I pulled pillar box out the letter paper.

Lyu3 bu4 this fellow angered me and kidnapped his daughter anyway, but he didn’t agree with me to be his reinforcements and refused to provide food. My battalion is now stationed in Wucheng, west of Yecheng, and it is only half a month before the master decides Tuoba Ye.
Let Tuoba Ye stay in Wucheng and pay close attention to Lu Bu’s movements. If you need support, send troops as usual! I casually stuffed the letter paper into the saddle to urge me to March north.
The messenger left with a clip of dust on his horse’s belly.
Behind him, more than 12,000 cavalry walked around.

At the beginning of June, the four major armies arrived in Huai County, Hejun County.
按摩I came to meet Jun Cheng but told me that Li Dian was not in the county.
It’s been several days since Li Binggong was the prefect of the warlord in the northeast. The tall and handsome Jun Cheng respectfully saluted me.
What’s the name of Jun Cheng? As he is very young, I don’t care much about etiquette.
Official compound surname Sima Minglang County Cheng bowed their heads and replied.
Sima … I immediately Zheng Sima Yi brothers … Sima Boda?
It is Sima Lang slightly looked up in the eyes of a flash of surprise.
I didn’t expect Mancheng to find a great sage to help himself. No wonder he will rest assured that he will go out to war. I smiledin fact, I didn’t know what happened to Sima Yi, the eldest brother.
Lang Cai’s lack of knowledge is not worthy of this fallacy. Sima Lang hurriedly leaned down.
Don’t be modest. It’s also quite well known that Sima Jia learned from me. I spun a few words and encouraged him. I’m so lucky to hear that your brothers can learn from each other! I remember that there was a saying of Xunshilong and Sima Da in the story.
eh? He slightly zheng officer brothers, a total of six several younger brother years not crowned dare not jump to learn.
This will be my turn to be stunned. I thought for a long time and asked, How is your father and mother?
The family is strict, the family is kind, and the husband is concerned. His parents respectfully gave him a gift.
Oh! I nodded. It seems that the old Sima has to regenerate two … to get together …
Cool male whether stop in huai county today? Officer good early preparation SiMaLangGong asked.
All right, I looked at the sunset. If you had told me something about the situation in the north.
I am really happy to have an honor! Sima Lang bent down to answer.
I think this tall and young Jun Cheng is really picky in etiquette. Compared with himself, he suddenly feels ashamed.
Everyone’s family education … is really good.
32 River County Chief Jun Cheng
Alberta … I watched carefully, and Sima Lang couldn’t help but say, You should put some without being so cautious …
Sima Lang put a leaf into his mouth and chewed it carefully before he replied, It’s important for Liang Gong to form a habit at home since childhood. If it makes Liang Gong unhappy, Lang invites himself into the side hall.
I’m not afraid of your restraint. I laughed. Since it’s a habit, let’s continue eating.
He nodded and continued to eat and eat in this big family.
I watched him with great interest as I tore at the lamb chops in my hand.
After reading it for a while, I’m sure … he’s really a longterm habit, not nervous or cautious.
And … I found that … Uncle Xun You moves almost exactly like Sima Lang …
It’s really nice to say that … everyone is a family tutor.
After dinner, I burped and asked, Can we talk about the situation in Hebei?
Sima Lang rinsed his mouth and wiped his mouth. This time, he nodded, The most important thing for Liang Gong is that Lu Bu and Yuan Shao have recently fought?
Yes is natural. Isn’t the purpose of my coming to Hebei to collect Lu Bu and beat Yuan Shao?
According to information from the river, Lu Bu’s body injury has worsened after two fierce battles in Zhang He. He has been living in the mansion recently and should be recovering. Sima Lang said.
That should be the second time the master left him a wound? Qin Zhen rubbed his jaw green and stubble. I didn’t expect your master’s two shots to be so powerful that they haven’t recovered for more than two months?
No, Yang Feng shook his head. It’s not just because the master’s marksmanship is fierce, but because Lu Bu’s old injury has not healed, and it has caused the injury to increase.
I agree with him that Cheng Ye is an old hand after all and that Zhang He is also a famous soldier in Hebei at any rate. It must be a desperate struggle to repel Lu Bu twice.
Sima Lang went on to say that although Lu Bu occupied Wei Jun and Zhao Guozhi, he could barely control several counties around Handan and Yecheng, and other counties were still inclined to join Yuan Shao, who was more powerful.
In this situation, people will really be optimistic about Lu Bu! This well with a sigh.
I have some understanding of his mood. Gan Ning, Lu Bu, who was born in a poor family, can make a fortune on his own, so they will never like Yuan Shao, the second generation of super officials who were born with a lot of resources and contacts.
Sima Lang added, Lyu3 bu4 is a brave general who lacks the ability to rule the people’s literati and does not recruit local gentry, and … Lyu3 bu4 killed several businessmen in Handan city in order to get the salary. This terrible means also led to his more unstable rule in the two counties, which is likely to force the businessmen in the two counties to fall to Yuan Shao.
I nodded. If the city of Handan is full of Yuan Shao, Lu Bu will be beheaded in his sleep one day … I don’t feel strange at all.
And Yuan Shao’s return to Gaoyi because of his young illness from the frontline troops is also somewhat disappointing to many people, but he has once again led the army south and arrived in Handan city safely from Lyu3 bu4 interception. I’m afraid he will attack soon. Sima Lang told me that he didn’t recognize Lyu3 bu4 to hold Handan.
Can Lu Bu hold Handan?
To be honest, I don’t think he can either.
Lyu3 bu4′ s power can only be brought into full play in the field battle, and he has not made outstanding achievements in siege warfare and guarding city warfare.
Lyu3 bu4 situation is not optimistic.
But I don’t need to reconsider that going straight to Handan is my first choice.

Two days later, I passed by the northeastern county town of Hejun, and Li Dian was carrying the grain and hay from Luoyang.
He told me that Yuan Shaojun launched a tentative attack on Handan just this morning.
And Lombardi is constantly increasing the input of siege forces.
The distance from Dangyin to Handan is less than 200 miles. It takes a whole day to March at a speed, but it takes half a day for battlefield news to return from Handan.
So I simply rested in Dangyin City.
Li Dian is very consciously reporting to me about his recent work.
You chose Sima Lang, a county official, which should be said to be a good choice. He is a political talent. I now commend others’ eyes
Sima family is a prominent family in the river. If we can get their support, the master’s rule in the river will be more stable and the people will be more inclined to us, but … Li Dian hesitated.