So I don’t want to smile at them any more. Now … it’s not initiative that you are being held hostage by me.

Cai Yong sighed, I hope you finally … don’t let the Han dynasty this too ugly.
There is a weak woman at the side door of Master
At first glance, I was a young woman in her early twenties who seemed to have seen it before, but I didn’t have much impression.
But when I saw her holding the girl about the size of Yue’s son, I suddenly became whitethis should be Sigh’s drunken promiscuity, so it depends on his little wife …
It’s my fatherinlaw’s little wife … Maybe she’s not as old as me … Do I have to call him my motherinlaw?
Dad … The little girl saw me and Dian Wei was scared and quickly hid behind Sigh.
I remember Cai Yan once told me about this halfsister, but I forgot her name after reading it.
Cai Yan still has a good memory. She waved to her sister. Come … come to my sister’s side and let her see you.
Sister? My little girl timidly stretched out her hand to Wenchi and was gently pulled over by Wenchi.
Like … four years old? Cai Yan said lightly.
Cocoa Tsai nodded Yes, Sister
As big as Yue ‘er! He jumped over happily.
Come and call aunt … Cai Yan patted her daughter and then introduced her husband to her sister. Oh, that’s your brotherinlaw …
… aunt? A man is not a junior, but a face of ignorant elder Cai Coco.
I can’t help covering my eyes.
This picture is so beautiful … I dare not look at it.

After Cai Yong returned to Luoyang, I quickly recommended him to the Ministry of Ritual.
According to his longterm experience as a Taishi official, I should have made him a Taishi official in Shangtai, but this position now belongs to his brother Lu Cui. Although I believe that Lu Cui is definitely willing to abdicate and give it to the teacher, Sigh thinks that this job is too hard for the elderly, so he is allowed to take a classic position in the Ministry of Ritual.
The staff of the Classic Department is to sort out the classics of literature and history in the past dynasties and gradually introduce unified norms and official explanations so that the world can study and learn.
This job was done by Cai Yong in the Han Dynastythose stone tablets outside the Imperial College are their research results.
夜网论坛After all, Cai Yong is still a great scholar, and politics is not his strong point. I don’t need my fatherinlaw to govern the local people. Let him quietly educate people to study knowledge.
After all, he is over sixty years old.

Generally speaking, good things come in pairs …
Maybe because my protagonist is lucky, good things can’t stop when they come.
In Hebei province, the county chiefs of Bingzhou county have been arranged in place; Jizhou … Taishi Ci commanded the counties to continuously capture Anping Country in Zhongshan County. This had a river and a place, and it also got through the connecting channel of Youzhou, guarding Gongsun Zan, Zhuojun County, the southernmost tip of Youzhou, and made a direct connection.
But … Gongsun Zan told me through superstition … Lu Zhi, a stubborn man, won’t yield so easily. I need to work again.
In addition … The situation is developing. There is no buffer zone in either the Central Plains or our Sun Jian in Jizhou. Then there will be a war … I’m afraid it will be several times fiercer than the war in Hebei.
Sun Jian, the head of the Jiangdong Tiger, has little to say. Sun Ce has more potential in shine on you. How much wind and rain will these two tigers stir up in Qingzhou?
I really hope that they can kneel down in my gown like Cao Cao, and then we can move towards a new era of harmony together, so that I can really make drastic reforms earlier and become the chief designer and engineer of Chinese one day earlier.
You sinners who hinder historical progress don’t know how to sacrifice the small interests of your family to achieve the great and glorious history of the country?
what a pity
5 cut off the bright minions of kindness and righteousness
March 14th Central Core Meeting
To tell the truth, although I saved Lu Zhi’s two sons, I am not sure that he will yield to us because of this. I shook my head. He is a private gentleman.
Jia Xu said a moment, Lu Ganhan’s etiquette really won’t change his mind easily.
But if the overall situation is set, he will not fight to the death, right? Xun You said that I prefer to accept the fact that although he is divided between public and private, he is by no means a pedantic and diehard person.
Oh? I raised my eyebrows. You mean … we should concentrate on developing our power in the Central Plains first?
Xun You affirmed my statement that it was only when the Han Dynasty fell that Lu Gan could adapt to the overall situation.
Well, I nodded. The weather in Youzhou is bitter and cold, and it’s too far away from Luoyang. I don’t have the energy to fight in the Northeast in the short term. Let’s develop in the Central Plains first.
Master, don’t Gongsun Zan, Yan Rou and others have personal relationships? Cheng Yu said, Let’s all have one.
Yan Rou?’ I’m slightly zheng.
He reached out and touched his forehead. You … can’t remember?
Of course not! I immediately denied that you suggested that I must adopt the right one in Sun Jian, Qingzhou … What should we do?