But then the sudden applause and cheers proved the fans’ love and support for Lu Wenbin.

Whether the players accept Lu Wenbin as captain will be seen from the game later.
Although he was a little nervous when he was captain for the first time, Lu Wenbin successfully completed the pre-match ceremony that the captain should do.
Then on March 3rd, at 2:3229, the German Cup 14th final Hoffenheim vs Schalke 4 officially started.
In order to ensure the attack power, Hoffenheim returned to the 4-3-3 formation, with Gustavo taking the single back Eduardo, Copado taking the double front Lu Wenbin, Parjic and Dembaba as the three strikers.
When you come to the defense, you will be unstable and withdraw a midfielder. Schalke 4 will naturally not give up the offensive opportunity.
So the two sides fought against each other on the Rheinka Arena.
It’s as if to prove to everyone that it’s okay to be captain, and it’s also to prove to the head coach that there’s no problem with his physical fitness. Lu Wenbin’s game is quite hard
In the 14th minute, Lu Wenbin got a kick shot by constantly running and suddenly changing to the forbidden area, and shot the ball from Copado to the goal.
Hoffenheim would have scored in the 14th minute if Neuer hadn’t saved the ball from the baseline with quick reaction.
However, Neuer’s outstanding performance alone can’t stop him from being ambitious to win the triple crown even if the main players are injured one after another.
Soon Hoffenheim scored their first goal of the game.
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Chapter 24 Minor injuries, no fire line, monthly pass
Hofenheim vs Schalke 4 in Rheinka Arena is going on.
In the 29th minute, Eduardo scored two goals in the frontcourt, and then he was given a penalty. Parjic, the center in the area.
Parjic’s half-turn shot attracted the attention of a defender and goalkeeper Neuer, and then suddenly the ball was hit into a dead corner by Lu Wenbin, who temporarily got rid of the opponent’s marking.
In this goal, Eduardo, Parjic, and Lu Wenbin passed the ball to their opponents continuously, and even the interference was not very smooth.
Parjic, Lu Wenbin and Eduardo finally played a rare small-scale excellent cooperation in the forbidden area and assisted Lu Wenbin to score goals.
桑拿会所  title=Parjic’s cooperation with the attack line gradually became tacit.
After scoring the goal, Lu Wenbin jumped on Parjic and gave him a big hug.
His teammates were also excited to celebrate and praised Parjic’s false shot and true assist.
Parjic is getting better and better, gradually replacing Ibisevic.
In the 29th minute, Hoffenheim led Schalke 4 with Lu Wenbin’s goal 1.
After the game resumed, Hoffenheim continued to attack wildly.
433 is their familiar formation. Although Parjic and Copado are not as good as Ibisevic and Salihovic, everyone still feels smoother than 442 when they play, and there are more opportunities to attack.
Only a few minutes after the first goal, Hoffenheim scored again.
But this time Lu Wenbin paid the price of injury and bleeding.
In the 34th minute, Parjic, a Copado winger, and Bolton, a Schalke 4 centre-back, jumped for the top at the same time, but neither of them reached the top of the ball.
After seeing him, Lu Wenbin rushed to the ball, followed Lu Wenbin’s side and watched him closely. Krstajic also rushed to the ball.
When the ball was about to hit the spot, Lu Wenbin jumped to the top with a diving jump.
Even if his heading attribute is 79, he can head the ball if the height of the ball can’t be reached.
Lu Wenbin jumped at the same time, trying to clear Krstajic, and both of them slammed into the ball at the same time.
At that second, there was a football in his eyes. Lu Wenbin took the lead in hitting the ball, but in one second, he felt a bump on the side of his forehead, and he felt dizzy. When he landed, he failed to protect himself and fell to the ground.
Dickenson, the commentator of the commentary, exclaimed continuously, "In Copa’s many feet, Parjic and Bolton both took the top of Lu Yuyue and rushed to the top of OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR."
"The goal is not good at heading. Lu scored his first header from Hoffenheim and scored twice in 5 minutes to help Hoffenheim 2 lead Schalke 4."
"Wait, Lou and Krstajic fell to the ground and didn’t get up."
"Let’s watch the playback."
"When Aolu and Krstajic competed for the top, their foreheads slammed together."
Whether it was the coaching staff on the sidelines or the fans in the stands, everyone did not celebrate, but nervously watched in front of Schalke 4 and prayed for Lu Wenbin not to get hurt.
Lu Wenbin fainted for a few seconds in front of Schalke’s goal 4 before regaining consciousness and trying to get up.
Eduardo stopped Lu Wenbin from yelling at him, "Lou, don’t move. Your forehead is bleeding."
Dizzy Lu Wenbin didn’t feel the pain, so-called tunnel "nothing.
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Did you score? "
Eduardo nodded. "You really scored your first header."
Lu Wenbin smiled and touched his forehead. Sure enough, there was some blood in his hand, but it was not serious.
Then he tried to force it, but Eduardo and Parjic held him down.
"Don’t move, wait for the team doctor to treat you." Eduardo continued to hold Lu Wenbin down.
Lu Wenbin can sit still and wait for the arrival of the team doctor.