Sure enough, I listened to Lu Xun’s way, "Han Qingshan has fled to the southwest border Ayuan and cut off contact with me."

My head suddenly turned white.
Ye Xiangyuan, why do you want to cut off the connection?
Was it in danger or was it discovered by Han Qingshan?
In a daze, I heard Lu Xun’s solemn voice once again. "Are you going to the southwest with me?"
I find my throat difficult and I can’t say a word
He said, "Let Xiaowen be obedient."
I followed the instructions and handed the phone to Ye Wen.
Xu Xin may have come to hold me when I saw that I looked different, and asked in a low voice, "What’s the matter?"
I gripped her wrist tightly.
I passed out in a second.
Chapter 49 This is the world.
When I woke up, it was midnight and the whole hospital was quiet.
Sister-in-law and Xu accompanied me in my heart.
As soon as I woke up, they found out immediately.
Sister-in-law Judo "You fainted because you were too scared. The doctor has seen you. It’s okay."
I hold her hand and tears can’t help rolling down "Sister-in-law Ayuanhe"
Sister-in-law interrupted me and said, "Ah Yuan will be safe if he is taken away. Asun and Changning have sent people to follow him all the way. Even if he cuts off the link, he will certainly find him."
I shook my head and choked up.
Ye Xiangyuan has always done things. Since Glory is in contact with Lu Xun, he can’t take the initiative to break contact and put himself in danger.
Unless Lu Xun lied to me, Ye Xiangyuan did not lose track.
But what’s the point of Lu Xun lying to me at this time?
Although they did lie to me, Ye Xiangyuan and I were not honest with each other at that time, and the situation was not so dangerous at that time.
约茶So I prefer Ye Xiangyuan to be discovered by Han Qingshan.
Sister-in-law gently wiped away my eyes and sighed, "No matter what the situation is now, you have to cheer up. You have to go to the southwest border with Asun to find Ayuan."
I woke up in an instant.
It’s true. What’s the point of crying here? I have to go to him to make sure he’s safe.
Sister-in-law said, "Asun has come to the imperial city overnight and is waiting for him downstairs. He said that he will be ready to leave when you wake up."
I quickly lifted the quilt, "I’m fine, eldest sister-in-law. I’ll see eldest brother Lu Xun."
Sister-in-law put me on the bed and hesitated, "Let’s wait until dawn. You have a rest."
Yes, I can’t wait for a moment
Besides, Lu Xun should also be anxious to come to the imperial city to pick me up overnight.
Finally, Xu Xin said, "eldest sister-in-law let her go. Where can she sleep now?"
Sister-in-law sighed and finally didn’t stop me again.
When I got to the building, I saw not only Lu Xun and Gu Changning, but also the group students.
To my surprise, Zhou Yi was here.
I thought he would stay in Shanghai. After all, Gu Changyu was the chief surgeon himself, and only he could explain Gu Changning’s situation to those experts.
Lu Xun nodded at me and stood up. "Just follow the discussion and do hard work for everyone."
Everyone answered with a dignified expression.
Li Mulin is the only one missing from this group, but he used to be reticent. It seems that it makes no difference without him this time.
Lu Xun said "go" to me.
I nodded gently.
But just about to go out, the car suddenly rang in the yard.
Everyone looks very alert.
Lu Xun said, "It’s okay. It’s a friend of mine. Wait for me here for a few minutes."
Said the leg lifts.
But after a few steps, he looked back at me and said, "Come with me."
I wonder if I saw Nannan coming from the car after I followed him.
At this time, it is early summer, but there is still some coolness in the night wind. South and South are covered with a thin coat to meet the night wind, where there are quite some weak willows.
I was too surprised to speak.
Lu Xun ignored me, but stopped directly in front of Nannan and said, "Don’t go to class during this period and stay here with your sister-in-law."
South and South seem to be confused about the situation, and their faces are full of doubts.
Lu Xun said, "The Imperial Capital will impose martial law early in the morning. Remember to tell your family."
South-South responded as if it were still out of state.
My eyes asked South-South what was going on.
South-South reveals a vacant expression.
Lu Xun did not explain the South-South Road "Go in. I greeted my eldest sister-in-law."