Four players immediately surrounded me, only a foot or two away from each other.

Four people? It’s not enough. I crouched in their encirclement and got out from the gap between their arms.
Ball! I stretched out my arm for the ball
The current ballbearer immediately kicks.
Near the halfcourt, Xu Huang leaps and volleys halfway.
He seems to have known for a long time that I can get rid of the defense and that the ball will be handed to me, so he chose not to advance or retreat? He really has some connections …
The second goal was successfully countered by them. The score was 2.
But it’s just now.
I immediately pulled back two goals in a row with my personal breakthrough ability, and there was a burst of applause outside the stadium.
Xu Huang made a key defensive instruction, and four more people immediately came around me.
This is similar to the scene in Du Ji’s game, but they didn’t follow me too closely, but they succeeded in limiting my activities to a certain extent. They trapped me in this range. When I moved a little, they immediately blocked all my exits. For a while, I was able to get out of this man’s seemingly loose defense.
In addition, they also defended several other members of our team conveniently, which is far less than being extra concerned about me
They scored two more goals and lacked absolute main attack power. We seem to have something to do.
Master, you didn’t eat? !” Qin array on the sidelines waving fists roared
I punched him hard, too
Uh, I think I hit someone …
A defender fell to the ground in pain.
The referee announced to me apologetically, According to the rules made by your adult, you have been sent off …
I took a tiger across the stream and jumped out of the stadium, and then Dapeng spread his wings and hit a dragon to blow the Qin array out of the sky!
22 poor satrap
Without the core strength, we were quickly destroyed by the team led by Xu Huang.
Xu Huang changed themselves at halftime.
Although we tried to cheer up, we lacked a strong striker and the goal was penetrated by the other side again and again.
The final score was 9:3.
喝茶约茶I didn’t expect that I lost the game in such a way.
So I vent my anger in my hands, Qin array head
Qin array will face up. I punched him in the forehead.
Young master, you disappoint me so much. Zhao Cheng shook his head and sighed, then his tone was firm. People who can’t control their emotions can always be losers!
I was in tears when I was shocked. Who are you talking about? ! Don’t, you are already a successful person!
The onlookers also said that the halftime play was not bad, except for onesided halftime. Especially, the person with box office characteristics was sent off by the shady in less than a moment, which made many viewers very dissatisfied.
Xu Huang got on the podium, and he gave me a friendly hug and shook hands.
So the first regular league drew a curtain.
The competition lasting for more than 20 days thoroughly promoted football as a novel sport in the county and became the first choice for young and middleaged men in their spare time.
Anyway, in this era, business is rarely done late. After dinner, you can play football for half an hour, then go home and take a bath with your wife and continue to exercise. By the way, it is also a good thing for the quality of men in Gao County.
Few Confucian scholars can be seen in the whole Shuofang County, and Jia Xu and Cheng Yu are busy supervising the construction of houses and schools. Things can be put on hold for a while. After all, the people are still struggling with hunger and cold, but you tell them that you must pay for high cultural accomplishment … This is not too inhuman.
As many old houses collapsed, hundreds of temporary tents were erected outside the city. As far as I know, most of them were prepared by the masses themselves. Jia Xu and Cheng Yu sent people to distribute a small amount of relief food to the victims, which could last for at least ten and a half days.
However, this rainstorm is really amazing. The weather in the north is extremely dry, and rain is a rare thing. This time, the houses are directly washed down, which shows that the rainfall is heavy.
Of course, I didn’t miss this opportunity. Jia Xu once again wrote a letter for me. The trotters reported the disaster to Liu Xie and said that Shuofang County suffered heavy losses. If the court distributed relief materials from time to time, I’m afraid …
The court immediately ordered Huangfusong to allocate materials and Huangfusong sent messengers to send six big characters: You can do it if you have no money!
But it’s already been half a month. At this time, most of the house renovation project has been completed. I also want to take the opportunity to make some money. Huangfusong has helped me a lot before. Even if I have thick skin, I’m embarrassed to go to see him. He is still in charge of public security work for me next door.
In April, the weather is slightly warm.
No, no, no, this is not summer. At this point, the temperature is spring at best.
The masses of people finally took off their heavy warm clothes and lost a circleoh, of course, this means that people who have the conditions to wear cottonpadded clothes or fur jackets can’t afford the government to do it for you, don’t you think?
Spring seeds have been sown before, and the ground has been sprouted one after another. The growth of plants here is also half a beat slower than that of the Central Plains, but the whole grassland is already green and lush, and cattle and sheep are everywhere, and tigers and leopards ride around and simply graze their horses outside the city.
It’s finally like a place where people live. I look at the smoke curling up outside the city and sigh to myself.
It’s a pity that the population is too small to collect much tax at the end of the year, and it’s necessary to give a big discount to the new residents who haven’t learned to farmin fact, it’s ridiculous for us to make ends meet in the first three years according to Cheng Yu’s algorithm …
At present, the money in the warehouse is only a million copper coins, and the grain can barely last until the end of the year. This is an optimistic budget made in the absence of major disasters. Although there is no construction manpower for repairing the house, the wood purchased from the cloud and the county has gone to 300,000 to 400,000, which is also the asset that the nextdoor neighbors pity us for discounting.
Money is really worthless. When I saw these purchase accounts, my heart was cold and dull.
It looks like 12 million, but it’s not enough to plug your teeth when you really want to do something!
I thought that when I was nine years old, my salary was 9 thousand a month. Now, although it has dropped by half a level, there are also thousands of urban construction. In recent months, I have received a raw ration to barely maintain my family, and I have not moved a penny.
I really don’t know if I’m not in charge. When Jia Xu reported the expenses to me at the beginning of each month, I felt that I had lost a piece of meat.
In the spring, there were seedlings and farm tools, and now there are cattle plowing, ditches maintenance and repair, and the sum is bigger than the sum. We are the people’s government … When did we become a charity? !
Although Jia Xu always says that these are loans to the people to tide over the difficulties, I have to wonder when they can give me back a few thousand dollars of a cow with that acre of land.
Due to the financial shortage, not every family can be allocated uniformly by each county, so that when I suggested that thousands of strong horses could be cultivated, not only Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye disagreed with Xu Huang and Li Dian, but even Cheng Yu and Jia Xu looked at me with idiot eyes and were silent for a long time.
War horse delicate roots can’t cultivate land … Freeze shook his head.
Yes, the war horse is not the same as the old cow, so it is bleeding all over. Tuoba Ye card
Then forget it … I hung my head sullenly. I don’t know anything about politics and agriculturealthough my ancestors were farmers in the past two generations, the gap of forty years has been enough to make me confused about what grass is and what leeks are.
I don’t know what I’m learning from ancient times to modern times, but how can this group of people who are either not academic or have a brute force or a weak body crush me in the agricultural common sense department instead?
No, I have to earn some gas!
Or should I study a biology or chemistry? Genetic variation or making gunpowder?
But when I turn around and look at the vast grassland, I can give a deep sigh.
Even if Newton Watt Edison Einstein Franklin’s department is brought here, they can still play with mud in the mound!
Even a toothbrush has been studied from the age of five to the age of six. I’m not talented enough … Let’s not use this brain. Fa Chuang created this road … It’s not easy to go!
There is no patent at present.