Scratching … Tinkling …

Not big place suddenly scream … Bottle head shot … And scold ring became a piece of …
Ji Guoqiu didn’t know what was going on. He wanted to see how Ji Guoqiu was humiliated before, but Odom punched him and he hurriedly hid the blow first.
Odom seems to have found the right combination of Ji Guoqiu and kept calling Ji Guoqiu to hide, so they unconsciously stayed away from health.
The place of sanitation is too small, and the players moved to the bar lobby without displaying their martial arts and playing the battle site. This place is big enough.
Other guests in the bar screamed and ran outside to follow the two teams of reporters. At this time, they were in tears and trembling hands, and kept pressing the shutter of the hidden camera to record this historic moment. This will be the most intense derby in the history of Los Angeles!
Great, we just waited all night until such a wonderful scene appeared? One of the paparazzi gave a sigh of emotion while filming, and his eyes shone with excitement. Later, he simply stopped sneaking around and took out his camera so openly.
You’re right, it’s better to shoot a few people. The paparazzi around me are reconsidering. This scene is so happy for their paparazzi.
All these paparazzi were feeling excited when suddenly a beer bottle flew from nowhere in the middle of the hapless head and heard Hua. A beer bottle broke into several pieces of glass flying all over the sky. The hapless guy immediately fell to the ground and fainted.
This beer bottle finally let these paparazzi know how dangerous the profession of war correspondent is. Maybe no one died there. They will hang one here first.
Bar security is the most helpful group at the moment. The seven of them seem to have a lot of people, but they dare not go deep into the fray easily if they take a look at the guys with big arms and round waist.
Look at that Artest. He’s all muscular. He’s like a boxer punching like the wind. Vujacic is losing ground and being repeatedly recruited. He’s about to die.
Look at the old fish Schell. The guy is scared, his muscles are red and his chest is bare. He is chasing the skinny Brevin Knight and flying all over the field. The chairman of the future players’ union doesn’t seem to save the oil lamp. It’s simply off the charts!
Over there, trevor ariza and james posey are playing a defensive war. These two men are holding a stool head. I don’t know where they got a fruit bowl button. It seems that they are attacking each other, but they are tightly guarded. Grenade flying in other directions are all bounced by two benches and simple helmets.
Look at kwame brown like a calf. Actually, it was a threepoint match with Mobry, the old cat of the Clippers. The two men picked up all the lethal weapons they could find and threw them at each other. This was a longrange professional duel. Although hidden weapons was caught by others every time he sent them out, such as the nickname Butcher, Turiaf didn’t know where he was hit by a flying disc. Mr. Butcher also planned to find Artest and have a good fight. As a result, but before he could conquer, he was dead was directly knocked unconscious by his teammates.
In the corner, Laker ski man Rad Manovic and Clippers brush tim thomas are having an epic contest. They put on various postures that look great at first sight and keep changing various gesturesyou give me a snake hand and I give you a crane claw; You give me a tiger fist; You wing chun and I let go … Anyway, this posture has changed and changed, but these two kings just don’t start work.
However, if we want to say that the most important one is Francisco Garcia, seeing Uncle Jia’s eyes stare, he will use his closet stuntdeath will stare at the whole battlefield for a while, and people will come to provoke him. How domineering is it that Clippers players or Lakers players run away at the moment?
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Chapter one hundred and twenty Real Los Angeles Derby (4)
The picture temporarily turns to the origin of the incident, bar women’s health
The situation expanded and the two teams moved to the hall to show a big fight. When Kobe saw Ji Guo falling to the ground, he came to see how Fox was.
At this time, Rupert Grint finally squeezed in with a bottle. At first glance, he saw a guy lying on Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson’s body. Little Hermione couldn’t help groaning and singing, and a dead nigger was about to bully him in his dream.
In this situation, the eyes of my friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are red!
Rupert Grint took two steps to get a bottle and swung it at Kobe Bryant’s head. Fortunately, Peter Pan heard his teammates shouting and turned around temporarily. This bottle didn’t hit the fatal position in the back of his head.
BangKobe Bryant didn’t take precautions, so that his fighting capacity was not 5. Rupert Grint fainted and fell flat next to Ji Guo’s humiliation.
Jordan farmar didn’t take part in the fight. The first two punches took down Rupert Grint.
Ji Guoqiu was already outside ko at this time. Lamar had to throw his Nokia n95 out and directly knock out Odom’s two front teeth!
The poor Lama is out looking for teeth everywhere now …
Don’t take a look at them first, said Ji Guoqiu to jordan farmar who wanted to start work.
Jordan farmar’d like to compete with Ji Guoqiu, but look at Ji Guoqiu’s side. The number of black Parker Lakers players is two less than that of the Clippers. At this moment, jordan farmar 1v2 immediately showed a disadvantage and did not dare to move.
At this time, little Hermione finally stared at Ji Guo’s shame and kicked the fainted Ji Guo’s shame to the side. Kobe Bryant also fainted. The little fox and the black mamba were stacked together
Applauded …
At this time, a brave paparazzi who had just squeezed in just pressed the shutter at the door to record this great scene.
Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is really scared at the moment. It’s like a world war when I hear the noise outside! Look at the fainting Rupert Grint, and see that she is already lying on the ground, but there is still the same in front of her eyes. It is even more fantastic than her filming of Harry Potter.
Little Hermione hugged her chest with her hands trembling and retreated two steps to the innermost corner. A beautiful face was frightened and pale at the moment, and tears almost came out at the thought of being thrown down.
I just came to the bar and had a glass of juice. How could this happen? Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson thought to himself.
The picture returned to the main battlefield bar, and the security guard was temporarily transferred to the room, so more than a dozen people finally got together. After the security guard captain led them to overcome their timidity, they rushed into the scuffle crowd and desperately pulled the two teams to fight each other.
Artest has already beaten Vujacic at the moment; The old fish Scheer also pushed to Bly Vinnett, and then I didn’t know who knocked me out when I was trying to expand my success. Uncle Jia still no one dared to provoke anyone to stare at him, but he didn’t even lose a hair in the end; Odom finally picked up his two front teeth and made a phone call to his dentist with grief and indignation. Ariza and Posey were stunned by a plate and one was knocked down by a beer bottle. These two day guards and night guards finally failed to prevent their own hidden weapons; Rad Manovic and tim thomas are still at loggerheads and there is no tie in the end; Kwame brown has stunned three teammates and a reporter. Old Cat Mobry’s record is two teammates, two reporters and Harry Potter …
When old Deng Liwei and phil jackson each arrived at the police station with a large number of lawyers, many players had been taken to the hospital.
What the hell is going on? Didn’t you go to the bar to celebrate?
桑拿Old Deng Liwei looked at Ji Guo’s humiliation and a lot of players with bandages on their heads and roared
In the other room, Kobe Bryant has also woken up. Peter Pan’s head is wrapped in a thick bandage and he looks equally embarrassed when he growls at phil jackson.
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A butterfly can cause a hurricane far away from Wan Li, and a misunderstanding can cause dozens of people to fight.