Do you live here?

No, I live nearby. It’s a friend’s house. My car is in the car.
Christine nodded, and it wasn’t long before they met. She didn’t ask much.
When I arrived at Taylor Swift’s building, I was ashamed to hit the car door. Christine stuck her head out in the car and asked, I’ll leave first if I take you to the No.22 game. If I call you sometimes, don’t lie to me if you really have tickets?
Ji Guo was ashamed to hear the words and laughed. Don’t worry, there is not only a seat guarantee but also a front row.
I heard that the front row is dangerous and easy to be hit by players.
You listen to who said? Root can’t unless the player * * see beauty intentionally rush or must stop sometimes.
Christine smiled and reached out from here and shook her hand at Ji Guo’s shame. Well, goodbye!
Ji Guo was ashamed to wait until Twilight cheated on his sister’s car and turned around to take out the words. She hesitated and paced up and down in the same place.
Mom’s eyes don’t even have courtship props. What’s the point?
When Ji Guoshi came back, he found that the light chain was gone. He glanced at Taylor Swift’s window and there was still light in it. The little singer may not have slept yet, but he hesitated for a long time. Ji Guoshi finally didn’t make a call and turned around and drove home.
Brother, you got home without my horse after the game over there. Ji Guo humiliated the car and made telepathy ask Ji Guo for revenge.
attending a press conference
Did you win?
How can I lose when I’m here, but how dare you ask if you don’t see a shadow in a small game?
Can you win without me? It’s no wonder that the Bulls can win the top spot. It’s really not awesome.
Ji Guo was very upset when he heard that he had won. How can this show my importance?
Ji Guoqiu was swearing over there. Ji Guoshame knew the outcome and quickly cut off the call and concentrated on the car.
When I got home, I parked my car. Ji Guosheng stopped on the first floor from the underground parking lot stairs. Ji Guosheng felt an egg ache and didn’t look at it. It must be her neighbor.
Sure enough, the ladder door was still a little red, and the little radish came in in a trance.
There are still some clouds. After Emma Roberts entered the ladder to see the people inside, he was still confused. First, the internet speed was bad, and he delayed for a few seconds. Then he quickly rubbed his eyes. Obviously, he didn’t think that Ji Guoqiu would be faster than him.
That’s right, this idiot girl doesn’t know that her neighbor is a twin yet, which has nothing to do with her not watching basketball. There are two identical guys living next door, especially today’s game, and Ji Guojiao has just been banned
Ah … you … how can you be faster than me? When little Roberts entered the ladder, he was frightened to disgrace at the sight of Ji’s humiliation. His face turned red again and his eyes were full of confusion.
Ah … you … why can’t I be faster than you? Ji shame to learn her stuttering also stammered
I hate you … Little Roberts really didn’t know how to talk back. She didn’t even remember each other’s names. The wolf guard was broken again.
Ji Guo was ashamed to see each other’s tonguetied and blushing appearance finally stopped playing. She spoke and asked, By the way, you are also a little star. I checked your information. You are more famous than that twilight girl. Who told your aunt and dad to be fierce?
Emma Roberts asked strangely, What Twilight Girl?
Oh … anyway … anyway, it’s a little star like you. By the way, why should I tell you this?
桑拿Don’t tell me that I regret going to the game now.
When they said this, the ladder came to Ji Guo’s shame and they stopped talking to her. Once again, they walked into their respective homes without facing each other.
Ji Guoqiu was walking home with the car, and the accident in the game was in his head, and he was absentminded even when he was driving.
At this moment, a bear child of about ten years old suddenly rushed out of the road and scared him to pee directly.
Ji Guoqiu quickly turned the steering wheel, and his BMW 6 bumped into the mini car. Fortunately, the speed of both cars was not fast. After the airbag popped up, Ji Guoqiu felt as if he had been knocked down to the ground in the game.
Which bear child? Ji Guoqiu is angry even if he has a good temper. If we have to hurry up, there will be a big problem.
When Xiong Hai saw that he was in trouble again, he ran straight and made Ji Guo angry.
If Ji Guo’s shame is telepathic at this moment, he can see that Ji Guo’s position in this car accident is exactly the same as that of other times.
Are you all right? Ji Guoqiu hurriedly drove to see if there was anything wrong with the people in the opposite car.
Nothing, but your big guy is too powerful. My little guy can be hit by you.
Mini car to a little girl Ji Guoqiu looks familiar.
Are you wondering how you got ahead of me? Christine suddenly became confused when she saw that the car opposite was Ji Guoqiu.
Ji Guoqiu doesn’t know what’s going on, but it’s easy to recognize the girl opposite at a closer look.
Are you Christine?
Do you remember my name?
Oh, I’m from … Ji Guo Chou Gang wanted to say that Twilight suddenly remembered that the film had not been filmed yet.
Christine’s face collapsed when she saw Ji Guoqiu. Well, it seems that you really don’t know what film I took. Maybe my film is really bad and you don’t remember it, but it’s good that you can remember my name and say that you regard me as a friend.
Here you are. This is my insurance company … this is my address … Besides, I said that you already have insurance. We’ll talk about it another day. Remember to send me a ticket for a game. My landlord called and urged me to pay the house. I have to go first and come out for coffee another day.
Christine’s mouth is full of words, and she is not idle. She hands a lot of things to Ji Guoqiu, and then she goes back to her car regardless of whether Ji Guoqiu has come over in vain or not. She still smiles at Ji Guoqiu and just leaves the car.
Under what circumstances do I rely on Americans to deal with traffic accidents so cleanly?
Ji Guoqiu waited until Christine’s car was out of sight before he reacted. Holding a bunch of things in his hand was a bit like dreaming.
By the way, she seems to have asked me for tickets.
Ji Guoqiu wanted to think, sat back in the car and decided to sort it out. What just happened was so weird. You didn’t really see a vampire, did you?
Chapter seventytwo Go dumb luck to the first
Ji Guoqiu returned home and glanced at Emma Roberts’s door. He wanted to apologize, but he felt embarrassed. Finally, Ji Guoqiu brewed for a long time at his door and finally got up the courage to ring the doorbell of Emma Roberts’s house.
Little radish was wearing a mask before going to bed at home when she heard the doorbell ring and glanced at the surveillance video. Ji Guoqiu stood at the door stupidly.