Soon, a so-called insider broke the news that Xiao Yan’s boyfriend was a descendant of Ye’s family in the Imperial Capital.

What’s the Ye family like? It’s the most powerful family in China, mysterious and awesome.
Everyone laments Xiaoyan’s good eye and hates me more and more as a mistress. Almost all of them are curses and abuses.
I asked Weibo to think about it quickly.
There is no doubt that this must be Xiao Yan’s plan.
She’s throwing caution to the wind. She’s going to put me to death and drag Ye Xiangyuan.
But how could she have the guts to frame Ye Xiangyuan?
Besides, Ye Wen said she was locked up.
Was it rescued again?
So who saved her? Who was behind her move?
My first thought is Ye Sanye.
Xiao’s family is not afraid of Xiao Yan. It can be him.
He is Ye Xiangyuan’s distant relative and uncle. Ye Xiangyuan will naturally be afraid to act.
I quickly joined Ye Wen.
Ye Wenyin sounded quite anxious. "She was rescued and disappeared. We are investigating."
This is similar to my guess. I can’t help complaining, "Aren’t you amazing? How can you let her get away?"
Ye Wen wry smile "this is my fault I was careless … sorry Ding Jie she may go to you, you pay more attention …"
It’s no use blaming it now. I can pay attention carefully.
But I have to go to school.
Going to school the next day turned out to be unexpected.
Xiaoyan didn’t come to the teaching building, but somehow a group of people appeared. They framed me by Ning Qi. Those indecent photos were printed and enlarged, crossed with red, and called me a third party and threw rotten eggs at me.
"Professional derailment professional mistress shameless!"
桑拿网"Being fucked by several men in one night is very powerful, slut!"
"Smelly shameless woman dares to grab Xiao Yan’s goddess boyfriend without looking at her ugliness!"
"Drug addicts kill!"
I don’t know if Xiao Yan’s fans are young. First, a young girl with glasses took the lead in shouting slogans with a trumpet.
I was relieved when the school sent security guards.
When I got up the next day, I found that my car was sprayed with paint and the words’ die’ were shocking.
I hesitated and decided to go to school.
As a result, as soon as I arrived at the gate of the community, someone blocked my car and threw eggs and leaves at the window glass.
And yelling for the property to kick me out
I don’t know where they got my home address and license plate number.
I’m stuck in traffic, and I’m worried about how to get to class.
Nannan happened to give me a message, "Those fans are coming again and they can’t get rid of them. You’d better take a few days off first."
I can do the same when I think about it.
w w w
Nannan said, "This must be Xiao Yan’s first time. I feel strange why I want to send you a group photo. It was originally planned."
Section 53
I’m also very naive. Now Xiaoyan has escaped, and I don’t know what she wants to do next.
I was just about to tell Nannan about the situation here when the window was suddenly smashed open and the glass slag hit me.
I hurriedly put my arm to stop my mobile phone and accidentally dropped the car seat.
Someone tried to climb the car, and I was so shocked that I didn’t dare to pick up my cell phone. I quickly pushed people out.
As a result, when I touched something sharp, my palm was immediately pricked and bleeding.