Tie and Matthew, followed us in class, which was three or four years later.
After all, I have lived for several years since I was reincarnated. I said that Deji has adapted to the life of this era. Actually, I talked about the problem of inadaptability, because I was a college student until I was born again, and I only had a little understanding of the society at that time. What should I say to adapt to the society? Let’s start with it.
After two or three months, the private school finally learned to write broken characters in the Han Dynasty. The strokes are really complicated, but you can know them at first sightafter all, there are still simple characters flowing. After all, our Chinese characters are still pictographs!
By the way, I don’t know any fonts in this era of the Three Kingdoms in the late Han Dynasty, but I know the most basic typeface and the new Wei Dynasty, which I used to like most when typing … I don’t know whether I know it or not, but now I can read an article at a good level, mostly because I have a strong literary background and strong literacy ability. Jaff often praised my intelligence when I first taught, but the Pang brothers didn’t respond to my repeated praise. Instead, I kissed my elder sister and was a little jealous that she was arrogant and refused to bow to men.
However, my pride will stop here, except that I can show off my resources. Other aspects are just sososososososososososososososososoafter they all read the words, I didn’t have a chance to brag about it in this respect. Moreover, because I have already formed a terrible habit of dependence on later generations of cramming education, I can’t stand it. I often feel that I am listening to Professor Taiwan in a big classroom with hundreds of students, telling him that
Fortunately, Jaffe was very impressed with me because of my excellent early performance. No matter whether I turn a blind eye to my subjective slack, it’s really considerate and humanized teaching!
Of course, the Confucian classics in the education at the end of the Han Dynasty were the absolute mainstream. After all, Dong Zhongru, a scholar who valued Confucianism during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, was deposed a hundred schools of Confucianism. Everyone was good at learning Confucius and Mencius. After listening to The Analects of Confucius at first, I could feel that Master Kong’s thought was very good. It was really nothing. I came and went, so I could learn the most popular words I learned in junior high school. Is it important to say that in troubled times?
I like them very much.
But I despise learning.
In view of people’s disdain for Confucian classics and limited interest in literary career, I deliberately took a little leisure from my busy schedule. In addition to leading Zhao Cheng to bully everywhere, I was sitting in my room writing memoirs and expressing my heart to man show Chun Qing Jr.
I remember that it was a very thin thing when I first started writing. I call it The History of the Three Kingdoms, which is not rare for our intellectuals. I am a serious person and write a serious history. This was written when I was four or five years old, and I didn’t know a few Han Dynasty words at that time. Of course, it is convenient to write in simplified Chinese, so it seems that hundreds of pages of things written by others belong to heaven.
I often sigh that when the time comes, I will hate less ancient people and whether they will deceive me or not!
This reflection is actually quite crude, because the characters I know and can write something come and go, and there are only twenty or thirty people, and most of them are influenced by the romance and sometimes influenced by the Three Kingdoms of Yi Zhongtian. It is very … objective and fair.
At the same time, in order to enrich others and think hard, the classic scenes that can be recalled in the romance are edited and filled in, so this serious history also contains a trace of martial arts elements
Yes, I have always liked martial arts. Unfortunately.
Then came the great second book. I thought about it for a long time and finally decided to write a long masterpiece.
This should be a grand story, and it is also a group of young people in the last dynasty who fought with swords to protect the people around them. The story is oldfashioned but touching, with blood, warmth, planning, war, brothers, organization, power, fierce and cruel confrontation and calculation. At that time, my heart stirred for a long time and I didn’t know how to name this film, which will shine forever in my life. After three hours of hard thinking, a large sum of white paper fell into the snow with five characters.
Kyushu misty record!
The fifth chapter literature juvenile troubles
I was so excited that I almost couldn’t help writing another letter and adding a few words.
By Jiangnan
My heart and body often tremble with the pen. This is the story I am most familiar with. This is the person I love very much. When I threw the thirtieth pen with a bald hair, I finally breathed a sigh of relief.
His grandmother jiangnan dead eunuch! Smelly pit king! I denounced I don’t know how much Kyushu has done in recent years? What’s the record of coitus? Or jump into other pits because you can’t make money?
约茶There is still a pit deep in the pit. After Kyushu Dimly discernible Record 123456, it is followed by Kyushu Enjoying Record 123456, and then it is followed by Kyushu Past. After 123456, maybe Kyushu OO Record and Kyushu OO Record 123456 will pop up again … What a pity! It’s a pity that this fellow digs a hole too fast and fills it too slowly! I can’t make up a million or two words in a year! Grandpa Jiangnan, compared with those who fought at the starting point, are you ashamed of yourself, comrades?