As soon as Bai Jinlan left, Xiao Ran immediately whined, "What should I do? The editor-in-chief said I was not practical."

All "…"
Chang Huanyan sat down and asked Yu Yu, "Husband, what do you think of my performance just now?"
"Taiwan performance or Taiwan performance" Yu Yu asked seriously.
"…" Chang Huanyan pursed her lips. "Tell me about my performance?"
Yu Yu nodded his head and threw out two words, "not satisfactory", which are concise but ambiguous.
Chang Huanyan was dissatisfied. "Can’t you praise me?"
Yu Yu stretched out his arm directly to help her pour a full glass of orange juice to "drink some water"
Chang Huanyan "…"
The award ceremony ended soon, and most of the winners were from Group B. Even the best team award was from Group B. Group A was always happy and won the most insignificant newcomer award.
Rao, the editors of group A are already very happy. When we open the meeting, we celebrate with a toast. The atmosphere is excellent.
Only two men at the same table also got up and toasted one after another. They often laughed and dared not let Yu meet and drink too much. When everyone was not paying attention, they poured more than half of Coke into his red glass.
Yu Yu gave her a look and said nothing.
When all the people in Group B raised their glasses to the main table to toast the leaders, Qiao Jinyu rubbed his arm. "Huanyan, shall we also toast later?"
Chang Huanyan glanced at it and immediately said, "Of course!"
Qiao Jinyu nodded. "Then you can take us later."
Chang Huanyan "…"
"Oh, at least you have just won the prize. Manager Wei and others also know you. We others … are not as good as you." Qiao Jinyu said.
Chang Huanyan nodded, "OK."
Having said that, the people in Group B have always occupied there. A man has worshipped several leaders at the table, but he has to talk for a long time before each leader, especially the group leader Shi Yang, who is blushing and has a thick neck and keeps yelling …
Chang Huan Yan unconsciously looked at the men around him again, and compared with those guys, Yu Yu was particularly mature and steady.
He hasn’t said much since he entered the door, but he doesn’t seem to be shy to his deskmate. When talking to him, he can make a few remarks no matter what the field is, and his speech speed is as slow and elegant as his dinner.
After about twenty minutes, everyone in Group B finally went back with glasses. Qiao Jinyu urged, "Huanyan Group B has already left. Let’s go there."
"Good" often smiles and nods "Husband, I’ll propose a toast to them and the horse will be back"
Yu Yu nodded and looked at her, got up and held a glass of red wine with a bunch of Niangnian mighty walking towards the main table.
"Mr. Yu", a family member at the same table suddenly called him "Where is Mr. Yu now?"
Yu Yu withdrew his eyes and said, "Police Force"
"Police force?" Another person also quickly looked over and asked, "Mr. Yu, are you a policeman?"
Section 65
"former is"
"No wonder you look healthy," the man immediately said with a smile.
"By the way, Mr. Wang, what do you do?"
"Oh, I am a web engineer in Kingsoft. What about you?"
"I …"
Chang Huanyan took a group of people to the main table and simply took turns to propose a toast.
Wei Yang said a few words, "Work hard" and drank all the wine in the glass.
桑拿会所In Bai Jinlan’s words, it’s more than just something to make them work hard to catch up with Group B and study more … impressive-sounding Barabara.
It wasn’t so difficult for a few of them until that chubby manager Liu looked at Chang Huanyan and said, "You just always smile?" Recently, the new topic of A magazine is what you want to come up with? "
Chang Huanyan nodded "It’s me"
General manager Liu immediately smiled and said, "It’s not bad, it’s really’ newborn calves are not afraid of tigers’. It’s really good to be able to interview the heirs of a big family!"
Chang Huanyan smiled back. "Thank you for your praise. It is mainly because of the efforts of all of us in the whole group that the magazine sales will be promoted."
"Ha ha ha ha" Liu couldn’t help laughing. Looking at Bai Jinlan, he said, "Miss Bai, how can you be as beautiful and competent as you? Your magazine Du Man has a promising future."
Bai Jinlan took one look at Chang Huanyan and said, "Manager Liu really praises people."
"Well, everyone who knows me well knows that I don’t praise people very much. I really want to praise people for being right …" Liu looked at Chang Huanyan again. "Does Miss Chang have a business card?"
Chang Huan Yan is one leng. "I’m a newcomer and I don’t have a business card yet."
Liu immediately "tut" a "this is wrong, even a newcomer can’t live without a business card, so it’s inconvenient for you to go out for an interview."
Chang Huanyan "…"
Bai Jinlan "ha ha"-"Liu Xiaochang is a member of our general here. You want your business card so face to face … It won’t be …"
She deliberately stretched the sound for a long time before laughing and saying the last few words, "Want to dig someone?"
Chang Huanyan’s face and smile are almost stiff. This Bai Gujing is not afraid of bifurcation for so long.
Liu immediately broke into another hearty laugh. "If I say that I really want to dig people, will you not let go?"
Bai Jinlan immediately face a stiff "liu you … you should not really …"
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, okay, I’m kidding. I just want a Miss Chang connection, so maybe there will be work communication or communication." Liu said seriously.
Bai Jinlan immediately smiled, "No problem, no problem. Then I’ll ask someone to customize a new business card for Xiao Chang later and deliver it to you personally immediately."
"That’s good, that’s good."
Everyone is happy.