And at the same time,The high priest is also observing this junior。Relative Wright doesn’t know much about the high priest,The high priest knew Wright,Cromwell also asked her to help Wright。

And the speed of Wright becoming a god,It also made her heart tremble。She was very talented back then,Elected as the saint of the temple of life,Countless resources,There are many teachings in the sanctuary,Step into the sanctuary less than a hundred years old,It took three thousand years to become a god。And the young man in front of you,Also become a god,But not even a hundred years old,It’s not even more than fifty years of practice。
For such a genius,High Priest Catherine was also in fear,Of course more happy,After all, the distance between the Dark Forest is too far,It’s also nice to have a strong person who can communicate with himself。
A few simple conversations between the two,Wright directly challenged the high priest。
Of course, the place where the two battled could not be in the Magnolia Empire,Only the South China Sea is the place where the powerhouses of God’s Domain meet。
Two streams of light, one earthy yellow and one light green, flash across the space,The speed is far beyond the sanctuary level。
Just a glimmer of power unintentionally emitted by flying,It causes ripples in the fragile space of the material plane。
A little bit later,The two appeared above the endless South China Sea。The breath of God’s domain radiates,Disperse the beasts of Sanctuary within a thousand miles around,Among them are powerful warcraft comparable to the peak of the sanctuary。
The two powers of the gods face each other。
“Lord Wright,You go first。”
“Then I’m welcome,Senior High Priest。”
Stabbed。Although on the mysterious【Water and fire compatible】Stronger,But Wright’s power is the power of the earth,The move that fits the divine power of the earth is naturally【Wuzhishan】,Or,Incorporating the profound mystery of vitality and pulsating mystery!
The mystery of vitality and pulsating mystery merge with each other,The khaki divine power turned into a foot256Dao earth pulse force is overlapped,And every pulse is connected to each other。Under this powerful force,The layers of the material plane are crushed and crushed,Even the broken space is involved in this punch。
Power crushed,A trace of penetration stays in the void for a long time without dissipating。
Although this gun is not integrated into the gravity space mystery,But it is already nearly half the power of Wright’s full shot。
Face this blow,The high priest smiled bitterly。
When receiving a challenge,Although I know the genius,Can’t be seen by ordinary standards of just becoming a lower god。But the high priest also thought that he had practiced in God’s Domain for five thousand years.‘bully’A newcomer in God’s Domain is very easy,But in terms of the power of this punch,This strength doesn’t seem to be something that just became a lower god.。at least,The high priest felt that he could never do it!And more than four thousand years ago,In the great war that the entire continent has spread,Few lower gods can stab this shot!