The first thing I saw when I pushed the backyard door was that I had just come out of the room. After seeing me, Xiao E hurried over to Gong?
Well, little moths, I led three big men in. Let Yan and Xiao Yue come out and meet their own.
In … Hall? Small moths looked at this five big three thick three big fellow.
夜生活  title=Yes, I gently pushed Advanced Hall on her shoulder.
The socalled hall is just the hall in this courtyard, which is much smaller than the natural specifications of the front yard hall. Of course, only people who are really close can come in.
Cai Yan came in from the side door with her daughter in her arms. First, she nodded to the three people in the hall. It’s polite to have a visitor. She bent symbolically because her hands could not be vacated.
Deng Shan, Huang Dong and Pound all got up in a hurry to formally salute Cai Yan for seeing the long lady.
Dad! Xiao Yue came at me as soon as he saw me, so that I could take her from her mother’s arms and then introduce Cai Yan. Yan Er, these two are my father’s confidants, Uncle Deng Shan and Uncle Huang Donghuang.
CAI wenji this just gathered a bow seen uncle deng, uncle huang.
Madam needs it. Deng Shan and Huang Dong both evaded sideways. I’m just a master and servant, and I dare not be given a big gift from my husband and wife.
This … is Pang’s second brother, Pound Pang Ling. I will pull Pound out and introduce him separately.
It turned out to be Pang’s second brother. Cai Yan bowed his head and paid a polite tribute. My husband often tried to match up with Pang’s second brother at home.
Mrs. Chang Gong is polite, Pound said. I’m married, so I dare not worry about it.
Just call her a sisterinlaw, I muttered.
Pound’s tone of voice has always been so cold. Although etiquette is not lacking, it always makes people feel distant and inaccessible.
Dege, this is my parents’ daughter Ma Yue, who is almost eleven months old. I will show him my first child, Yue Er is called an uncle.
Well, Xiao Yue saw Pound reach out and touched his face. Uncle, uncle!
Pound’s face muscles trembled for a while and suddenly revealed a smile. He held out a finger and hooked his palm and smiled. Is it called Xiaoyue Yue? Hey!
I quickly corrected his mispronunciation, It’s not the moon, it’s Yuyue!
He took Xiao He’s hands and disdained, It’s all the same when you read it! Isn’t it, Xiaoyue Yue?
Don’t call my daughter Xiaoyue Yue! My anger once again stopped him from doing the wrong thing: It’s better to call Yue Er than Xiaoyue Yue!
Pound’s eyes are weird. What’s the difference?
I shrugged my shoulders naively. Anyway, our family doesn’t like the three words of abortion. I really can’t explain it to you. Even if I explain it to you in detail, I’m afraid you can understand it.
He still looked puzzled, but he changed his mouth to all right, Yue?
Xiao He giggled and waved his little hand at him with a smile. He was less than three inches bearded. Pound suddenly twisted his head and covered Pakistan with one hand, but he still clung to the culprit and dared not let go.
Hey! Cai Yan screamed to pick up her daughter.
What’s the panic? I waved my hand and told her not to make a fuss. Pound came to sit on the ground. Now, after bending down, Xiao Yue was less than half a foot from the ground and fell on the wool blanket. I’m afraid his ass won’t turn red.
Uncle! Dad doesn’t have this! Xiao Yue finally released Poundhu but still looked excitedshe had probably seen Cai Yong’s gray and fragile Hu before.
Er … your father will have it when he is young. Pound explained to her while wiping tears from the corner of his eyes.
Xiao Yue looked back at me. Really, Dad?
I rub the rub and nod should be true
How many …? She tilted her head and imagined.
Er … maybe less than your Pang Bobo. I feel that my whole body hair is not particularly strong, so I have no confidence to grow a threefoot beard. Mr. Pang is a higher and lower master.
Pound touched his short beard and smiled.
Hey, at least let me hug? Left out in the cold, Huang Dong snatched Yue’s son from his hand. But what should you call me?
I call you uncle … of course my daughter calls you grandpa! I patted Yue’s ass and laughed. Call him Grandpa Huang, my dear daughter! People in their early thirties are called grandpa, which is a refreshing feeling!
Grandpa Huang … Yue son didn’t recognize strangers in his arms and grandma cried angrily. Why isn’t Grandpa Huang’s face there?
What? Huang Dong legs tight become angry from embarrassment call my grandpa also calculate also slander my face? Do you want grandpa to take off his pants for you to see?
Stop! Cai Yan quickly stopped his hooliganism. This is a girl!
You just didn’t! My son was so wronged that he pointed to his baldness and explained, Look at nothing!
Grandma, you are talking nonsense! Huang Dong sniffed awkwardly. There’s nothing I can do about it!
Pound and Deng Shan laughed.
Sisterinlaw, is your daughter really eleven months old? Pound tilted his head and asked Cai Yan, this time he accepted my advice and changed his name to younger sister.
Cai Yan pursed her lips and replied, It will be eleven months in ten days.
Deng Shan couldn’t conceal his surprise that eleven months is so brilliant and rare when he grows up …
I interrupted him, No matter how smart a girl’s home is … can she still calm the sky?
Can’t you? He angrily make signal with the lips at me.
Of course not! I patted my chest. If you need to wait until you grow up, you and Pang Bobo will be calm!! Is it Dege?
Pound smiled slightly. Yes!
13 overseas warships
I woke up early in the morning on the 11th, and my mind was clear and sleepy.
I moved my left arm from my waist and sat up gently.