South-South Oh, go forward obediently.

After tracing the cause, she paused.
Lu Xun reached for her arm, but then let go.
Section 35
He frowned slightly and said, "Forget it, wait until I get back."
I was dumbfounded.
Lu Xun, is this a hope for South and South?
Otherwise, why call Nannan here at this time and say these words to her again?
South-South also looked at him in a daze.
Lu Xun was quiet for a few seconds and said, "Go."
South-South did not move.
She looked up at him for a moment and suddenly said, "Can I hug you?"
Lu Xun didn’t speak but stared at her.
Before South-South, he gently hugged his waist and whispered, "I will wait for you to come back."
Lu Xun quietly looked at her for a moment and said, "Well."
I saw them interacting. I can’t believe it.
But then I was delighted with South-South.
She must be very happy that her mind can finally be answered.
It’s a pity that my horse is leaving and I can’t share such joy with her.
Nannan smiled shyly at me and came up to me and said, "You should pay attention to safety."
I touched her head and said with a smile, "Don’t worry, I will definitely come back for your wedding."
South-South is embarrassed, but her eyes are calm
She smiled slightly. "That’s it."
After South-South didn’t come into the house again because Sister-in-law and Gu Changning both came out.
I couldn’t help but look at Lu Xun.
He doesn’t seem to have anything to explain to everyone. He has a serious face and can’t see what he is thinking.
Well, everyone is not surprised to see South-South.
I’m a little worried about Gu Changning’s reaction.
But he glanced at South-South and looked at Lu Xun and said, "Let’s go."
Lu Xun nodded.
In front of the car, he gave Gu Changning a word "hold the imperial city"
His tone was particularly solemn and dim. I saw that he and Gu Changning were very solemn.
I have a feeling of sadness for no reason.
Sister-in-law and Xu Xin waved at me without saying much, as if I were out of a long trip and would return in a few days.
I have already stopped crying and smiled and waved at them.
桑拿按摩  title=Then I looked south and her face was smiling.
I blinked and thought to myself that I hoped everyone would still be fine when we met again.
The car galloped along.
I’m in the same car as Lu Xun and Zhou Yi. I have a lot of questions to ask, but after taking the bus, I don’t know how to speak at the moment.
Finally, Lu Xun explained to me that this is the way to the airport. There is already a special plane waiting. It will take more than three hours from the Imperial Capital to the southwest provincial capital. It is estimated that it will be seven o’clock in the morning when it arrives.
But Han Qingshan has entered the southwest border, and it is still a few hours’ drive from the provincial capital.
Ye Xiangyuan’s last contact point is more than 100 kilometers away from the border, and one is called Mojiang Town.
We have to go to Mojiang first.
Lu Xun told me these things easily, and his voice was very smooth without ups and downs.
Somehow, I feel a lot more stable.
It is thought that Ye Xiangyuan’s life and death are uncertain. How can I completely rest assured without hearing from him?
The car became quiet again.
I looked at the neon lights flashing on the street and the neon lights were full of vitality, and the whole city was filled with emotion.
No one in this city knows that someone is carrying on such a busy and heavy journey at night.
Maybe this is the world.
Some people sing, some people cry, some people live in peace, some people cry.
Chapter 41 Leaf grandpa four
The car hit the highway
I opened the window and the night wind blew in my ear.
It’s so quiet in the car that I can’t help thinking
I looked at Zhou Yi and asked him, "How is Miss Gu?"