Especially the skin is actually recovered quickly.。

“Li Li Xiaowei,What is your technique??
It is also amazing.?”
Original Zhao Xiaoling wants to call Li Hui Li Boss,But I thought that the other side was called a sister.,She naturally has changed the name.。
“Hey-hey,Nothing magical,It is some of the techniques of Chinese medicine.,You eat first,I put the gold needle.。”
Li Hui is coming back again.,I have been blocked by Zhao Xiaoling in front of him.。
At the same time, the tableware is also very uniform.。
This moment,Li Hui Feng and even feel that the other party is definitely a good woman.。
“Ling Sister,Eat together,do not mention it。”
“I am not polite.,The food you made is very delicious.,And all vegetarian dishes,Also I like to eat,Li Xiaoyi,You are not curious, why do you come to blind??”
Zhao Xiaoling gently drunk a porridge,The fragrance of the porridge made her immediately felt different.。
“Forehead,I do not know,But I am not curious.,Because Ling Sister, you said so.,Will definitely tell me the answer。”
“Gigbled I really want to tell you the answer,But I have changed now.,You don’t ask, I don’t say it.。”
Say,She directly drank the health porridge again.。
Health porridge is warm into the belly,Thermal,Let her feel very comfortable。
There is even a kind of sleepy want to sleep.。
“it is good,Tudu told me why I am coming to blind date.?
The big beauty like Ling sister said that he said.,Just talking about falling in love, I don’t feel it.,And I am a small farmer,In terms of normal vision,Ling sister should also see me.。”
“Don’t be a self-purity,how to say,In fact, I am coming to find the position of the accounting in the county city.,And I did this for eight years.,but,My unreliable, my father feels that I am old.,Just I heard that you are still falling in love.,I have to introduce me to you.,I feel that I feel like a joke.,But this time,I don’t know.,Otherwise, you will not get it.。”
Zhao Xiaoling said,I can’t help but start to eat.。
“Forehead,Ling Sister wants to do accounting?
Who is the accounting??”
“together,Accounting this work is not very difficult to me,And I have experienced it for so many years.,Even the experience of my experience, my sister, I feel more than you.,For example, this time you are in the village.,I feel some unsatisfactory。”
I immediately listened to some opinions of Zhao Xiaoling.。
He didn’t expect that the other party still had such a heart.。
“Ling Sister wants to do this accounting,You should know the problem of water,There are still some lines that can’t touch.?”
“Giggle,Just because I know, I just took the initiative to find you.。”
What I don’t say to Zhao Xiaoling,But there is Zhao Xiaoli,He feels that the problem is not big。
“Row,That obvious, I went to the county with Ling Sister.,By the way, I get a contract,Then sign it,As for the salary, I can choose myself.,Wage of 10,000 yuan a month,Still eating,Protocked one percent of net profit,Of course, the cap is annual income.,If you express it, you can give you permanent commissions.,Not capped the top。”
Li Hui said very simple,But it is another feeling in the ear of Zhao Xiaoling.。
In the year, I was so incapable of Li Hui’s mouth.。
To know that she is coming back, I have my brother and my brother.,From the sky, busy to the sky,One month is also a level that has just reached 10,000 months.,And they have a month of flowing water is more than 100,000.。
But it is a simple and simple, but the same is true.。
He suddenly understood why Zhao Xiaoli said that Li Hui’s industries gave her.,I didn’t seem to look at the wind, Li Hui Hui.。
Before she felt that Li Hui is a fool.,It seems that it seems to be really seen.。
“Row,I adapt to three months,I only lead wages for three months.,If you can,I will eat it directly.,how do you feel?”
“it is good,no problem。”