Ha, ha, ha, you say yes, but I think too much when it comes to your high consciousness.

Chu Yun was embarrassed to hear this and touched the back of his head. It’s not surprising that Sinar can say such a thing. Chu Yunshi knows that Sinar is such an openminded girl. He and Sinar have similar ideas in many places.
But having said that, I’m really curious about Master Chen’s illness. What do you think of his illness?
Sinar thought for a while or to Chu Yun asked a:
Chapter 459 Attach importance to
Because she is a little helpless about master Chen’s illness, she feels that she can maintain her current condition and will not continue to deteriorate.
Before Chu Yun could speak, Sinar went on to say, Chu Yun, it’s not convenient for you now. If it’s convenient, let’s find a place to have a drink and talk.
Of course, it’s my treat. Thank you.
After hearing sinar talk, Chu Yun also sighed and contacted sinar alone. Although he was embarrassed, people just helped him and couldn’t refuse anything. Anyway, they should express their gratitude.
Besides, he’s still a big man, and it’s not a thing to hide from other girls all day. He should be able to hide, but he can’t help it if he wants to.
Good, but you don’t want to send me away for a meal. Today is just to talk about the patient’s condition. You have to calculate it after you owe me a favor.
Sinar satisfaction after hearing these words nodded some nifty said
Then she thought for a moment and continued to Chu Yun, I think the couple restaurant not far from our hospital is good. Let’s try it there today.
Couples’ restaurant. Okay, okay, wherever you say, today is just to thank you and be happy.
After hearing this, Chu Yun smiled bitterly and then hung up. He didn’t see Sinar at the beginning. He came to hear from the nurse that Sinar was not on duty at all today. Chu Yun still felt that there was nothing going on today, but he didn’t expect to provoke other girls because he wanted to help.
At the moment, Master Chen in Master Chen’s ward looks much better than before. He only looked at Mr. Lei next to him after playing a set of Tai Chi in his ward and asked, What do you think of that Chu Yunru just now, Lei?
Strong is absolutely strong
After listening to Master Chen’s speech, Mr. Lei paused for a moment and then nodded his head for sure. Although he said he was young, I think his heaven is full and his strength is very vigorous. If I guess right, he has reached the master level.
Are you kidding? He has reached the master level at such a young age?
After hearing this, Master Chen looked at Mr. Lei incredulously. Are you sure you can’t make a mistake, Ale? I am so young. I still can’t know shit at this time.
Mr. Chen Lao knows very well what the concept of master level is. He comes as a martial artist, and there are too many martial artists in China. Although it is easy to get started in martial arts, it is necessary to accumulate when necessary to have a high accomplishment.
Generally speaking, the master will not achieve anything until he is 4 years old and reach the master level. There are not many martial arts practitioners at all. Only a few masters at the master level are also 7yearold people.
It can be said that this land of China is definitely not enough to reach the master level with three figures. However, Chu Yun is only over 2 years old and has actually reached the master level. He does have some doubts.
However, he believes that Alei has followed him for so many years. Although it is still a long way to reach the master level, his vision has always been very accurate.
Sir, it’s absolutely right. Just now, when this little brother gave you acupuncture, I felt that his body was vaguely released and his strength was very strong. Just beside him, I felt a little uncomfortable, even if I didn’t reach the master level, I was definitely not far away.
Mr. Lei also nodded his head. He actually felt the strength of Chu Yun at the beginning. He couldn’t believe it at that moment, so he also observed it for a while until he finished acupuncture for Master Chen in Chu Yun. He was sure that Chu Yun’s strength was about the absolute master level.
He didn’t feel surprised at master Chen’s surprise because he didn’t believe it at first.
It’s really the waves behind the Yangtze River that push the waves ahead.
Master Chen got a positive reply and looked out the window and said with some sighs.
Is this little brother a martial arts family?
I don’t know about this. I don’t know much about his identity. I got your order to invite him over to help you see a doctor.
Mr. Lei thought for a while with a frown and continued, But I think the way he treated you just now is that although I am a layman in the field of Chinese medicine, it is absolutely not like he is selftaught because he is so skilled and very complicated. There must be a huge family or a powerful master to teach him.
That’s right, especially since he is still so young. It seems that this little brother’s position is definitely not simple.
Master Chen shook his head with a wry smile, but soon he was relieved. No matter what position Chu Yun came from, they didn’t take a fancy to each other’s life, but the strength they showed because Chu Yun’s strength was absolutely right for them.
Then he looked at his son seriously and said, After Awei, you must contact this little brother more. It is possible that our family may still need to rely on him.
Father, it’s no problem for you to let me contact him for a relationship, but it’s a bit exaggerated for you to say that our huge family needs a young man to rely on.
After hearing his father’s words, Chen Wei took an incredible look. Although Master Chen said that his father’s vision was very accurate, it was still unacceptable for him to say that a young man in his twenties and his own age could rely on a family.
However, Master Chen became more serious than ever. He looked at his son and drank heavily and said, Don’t be young and frivolous and don’t be too arrogant. You know, there are so many masters in this world that you can see the real level. I think he can do it. Just listen to me.
All right, father, I’ll listen to you.
It is also young people who ask a gentleman like Chen Wei to respect another peer. He certainly doesn’t want to, but his father’s orders can’t be violated. He nodded his head.
After all, the father’s order is that the imperial edict cannot be disobeyed for him:
No.46 meet
Of course, it’s also very good for you to do it before, which has made me very satisfied with you \
When Chen Wei was somewhat dissatisfied, Master Chen praised him again, but he was just a little better in his heart. A word from Master Chen made his heart sink to the bottom again.
夜生活This person is definitely a person worthy of communication. You are lucky to know him. You should take this opportunity.
Is it an opportunity to know this person? If it weren’t for saying this, his father Chen Wei would definitely think that there is something wrong with this person’s brain.
Growing up, people said it was a great luck to know themselves. Now my father actually said that knowing Chu Yun was a great opportunity for their Chen family.
Does it mean that Chu Yun is more powerful and precious than everyone in his family? Master Chen didn’t explain much about this fate. If you want to grasp it, you may not be able to grasp it. Everything depends on nature.
As time goes by, it will naturally show up, and everything will come out in time.
Master Chen has lived for most of his life. He thinks he has a good eye for people. He has never seen it, and he thinks that Chu Yun may be a little modest in saying so.
Master Chen’s face smiled when he thought of this. At the same time, he made up his mind that he must firmly grasp this with Chu Yun and never let them miss this onceinalifetime opportunity.
At this moment, Chuyun is a restaurant not far from the hospital. Although the place is not large, it is spacious inside. Every table is far away, and the screen blocks the people who let them eat here, which has some concealment.
Because not many people came to dinner at this time, Chu Yun went in and found a seat next to the window, and then sent his position to Sinar.
Chu Yun and want to know exactly how to speak sinar has arrived here, Chu Yun also didn’t expect each other so fast.
At this time, the impression of Sinar and Chu Yun is completely different. In the impression, Sinar should be wearing a white coat and even her face is covered with a mask. However, today, Sinar is dressed in a very slim suit to reveal her perfect figure.
The shawl hair is also very casual, and she is very sexy when she combs her back. Plus, after dressing up intentionally today, it gives people a sense of model sight.
I have to say that Sinar is also a serious beauty. As soon as she entered the coffee shop, she immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the restaurant. Of course, most of them were men.
Chu Yun was also absent when he saw sinar. For a moment, he was shocked by the gap between the front and back of sinar.
But Chu Yun finally still has some tolerance. He is stunned, so after a while, he will return to absolute being, and he will not be humiliated in front of each other again.
Chu Yun, have you been waiting for a long time? I’m sorry, because I didn’t go out before work today.
Sinar natural and graceful walked beside Chu Yun and finally found a place to sit down.
Not really. I wonder why you are so efficient. I just sent you a text message and you came out.
ChuYun nodded and didn’t say much because he knew sinar came out late today. It must have been a deliberate grooming.
It’s mainly because I’ve changed to a new place these days and I’ve been looking for messy clothes at home for a long time.
Have you moved?