The second thing is to visit the fifth family member,Facial comfort is a must,To show other brothers。Last time Chen Bin had an accident,Sun Guaizi did not show up,Assign Shen Ming to let go,On the one hand to avoid suspicion,Chen Bin was watched too closely by the police,The second is that he really hates this fourth child in his heart。

But Sun Guaizi knows very well,Brothers don’t say on the surface,But there must be a lot of opinions behind the scenes,Now push people to oppose everyone,I have to say that this boss failed。We must seize this opportunity to regain our hearts,Even if everyone can’t be a cannon fodder, don’t make trouble with the knife behind。
Suddenly, Sun Kuaizi found out sadly that he and these brothers were getting further and further away,But there is no way,Choose different paths,No wonder my grandson is cruel。
The effect of the visit is good,The biggest accident was that there was no loss of the old five’s property,So Dong Hui’s wife is relatively stable,And Shen Mingfang was also there,Everyone even took this opportunity to recount the past。Sun Kuaizi immediately said that he would do his best to find the fifth,Before leaving,It’s enough to save face。
It’s all polite,But Sun Guaizi found out that Dong Hui’s wife was hesitating,Weird expression,He did not say anything at the time,But sent someone to monitor。
But the strange thing is,Dong Hui’s daughter-in-law had nothing unusual all day,Sun Guaizi became more worried。Judging from the expression on that day,The other party obviously has something to say but never said it,Seems very worried,It was inconvenient to ask in front of a few brothers,I’m afraid it is very problematic。
On the third day of Dong Hui’s accident,Sun Guaizi got bad news,Qiu Bo, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, was taken away by the Commissioner for Discipline Inspection without warning,It is said that he was asked to leave after talking halfway through the meeting.,Acting strange and mysterious。
Qiu Bo is Gu Weitong’s No. 1 General,Also an old man in the bureau,Belongs to the kind of official tumbler,Nine years in the position of deputy director,Hard work,Stable as Mount Tai。
The biggest feature of this person is smart、Low-key,No ambition。Believe in being a good public servant,The idea of being an official must first be an official servant,Everything is based on leadership。
Qiu Bo never had any principles,Because the only rule he follows is to act according to the leader’s will,When he was an official later, he kept pace with the times,Creatively added another,You can do your best for banknotes,And the drier gets more joyous,The drier gets more vitality。
As deputy director,Qiu Bo has long been in charge of public security and criminal offenses。Nature of work,It is inevitable to have close contact with people like Sun Kuaizi,Under supervision and being supervised,In the process of hitting and avoiding hits,Everyone, how many years have you come to me,Familiar with each other,Gradually I am in you,You in me。
Sun Guaizi is a hero,Take the upper route,Qiu Bo, Chen Bin and others have kept each other in the long-term relationship。For common progress,Many things are unclear,The gray industry of Chen Bin and others has flourished,Don’t report,I don’t care if I report it。And every time,Chen Bin、Dong Hui and others are always the first to get news,Everyone knows how to abandon some shrimp soldiers,To pass safely。And in return,Qiu Bo’s pockets are naturally getting fuller,Happy cooperation。
As the former director was suddenly transferred,Qiu Bo also converged,But after a period of observation,Unexpectedly, the newcomer Gu Weitong can better integrate with the masses,So people like Qiu Bo let out a cheer deep in their hearts,Nephew playing lantern,As usual。Until the arrival of Xia Yunlai and Zhou Nan,It broke the situation of everyone singing and dancing。
Chen Bin has been stared at by Zhou Nan for half a year,Comrade Qiu Bo is naturally very upset,I wanted to clean up Zhou Nan a long time ago。But helplessly, Xia Yun came not to eat dry rice,So Qiu Bo endured for a long time and never had a chance to shoot。