Yuan Wenrui laughed more and more wantonly as if he heard some big joke.

JiCancan, you are still so cute. No wonder Tang Qing sticks to you so much.
The word cute is said by a woman who hates herself, and Qi Cancan feels queasy.
按摩  title=By the way, you are not curious about what I want you to talk about.
JiCancan eyebrow sitting quietly listening to her continue to say.
It’s just a few words. Yuan Wenrui likes to fry old rice, so she just lets her go.
But Yuan Wenrui never played cards according to the routine.
Your child’s name is not sweet, right? I think Ji Xiuting likes her. I have seen it several times, but it is somewhat similar to you.
Hear Yuan Wenrui not sweet JiCancan back unconsciously to a bad cold, she took a deep breath so calmly asked.
What do you want?
Even though JiCancan was very restrained, she still trembled slightly with silk.
Don’t be nervous. I just want to tell you to take your daughter away.
Yuan Wenrui said casually, looking at her neatly manicured nails.
You know that when I marry Ji Xiu, this child will eventually become my child. I don’t like being a mother very much, and I can’t guarantee that I will definitely be a loving mother before Ji Xiu in the future.
Yuan Wenrui Huo Ran turned around and stared at JiCancan’s dull eyes.
If it were you, you would also cope with it.
Qi Cancan simply put up with Yuan Wenrui’s smiling face. Her heart is really white. Yuan Wenrui is just addicted to words. At least Tang Jixiu’s own daughter, Tang Jixiu, won’t let Yuan Wenrui go.
Tang Jixiu will not let you go if you do this.
JiCanCan fearfully looked back at her hand tightly to the bag.
I don’t believe you dare take such a risk.
Yuan Wenrui’s eyes flashed slightly with a very cruel cold light, and she looked at JiCancan for a few seconds and laughed low.
Oh, I’ve paid so much for Ji Xiu, so how can I be willing to push him away? Besides, you know me? I can’t have a baby in my life. It’s really appropriate that it’s not sweet, but it’s strange that her mother is you. I can’t afford to bet that the road ahead is long or not sweet. I have to worry about it all the time.
Yuan Wenrui said seriously that she would rather adopt a child than raise Qi Cancan.
How can I accept JiCancan like this? To be honest, I’m very tired. Don’t force me to take extreme measures to marry Ji Xiu. At that moment, I sincerely treated you as my sister. It’s a pity that you have to touch my bottom line for shame.
JiCancan slightly over eyebrow sink a way
If you don’t deliberately say these words to stimulate me, you can also put a hundred hearts into it. I will never pester Tang Jixiu again in my life. This child is Tang Jixiu who wants to leave you personally. If I have this free time, I will not pester the bed as hard as I can. If I blow the pillow breeze more, Tang Jixiu will throw the child to me sometime.
Ji Cancan’s words were interrupted by Yuan Wenrui’s sneer before she finished. Her fingernail buckle chair sank into a deep place, and the blue veins on the back of her hand could be seen vaguely.
I think you are so scared because you are so sure about Ji Xiu and don’t want to let go. Qi Cancan, you are really disgusting. Knowing that Ji Xiu doesn’t love you, you are trying your best to talk to him.
Good words Yuan Wenrui began to be cynical.
These words don’t deserve her delicate face at all. To tell the truth, Yuan Wenrui’s conditions are indeed much better than Qi Cancan’s. He has a high family background, high academic qualifications, high popularity and good looks, and he can hardly find anything wrong.
For Tang Jixiu, loving Qi Cancan is also a dust bowl. After all, she will not step on other people’s bodies if she loves another person.
Whatever you think, I don’t think you really want to send me to take a taxi.
As soon as Ji Cancan put her hand on the car door, Yuan Wenrui pressed the central control. She smiled grimly and sounded very harsh.
It’s not sweet to take away
Qi Cancan gave a hand.
It’s not sweet. It’s false that her child said she didn’t feel bad.
But she didn’t dare to take it back to her easily when she was not ready. There were too many people alive, but Yuan Wenrui was just one of them.
I’ll give you a chance. Do you take that beast away yourself or do I solve it myself?
Words fall JiCancan face suddenly turned white, and she slowly looked back.
Yuan Wenrui, do you dare?
It’s not that she can’t recognize Yuan Wenrui’s meaning. This gnashing of teeth alone proves that Yuan Wenrui can really do anything.
Yuan Wenrui lit a cigarette and gulped for half before spitting out a few syllables through his teeth.
You can try.
With that, she looked cool and slowly took out a photo from her handbag and held it in front of JiCancan.
JiCancan, don’t be selfabsorbed. If Ji Xiu chooses you, he will choose me or not.
After seeing the photos in Yuan Wenrui’s hands, Qi Cancan’s chest was dull.
This photo is very obvious. Those that Tang Jixiu gave her just now are a set.
Seems to be saw JiCancan think Yuan Wenrui very dismissively sneered
I took all these pictures, otherwise, what about you? Ji Xiuhui will have any mutual affection for you. I just want to help you because of your pity. You have to kill yourself. You are really born with a mean life and never give up until you reach the Yellow River.
JiCancan didn’t dare to look into Yuan Wenrui’s eyes again. She hung her head and clenched her lips for a long time without any response.
What Yu Wenrui said is true or false, and Qi Cancan dare not speculate easily.
I can take Butian away and ask Tang Jixiu for permission.
Yuan Wenrui eyebrows sneer at.
Don’t need his consent
She took out a pen and grabbed JiCancan’s arm, trying to write an address. A stroke is like cutting JiCancan’s apex.
Come and pick her up at 8: 00 tonight.
Yuan Wenrui looked up at her in a very complicated way.
I’ll wait for you.
She never looked away, waiting for JiCancan’s answer.
Qi Cancan clenched his teeth and spat out a few syllables.
Okay, I’ll come.
Say JiCancan heard the car lock jump and gave Yuan Wenrui a deep look, then she got out of the car awkwardly.
Before the door was tight, Yuan Wenrui stepped on the gas pedal and roared off.
JiCancan leng in situ hanging eyes looked at the arm a piece of red and swollen smiled.
So much for the real Tang Jixiu. He vowed that protection is not sweet, but it can still give Yuan Wenrui an opportunity, and they are much better than she thought.
Qi Cancan can even imagine that it is boring for them to take pictures of BuTian together.
Thought of here, JiCancan smiled wryly. They were justified. Don’t Tang Jixiu love Yuan Wenrui? Will he love her?