Of course, the 260,000 people in Yanmen are not comparable to us. Jia Xu has mastered the situation of each county along the way and recited it at this time with great error.

Once again, I was in tears. Everyone is from Frontier County. Why … you are thirteen times as big as me? !
I don’t care, I’ll take a walk along the river in a few days. I’m determined to grab some labor back, otherwise I’m afraid that butch riding will have to evolve into a farmer with these 20 thousand people farming.
It’s up to you, but since you want to increase your mouth, why don’t you just let Tuoba Ye and others do something? Jia Xu quickly made appropriate suggestions.
Xuanhui Huimin policy? I immediately smiled, Mr. Wang is really more considerate than me.
He bowed his head and smiled humbly.
I immediately ordered Sun Wen to lead 250 people from the second brigade of the first battalion to cooperate with the Tuoba Ye people to send a call to the remnant Xiongnu people scattered nearby. Presumably, thousands of people will submit to us when they show up.

按摩At the beginning of February, I led the army south.
Led by including the first battalion, the third battalion of Qin array, the fourth battalion of Xu Huang, accompanied by Tuoba Ye and his 500 young volunteers.
Altogether, more than 4,000 people will be rationed on the 10th, just along the main road of the Yellow River south.
Ma Dai tied himself up. Who asked him to be a county magistrate? I forbid him to leave his post without leave. He must honestly stay in Guangmu and urge the people in the county to work hard to grow food and develop wasteland.
Brother … are we running too fast? Jia Mu muttered on horseback, We all see the village ahead …
I said quickly, Maybe … Zulie went to the village to ask if we were looking for the conference semifinals?
Zulie immediately led a brigade, and I watched the loess behind them to alert all the soldiers.
When we waited for a wick of incense at the village entrance, Zulie brought a few people back.
My Lord, this man is a village miser. He pointed to an uncle in his fifties.
Ah, your majesty … The old man knelt down and kowtowed. A few guys behind him stood upright with their heads held high stubbornly.
Why do I think this is Zulie? He took hostages by force.
ZuLie you a king egg I let you ask the way? ! This is obviously a big man! I yelled, If you don’t work hard, I’ll let Sun Wen change you!
As soon as I heard Sun Wenzu’s fierce spirit, I even begged for mercy. Little mistake is wrong! After that, you must change and change!
This … uncle, don’t be afraid that I am a Han Chinese. I motioned Zulie to help him up.
Han Chinese? !” The old man was frightened to disgrace and became more and more afraid. We are a backcountry and don’t have what you want!
Emotional Han bandits are more deterrent than conference semifinals?
I took off my lion helmet to show my head. I’m the new prefect of Shuofang County in the north. I’m here to recover the Hu people. Now I’m just asking for directions. Are you … Beidi County?
Shuofang county satrap? The old man doesn’t believe that Shuofang County hasn’t been a satrap for more than ten years, so don’t lie to me.
Smelly old man asks you something and you answer it! Qin array impatiently roared a.
The old man suddenly collapsed to the ground. Yes, yes, yes, it’s a villain. It’s the husband of Shitou Township, Lian County, Beidi County. Spare us!
The northern satrap is Yang Feng, right? I asked and looked at a Xu Huang in the corner.
Xu Huang has no special expression.
It’s Yang Taishou. The old man nodded repeatedly and said with courage, Our satrap and general Zhou Mu are stationed in Lian County now. I advise you not to die in the past …
Dad! How can you tell these gangsters! The young man behind him is ashen.
The old man is so kind …
Oh, so Marten is here! I clapped my hands and laughed. How far is it from here to the county seat?
You, you, you … When the old man saw that I was moving out of the old Malay, I was afraid of my tongue.
His son said sternly, Don’t be a gangster. The county town is 260 miles away. Mazhoumu and Yang Taishou Chen Bing are 200,000. If you dare to go, you will definitely not come back!
Two hundred thousand? !” I laughed even more.
Young man, are you crazy? Bullying me won’t count?
There are 50,000 military forces in Liangzhou, which is the limit. Here, military forces refer to regular troops with complete equipment, and those who go to besiege the government barefoot with sickles and axes are definitely not included.
Please always send a message to Ma Teng, I said to Sifu. Just say that Ma Chao is going to meet him in Lian County!
Ma Chao? The old man muttered, So familiar?
His son reacted quickly. Are you Ma Chao, the head of Massachusetts?
I nodded with a smile and finally someone knew me.
At present, several villagers immediately fell to their knees. Little people have seen General Shenweitian!
7 old horse catching up
Turned out to be a long male in the fall Yang Feng ha ha to meet up with a smile.
Uncle Yang will pay more attention, and my father is here? Let’s get to the point
He nodded. It’s a precaution. The general of the enemy in the border county is training in the north these days.
It seems that the old horse is really diligent, and it is even decent. Why didn’t he come to meet me?
Welcome a fart! Ma Tengyin has come over. Did you greet us in advance when you led the army into Liangzhou?
The old horse is still so refreshed, and he is in his early forties and heading straight for fifty …
So this is Liangzhou. I laughed. I don’t know the way.
He rolled his eyes. You moved quickly. Has Shuofang County been settled?
I shrugged. It’s hard for me to manage six counties with a total of 10 thousand people. Why don’t you give me half of the 30 thousand refugees who moved to Liangzhou years ago? My wishful thinking rattled.
How can the old horse promise? You are dreaming! If you have something to do, ask the court for tens of thousands of guilty people!
I was furious. Where are the sinners on Amnesty Day at the beginning of this year? !”
Ahem, there are only a few people in Liangzhou who can give it to you. The speaker is elusive.
Hello Xingba When I saw him, I suddenly remembered Seibel and quickly said to Dad, You transfer Seibel to me. I really need him in the north.