Ye Xiangyuan and Ding Shishi occasionally teach Xiao Chen a lesson for being naughty.

But Xiao Jin is the crazy man who has finished spoiling his brother and is the best person in this family to Xiao Chen.
Ding Shi thought that both children grew up healthily, and her lover was kind to her, and her relatives were in harmony, so she felt that her generation had been worth it.
Her parents are also very good. They have been doing good deeds and doing what they like in Africa …
Just thinking that bathroom door was pushed away.
Ye Xiangyuan came in.
He has taken off his clothes and is wearing trousers at home.
Strong waist and attractive abdominal muscles make your ears burn when you look at it.
Even after years together, she still can’t resist his charm.
She blushed and whispered, "The water temperature is just right for you … You are quick to wash it …"
Ye Xiangyuan laughed at her long arm and fished her in his arms, saying "Together".
A hoarse voice is very sexy.
Ding Shishi felt his legs were weak and he could hardly walk.
But the thought of Xiaochen waiting for Ye Xiangyuan to play with him pushed Ye Xiangyuan’s chest and said, "Xiaochen …"
Ye Xiangyuan bit her earlobe to "keep him waiting"
Ding Shishi "…"
Chapter 431 Married life outside marriage 2
Ding Shishi went straight to sleep and didn’t eat dinner.
It was eleven o’clock in the middle of the night when she woke up.
This annoyed her, mainly because she promised to take Xiaochen for a walk in the garden at night.
WenMoyuan smiled and touched her face. "I didn’t let Xiaowen accompany him for a while."
After he played with Xiaochen for an hour, he went back to the bedroom to accompany her.
Ding Shi sat up and hugged his waist.
Sticking to people makes Ye Xiangyuan feel bad.
约茶He bowed his head and kissed her. "Are you hungry? I’ll have someone bring the food."
Said to her gently press the waist.
Ding Shi nodded.
Recently, he has always overwhelmed her.
She couldn’t help but kneel on his shoulder and protest in his ear. "Can you … can you let me rest for a few days …"
She wanted to spend more time with Xiao Chen during the summer vacation, but he always knocked her out.
I don’t know how his physical strength is so good
Ye Xiangyuan smiled in a low voice, "Baby, how hard do I have to work to get you pregnant?"
It turned out that he wanted children.
Ding Shishi doesn’t mind having another child, and she likes it very much.
In fact, she is willing to have as many as Ye Xiangyuan.
But she also has concerns.
Xiao Chen is still young, and I wonder if having another baby at home will make me feel bad.
Ye Xiangyuan listened to her concern, and her nose "I have already discussed with him that he wants a sister."
Ding Shiyi opened his eyes.
Ye Xiangyuan bit her ear. "We should work hard to give birth to a sister for him."
Ding Shishi always feels that this sentence is wrong.
It’s not like they can decide the sex of the child.
He then said, "If the first child is a boy, continue to give birth anyway, to satisfy Xiao Chen."
Ding Shishi "…"
She couldn’t help pushing him gently.
He leaned in and kissed her with a low smile.
If it weren’t for the servant knocking at the door outside to interrupt him, it is estimated that Ding Shiyi would not even be able to eat, and he would have to toss him for a night.
When you eat, you should think about having another baby.
She has no difficulty in working.
Going back to school is that Ye Xiangyuan knows that she likes this job, and it is easy to be a teacher.
But sooner or later, Chu’s side wants her to take over.
Sister-in-law is more suitable for her. After all, she has participated in Ye Xiangyuan’s revenge plan from beginning to end, and her mind is very good.
But she didn’t want to be separated from her eldest brother after five years.
Now that eldest brother is transferred to the northwest, she can’t take care of Chu’s family with the past.