The players of the two teams walked into the stadium with their heads held high.

Welcome to Anfield Stadium. It’s another exciting English derby. Premier League standings leader Liverpool will face the Red Devils Manchester United challenge at home.
Martin Taylor, Andy Gray, you are live to explain the top battle in the Premier League.
Liverpool lead Manchester United by as much as 12 points, which is considered by Ferguson to be a completely reversible gap
Andy, what do you think?
I don’t think it’s important to talk about whether it can be reversed at this time because Liverpool’s advantage is too great and Liverpool’s condition is great. I want to say that Ferguson is shaping and cultivating the spirit of the Red Devils even in the most difficult situation!
He cares more about telling all the players not to give up, even if everyone gives up, Manchester United can’t give up!
It’s not impossible to chase 12 points in ten rounds, but the hope is slim. If you fall behind by 6 points, the variables will be great, but 12 points?
Liverpool made a big mistake. They haven’t been sliding for more than a month so far this season. They have been in bad shape and have been troubled by injuries, but the team has overcome these difficulties well. If they hadn’t experienced setbacks, they might be devastated once they were hit, but they have full consciousness and experience to deal with the difficulties we can think of.
Even if the Champions League is accidentally eliminated, I don’t think it will shake Liverpool’s defending advantage in the Premier League. On the contrary, the Champions League is more variable.
Speaking of the Champions League, Manchester United and Liverpool will both welcome the Champions League quarterfinal in four days. Will the two teams choose to be conservative in the game because of the Champions League?
I think Liverpool may have a huge advantage in their league. Now it is time for two lines to go hand in hand. In the selective situation, we can focus on laying a good front. Liverpool can make a choice. On the contrary, Manchester United don’t look at their opponents in the last 16 of the Champions League, but in the first leg, Manchester United scored in Marseille: a good result but not enough for Manchester United to take it lightly at home with enough advantages.
On the other hand, although Liverpool’s opponent is a famous Milan, the total score of Liverpool is now 2: 0 ahead of A Milan, and the probability of Liverpool’s promotion is very high.
In the league, if Manchester United wants to catch up with Liverpool, of course, they will take the initiative in the game. This is also the disadvantage of Manchester United because Liverpool’s attack is terrible!
Well, on the offensive side, Liverpool scored an average of three goals per game in the season. Among them, Qin Xiong, the main scorer of the team, has won three league goals. There are still ten rounds in the league. Is he expected to defend the European Golden Boot again?
It depends on the later development. In Real Madrid, Ronaldo scored a lot of goals in the season. It is still too early to say who will be the winner of the European Golden Boot, but there should be no suspense in the Premier League Golden Boot. Qin Xiong has almost locked in this honor. He has scored a goal from other strikers.
Let’s combine today’s two teams to predict a game.
Liverpool 433
Goalkeeper Reina
Defender Johnson Skrtel Agbains
Midfielder Mascherano meireles Gerrard
Striker Kuyt Suarez Qin Xiong
Liverpool started meireles in midfield because Alonso has not recovered from injury, which may have an impact on the game. meireles’s strength is still outstanding, but he can’t play in Liverpool. Now it has been reported that he will leave in the summer.
Manchester United 442
Goalkeeper van der Sar
Defender O ‘Shea Smalin Brown Evra
Midfielder Nani Carrick Scholes Giggs
Striker Berbatov Rooney
Vidic Dinande both played due to injury. Evans was placed on the bench. Manchester United’s most stable defense line in the past seems to have come to an end. Now it is scary that veteran Scholes Giggs is still playing the heat in Manchester United. It seems that many problems should be solved through transfer signings.
This is also where the Red Devils fans are dissatisfied with the Glazer family. Selling Ronaldo’s income is not used to replenish the club, but to pay off debts. Manchester United can’t live frugally, but Ferguson has done a good job, but it seems that it is a bit difficult for Manchester United to compete for the championship! to be continued
桑拿会所[The first volume of the sword has become a fragile defense line of the Red Devils before it is drawn]
read; Anfield is full of noise
Red Army fans made a deafening cheer in the stands!
Even though Liverpool have a great advantage over Manchester United, they will be very excited when they meet Manchester United Red Army fans, which is more exciting than in the past, because they have never been so arrogant to face Manchester United for a long time.
Full of pride and selfconfidence is an arrogance that may be seen and interpreted!
Maybe that’s true. Red Army fans want to put on an arrogant attitude in front of Manchester United now!
The throne of England belongs to Liverpool, the Red Army, not the Red Devils Manchester United!
Today, Coman Ferguson was on the sidelines to supervise Liverpool. Because of a league loss and a Champions League quarterfinal, the second leg against A Milan Coman naturally could not accept the result of losing this game.
Losing to a sworn enemy is very demoralizing, plus there has been a defeat before, and once Manchester United shortens the gap to 9 points, the overwhelming news may be unfavorable to Liverpool.
Because the media needs suspense, it is enter the dragon, not a monopoly, that needs the Premier League to win the championship.
If things develop like that, it will naturally be bad for Liverpool’s future. Having already played the league foundation, it will also distract the team and naturally have psychological pressure.
Liverpool can’t lose any game.
A draw is acceptable.
Considering that Manchester United are striving for a turnaround, Liverpool’s battle plan today is to stall Manchester United and compete with their opponents for patience.