Liu Boyan suddenly stopped posing as a smelly fart, but instead said to me, When someone comes over, she wants to see you.

Liu Baiyan deliberately sold me one and then went in with Xu Mo. It wasn’t long before Nanmu came with Jiang Ke and the children after they left.
As soon as they left, the bearer was not too much difference. I saw an Audi that I had never seen before. I watched the car door open in front of me and Yang Xun followed Yuan You.
Yuan You is wearing a black suit, and her face is scarred with sunshine. Yang Xun’s purple dress and white high heels set off her fairy temperament.
Happy wedding, Brother Lei Haoge
喝茶约茶  title=Happy wedding
The two of them came to me with joy, and I pointed to the door that wasn’t there and said, You didn’t.
Yang Xun smiled and looked behind and said, Someone hasn’t come out yet.
I wonder who is sitting inside. Is it Yan Jiaxin? No, it’s not. When this figure appeared in front of me, my face showed a happy smile.
Aunt Mei hesitated and came to me. Her hair was permed and seemed a little darker than before.
I shouted at her, Aunt Mei, you’re here.
Meiyi nodded at me and said sorry, Please forgive me for coming uninvited.
What can I say, Mei Yi? I’m glad you can come. Will you come? I immediately received Mei Yi and wanted her to walk in freely.
Meiyi seems to have some don’t LeiHao you really don’t blame aunt that attitude to you?
I shook my head and answered, What adults don’t worry about their own seniors? After all, it’s my fault that I failed Mei Yi first. It’s up to me to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry Mei Yi.
What are you talking about? How can you say this bad luck on this big day?
I smiled and looked at Mei Yi. Mei Yi, come in. You’re caught inside. Go in and be a person.
Well, I won’t say anything, and then I’ll catch up. Come to Meiyi here and cook a good meal for you.
Thank you, Mei Yi. You must be right then. Mei Yi Yan Jia Xin, hasn’t she come yet?
Meiyi gave me a look, then looked at Kaori and asked, Xin Er hasn’t come yet? I remember she should have left early.
There may be something delayed. It will definitely come. I spoke to her yesterday. Yang Xun went back and went in with Meiyi.
After they went in, Xiao followed Lin Chengwen. This time, Lin Chengwen came with Lin Xuan and Li Yanlinxuan. Many of them also recognized who I am. Congratulations on saying Happy Wedding to me.
And now, after all these people have arrived, only she hasn’t come yet.
I believe she will come because she won’t lie.
I kept my eyes on the street outside waiting for Yan Jiaxin’s Mercedes-Benz S.
While I was waiting for her for a long time, my mobile phone suddenly rang, and I quickly took it out to see that it was Yan Jiaxin but it was Xiao Li’s words.
I put through to Xiao Li and asked, Why haven’t you come to Xiao Li yet?
Xiao Li, full of anxiety, said to me, Director Lei had an accident, and General Yan took her away.
What’s the situation, Xiao Li? Tell me what’s the situation. I immediately asked with a change of face.
Xiao Li definitely said to me, Manager Yan hurried out after receiving a message this afternoon. Who knows that someone called me later and asked you to find him alone. If you go slowly, Manager Yan will.
Just what? My mood is no longer stable.
Manager Yan will be thrown directly into the moat.
My face changed greatly. At this time, I forced my head to calm down and asked, What do you know about this?
Xiao Li suddenly became silent. I shouted at her, Say it.
Because I am the person around General Manager Yan, I entered Nansheng from the beginning and then went to the director’s side, which was arranged by General Manager Yan.
Xiao Li said so, I suddenly felt as if I were caught in a game, and I was monitored by Yan Jia Xin all along. I didn’t think Xiao Li would be involved with Yan Jiaxin.
Director Lei, do you listen? Director Lei
I hung up and tried not to send out my anger. I looked up and saw Sebrina smiling. In front of me, she wore a pure white wedding dress and diamonds, and the sun shone differently.
She smiled at me. What’s the matter? Why don’t you go in here?
I nodded at her and made a very cruel choice in my mind. I’m not sure whether Xiao Li said it was true or not. If it is true, then Yan Jia Xin is really in that situation. Do I really want to abandon her because of this so-called wedding?
And Sebrina in front of me is like the most beautiful rose. She waited for more than two years and became the woman who accompanied me to the end and accompanied me to see the most beautiful scenery in the world. Do I really have to make a choice because of that uncertain thing?
I instantly feel that God is playing a joke on me, a joke that is not sure whether it is true or not. I really hope this is a lie from Xiao Li, and Yan Jia Xin can come to my wedding wearing the most beautiful clothes in front of me safely.
But I haven’t seen her figure until now.
Sebrina came to me, took my hand and tried to take me in. I felt her joy at the moment, and she seemed to have seen the most beautiful scene in her eyes. I accompanied her through all the wedding ceremonies, and we exchanged rings and kissed in front of everyone to get the blessing.
I dare not imagine again.
This cruel joke
Chapter ninety Rescue
Xiao Li sent me the phone number and the information department he sent just now. I asked this Xiao Li very command.
Xiao Li never hesitated with me again. After a while, he sent me all the news and numbers.
I looked at this message, Yan Jiaxin was kidnapped, and this calling number is the phone number that I noted.
I took out my mobile phone and dialed Yan Jiaxin’s number. As soon as I got through, there was a hoarse voice. This is not Yan Jia Xin Yin.
Director Lei, you finally called me, and I also told you that you are now safely attending your wedding. It seems that you still can’t let go of this former lover, so I will applaud you for this, and I will give up my long-prepared wedding and reply to me.
This man really clapped my hands for me, and I immediately became angry at him. Don’t tell me where the people who do these unnecessary things are.
I can’t tell you who knows if you called the police.
I took a deep breath and answered, What do you want?
What do I want? I don’t want to. I originally wanted to invite Director Lei to treat you to a cup of hot tea. Who knows that it was always down Yan, who was a little grumpy but had a good figure.
Don’t mess around. If you dare to mess around, I will spare you. Do you hear me? I shouted at the words.
I can’t spare you, Director Lei. You can’t do anything now. Can you still do anything to me? I tell you, now I have my hands. You should listen to me. If you dare not listen to me, you will still have a good piece of meat.
I slowly put away my temper and whispered, What do you want?
I want you to do technology in the projects you are planning now.
Draft of New Medical Technology
Yes, that’s the director ray. Don’t you want to give it to him?
I frowned and asked, Why do you want this thing?
I have nothing to do with you. Anyway, I’m going to see something today. If I can’t see anything, I will definitely go to the moat to collect the body as I said.