Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes sank and I don’t know what he thought. Suddenly he grabbed my hand.

I have a slight pain.
Looking down at me and shaking hands with him, my sadness slowly spread.
But I can’t reveal my vulnerability to him.
I avoid his line of sight light way "you are a gentleman … now that you know the truth … just leave me alone, ok? If you are a man, will you leave me alone if you still feel a little guilty about me? "
This is not anger or retreat.
My purpose is to get him to let me go.
Actually, I’m exhausted from saying these words.
Besides physical fatigue, there is also psychology.
My whole heart seems to have been ripped out, which makes me feel uncomfortable to the extreme.
Chapter 295 Liu Dage Do you believe you or her?
Ye Xiangyuan tightly sipped his mouth and looked obscure.
He looked at me for a while and suddenly reached out and touched my face. "What will you think of me if I don’t let you go?"
I opened my mouth
Before I could speak, he had evoked judo in his mouth. "Even if you think of me as a heinous villain, I won’t let you go …"
His tone is as gentle as dripping water, but his attitude is so tough.
I don’t know why he won’t let me go at this time.
桑拿会所This is not what I expected.
A lot of thoughts flashed through my mind. What’s wrong? What did I tell him about Gu Changyu? Instead of being angry, he didn’t panic at all, but he was as calm as before?
And Gu Changyu, since she sent me the video, she definitely hoped to spread it through my hands.
But why does she keep denying it now that she’s not making trouble?
I can’t believe that she is so simple in slandering me.
Doesn’t she want Ye Xiangyuan to be together?
I can’t help seeing her.
At this time, she is pulling Lu Xun’s sleeve to explain delicately, "Asun, I don’t know what the video is about, but that micro signal is really not me …"
Now she has changed a set of rhetoric and casually sprinkled jiao as a koo.
I really admire her for acting like this.
She frowned together with a touch of sadness. "You know I know I won’t do these things, don’t you?"
This time, she didn’t blame me or accuse me of slandering her, but she kept saying that she was a koo.
Section 271
I suddenly react.
Maybe it’s not that she doesn’t want to be with Ye Xiangyuan because she has a Lu Xun to look after …
I see
Lu Xun is her husband. Of course she has to be coaxed. Otherwise, what if Lu Xun accuses her of cheating?
She Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun have always been comfortable. This time, she estimated that she didn’t want Lu Xun to hate her before she restrained her feelings for Ye Xiangyuan.
I’m afraid Ye Xiangyuan agrees. He may also want to be with Gu Changyu, but because Lu Xun has always denied it …
Now that I have guessed their psychology, I think I already know where to start.
I looked up at Lu Xun and said, "Brother Lu, do you believe Miss Gu?"
Lu Xun smell speech looked at me and looked as calm as ever.
I deliberately said with a cold face, "Look, this is your wife. You believe that she loves her, but she is playing tricks in front of you … She wants to pass the buck after doing such a thing … Can you still bear it?"
Lu Xun’s serious face all the year round still has no expression.
I thought about it before, and he was so calm and calm when he saw the video.
This makes me feel very strange.
I’m beginning to wonder if he really means Gu Changyu.
If he loves her and sees the video, shouldn’t he be crazy with jealousy, angry and sad?
About … He also scruples and Ye Xiangyuan brotherhood?
It is not impossible that they all loved Gu Changyu, but they could calmly let Gu Changyu make his own choice. Later, Gu Changyu married Lu Xun, and they were still the best brothers.
This is not easy to handle.
Both of them are so attached to each other, and I never provoke them.
I gritted my teeth and turned to Gu Changning. "And you. Have you always known your sister’s face?"
Gu Changning is obviously impatient narrow eyes a narrow "hu said" paused and he stared at me again, "what’s wrong with your face? Why don’t you tell me what she looks like? "